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  1. I had the WORST experience at Kingsoopers on Parker and Peoria. The cashier was friendly but these 2 managers were just horrible. I had a coupon that was 3.00 of any Playtex item (excludes 20 ct. liner). Cashier scanned my coupon and then the manager was like no let me see that, he said you're clearly misusing this coupon. He says it clearly says you cannot use this coupon on a box of 20. I replied and said it says 20 ct. liners, it says nothing about tampons or pads, clear as day in fine print the only thing it excluded was 20 ct liners nothing else. He said i am the coupon guru i know what it says and i know you cannot use it on 20 ct anything. So this other manager comes up and was like oh those are already cheap so you shouldn't allow it. And he replied with oh i'm not she's not getting anything. I have never been so embarrassed, i felt like he was trying to belittle me. I have NEVER had this problem before, i hear stories about other peoples bad experiences and now i have my own. And the poor cashier was stuck in the middle of it. She read the coupon out loud and he said nope i'm not allowing it. She apologized and i left.

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