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  • 4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact 4 Wheel Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

400 W. Artesia Blvd.
Compton, California 90220 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-900-5500
Customer Service Number: 1-877-474-4821

  • Part 3
    This is a costly mistake for 4Wheel Parts, however, it is a VERY COSTLY for me, as I am paying additional $500.00 to get my wheels painted AGAIN. That’s NOW $1,000.00 I am paying! Why, BECAUSE someone you have employed that did nothing but brag about having the same truck and lift that I do, Guaranteed…us that YES, these 17” Fuel Wheels would fit my truck. You can listen to the recording and here Lance say it a couple of times! Lance was just a nice as could be when making that commission on the sale. HOWEVER, when it came to me calling regarding my center caps, he was LESS then professional about it. Believe me, when I say I am trying to be nice about this!

    Then, we get my wheels back from the painter, my husband is putting them on in -2 degree weather so I do not have to drive in the upcoming snow on less then expectable tires…….just to find out they do not fix my truck!

    We might not be YOUR largest customer, HOWEVER, it does not matter the amount of money we spend with 4Wheel Parts………………Customers’ are your bread and butter and you should treat each one as such!

    Please forward your corporate headquarters’ information.) 4Wheelparts has not responded to that email, nor this email: Marcos,

    I have not heard from your regarding when my wheels and tires will be delivered and forwarding your corporate information to me? Do I need to just collect this information myself?

    You can better your sweet butt, that I am not letting this go!


  • PART 2
    I will be sending this to customer service also!)
    Therefore, I say before we get off on the wrong foot, I am the customer, you are the service rep. He gets lippy, I say put me in touch with your mgr. He puts Joe on the phone, that sounds like he just got out of bed……I am not going to talk to him, so who is the head mgr. Joes gives me Marcos Cruz's name and ex number. I call and leave him a message. Get a call back the next day, sent him the pics etc. (additional email sent: Hello Richard,

    I have attached the pictures that I sent to Lance. I did speak with Marcus, where he said that he would order new center caps and the valve stem cap. HOWEVER, just like I told him….this is the second time this has happened, my husband purchased wheels and tires in the amount of $2500.00. The same thing happened to his, y’all sent him a $50.00 that expired!

    I am sick of purchasing items from 4Wheel Parts and getting crap delivered to me. ON TOP of that, being told by Lance that he read the email, he did not need to hear it from me again. REALLY, do you know what customer service is????? I want something done, because I really want to tell you to pick up the wheels and tires………………..I WILL NEVER BUY A DAMN THING FROM 4WHEEL PARTS AGAIN. I will inform my friends that all have lifted Jeeps, Trucks etc…..not to buy from you. I work for Olathe Dodge Jeep Chrysler here in Olathe KS….where you do not have a store and they have to order or drive to OK to get parts etc.

    Now, let me know what you are going to do!)

    In the mean time, my wheels are being powder coated PINK! Yes I said pink, that's a $500.00 cost. NOW, we get the wheels back from being powder coated, what do we get….the damn wheels DO NOT FIT MY TRUCK…….REMEMBER LANCE BRAGGED ABOUT HOW HE HAD THE SOME TRUCK AND LIFT AND THOSE WHEELS WILL FIT GUARANTEED! Guess what NOT….they do not! So, my husband calls 4wheelparts, at first they said no we cannot take them back, have you lost your damn mind! Then they say, they are going to ship out the 18" fuel and tires, but your are stuck with the cost of the powder coating! So funny, it took them no time at all to pick up the wheels and tires. Email that was sent.(Marcos,

    The 17’s wheels and tires were picked up last night at 6:30pm, the BOL you emailed my husband was not even filled out…….I had to do it myself! Y’all wasted no time picking them up. When are the new wheels and tires going to be delivered??

    I would like your corporate headquarter address and contact person.

  • PART 1
    Let me start this story like this: Called 4wheelparts on Dec 29, 15 to order wheels and tires for my F150. Lance is the rep that assisted us! During our hour conversation, Lance said several times that he had the same truck and 6 inch lift that I do…..so the 17" Fuel wheels and 35's would no doubt fit my truck…..remember he had the same truck and lift! Cost for the wheels and tires were $2220.00, receive the items on 1/12/16. First issue is the center caps are scratched as if they were used. (6 months ago when we purchased my husband’s wheels and tires $2500.00, some damn thing happened, center caps scratched to hell and one of his wheels also scratched). So, I email Lance and explain the issue, when he calls me back, I say, "you know I am not happy" He says: I already read it; I do not need to hear it from you again! Sent pics too See email:

    See the attached pictures of my center caps that I received yesterday. To say the least, I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! The four center caps came in a box with no wrapping of any kind, the caps were just thrown in the box……I did not pay $2,200.00 for wheels and tires to get this CRAP! This is BS, y'all took the money out of my account on 12/31/2015, I did not receive the product until 1/12/16 and now I cannot put them on my truck! In addition, one of the caps are missing off of the valve stem.

    I expect 4 brand new center caps, they had better not have one scratch on them, one new valve cap, and compensation for NOT being able to put my BRAND NEW WHEELS AND TIRES ON MY TRUCK!

    This is the same crap that happened to my husband's center caps; he waited close to 3 weeks and then had to wait again for the new center caps! Something better be done, and it had better be fast!

  • There seems to be areas of the country where their stores are exceptional, in Houston I spent over $20k in a 3 or 4 year period on different trucks and work was done flawlessly and always had excellent customer service.

    I got transferred to NC and was getting the same excellent counter service but mixed results in shop service, then there were some changes in personnel and things went south quickly. I called corporate and complained, results " we are so sorry" and a $25 gift card.

    I needed parts again and dealt with the Raleigh,NC location and wish they were closer because they are the champs in NC.

    I thought while in a pause of my Sunday football games I would give their online service a shot, shouldn't have done that. Now fiasco just trying to get a receipt from a $1k purchase I made that day. When I ordered the items the guy said he would email me the receipt as soon as we hung up with his contact info because I was going to order a Fab Fours bumper and winch($3k+) the following week.

    I waited a couple of days and called customer service and a smug young lady responded with "one was already sent but I will send another one" when I told her I still haven't received an email with my receipt . I didn't feel like debated with the smarty pants so I said Thank You and hung up. Been over 30 days and still no receipt.

    Bumper and winch ordered from other company but my $1k here and $3k there doesn't affect their bottom line.

    Done with 4 Wheel Parts unfortunately because at one point it was my favorite place to shop for toys.

  • I ordered thru PayPal and money was rapidly deducted from my account and I never got a conformation about it until I sent an email asking an eta 5 days later.

    Now it is day 6. I got an email saying that my order was on hold until I spoke with someone about the add on of lug nuts that was a sale add-on. All I wanted was 4 rims and the lug nuts I ordered. I called the # supplied and the nice lady (smacking gum loudly) told me that it would add even more time to my order to just take the lug nuts off the ticket. Really? Can't just ship the rims and refund the $49.99 for the nuts? Nope. Will still take additional time. Fine. Cancel my order=sale lost.

    Now I'm seeking a refund of $334 that I paid thru paypal and will still be seeking rims. Really sorry I feel this way, but I feel like I have been given poor customer service. Don't get me started about being bounced around on hold yesterday.

    You guys really need to consider hiring people that actually do work.

  • in canada edmonton store they flat out lied to us about our alignment //total different than what they quoted/ and were ignorant and wow

  • I have never had this poor job done to any of my vehicles. I ordered a OEM King Coil Over setup and wheels and tires for my 2013 Chevy Silverado. On the day I dropped the truck off to have the work done they then said I needed new upper control arms. Rite off the bat after picking up my truck I noticed the tires were rubbing the control arms installed. I then took it back to have it fixed and ended up with a solution that made me sick.( Shimmed the new King Coil Overs, 1.25" wheel spacers, Cut the inner fender plastics, Pulled the plastics away from the fire wall and cut and beat the fire wall and fender in to stop the rubbing) Now that's what you would call custom my friends! One simple phone call is all that was needed and this would have never happened. Sincerely Bakersfield California

  • Horrible service department. Have had my truck for a month. When I went to pick it up because it was done I had to drive it straight back after a mile because of metal on metal grinding sounds. The mechanics are hacks the only reason I took it to them is because there doing warranty work per G2 axles. When I get it back I'm going straight to a reputable jeep service shop to inspect everything they touched.

  • Ridiculously poor custumer service. Lack of communication at store #48 in Memphis,Tn. I was told that it would be a couple hours to get work done on my truck. 2 full days with no truck and I get it back to discover the truck will only drive straight when the steering wheel is turned sideways. So now ,day3, here I am with no truck and waiting for it to be fixed. Waiting, with no explanation of how long it could take or anything. Nobody here at this store really seems to give a crap..so here I sit.

  • I have never had such poor customer service. I called, was asked to hold, 10 mins later I hung up and called back.The same guy answered the phone and asked me to hold for a manager. No one ever came to the phone. I stayed on hold an additional 20 mins. I finally googled to get the corporate contact. This is regarding a unpaid invoice from the El Cajon store for work done on wheels 3 weeks ago. Not good at all.

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