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  • 1st Financial Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

1st Financial Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact 1st Financial Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

1st Financial Bank USA
331 North Dakota Dunes Boulevard
Dakota Dunes, South Dakota 57049 USA
Website: https://www.1fbusa.com/
Corporate Phone Number: 1-605-232-9310
Customer Service Number: 1-866-524-5891
Credit Card: 1-800-733-1732
Banking: 1-866-524-5891
Student Loans (Great Lakes): 1-800-247-0462

  • 1st Financial Bank USA has no boundry. I have 2 past experiences where I have made my payment on the due date after 5pm. I know this won't credit same day since it's after 5 however the payment was made. Not even 18 hours goes by without having 1st Financial Bank USA HARASS clients both on home phones and WORK phones. I have NEVER given this company any information for my work. Infact the last time they HARASSED me I specifically told them it was unacceptable for them to be harrassing me at work, had my work # changed and yet they were able to obtain this information? Told them they do not have permission to call my work place. But obviously they have no shame. Absolutely ridiculous. THIS MONEY HUNGRY COMPANY HAS NO BOUNDRY. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE AS WELL. There are much better companies out there. I would recommend CITI card. At leat they don't harass people. I could understand if someone missed a payment and it's been 3 days and still no payment, but not even 18 hours before 1st financial starts harassing and at work of all places!!?? WOW. I will never do business with these people again!!!

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    Corporate Office Headquarters