AC Moore Corporate Office Headquarters

AC Moore Corporate Office Headquarters
130 A.C. Moore Dr.
Berlin, NJ 08009 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-856-768-4930
Fax Number: 1-856-753-4723
Customer Service Number: 1-888-226-6673

  • I wish to say that why I am happy you went to on line buying. Its very hard to get what you want as far as paints are concerned. ALWAYS out of stock on colors I want several times a week. Also VERY limited on the colors posted.
    Would benefit you AND the consumer if you gave the choices on line as you do in the stores and keep stock of them. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  • Hampton Art Stamp Cleaner is absolutely useless. Grandma's is not any good either. Why can't you sell Staz On rubber stamp cleaner?

  • I stopped shopping at AC Moore because my computer won't print the coupons. The craft stores are too expensive without them and I craft because I am disable and NEED to be busy all the time. I used to write down the coupon bar code # but they said they will no longer except them that way. The workers act Like it's a privilege for me to spend my money there. So I stopped shopping there. Only in emergency will I go there now. I don't know what is different from YOUR coupons but they are the only ones that won't print on my computer.

  • 50 + 30 = 80 AC MOORE does the old switch and bait and it comes out to 65%… which is only 5% cheaper then what they charge everyday said customer service… what a jip… be careful

  • I am a loyal AC Moore customer at the Clifton, NJ location and have spent plenty of money throughout the years, but I may not be any longer. I'm not a person to complain about customer service, but my last couple experiences at AC Moore have been unpleasant. Unfortunately, the last 2 times I’ve had the same sales clerk for check out. Each time she has been very unpleasant and maybe consider her a bit rude. My visit today, 7/14/16 I approached her register, no greeting that’s the first problem. I had my phone ready with the weekly coupon flyer out and the very first comment from her was to tell me that the 55% coupon that was showing has expired Sunday. I didn’t even show her yet which one I was going to use. I was aware of the expiration date. When I showed her the 50% coupon (which wasn’t expired) she said quote “can’t use it have to download it”, that was polite. So while there was a line beyond me, I was trying to download the coupon she was just waiting, not a response nor any kind of assistance whatsoever. I’ve used phone coupons in all types of stores and sales clerks will gladly help you find it since people are waiting patiently behind you. If I wasn't on my lunch hour I would of stayed there until I downloaded it, probably would of taken at least 15 minutes, so I finally gave up and she continued checking me out, no apology even, that would of been a nice gesture, but before I left she had the nerve to ask me to donate to a cause, really? Maybe more kindness or assistance, I would have considered, but I was so annoyed I said no. My husband is a store manager for a major pharmacy and if that happened in his store, he would be reprimanded for his staff’s actions most definitely. The attitude of this sales clerk, hopefully not the store manager, was totally unacceptable. Just a note regarding phone coupons, I had the same type of coupon on my phone from another craft store and they happily took it without it being “downloaded”. Maybe AC more should be willing to do the same. I’ll will think twice of returning to AC Moore. I will say, on better note, I was looking for something in particular and called before I arrived and the sales clerk was pleasant, helpful and polite!!

  • My husband and I are upset that I haven't received a statement after getting direct deposit for the last 4 weeks from working at the store in Maryland. We need to make our quarterly tax estimates soon but need the information as to how much taxes and where from that get taken out of my paycheck.

  • I just wanted to say how Awesome your employees at your AC Moore on Route 73 in Voorhees NJ are My daughter just completed her 6 weeks of free crafts on Wednesdays and looked forward to it every week. The staff was so overwhelmed at the response they had this year mainly the 1st day with the tie-dye T-shirts. they told me last year there was 20 people who attended and this year they had over 150 and handled it like champs, never did i see them be rude always had a smile on there face and did what they could with the amount that was sent to them and filled in spots with anything they could think of so every child received something. On the 4th week my 7 year old daughter broke her arm at summer school and was telling the hospital they needed to cast her right away she needed to get to AC Moore to do her craft, which in turn was a little harder one for a one armed child and they were kind enough to put in a plastic bag for her to do at a later date Also the store was not supplied with enough punch cards so all did not get, but that was ok they were just so excited for the experience. Again I just wanted to let you know what value employees you have at that location, and as a Company you should be very proud of them all.

  • Thank u to everyone who helped me at the Midlothian store on 6-14-14. Katlyn was my cashier with superb customer service skills. Can u say BONUS TIME!!! 🙂

  • I went to the store in Greenville NC and was very upset I am in a wheelchair and asked 3 times for someone to help me and could not get help they say go to this place or that place. Left and went to Michael's and had no problem getting someone to help me. and at your store there were several people putting up stock and still recieved no help

  • Here's an example of where your "following the rules" of the coupon failed your store. I am a loyal AC Moore customer purchasing everything possible for both my classroom and personal use. Today I went to the Woburn, MA store to buy $100 worth of yarn. Using the 25% off coupon was worth the journey and fighting any potential crowds of shoppers. My error this time, but I had not looked closely to see that the coupon (in small print, and in a non-stand out color) stated that the coupon was not to be used until 6:00 pm. I was told I could not have my yarn "held" until 6:00 and that I "had to take my chances". Well, I decided to not take my chances and passed on going back out in the rain 3 hours later to see if my colors were still there. You may have lost me as a customer…once my anger subsides, I will reconsider. The attitude of the sales clerk and the manager were unacceptable. And now I cannot use my 25% off coupon. Perhaps order direct from Red Heart with free shipping is the way to go. I hope to hear from you.

    • Don't blame the store/company for your error of not reading the whole coupon! Coupons are made to promote a specific sale, item or event and ALWAYS cover a specific period of time, whether a week a day or an hour. We all know that! (Especially in Nov and Dec) As far as holding product, what if the store held each product for everyone until they came back at 6? Its a sales event. At 6pm you come back and shop. Its specifically engineered that way. Don't complain, just pay attention to the ads and coupons

  • Hello Corporate,
    I hope this letter reaches someone who cares and who cares about their employees. My son works at one of your stores in PA at the Airport Center in Bethlehem. He is the floral head designer and he always had a great talent for his love of arranging and making arrangements as he does in his job. His designs and beautiful items are second to none and although I am his proud mother, I am also a very good customer in that store and spend a lot of money. My son works very hard and he IS NOT APPRECIATED for his efforts. I know he must make thousands for this store. It takes him no time at all to conceive and complete an original design for the displays and customers alike. As soon as he makes something, people come up and buy it. Last Christmas a woman said she liked to kinds of pine roping but didn't know how to put it together to make it look like just one. He took it and in less than 2 minutes he put the roping together and shaped it for her and she was amazed and told me I had the most talented son she ever saw. What I want to know is, why can't the exceptional designers and those who make a lot of money for the store get something like profit sharing or better yet a commission of what is sold from their department. It isn't fair that he works so hard and gets nothing more than peanuts for pay. His name I would appreciate if you could consider this option. I know that you don't care if he quits or gets another job, but I do. His displays are always complimented to me from my friends. They think his work is phenominal and he should be making more money than he does. Couldn't you at least give him a raise? A decent raise? Not just pennies on the dollar. I wish someone would look into this and consider this option again as I asked before.
    Thank You for your time at least to read this. Now do something about it!!!

  • Well, it's now been a week since I posted my original inquiry. I haven't been contacted at all to answer my questions. What's the deal???? Is the customer not important enough to have questions answered? If that's the case, it's really a sad that we who spend money in THEIR store aren't really important. Maybe we need to follow thru and start a boycott. I'll still be waiting for my answer.

    Terry Baughman

    • Just an fyi this is not a.c. Moore's website or customer complaint section. This is some random website, if you actually want a reply from the companies on here,, you should contact the company. As it says above this website simply gives you the chance to rant/rave about the company and gives you there contact info. Maybe you should try actually contacting the company and nit this website, just a thought

  • Dear Sirs:
    I went to the store located in Ft. Walton Beach, this morning. The reason for the trip was to purchase a gift card as a gift for a friend. What a hassle. I had also purchased several other items, and wrote a check for the whole ammount. I was then told that the purchase had been DECLINED because I had to pay CASH OR CREDIT CARD for the gift card. What a mess. I've never seen his posted anywhere, and have purchased several other card with out this restriction. This is CRAZY !!!! It certainly makes me rethink the amount of time and money I spend in this store. We have a Michael's not too far away, that I may have to start using instead of AC Moore. Considering what a regular customer I have been and all I've done with your merchendise. RE-THINK THIS POLICY. I'd hate to have to stop shopping in your store, but I certainly will, and will defiately pass the word out to friends and family.
    I'd like a reply please.

    Terry Baughman
    (850) 581-1920

  • I had an idea for your stores. Instead of putting coupons in the papers, on line, circulars, etc. why not just offer the coupon at the register if you use your AC Moore rewards card. It would be so much easier for the customers. Instead of having to get the paper, cut it out, make sure you have it on you, etc, if all you had to do was have your card swiped at the register and automatically have the coupon amount taken out of your total.

  • How about some exciting colors on self stripping 100% wool yarns???? Royal & Navy Blues? Your colors are very boring and I'm tired of hearing "Corporate picks out our colors". You are forcing me to go elsewhere for my yarns.


  • My names Kim Felkowski, i'd like to make a complaint about your Dickson city store. I called in regards to my niece, she was trying to get a refund on stuff she purchased when she was going to get married, but with two sudden family deaths and such her and her fiance called it off. She paid with a debit card, but that account was closed. She paid over 200 dollars, so we called to talk to a manager at the store. The lady's name was Janice, we called around 12 pm on 5-18-13. We explained what happened to her and I quote, she said "I've heard stories before, but that's a good one." First of all, that is completely inappropriate. Secondly, we were just looking for help. I hope this is dealt with properly. I will be calling on Monday when your office is open. Thank you.

  • How do I pull up my points need to see that Daddy got his 500 points and mine too . Both were different numbers and email. He was sitting in car waiting for me

  • as you noticed she had me purchase on the $10 off coupon $58.88 she made me purchase $50.88 had to purchase on the $5.00 off coupon should have been $20.00 had me purchase 29.92 .Both coupons said $5.00 off $20 or more, 2nd same page coupon $10.00 off $30 or more not $50 or more. I have brain damage she said I need to purchase that much for each coupon. I told her that was wrong she was correct

  • Just came home after taking my handi-capped mother to the Lancaster, PA, A C Moore store. They were so short-handed that only 2 regular check=outs were open and occasionally the Customer Service desk woul check out a shopper. The lines were horribly long! My poor mother couldn't stand all that long and was very concerned she would collape. I would have taken her to the car, but then I would have lost my place in the long line. A woman near the back began screaming, "Open some more lines! This is ridiculous!!" The cashier retorted, "It's presidents day. We don't have any more help." When we finally checked outv my upset mother called the store to speak to a manager (Rick?). His response was "People need to learn some patience. We heard there was some unruly woman in the store, but otherwise no one comlained." I heard the one cashier saying, "If you don't like what's happening, contact the coporate office. Don't tell us. We can't do a thing about it." My mother called the store manager and didn't even receive an "I'm sorry that happened". And stores wonder why they end up out of business! Directly across the parking lot is a "Michaels Craft Store." I've been a long time customer of A C Moore, but I'm now going to try Michaels and see what they have to offer. Can't your stores do better than THAT?

  • Hi, I want to compliment the performance of an employee of your Mount Laurel store – My Daughter and I were checking out of your Mount Laurel store around 3 after purchasing some oil paints (we've been shopping at this store for at least 12 years). Our cashier went out of her way to help us find an online coupon very quickly on my Daughter's cellphone. She was able to key in the coupon and give us a great discount in a matter of seconds and not hold anyone up in line. She was exceptionally professional, well versed in her job, and a pleasure to talk to. When I called the store and spoke to the manager to compliment her employee, I was told that her name is Wendy, but I do not know her last name. I have always liked the AC Moore stores and employees like Wendy make me enjoy shopping there even more

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