AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AAA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
The American Automobile Association
1000 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL 32746 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-444-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-4357
AAA Auto Insurance: 1-800-891-4222

  • My across the street neighbor needed a battery boost from the AAA flatbed driver. I waited till he was done and asked a few questions. The driver was the most helpful and friendly person i have met in many years. I wanted to send an email to company headquarters, but fount this simple forum. I am not a member, but if I wanted road service, I would call AAA after this contact with a friendly corporate flatbed truck driver.

  • I had the worst experience with AAA. I am presently working to utilize my roadside assistance with my car insurance company. Here is some advice. Use the app! Do not call in. AAA I hope raise the customer service standards for CSR reps and supervisors they aren't helpful they only hurt the company.

  • Pathetic…only word for them. I had tried to use there 'road/tow service" twice. BOTH times was a total fiasco and the 2nd was far worse than the first. #1 was a request for help opening my vehicle after I locked the keys in it. Despite spending 15 minutes explaining where I was stuck (in a metro area on US RT 50), it took 2 hours after dispatch for the service tech to get to me because he had been given faulty directions and had ended up 10 miles from 2. #2) I was in a major metro area, near a well known mall and needed a tow. I made the call at 5PM (+/-). I was told it might take up to 2hrs…after calling them back every 2 hours until midnight, I gave up. At 2am, I FINALLY got a call saying the truck was there and to bring over the key. I had already told AAA that it was a transmission problem and it was somehow locked in drive, so the key would not do anything. They told to take it with me. After some continued, not very useful conversation with AAA, I was able to determine that the 'type' tow truck they sent couldn't handle a vehicle in that condition(?), and I could not be helped until the next morning at 7am (that would be 14 hours after I first called. I TRIED to go back to sleep and at 8am, I called AAA again…still no truck had been dispatched. I told them they had until 9am…at 9am, I called one final time and, since they could not tell me that they had picked up my vehicle, I cancelled. I then called MY mechanic and got the number for the tow service he used. I called them and about 75 minutes later, the car was at the dealership. Since then I have tried multiple calls and emails to their member service departments, I have yet to be given any reason why all this happened, nor have they sent me their forms I have to fill out to get reimbursed for the towing charge. Maybe it's just the Newark DE club, but based on my own experiences and having spent a great deal of my business life involved in customer service, I'd be embarrassed to work there.

  • This information is inaccurate. AAA National, which is the office you have the phone number listed for, is not the AAA "corporate office. It is only a small office that services the clubs around the country. It does not have employee records for AAA employees outside of the office located in Lake Mary, FL.

    AAA has different clubs around the country, each with a CEO, HR Department, etc. No clubs are interconnected to others outside of their own. There is no corporate office for all of AAA.

    The AAA Auto Club Group is in the same building as AAA National and is the office members would associate with AAA due to the fact that they provide roadside assistance and member services. The number for AAA Auto Club Group in Lake Mary, FL is 407-444-4240. If someone wants to reach their AAA Club, they would go to the website, put in their zip code and be directed to the nearest club to get information.

  • The cost of AAA has gone up each year with an RV addition. I've never had nor will have an RV. I started with AAAin 1976. Used it twice, gotten maps under ten times. Waited for a tow for over two hours in the dark. I was told I couldn't continue membership without RV. DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! Too much money for years of membership. Will contact BBB and Consumer's Reports, and Chamber of Commerce Headquarters. Been duped for years.

  • I want AAA Corporate Headquarters to know you are liers, and thieves.
    You expect a respectable paying customer to put up with your bogus
    attitudes, and ongoing disrespect.
    You have lied from day one!
    It started with your agent in Idaho.
    Selling towing options I didn't need, and lying about my insurance coverage. I waited all day for a AAA
    Tow to show up today. They said I exhausted my options for the day. I would have to call back in the morning. So this is how AAA really works. Leaving a paying Disabled Veteran stranded,and to fin for himself.This is not what I am paying for. I paid for the 24/7 roadside assistance.So in closing I predict your immediate fall from honor,and trust nation wide. You just leave a Veteran with a heart condition just hanging,like it's ok…You are a disgrace in all regards. This is why there will be no renewal.I don't need coverage from liars, and thieves…


  • Not happy finding out at the last minute, that in order for my daughter to get towing service, that i would have to pay 27 dollars, mean while my daughter is sitting 9pm alone! With a broke car, i did not have money on my charge card, so now she had to walk to put money on her card in order to get service.
    its a good thing that she did not get assaulted by anyone! not a good situation, there is no reason my account could not have been billed, This glitch in your system triple A, needs to be addressed and or the customer needs to be informed in greater detail. there was not an issue last time my daughter needed to be towed!
    step up your game triple A, and get with the times. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I called to cancel the roadside assistance after 18 years. I could not believe how rude I was told that I would not receive any form refund. This organization absolutely does not care anything about customer service. Call Good Sam Auto & RV for much better prices!

  • I've written both your National Headquarters as well as AAA of the Carolinas regarding your 76 Piece Premium Excursion Road Kit which bears your AAA brand. I purchased this in 2016, never had to use it until last week to jump a friends vehicle from my Volvo S60.

    The width of the +/- clamps was insufficient to make the connection to the from connections under the front battery connections under the hood of my 2002 Volvo S60. Because my cars year and make, the battery is in the trunk, on the left side, covered by felt upholstery and difficult to get to. So Volvo knowing that , placed a secondary point of connections under the hood.

    So since the width was inadequate, I had to hold the +/- alligator clamps and slowly and gently pull each apart to a width I could use. I finally got the correct width, however the shoddy rubber insulation split exposing the copper cable within the rubber shielding.

    U used the cable and it took a good deal of time (about 20 minutes) to get my friends battery to turn over.

    However when I detached the cables from my Volvo they were difficult to detach because the handles were so very hot ! These cables are listed as heavy gauge, which they aren't !!!

    I've kept them and have picture of them. Since neither you nor AAA of the Carolina's have bothered to give me the courtesy of a reply, except to say you would look into the matter, you haven't !

    I've given you my email as well as my phone number 919-627-3589.

    I neglected to give you my membership number which is 620 111 419494000 6 which is valid thru Jan. 31st, 2019 and I've been a member since 2012.

    The kit was purchase on Ebay on

    Aug 30, 2016
    US $39.99

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    76 Piece Premium Excursion Road Kit
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    US $39.99


    I had to purchase a new jumper cable from Ebay that IS an actual HEAVY DUTY JUMPER CABLE;

    Aug 08, 2018
    US $26.70
    Free shipping
    Order 25 Ft 1 Gauge Battery Jumper Heavy Duty Power Booster Cable Emergency Car Truck
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    25 Ft 1 Gauge Battery Jumper Heavy Duty Power Booster Cable Emergency Car Truck
    ( 401536169319 )

    Delivered on Aug 15, 2018
    Tracking number:
    Tracking number

    This item has been shipped.

    I expect you to reimburse me for this purchase. You put your brand on this kit, it's components are by definition your responsibility, unless you put your reputation and brand on anything so long as you get your royalty fee.

    I've paid my dues on time for 7 years to your company, you need to do the right thing. I'm also going to post this on your any or both if there are, Facebook pages for your National as well as AAA of the Carolinas'

    Thank You

    Craig Smith

  • I think they are trying to destroy my 86 year old husband, are house was hit by a tree and we are still trying to get the work done. No one has really come for a good inspection and they are trying to nickle and dime us as if we are trying to pull one over on them. What happened to the kind people who used to work in customer service?

  • More museum discounts…or three levels of discounts based on family size and income. Spoil the old over 65, the first responders, students, teachers, vets, etc.

  • People that travel are sexy and interesting…and on business or broke. Can you rent road trip hippy vans and help hitchhikers with a safe app?

  • You used to be only game in town, and I can see you helped families and tired travelers…but you have competition now. I felt like Chevy Chase going in there for my free map. I never did get far.

  • In the late 80's, in high-school, after much cheap, old tired changing heartache, in the winter with smashed hands, I was so relieved to get free towing and tire changes instead of police tows. Thank you for adopting my idea of providing gas to the ditzy, poor, rushed, or slightly aspergers like myself Free maps& discount movies. Great. Otheerwise some discounts are suspect. To help you compete? apps for weather/ticketzones..electronics.dash notifications of day trips.

  • I agree with everyone who rates AAA’s customer service as poor. I paid $118 for a bus day trip that I couldn’t take because the paperwork with the pick up time was mis-delivered. As a resolution, I wanted to either take the next trip for free or pay for the lunch. The tour at West Point is free and I would take only one seat on a bus that was going there anyway. Not only was my call to the agent ignored but my letter to the local office VP and the National President as well. Couldn’t they have at least sent a letter saying “Sorry, but no.”? I will not be renewing my contract with AAA this comiI agree with everyone who rates AAA’s customer service as poor I paid $118 for a bus day trip that I couldn’t take because the paperwork with the pick up time was mid delivered. I wanted to either take the next trip for free or pay for the lunch. The tour at West Point is free and I would take only one seat on a bus that was going there anyway. Not only was my call to the agent ignored but my letter to the local office VP and the National President as well. Couldn’t they have at least sent a letter saying “Sorry, but no.”? I will not be renewing my contract with AAA this coming year.

  • I wish I had seen these comments earlier! I agree, with most of them. Arizona, Phoenix area… I wish I had a name beside the “supervisor- Craig”. Totally unhelpful, rude and finally left me stranded by hanging up on me. I’ve been a member for 6 years along with all my kids who I coerced into joining. No more! Canceling all policies!

  • Terrible customer service/operators!! Unless you're in the mood for a big bowl of argumentive and denial soup, I wouldn't bother wasting the time contacting this company over the phone or in person for anything. You have nothing but a bunch of women who are waaay past their prime, who in an effort to feel like they still have some control over something within their miserable postmenopausal lives decide to try an assert themselves verbally over a person they've never even meant! Rude, unprofessional, appalling service! I'd say take your money and intelligence elsewhere, just because you save doesn't mean you gain and that is the case with this unworthy company. Triple A should stand for Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!!

  • AAA- STOP Lying to the public and falsifying data about THC positive driving.

    " Feds: No link between pot and car crashes"
    NHTSA Study….


  • Two bit hack outfit. After over 30 years I terminated. They claimed they sent notices out twice. I wanted them to send another out. The women out of Dallas refused !! I have been at the same address for over 9 yeas-rs…the stupid morons sent it to the WRONG address in PA. So we went to the local office and paid. Did not receive the cards after 1 month. Called, the payment was never sent in. Confirmed, after 2 weeks no cards called. Sent to an address in PA! Called CS. request money back. Said they would prorate..can you believe it. Of course they need to pay the full $82 back. Then the illegal immigrant with terrible English in CS says I need to cut up the card..>>after I told the cretin I do not have the cards. Then she says I need to notify of a change in address…AAA has been sending the cards to my present address for 8 years! Something has changed; their insurance is way too high; their service sucks; their travel agency is a sham; their automotive is a joke as the repair dealers just pay them to get the logo and they are NEVER inspected- I found this out through their CS. Very bad outfit that should be banned from operation. I filed a suit with the magistrate against their CEO to be compensated and get my payment back. You shuold too if you can.

  • AAA sucks so much they tell me that they will be paying for my rental car, but now I'm realizing that they have been taking money out of my account this whole time in big chunks. I have no money, I don't have a job due to AAA's client hitting my car in a result being a total loss. AAA just sucks!

  • So. CA. Here is one positive comment and experience with AAA towing. My keys had fallen into the seat as I was exiting my car..yet I always look at them to dbl.check myself. I was alone, for the fist time in two decades at night and in a fairly large unknown city. The whole evening had made me a bundle of nerves and as I was leaving when I realized I couldn't find my keys in my purse I almost cried (I'm a woman) Not having my huge purse that contains the kitchen sink, I stumbled around an almost dead cell phone to find a AAA. I did NOT HAVEY CARD. The nice young man tow truck driver probably could tell I was on edge and he assured me it was no big deal, and he'd have me on my way in minutes. He made sure I stood at a safe spot. He reminded of my sons. He flashed me a HUGE smile as he opened my door and told me firmly "it's all over mam
    You can relax." as he opened my door.
    " Drive carefully. Lock your door" And he closed the door for me.
    That young man gave me the confidence I needed to drive home in the night, for the first time ,with my blind eye.
    He WAITED to leave until I pulled away. Thank u AAA.


  • The WORST company out there. They contract with toll trucks, their representatives are IDIOTS, and they are very unprofessional on top of being money hungry. Don't compensate you when they makes stupid ignorant mistakes on their behave. Take my advice, DO NOT waste your time and pay for the service you won't be happy with.

  • Wow. I just finished a letter to corporate regarding the $5 fee for the replacement of a Safe Driver certificate for insurance purposes. I guess we have been taken as fools for many years. I'll find replacement services soon. Very disappointed and disgusted by AAA greed and profit margins.

    Hilton, NY

  • Triple A has very unprofessional workers! They get on my nerves when I call because they employ idiots and really stupid Representatives!!'

  • I am writing to express my displease at a statement made in February 2017, by one of AAA employees Dan Adamini, Marquette, MI. Dan called on a Kent State type shooting to take place on protests in the USA. The statements made by Dan were a call to shoot and kill citizens of this country. Dan is an instigator of hatred and violence and an employee of AAA. While I am not a protester, I am shocked and appalled at Dan's statements.
    While my husband and I have done business with AAA, we will no longer do business with your company as long as you employ violence inciting individuals like Dan Adamini.
    If in the future you do not employ persons that incite hatred and violence, I may again consider doing business with your company.


  • I have an UNBELIEVABLE STORY AS WELL which not only involves their dishonesty, but their lack of response after paying for THREE PLUS MEMBERSHIPS. This lack of response put my grandson in life threatening situation. AAA is FRAUDULENT and harasses their subscribers BEFORE ANNUAL PAYMENT IS ACTUALLY DUE AND REFUSES TO COMPLY WITH THE PAID SERVICE SUPPOSEDLY OFFERED.

  • WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!! AAA enrolled me in auto-payments without my knowledge and I have been paying for the past couple of years. I have not once used their services because I was unaware that I was paying for membership. I have been paying out of pocket with other companies when I needed a tow. My boyfriend who is supposedly included in my membership, called to get a tow and they told him he was not a member. So they have been STEALING from me!

  • My husband and I have been AAA members for YEARS. On Saturday our 19 year old daughter lost the only key to her car and was stranded by herself miles from home 1300 miles away. The car is registered in my name and I am on the account but unfortunately I was not with her. My husband called AAA and who could not do anything because my daughter was not listed on the policy. I cannot believe a company who advertises and prides themselves on the importance of customer safety left a young girl alone to fend for herself for 5 hours on a technicality of which I later found out they SHOULD of just told us to add her at that time and she could of gotten to safety. She ended up having to call 911 because there were no local tow companies available and had to use her college money and pay over $200 to get home. I am completely disgusted with the customer service WE DID NOT RECEIVE and I will be sure to use as much of social media as I possibly can to exercise my disgust and dissatisfaction with you.

  • We have experience a home fire (caused a mile away by unknown) and between the independent adjustor, the agent and the claims and the individuals that review our claim we are coming up 20,000 short on what we will have to pay the contractors to replace our destroyed fence and landscaping. All of the above individuals are useless! Anyone know how to and who to contact to get serious help, compassion and action?

  • FORTY THREE YEARS. That is how long I have been a member of AAA, and I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever called them. My membership is with AAA New York, but my road assistance need was by Newark Airport.

    I was about a mile outside the airport a few days ago when my tire blew. It was 6:30 in the morning, I was in a suit and quite frankly my tire-changing days are over. I called the AAA road service number and got the recording telling me that they are busy assisting other members (right) and they would be with me soon. I waited for them to answer for 20 minutes, and then finally some woman with a bored voice got on the line. I gave her my membership number and explained what the problem was. She said "Hold on", and then I heard a click. Next thing I hear is the same damn recording I had been listening to before. She put me back in the wait line! I needed the help, but after waiting another 15 minutes enough was enough.

    My car insurance company gives its customers free auto service, so I finally hung up on AAA and called the other service. Someone picked up in about a minute, asked me if I was in a safe location, and then proceeded to take my info. In about 20 minutes their road assistance truck pulled up behind my car, and in another 15 minutes my tire was replaced and I was free to go.

    I am totally disgusted with AAA and regret the fact that I've supported them with my membership for 43 years. When I finally needed them they were worse than useless. I will not be renewing.

  • AAA is a Company based on lies. We paid our 60$ for roadside service for one year. We signed up as new Customers in January, 2016. My husband has been battling Leukemia for 3.2 years. I Have been disabled with severe back injury since 2003.

    The middle of May we had a flat tire in the rain. We called Tripple AAA for roadside service and they denied help to us. As of today, May 31, 2016 we have yet to receive our AAA Cards with our account number and phone numbers on the back. The day we called we used the number on our "temporary" paper card and Roadside refused to help us because our temporary number expired. My husband asked them to look us up under name, phone number, or address and they said there was no record.

    We have credit card statement of purchase and yet we were denied service and denied our cards.

    We called complaining for lack of service, lack of cards and for remuneration for having to pay someone else We paid to help change tire.

    Supposedly on the 17th new cards were reordered. As of today only one card was ordered for wife, and account holder still did not have a card reordered for him. Two weeks after first formal complaint we have yet to have answers, cards or any type of Customer Service!

    Spoke to several individuals and they stated that they would need time to do research. Scripted answer. That is same answer we get every time we call. We need "time" to research the problem. We have yet to receive a promised return call. Our needs fall in deaf ears. By golly, they have our 60$ though! Two weeks later, no research conducted and yet no answers!

    Do NOT PURCHASE Triple AAA! They are a RIP OFF company and they DO NOT HELP MEMBERS in a time of EMERGENCY.

    What Company does that? In the 21st century with computers, even though a "temporary card" has expired it should still link Roadside Service to our account and show that the account is active!

    BUYER BEWARE! We are contacting the Attorney General's Office here in Colorado and filing a "Formal" complaint!

    The Mauldin's
    Lakewood, CO

  • Did you know they can actually "charge you" for a claim that was paid over 2 years ago! This just happened to us with no warning from our so called agent or our mortgage company! So now we have to pay an extra $350 a month on our mortgage for 2 years so they can "recoup" THEIR losses!! WTF do we pay insurance for then!!!

  • I tried to RENEW online… did not recognize my id/password. I went in as a guest…it then tells me my AAA number is not in their system. duhh. I call AAA Members to renew and after supplying my payment information had to ask for a confirmation. The agent sent an email to me confirming I paid 1.00. I called immediately and an agent went to talk to her supervisor as I explained I did not request the $1.00 additional payment AND I did not get a confirmation for my $85.00 payment. The supervisor "Barbara" came on the line to tell me that the $1.00 (that I did not sign for) is an automatic charge and if you do not tell them you do not want it it is automatic. I have never paid the $1.00 Voluntary Traffic Safety charge and do not appreciate them billing me automatically when their systems wouldn't let me see the invoicing so that I could reject it. They have never processed the extra $1.00 before with my knowledge and definitely NOT with my permission. They offered to give me $1.00 off NEXT YEAR and will make a note in the file. I want my $1.00 now. They said they do not do refunds for under $5.00. I said give me $5.00 and I'll give you back $4.00. The supervisor "Barbara" says she has to talk to her manager tomorrow. I asked then you'll get back to me by the end of the day. She asks "today"? I said "Tomorrow". She says "I come in at 3". I said then you'll get back to me by the end of day tomorrow. She says "yes". I said thank you and hung up. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON….CHEATING IS CHEATING I DON'T CARE IF IT IS $1.00….. IF YOU CAN SAY YOU WILL GIVE IT BACK TO ME IN A YEAR THEN YOU KNOW YOU OWE ME. THEN GIVE IT BACK TO ME NOW. I PAID YOU NOW….I DIDN'T SAY BECAUSE YOU HAVE SYSTEM PROBLEMS GIVE ME FREE AAA COVERAGE FOR A YEAR AND I'LL PAY YOU NEXT YEAR FOR IT. FAIR IS FAIR…I AM TIRED OF THESE BIG COMPANIES CHEATING US. I WILL TAKE THIS AS FAR AS I CAN AND THEN TO LOCAL STATIONS. THEY LOVE THIS STUFF. I DO NOT!!!

  • I e-mailed a request for Trip-Tickets for a trip that my wife and I had planed, over a month ago. Then I e-mailed our local AAA office trying to find out if my request had ever been received. Then I e-mailed to customer service trying to get information about my request for Trip-Tickets. It has been over a month with still no response. AAA is right there and know who I am when it comes time to renew.

  • I am a licensed Insurance agent that just moved from NY. to TX. and the welcome I get is being rear ended by a 22yr/old and her sister who just happen to have AAA. well long story short the adjuster Jared Gillmore (of Texas) has a greeting when you call his number that ends like this I promise to get back to you before the close of business, well that for one is a direct lie. he did get back to me 2 days later and now tells me I have to wait until April 8th before I can even get my car in the shop keep in mind the date of the accident was March 10 he fed me some crap about having to contact the insured to authorize the repairs for my vehicle. this is costing me time and money I am ready to contact a lawyer.
    AAA is the worst company I mean I sent them the police which states that the other party admits fault and that I was not at fault. but AAA still sits and does nothing. lesson learned stay away from AAA

  • I had my car towed from my driveway to a mechanic for repair by AAA tow contracted company. They came and abruptly put my car on a flatbed truck and took off. Never asked me for my card, to sign off or anything. He had the exact address. He dropped it off about 3 blocks away on a different street in a lopsided manner. My front end was damaged. Later that afternoon my mechanic called asking where was the car. I panicked and said it was towed away around 10:40 am to his shop. It was not there. He went looking around the area and discovered the car was damaged and had a tow sticker from the police because of the way it was dumped off by the tow truck. I called the police officer and he said that in his experience that the towing company was a very shady business and he would never use them or recommend them to anyone. He confirmed the car was on the wrong street in an odd manner.
    AAA "investigated" During that investigation the tow company snuck onto the mechanics lot and took photo's of my car then sent them to AAA saying they were taken at MY house before it was told. Problem is the background clearly showed it was at the mechanic's shop not my house. They also lied and said I sent them away to get the flatbed truck instead of the wench truck which absolutely did not happen. Two outright lies. I met with the field claims investigator who confirmed the false photo's and felt the damage consistent with a bad tow. Then a few days later I get a call from from their "service monitor-field support-member communications person who just told me the claim was denied and no further action would be taken. I asked for it in writing and also asked for the name of the tow company owners, their insurance and her and the claims investigator's supervisors and contact info and was told she was not going to provide that information. To say I am irate is an understatement. I am an attorney and have no intention of letting this go. They are responsible and have a duty to repair my vehicle.
    Any suggestions?
    Bottom line is: Don't trust AAA with your car.

  • AAA has been a pain in my side for over a week. I made the mistake of paying my bill over the phone and what happened next has been a nightmare. The doubled me or as I put it they doubled dipped in my account. I've called them, e-mailed them all to be told it was a computer glitch and their working on it….in the mean time I have $29.00 dollars to my name…I need grocery's, dog food, paper products, laundry detergent and I can't get anything because they hit and ran off with my "food" money. It's been a stressful week with this thief and I see no end in sight. Please never give them you bank card number they will wipe you out and blame a computer; but will not return the funds they illegally took. (sigh)

  • I have been a member of AAA since 1984. They have an invaluable service. However, their customer service representatives are the most frustrating people. I hate having to call AAA for customer service of any kind. They clearly are reading from a script and don't have the sense to go off script and talk with a human being. They need to train their reps better or they will lose members.

    • I have been with AAA since 1977. It was a wedding gift, and I have been maintaining it ever since. I not only had my children on my account, when they married, I got them their own accounts. For many many years I have been very happy with AAA. Not so much anymore. Read more when I'm done ranting and raving.

  • I have been a AAA Mid-Atlantic customer for several years. On 1/7/16 I had to have a battery replaced. The AAA guy they sent couldn't get the battery out. It took him almost 45 minutes to get it out. During that time he was yanking, banging, and using a screwdriver to try to pry the battery out. Once out he didn't secure the new one it, simply had it resting on top of the battery tray (I didn't know that yet, I found this out later). With the time I had to wait for him to show up and the time it took him to do his shoddy work a simple battery replacement ended up taking almost 2 hours. Then about 2 miles down the road after the battery guy left, my car overheated. So I call back to get some assistance. The tow truck driver said it looked like my coolant was leaking (there were no leaking fluids prior to this). So my vehicle had to get towed 30 miles back home (I had been at work in my dinner break while all of this was happening). When I talked to the mechanic Friday morning about the car I was told that the battery guy somehow disconnected my radiator hose which caused all of my coolant to leak out, and he broke the battery tray which was why he had the new battery simply sitting on top of the broken piece. In talking to several AAA employees I was informed by everyone that they would not be covering the costs of the towing or repairs (despite the fact that NONE of this would be happening if it weren't for AAA). They said it would be simple repairs. Yet here I am on the verge of day 4 (because the AAA service center closes in 30 minutes) without a car because it still isn't ready. And to make matters worse AAA isn't offering to cover the cost of a rental either so I am currently without any more of transportation. That should make getting to work tomorrow real fun…I will definitely be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer if things do not get resolved in a way that eleviate the financial and personal burdens this has caused.

  • My 2008 VW Jetta was towed to the Peoria Arizona repair shop.
    1. I was quoted $3300 to replace the slave cylinder/clutch/and fly wheel.
    2.I asked Devon what it would cost to make it driveable. He quoted me $462.30.I said great ill pick it up tomorrow.
    3.Soon after Devon called and told me it would cost $2200.
    4.I feel as if Devon got me to commit to services then started to add cost to the quote which he said he would email me but never did.
    5.I fell like I am dealing with the VW dealership not AAA,the company who I have been with since 2012 with car insurance and membership. If this is how I will be treated I will cancel all of my affiliations with AAA and move on.

    To date this has NOT been a good experience. I expected better.

    I don't know how this will turn out or what I will do but I hope for some honesty. Charlie

  • My AAA new battery replacement was on 12-10-15 and I was not satisfied. I filled out the survey immediately. I have had no response. I will write a letter now. Your service for batteries "sucks" in my personal experience on this occassion.

  • I will be dropping our road side services, life insurance, car insurance, and homeowner's insurance at the first of the year! We have been member's of AAA in SoCal for decades!!!! NO MORE

    We are having some sort of plumbing issue under our home. We suspect it's a slab leak. We called AAA on Sunday and filed a claim. Monday morning Annie Lee called- asked a bunch of questions regarding the issue. Tuesday morning a Claims Adjuster, Jeffery Ross, was at our door to do an inspection. He took pics and used a did a moisture test. Because there is no actual damage to anything inside our home he said that we are not covered by insurance. We have no drywall, carpet, personal belonging's that have been affected. The water is outside under and around our sewer pipe. OK, I get it. Insurance does not cover anything under the slab of the house. However, I begged Jeffrey to get a licensed plumber to our home to do leak detection test so we could find the source of he leak. He said he would have to ask his manager.

    I called today (Wednesday) and spoke with Jeffrey. He was rather indifferent regarding the issue. He said that AAA would not provide that service. So I firmly explained to him that the company has lost my business.
    I called State Farm to ask about quotes. The agent I spoke to suggested I call AAA back to have this claim "reversed" because it's going to be extremely hard to get homeowner's insurance with a claim on my record. Takes three years to drop off the record.
    I called Frank Sisto, Jeff's manager, and asked if the company was willing to absorb the cost of a plumber to come do a leak detection test and to reverse the claim. NOPE, he was not going to do it!!!!
    Both Jeff and Frank's attitudes were "Oh well, too bad" Didn't care one bit about taking care of a longtime member.
    In the 13 year's we have lived in our home we have never filed a insurance claim under our homeowner's policy. Heck, we've only filed maybe three auto claims in all the years we've been driving. We do not abuse our policies in any way.
    What happened to customer service?! What happened to taking care of your longtime members?! Loyal member's?!
    AAA can definitely afford to absorb the few hundred dollars to have a plumber come to our home to find the source of the leak! Instead, they have lost ALL OF OUR POLCIES!
    Pat yourself on the back AAA! Way to go!

    E. Scott
    Winchester, CA

  • I was just at AAA Northampton county, PA to transfer a title. I would not have gone here to do it because my past experiences here with customer service has been lets say less than pleasant, but my son-in-law (who was purchasing the vehicle) does still have a membership and wanted to do it here. Again I left very disappointed in the customer service rep KAREN. She says she could not read the last 2 #'s of the etched vin and would not even try! WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN. Will never recommend anyone get a membership. Left and went to Lynn's with exactly the same paper work and it was like night and day. Left in 15 minutes with every thing taken care off! So you just lost another member, because my son-in-law would never again renew. Marcie Smith 12/02/2015

  • I'm having trouble with AAA's local 'Service' people here in Silver City NM, where as the result of the normally simple 'jumpstart' request,resulted in the removal of my battery cables and at least one of the two 12 volt units removed,plus cabled up in a different way)=I have learnt that most of the vehicle's electrical system (24volt) and 'NEG Ground' included -has been "SERIOUSLY DAMAGED" (GMC INFORMATION). I appear to have now lost some of my vehicle's electrics that were/are within the system. Zero cranking now and the batteries look to have been ruined. I should add also that they had been at the time/date of the incident,returned to their original positions,but not the cables=I have immediately made use of the 'ISOLATING SWITCHES' AND CLEARLY DOCUMENTED THE setup "MESS'. Please respond to this message and pass my comments on to AAA Headquarters Legal Department. I shall follow up with you by telephone and in other ways. My cellphone number is (575)519 2169, My membership number is 438 601 3160129903. Thank you,in earnest.

  • NOT HAPPY CUSTOMER, had them for 3 years approx, they gave me a hard time when I tried to transfer my membership to my mom, because I have no use for it any longer, what a nightmare, poor customer service and poor business practices

  • BEWARE – AAA "GLITCH IN SYSTEM"! Wow…so AAA reps are rude all over! And I thought it was just the BAT that was irritated after I PROVED that I did not owe AAA a bill from years ago! I was at AAA a few days ago – thinking abt going back to them for Ins! Oh HELL NO – not after the hours spent getting them to realize THEIR ERROR in BILLING! BIG shock when they told me that I owed a bill since 2014 that had been rolling since 12-29-2012! I'd cancelled my AAA ins on 6-12-2012 bc my D.L. was suspended – for medical reasons – another Agent admitted they'd had a "GLITCH" in their system that REINSTATED ins WITHOUT me knowing! Since my D.L. had been suspended by DMV I could not be insured by ANYONE – NO Ins AGENGY can provide auto ins WITHOUT a VALID Drivers License!!! And they'd been sending bills to my OLD address (so i had no idea!) even tho they had my NEW address to send my bill for renters ins for my new place! (I didn't even have renters ins at old address! And I'd cancelled ALL AAA Ins AND membership. I went to a diff co for my renters ins-a lot cheaper that way!) After I had to PROVE THEIR ERROR they agreed to squash that bill but she was so indignant & uppity with me I decided to go elsewhere for ins! So glad I did! I save HUNDREDS of $ going with State Farm Ins! And they were much nicer too!
    Also, I asked AAA "So did AAA turn this bill over for collections to a CREDIT BUREAU"? She simply said "I don't think so"! Well why wouldnt they – IF they really believed that i owe them $? And she wouldn't even bother to find out for me! I'm going back to follow up to be SURE they squashed that bill AND find out if it was reported to a credit bureau! I suggest that ANYONE who's ever had AAA & left them to follow up to check to find out if they may still be billing you – even if you have the same address because they HAVE my new address where I've been over 3 years now – so they could've notified me of this bill – I would never have known had I not gone to AAA a few days ago! That "Glitch" in their system at AAA could do this to you too!

  • AAA is a complete rip off. I purchased AAA Premier Road Side Assistance and exactly one week after purchasing membership, I needed a tow. Once the tow truck truck driver hooked up, I was informed not by AAA but by driver that AAA informed them they would not cover tow, because it was a "recovery." They didn't even call me. I called them and they told me same thing. It says absolutely nothing about not covering tows that are a recovery. They refuse to reimburse me. I have since cancelled all policies, and will never spend a dime with AAA ever again.

  • Heck I've been a member since 1989 and I can't even get anyone on the phone to give me a quote for auto insurance. I've been calling since 9 am and guess what??? NO ANSWER! Is today a holiday I don't know of? Is it "I may be at work but I ain't gonna answer the phone for no one day????

    • Save yourself some $ and check other insurance companies prices! I did & got double the coverage for a little over half of what AAA would have cost! I'm so happy – now – that AAA pissed me off a few days ago about a bogus bill that they said I owe them because then I checked other Ins Co & saved HUNDREDS of $$$! Good luck ever getting them on the phone if you stay with AAA!

  • Its too bad that the kind of employees they hire have no morals at all, they have a women working for them in fresno that does nothing but have affairs with married men and flirt with them on their companys time. I would never let that company handle something as important as insurance when they employee people with no regard to anyone but themselves. Just a heads up to women that might send your husband there . that employee has NO bondries !

  • Received temporary cards, I thought I could use, until I mailed in application however I found out that if you don't receive registration and need assistance, you are stranded and they will hang up on you. I was in need of assistance in Kentucky. I called their 800 number and the rep could not find the temporary number. She contacted the local office in Ohio, the person got on the line and basically said you have to pay now. Before I could say "boo" or that I had a temporary card until September 14, 2015, he had hung up the telephone. One star from me. The only reason AAA get one star is because the initial person I spoke with was so helpful.

  • I've been trying to renew my AAA membership online for 3 days. The website will not accept my membership #, nor other forms of Identification. I've been emailing back and forth with customer reps. ALL I WANT TO DO IS RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP. How difficult can it be? My only hope is that someone in corporate reviews these comments and will handle the problem.

    • Well why don't you do the next best thing. Give them a call. I"m sure it's easy to get the phone number for the sales department. And by looking at this list of complaints and nothing back from AAA you really think someone is monitoring this site???? Think again my friend.

  • After many decades of AAA membership, I have decided to cancel my membership. While I haven't needed to request any road services in the past few years, I have had many occasions to order maps, and most importantly, TripTiks. The traditional TripTiks had a format that included tons of useful information and clear, concise maps, have been discontinued and replaced with totally useless format that has little useful information…. and absolutely no resemblance to the old format except for the plastic binding that holds the pages together. The maps themselves are blurry and hard to read. There are no travel times or miles along the margins; no detail for when a route runs through a city; no integrated city maps on the back; no fold out for expanded view of an area (so one must switch to a regular fold out map of the state or region on the fly) and no towns shown along the route for reference, just major cities. I can buy a lot of maps elsewhere for $80 a year, but nothing will ever compare to the exquisite design and functionality of the old TripTiks! My auto insurance covers all my emergency needs, so I feel I'm not giving up anything there…. especially when I have read so many poor reviews given by other members when they have requested services. If and when AAA ever gets their act together AND if and when they develop an online TripTik program that brings back the functionality of the old ones, I will consider rejoining. 'Til that happens…. so long.
    Spartanburg, SC

  • I had the worst experience with Triple A in Colorado. It took me close to an hour to get someone on the phone to assist me and then I was told there was a 2 hour wait before I might see the Triple A truck show up. Just moved here from California and if this is indicative of Colorado Triple A, I would rather not waste the money. Terrible, terrible service.

  • Here is an experience my husband and I had with AAA. A rear tire blew out when we were traveling north on Interstate 75 about 50 miles north of Tampa, FL. I called the road service phone number. In less than half an hour, help arrived. The service man was experienced, efficient and courteous. He removed the flat tire, inserted a plug in the hole, and in about an hour we were able to continue on our way. We had told him that we preferred not to use our full-size spare tire. When we got home, we had the flat tire inspected by a local tire business and they determined that the tire was sound and safe. Our experience with Triple A has been excellent.

  • Not much to do with the comments here but I'm amazed at the lack of correct grammer and spelling that AAA members use in their writing. The AAA garage in Fairfax, VA. is a garage you will want to keep away from unless they have changed mangement and attitude. I will make a complaint to the corporate offices but, based on these comments, I don't hold much hope in a resolution. From a Potomac Falls, VA, member.

    • OH I'm sorry. Not everyone here is as smart as you are. You must be a linguistic expert. I'm sure everyone is now running out to go back to school since you just insulted the ENTIRE United States!

    • LOL 'Annonamous' that posted "Not much to do with comments here…but", you do realize that you've insulted yourself don't you? Perhaps you are too ignorant to understand that your own grammar is not correct! I see no bearing on the begining of your fist sentence to the end of it – nor does it make ANY SENSE! Also, you should have used a comma after VA, instead of a period! You do realize that a period marks the end of a sentence – don't you? I didn't think so-since you didn't use proper Grammer in your post to criticize a LOT of ppl who are just trying to get the word out that AAA is no longer the membership club that it used to be! Its apparent that you work for AAA due to your snooty attitude towards it's members! Ya didn't fool me! LOL! Your negative comment about that garage in VA is only because they want to be paid back by AAA as they were contracted to be – as all AAA members were promised a service too but are being ripped off! Don't you know that it's illegal for ANY COMPANY to pump up itself via affiliates etc, to interfere & deminish the voice of the ppl who have LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS about ANY COMPANY on a blog or any Internet means of conveying greivances? Now skitter back to your AAA corporate office & let them know that its Members are getting wise to their inflated prices with little services! And FYI: i.d.n.c. if my grammar & spelling is absolutely correct OR NOT! My deed is done to expose you for what you really are!!!

  • Its amazing how dissatisfied everyone is with AAA. I too was stranded with a dead battery in Roswell N.M at my dad's funeral. They could not come out or even help me. What was the point of having AAA??? I have called several times and they tell me someone will contact me. The next person gave me a case number and said someone would get in touch with me. Absolutely nothing. Then AAA has the gall to inform me that I need to restart my membership again with them. What for, I'm not paying $92.00 for no service. I have let everyone I know at work, church and neighborhood about this scam of a company which spreads lies on national tv. I will take my chances on the road by myself!!!!!!

  • I reserved vehicle on April 7 to pick up on April 29th. Called twice to let agent know I was running late and wouldn't be there till before 5, instead of 4. Return call came through @ 4:33 pm to inform that the Hertz store I had reserved car had closed permanently. Talked to my agent and I was very upset, she said they didn't know the store had closed, so I wasn't able to get rental. She said representative was working to get me rental. I was furious and said to late, I was tired and stressed couldn't wait any longer. I reserved vehicle almost 3 weeks ago and the day of the pick up, I was told this. So, yes, I'm seriously thinking of cancelling my membership. Plus it takes to long to talk to a live person and get a return call. Tucson, AZ.

  • I bought a Home Owners insurance through AAA my old Mortgage Company did not tell them they sold my Loan so this year when its time to pay the insurance my so called AAA agent does not answer my emails or phone calls. Does she even still work there? Is this office even open? You think someone would have called or sent a letter to their Customers. Anyways the Service center was great help they jumped on this issue got it fixed and called me back.

  • False Advertising, False hopes and expectations with AAA CA, Simi Valley office and So Cal promotions. Advertising a $10 gift card for In & Out Burger if you go in for an Auto Quote and getting a Vons gift card instead. I do not shop at Vons and was looking forward to having lunch on AAA after spending an hour on getting a quote that was far higher than Wawanesa, my current insurer. VERY DISAPPOINTED and under handed. Its the principle of what they said as apposed to what they did. After being a Member for 20 some odd years I await the out come of this and yell out BAD FORM AAA!!!

  • April 9, 2015 I visited AAA and was disappointed as the agent did not know about the new airline boarding security ID. I went to the Motor Vehicle department and they stated that starting Jan. 2016 every person flying would need the Enhanced Homeland Security ID. The state of Arizona does not have the service in place yet.
    My second issue is with the Trip Tik. The old ones were the best but I have to settle for the new Blow by Blow directions. My greatest complaint is that each page of the Trip Tik I received was blurry and the contrasting colors for showing directions were difficult to distinguish. Did the copy machine need a new ink cartridge??? I have been a member for more than 20 years and am truly disappointed!!!

  • aaa #360838022 aaa has not rectified a claim I made on 7-6-14 my wife an two grand kids waited apx.4 hours before a arecker showed-up. the wrecker that showed up wasn't part of aaa. my keys were taken and never returned. aaa is neglent in not helping me get my keys or reimbursing me. thanks-LA

  • Hi I am AAA member for a long time. AAA does pre-test star smog. They do not file the results with the DMV state of CA.I got my star smog test done today at AAA. They did not file the results with DMV. It is very inconvienant for me. My question, Why AAA do not have complete Star smog test station at their AAA auto care plus facilities. Tank you.

  • after being a member for 8 years and having great success with aaa i will not be renewing….it seems every time you call you are on hold for way too long. its bad enough that you are having trouble but now you have to wait forever just to talk to a rude customer service employee. then it takes forever to finally get someone out to help you. this is the last straw and i will no longer be needing your rude services. for such a huge company you would think the customer would be more important to them but it is evident we are not. DONE!

  • Im VERY UPSET I had got a insurance quote for my three cars, the price was good until they found out I do not own a house and to get the good price I would have to get renters also NOT FAIR I feel very discriminated against you want me to pay $158 for renters for 25,000 that is a lot more then what I am paying now, I Will be leaving AAA for my road side

  • AAA desperately needs an email address; neither the corporate web site nor my local AAA web site has an email address. I almost never call a corporation due to wasted time on hold, explaining my question only to get transferred so I can start over. Email is FAR more efficient and does not waste my time.

    • Horrible service!!!!! shame on AAA for using them. All I can say is shady and unprofessional as hell, but perhaps I'm the wrong race and received inferior service due to my ethnicity! Kristina who answered the phone, when Tristan the armada unprofessional was late, stated was he on speaker phone? She was about to talk crap, because Tristen failed to bring the correct battery so I was waiting a full hour. Then he pulled up in the driveway and sat for 5 minutes with the radio booming. He was nice and toasty as I waited in the cold! Then I had to ask him to spray the cables of the new battery because he never intended too! Shady as hell, well I guess AAA only has contacts with service providers in the hood…so the customer services reflected "hood" quality. I guess if you don't mind waiting longer than you have to and don't mind inferior shady ass un-professionalism you'll be just fine! When I attempted to contact the AAA 1800 # again another unprofessional agent, no apologies for the foul service and he had the audacity with his poor grammar to state a complaint could not be escalated but would have to go through him or an agent. What a shady ass joke. My mom has been with them 19 years, we will be dropping over priced AAA and going through our auto insurance. Can you say Never Again Aaa will get our $$$$$$!

  • I am on hold, waiting to speak with the CEO @ AAA Belleview, WA, so I was told by the MGR-Automotive Services @ Belleview.
    If the CEO comes on the line, he will be the 6th person I've talked with this morning.

    I just called AAA again on my cell-phone and made it to the CEO's secretary. She said no one is "waiting" on the CEO's phone; So the MGR just stuck me on hold, as suspected.
    The secretary said the CEO will call be back. We'll See!
    I told her that while I've been on hold [at least 30 minutes], I've been typing out a complaint on the AAA-HQ-FL web site and from here; I Will Contact AAA-HQ-FL personally!

    Very Simply; My truck quit in my daughter's driveway last night; Because, I have livestock that needed to be fed, my son-in-law was kind enough to drive me home last night. Because I'm not there and my daughter and son-in-law are at work; AAA won't pick up my truck and tow it to my mechanic, who is waiting for it; My daughter and son-in-law are aware that AAA should be towing my truck today; And, AAA can't make a mistake because it's the only vehicle in their driveway.

    I have been an AAA member since 1998 and have rarely use them; Just kept the membership going for a time such as this; "Such A Time As This" gets here and AAA is a no show! How Much Money Have A Paid Them, Over 17 Years For "Such A Time As This?"

    Well! Well! I Just got a call from AAA Belleview's Vice-President Of Their Call Center and Dispatch Operations = the ninth person I've gone thru to get here! They will be sending a tow truck to pick up my truck and deliver it to my mechanic.
    She insisted that #5 = MGR-Automotive Service didn't leave me on hold for 30 minutes = BS! = It appears that he's trying to spin out a bit of cya …

    I will still be contacting AAA-FL-HQ personally!
    This run-a-round is NOT acceptable!

    • Talking with FL; Each AAA decides its own modus operandi.
      However, FL will contact WA and I should receive a written response.

      #9 @ Belleview, WA just called and said that my truck is in the process of being picked up.
      I called my mechanic and advised him that it's on its way.

      Such a shame that it took all of THAT to get 'er done!

  • I had THE BEST experience with AAA Ever! Last night my car's inside lights on the panel started flashing and the car went dead! Called AAA they took care of everything and in 15 minutes, there was a truck pulling up to help! After testing the battery it was the alternator. He towed my car to my mechanic shop and it got fixed today. Thank you AAA! You have NEVER let me down!

  • I am in Dallas, Texas and have had great success with their roadside service, however, their insurance customer service SUCKS OUT LOUD!!! My insurance was paid in full for the year and they still debited my account for a payment a month in advance, assuming I was going to renew with them, which I am NOT!!! Their action caused me to have an overdraft fee and another returned check plus $120 in bank fees. When confronted about this, they said it would take 7-10 working to get the original debit back into my account….I'm STILL waiting!!! No word on the bank fees yet…

    • FYI: I just found out a few days ago that AAA had a "Glitch" in their system on 12-29-12 so that it reinstated my ins after I'd cancelled it on 6-12-2012-therefore generating a bill that was unbeknownst to me! They had my OLD address so i guess they were sending bills there! Yet they had my NEW address because thats where they sent my bill for renters ins for my new place! Although they said they would squash that bill after I spent an hour proving their error I asked "so did you report it to the credit bureau"? Her reply was "I don't think so"! Ggrrr! I was actually thinking about going back to AAA a few days ago – but after that shock I shopped around for ins! So glad I did! HUNDREDS of $ saved by going with State Farm!!! And they are way nicer ppl to deal with that AAA reps! No membership fees but bare bones roadside assistance! But after seeing all these posts abt AAA towing problems – no reason to pay for it if you can't count on it!

  • I have been a member since 2009and this year is the 1st time I don't renew as my son attempted to use his road side service twice and both times was left helpless I had got the card for him as he had left for college! IM VERY ANGRYAND ALSO SOME OF THE PEOPLE AT THE HANFORD OFFICE SHOULD GET FACTORY JOBS AS THEY DONT HAVE GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS!!!!

  • what i would like to know is, why is the member, that comes first, being blamed for the rude, discourteous, unprofessional tow driver? aaa, you take the side of the tow service and BLAME, your members!? what is wrong with this picture?
    seriously, i was refused service out of retaliation from the tow company because i filed a complaint with aaa. furthermore, when i called for a tow the next time, the tow service refused service to me and aaa, backed them up as if i had done something wrong.
    aaa, if your menbers come first, which i see now is a bunch of crap, why are you not standing behind your members?

  • Yep. I find all these comments to be the same ol same ol. We, the customers are being abused by the tow companies and AAA! AND no one does anything about it!

    Wen I called for a flat bed, I was given so much crap and abuse and run around and on and on. WTF is the matter with you AAA!? I have both my vehicles and house insured ith you but, you let you tow services abuse YOUR customers that COME FIRST!.

  • Hi aaa, nice that I pay for towing service and you let your tow company refuse my tow as a vendetta against me. I am a 60 year old person with stage 4 cancer who has done nothing to deserve this abusive treatment.
    It has affected my health and causes me stress which sets off the cancer through nauseous and lack of energy.

    This is so wrong and so abusive! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Members DO NOT come first. Find a slogan that fits like, where members are abused and taken advantage of!

    • I am an older person as well and have health issues. Our AAA is located in western PA. The treatment I received was so bad I actually got sick. The roadside guy actually made our car problem worse, then lied about it. I now have a car repair, and more bad nerves. What a horrific experience. My mom cancelled her AAA and I am as well. They have really gone down hill since their money has been made. I always liked AAA, but not now. Goodbye AAA

  • Sept. 7, 2014

    After reading these post and my experience with AAA last weekend. I am also dissatisfied with them. I called the 800 number and told them I was in OHIO and they sent my call to some guy in KY. Really do they think he had a clue as to where I was. I told him where I was located and that I needed a flatbed roll off truck. He connected me to a AAA garage within 30 minutes of me. I then explained to the knew gentlemen (AAA towing # 1) where I was located and that I needed the flatbed roll off truck and I was sitting on a county line road. Because I was in a different county then he was he explained that he was not aloud to help me but would do so anyhow as I was at the county line, but it would be a minimum of 45 minute wait. This gentleman tried to be very helpful as he called another AAA towing company close and they could come soon but since AAA towing #1 called and not the main calling center AAA towing #2 would not do it, also not in the county I was broke down in. AAA towing #1 decides to call main calling center and they send his call to FL. (Still NO clue where I am located). Several times in these calls I tell them it must be a flatbed roll off. 3 hours later(7 P/M.) a tow truck shows up and you guessed it (A REGULAR TOW TRUCK). This driver explains that if I would have called the 800 number on my card I would have received the correct truck. If they couldn't get the call to the right state why would I expect the correct truck. Then this driver explains I am not in his county. I am a woman and I explained to him I would push it across the road so it was in his county. My husband went with the tow truck driver and did not get home until 9:30 p.m. You are all right they are the BIGGEST RIP OFF.

  • Using billboards, AAA warned motorists about two small towns in FL that were nothing but money making speed traps but has never mentioned that state of VA is also engaged in 'traffic tickets for $$$' on Intrastate Howys. When a motorist is stopped, cops don't run a driver/vehicle driving history check…. Tickets ($120.00 minimum) aren't reported to out-of-state DMV's of driver… and lawyers routinely check city/county records for newly written tickets, after which they send out 'advertisement' letters to ticketed out-of-state drivers guaranteeing (for a juicy fee, of course) that the violation won't show up on violators driving record which would also result in insurance rate increases when driving records are routinely checked at time of policy renewal by ins. companies.


    I multiplied $120.00 x the sequence # on my ticket and the gross income total was in the hundreds of millions of $. Due to the cost, out-of-state drivers almost never (99.9% of the time) drive back to a distant state to contest a ticket in court – they mail in a check in the convenient self addressed envelope attached to the ticket.

    Think about it…. The VA highway enforcement 'program' has NOTHING to do with highway safety, the one factor that AAA pretends is their primary concern (Ha Ha Ha!!!). It's all about Revenue… $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • This complaint is about the Cincinnati AAA District Office. It's June 16, 2014 and my mother called AAA today at 1:15 p.m. to have our truck towed. She spoke to a service
    person named Anna. Regrettably, Anna was very unhelpful and rude. After speaking with Anna, my mother asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor was also disrespectful. Afterwards, my mother called their corporate headquarters. AAA's corporate office was helpful in taking down her complaint. My mother has been an AAA member since 1987–that's over 20 years, but she's dissatisfied and unsure whether or not she'll continue to purchase their services after today's poor customer service out of the Cincinnati district office.

  • Please cancel my membership. My wife had a simple request to unlock her vehicle and did not ask for attitude from AAA customer service and the person who came to unlock the vehicle. Maybe you forget that without customers such as myself AAA would not be needed. Not only did I pay for a membership for my wife and I but today I had to pay an additional $20 because AAA told my wife she was not on my account. Funny because when I signed up it was add another drive for free and I added my wife, yet AAA has no record. Please just cancel my membership as I have no time to play games with a company that fails to deliver the services they advertise. Please look for my comments on Facebook and whatever else blog I can post to.

    Darryl D

  • My spouse applied for a job with them back in early August. After many successful interviews as well as a positive assessment test….all of which moved at a glacial pace, they decided to inform her ON CHRISTMAS EVE that she didn't get the job. That insensitivity, that was utterly unnecessary, ruined our Christmas. They did not have to handle it this way. They have every right to move at a glacial pace, but to deliver that kind of news on Christmas Eve is not only insensitive but hurtful. They don't care about people at all.

  • AAA Is a TOTAL RIP OFF SCAM! I have paid thousands for membership–the three times I called for roadside assistance they REFUSED to help n any way!! Even when I offered options to make it more convenient for them to help me–when I was the paying customer–they refused. AAA did not care I and my baby were in danger !! Horiible company!! And their "discounts are nothing–most hotels and car rental co's do not accept them anymore. SAVE YOUR MONEY and get insurance somewhere else!!

    • To 'Annonamous' who posted at 10:23am in this thread. There you are again, trying to deminish other AAA member posts! Really, you don't realize that you sound as if you are working FOR AAA? And, you did realize that to start your sentence the way you did is a complete give away that you are the SAME ANNONAMOUS that has been posting elsewhere in this blog about 'AAA members grammer'! 'Ya didn't fool me', LOL! AGAIN! YOU are sounding like the "one sided story" on here – all over this blog! Its very obvious that you are an affiliate of AAA!

    • They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Supervisor's included. They have no honor or integrity of their word. Their motto is "EXPECT SOMETHING MORE". If their service is what they deem better than their competitors they are headed to bankruptcy because they don't seem to understand that their customers satisfaction determines their longevity and continuity. Extremely disappointed with Triple AAA.

    • On 7-9-17 we were stuck on 88 west AAA gave us the run around around for 3 hours their driver did not want to come that far because he said aaa would only pay him $50.00 to tow us to Bolingbrook Illinois, aaa really showed their butts !!! let all the aaa members know they are just paying for a name and not good customer service.

    • yes I too was hit by an other car the other driver lied about what happened ever tried to say he had whip lash when that did not happen and AAA went against me will not fix my car after years of a member , something is not right here , maybe time to find an other insurance co.

    • Lucky you…they are jerks! My daughter and her boyfriend purchased tickets for a trip several months ago, last month she found out she had breast cancer..they had to postpone the trip..AAA says no, even though they bought ins. just in case….they won't postpone it, they won't refund their money…they say she has a pre existing condition…jerks!! I am cancelling my car ins and towing! I've bee with them for many years but if this is how they treat someone with cancer, I want nothing to do with this company!

    • Triple A sucks – they sided with their insurer when he had a stop sign, decided to just go through the stop sign and hit my daughters car cause he didn't want to wait for traffic to allow him to go through – We will see what a Judge has to say !!!!!

    • Triple A are a total scam! I truly believe that. My final car ins policy is way more than what I was quoted and signed for. I am very disappointed. I have called the agent to cancel my policy on 06/20/16 and it hasn't been done. So now, another month is debited from my bank account. I wouldn't be surprise if this company gets sued for scamming people.

    • AAA is the worst insurance company. I had accident with a AAA insured driver. we can not make any contact with claim service representative. they just ignore phone calls. This office is at Texas.

    • WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!! AAA enrolled me in auto-payments without my knowledge and I have been paying for the past couple of years. I have not once used their services because I was unaware that I was paying for membership. I have been paying out of pocket with other companies when I needed a tow. My boyfriend who is supposedly included in my membership, called to get a tow and they told him he was not a member. So they have been STEALING from me!

    • I just had a flat tire at 11am and they finally showed up at 2pm. Message wasn't given till late.Good thing I didn't have to be anywhere…I was still where I went for job interview

    • I've been a AAA member for 32 years. The last few years AAA has not met up to it's original standards. I am also looking for a new Road Service company. On Sunday, 5/20 I was stranded with my motor home for 8 hours on a Sunday in Virginia. Talked to multiple AAA incompetents while trying to get some roadside service. Had to give each one my exact location and still, they thought I was on the interstate even though I gave them specific location information, ie, interstate exit #, State Route #, street name of state route all that I got from a local police officer. After about 6 hours I was called by AAA and told that I would have to find my own tow. They couldn't find one. They would reimburse me for the cost. Were they kidding? This is their job. The only reason I wasn't camped out in the breakdown lane overnight is because a non-AAA tow truck just happened to see me when they were on their way to another call and the driver was courteous enough to stop. I eventually got the AAA dispatcher to get an approval to pay him directly so that he would tow my rig to his garage. Lucky for me after 8 hours of waiting for AAA to help me which is what I pay them for. To top it all off AAA called 911 and told them I was on the interstate, which meant they would send a state trooper to my location and it would then be up to 911 to find me a tow. What on earth is going on with this company? Every time I have to call them I wind up with a horror story worse than the one from the previous call.

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