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Acme Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Acme Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Acme Markets, Inc.
75 Valley Stream Pkwy.
Malvern, PA 19355 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-889-4000
Fax Number: 1-610-889-3039
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948

  • I have been a customer of the ACME in May's Landing since coming there with my Mother when I was a little girl. I have witnessed many times bad interactions between delicatessen employees. There are delicatessen employees who are repeat offenders in bad behaviour. I have made numerous comments and complaints to Customer Service as well as the Store Manager. It is a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourselves to allow employees to be mistreated by other employees and that management not only allows it but seems to encourage it. Open your eyes and ears and help the employees, retrain your management staff. I have witnessed terrible treatment and horrible conversations. They scream, yell, curse and talk to other employees horribly (delicatessen) so mean and nasty. Obviously the employees on the receiving end need their jobs as they just take it and do not defend themselves during these witnessed altercations. Shame on you for not being proactive. Disgusting behaviour all around from TOP to BOTTOM. You have lost a customer as well as future customers.

  • Yes. I would like to know why you discontinued the bourbon chicken in your stores. I have been enjoying this item for several months. I went to my area acme and they say it was not there anymore. Please tell me you are bring it back to you stores. Please let me know what's going to happen. thank you.Or if there is a acme that stills has it. Bobby

  • Yesterday I purchased a family pack of ground beef at the Acme in Media at 1067 Baltimore Pike. I brought it home, emptied it into a metal mixing bowl, added two eggs, stirred it together with a wooden spoon and made meatballs which I baked on a teflon pan. I had dinner guests including a 3 year old child. The first person to bite into one of the meatballs spit out two large chunks of sharp broken glass. There was no glass around when I prepared or served the meatballs. I took the pieces of glass and the label from the package to the store and asked to speak to a manager. Manager Debbie after hearing my story insisted that there was no glass in their meat and I started to walk away, with my glass shards. She stopped me and said if it will make you happy I will give you a $50.00 gift card, let me see that glass again. She then walked me to the customer service counter, told the girl there to give me a gift card, showed her the glass and walked away. When I asked for the glass back she said she needed it. Fortunately I took a photo of the two pieces next to a penny before I returned to the store. They were actually larger than the penny. This could have cause such serious damage to someone's mouth or if swallowed internal damage. I am appalled at the way I was made to feel… as though I was lying about it and they were giving me the gift card to shut me up and get me out of the store. Who knows who else bought ground beef from the same "grind" and could have swallowed more glass! This was NOT the way to value your customers!!!!!! Or keep others safe!

  • I recently became disabled – it is obvious to a stranger because I need two canes in order to walk. On 6/21/2014 I entered Acme on 105 E Street Rd (Feasterville, PA 19053) expecting that I had the capability to complete a week’s work of shopping independent of family help. After being in the Acme for 2 hours with all shopping complete, the pharmacist asked me if I needed assistance based on the medications that I picked up and used immediately after paying for them.
    How many cameras does the Acme have in order to seize shoplifts??! I would think that when a large man is struggling to load three cases of water into a shopping cart, an employee would approach the customer to see if they require assistance. Instead, one employee walked right by and smiled (as I was drenched in sweat and about to collapse.) I was so disgusted with the lack of service that I was going to cause a major commotion after paying for my goods at the customer service desk. I did not due to a gentleman named Jim Brady. Jim calmed me down and apologized for what I had to go through physically. He recognized that I was in an altered state of pain and wanted to help me on my way home and avoid a motor vehicle accident. Jim took all my groceries to my car and neatly placed them in a way so that they would not break, get swooshed or crushed. I thanked Jim and asked him how long he has worked at Acme which is just shy of 1 year. He is a young man but had the savvy to recognize a possible situation and fix it before further escalation. The store manager on duty that evening should brush up on The US Dept. of Justice's Title III (but I wouldn't be surprised with this information).
    Bottom line, Jim Brady is a smart, savvy man. It bewilders me that Jim acted as if he were the manager on duty,,,maybe he should be.

  • Hi,

    I was in your acme store at 10 th & Reed street store today and saw how they are fixing up the store . i went to the deli and saw 6 peopele behind the counter and how this one woman her name was ronnie was yelling and screaming at the workers and how they have another deli manager name amada telling the deli workers to do things while they have customers in front of the counter.i can;t believe you have peopel doing this to your employees and trying to belittle them in front of customers like that also i was in there another time and you have an employee behind the counter name Rob he is the worst i ever came across he is so aggronant of a man . you need to get rid of him asap. he is over theretelling the workers he is the manager which he isn't at all . we all know the cuustomers that patty is teh deli manager. and telling them what to do while he is walking around the store all day long and not doing his job. your deli workers need a good pay raise for what they go threw at your store and i think you need to commend them on a job well done. and shouldnt be talk to in that manner at all and show respect for them . i will not be comming back to that store until you show your workers some good old fashion respect.

  • To the Advertising and Marketing Department(s)

    This comment is about your ACME Stores commercial which we are seeing in the greater Philadelphia area. The young boy is "threatening" his mother with retaliation if she does not comply with his demand during her shopping. As a mother and a customer, I am offended by the young boy's attitude and the fact that the only consequence for his behavior is that a store employee has to clean up the boy's mess. There are too many disrespectfully portrayed children in movies and television programs already. How could your Advertising staff convince your Marketing staff that his attitude and behavior are acceptable in your commercial?

  • Hi,

    You have a deli manager at one of your locations her name is : shanda middlebrookes. She has a very bad attitude and she talks about all her co-workers and how she makes more money then them..she was saying about her old store and how they won't amount to anything like how i got my job as a deli manager. I mkae much more then they wil ever make and have a nice car. and they are still making nothing i make much more for less work.

  • I was there last week & some drunk guy who works there for free rent was stumbling around complaining how corporate is doing an inspection so he was painting, prepping to steam clean & replacing doors & all kinds of major work to pass some abvi franchise renewal.
    Disgusting. They literally were yelling at this guy after 11pm right in middle of hallway over 15 minutes!!!!
    Very unprofessional, dirty & scummy place all bc of management & employees !!!

  • Your longmont, co hotel is atrocious!! Where to begin!?
    They keep a "maintenance man" on who lives there & gets free rent for his so called work. He is a total DRUNK, who begs customers for money!!!, insisting "they" don't pay him so he can't eat!!! TACKY! He wonders around drunk & yelling, talking to customers all hours of day & nite!!!!!!!
    The place is filthy!!!! Their so-called continental breakfast is a joke!,tiny, frozen muffins that taste like cardboard & waffles; Plus you get chased down, hollered at & threatened with being kicked out (& they keep your $!!) if you take food up to your room!

  • I want to let you know of an exceptial employee you have at your Dresher Location. Her name is B and she was displaying how to make ginger bread houses. She entertaine my children and let them participate with her. What a great idea… I was
    there today Sunday December 16th around 3 o'clock. At a time when everyone is busy and grumpy it was nice to see someone like B with a smile on her face and enjoying what she was doing. She is one of the main reasons I shop at that Acme and not other grocery stores. Thank you for the opportunity to send this to you. It must be nice to hear positive comments about your employees instead of negetive. Thank you again, and happy holidays to you all.

    • I have lived in this area for 18 years. The closest Acme is University Plaza on 273 Newark Delaware. This has to be the worst management I have ever seen out of all the Acme's I have been in. They never have enough people working there. Most of the people that work at that store are the most miserable people I have ever met. I have been to many other Acme's and they are well managed. I will never set foot in that store again. I have said this many times to my family and friends. Today was the icing on the cake.

    • I am totally disgusted with the Woodbury NJ store. I have Celiac and have made many requests for GF products. They have brought in some new products and then discontinued them. I asked why you spread the GF products all of the store. What marketing genius thought this was great for the GF consumer. They should go back to school or get fired. I am 70 yrs. old and have a lot of difficulty trying to find the products. The store is convenient as it is 3 minutes from my house. However, it is horrible to shop there. I am not sure why you bakery cannot produce some GF baked goods. Sometimes you have them and sometimes you do not. If I ask a person in the bakery they say they do not carry any which is a bold face lie. I bet if you took a survey you will find out that I am not the only one who feels this way. Totally disgusted, Diana Clark

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