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  • Acme Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Acme Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Acme Markets Corporate Office Headquarters

Acme Markets, Inc.
75 Valley Stream Pkwy.
Malvern, PA 19355 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-889-4000
Fax Number: 1-610-889-3039
Customer Service Number: 1-877-932-7948

  • Yesterday 8/27/19 Afternoon At 4:15 PM The University Plaza Acme Self Check Out Cashier Was Running After A Young Man Who Ran Out Of The Store With Items And The Older Gentleman/Cashier Chased Him On Foot Across The Parking Lot Until The Young Man Dropped The Had Cart With The Items. The Older Gentleman, Was Clearly Out Of Breath, But Smiling Because He Recovered The Items. His Red Shirt & Apron On. When He Walked Back Pass The WSFS Bank Parking Lot Another Employee Tall Blond Gentleman Possibly A Manger And 2 Ladies Waited For Him And They All Walked Back To The Store. This Was Insane. Who Risk Their Others Lives For $30-$50? That Man Could Have Had A Gun! Innocent People Could Have Been Injured In The Process. Anyone Who Frequents This Acme Knows This Older Cashier, Because He Hawks Everyone As If They Are Stealing Something. University Plaza Acme In Newark, DE. How Stupid Was That. Why Didn't They Call The Police? The Manager & 2 Women That Followed Him All Responded Very Unprofessionally. Don't Put Innocent By Standers Lives At Risk For Your Stupidity.

  • It has been a while since Acme took over our Super Fresh and the Geunardi's in Barnegat NJ. However the store in Manahawkin I only use as a convenience store and that too may stop. First the employees at the Small manahawkin Store are all op shelf and its the only reason I stop. the produce for the past 2 years is miserable, either rottted not fresh or not ripe. Yes bring it back and I dont have that time to take a rotted out watery watermelon back to the store. Your general products are getting less and less of brand names and I for one will not be pushed into buying an off brand on certain items.Deli is a joke. Prices way above average and that is the only department the help is not. five people waiting for service and only one elderly man waiting on customers while the rest ( 3 of them) look at the line and ignore everyone.
    I went 2 days later and bought 2 baby melons at Costoco and they were perfect. Those 2 cost me less than the one at Acme. I know you have a summertime captive audience going to LBI but I for one am losing money with what I purchase in this store. This should have been sold to an IGA that knows quality. I have no problem paying a bit more but I do expect that quality to be there, should really think of getting new vendors.

  • I shop at the Acme in Feasterville, PA on Street Rd. You damned well need more check out people AND you need checkers who can count, I spent 20 minutes in a 10 items or less line behind a guy who spent $127.00 filled up his shopping cart, and NO one said a damned thing

  • Not sure if this will even help.But I have to tell you I have been in grocery retail for over 25 years in the Northern New jersey Region.I will not tell you what store due to the fear of mgmt coming after me.(THIS REAL BY THE WAY).Including District MGR.Center Store etc..You have in these stores some of the worse store mgrs I have ever seen!! You do realize most of them are from the bottom of the barrel from A&P. Most have no clue what is going on and just sit in the office literally all day.They don't even know how to take in a vendor ,Make a sign,do a void..Horrible!
    They will not correct any employee issues that you may be having in depts. They will let you kill yourself rather than fix the bad employee problems that do crap work and make mistakes,and still get paid!
    I promise you this is not fake,this is not to get anyone in trouble.Someone in corporate has to know how these stores are being run.Because when the big boss comes to town all we do is kill ourselves for 3 days to fix the store up and the big shot says nice job and he is gone and so is the help in the store. I am telling you and begging you to really see what is happening here in north Jersey.Or maybe it is that you really just don't want to know.
    I can keep going on for hours.Please Jim Donald I dare you to visit these stores . You would be ashamed to find out what is really going on!

  • Why would you stop selling International Delight iced coffee. I and several of my friends are very disappointed that we can't buy it in PA and NJ. We all shop at the Acme and have to go to ShopRite or Giant just for it Put it back on the shelves…

  • I have been a shopper at Acme since I was a kid and I am sad to say it will be the last time. I shop at the Pennsville N.J. store 3 times a week, sometimes more and most thing I can overlook, but this morning I had an employee tell me they could not help me because they weren't on the clock; I cant tell you how unbelievable that was to me, so after 30 plus years of shopping at acme I have now become a Shoprite customer.

    Lege Porter

  • We have the same problem at our Acme in Oak Ridge. Many of the people in the town or very upset with the store. I only use it now for items that I need and shop at other stores. It's too bad that the corporate headquarters do not do anything about this, because I know I am not the only one complaining.

  • I really like the new Acme in Blairstown,NJ. All the changes are for the better,more selection and the employees are great, go out of their way to help you out. What I dont like is there seems to be no change whatsoever in the produce dept.Most of the produce seems old, lettuce, greens, yellowing, fruits turning moldy,just a bad selection of what is called"fresh produce".Is this due the fact that corporate directs them to keep it out there as long as possible or just someone not caring or even just not enough help in that dept.? I am wondering if anyone even reads these comments at all as I see no replies to any of them. This is a legitimate concern and not a "rant"I do like to shop in my own town but am sometimes forced to go otherwhere for fresher produce.Im sure others would agree with me.Thanks for your time.

  • I live in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. The acme store on Berkshire Valley Road, in Oak Ridge, is absolutely appalling. The vegetable section is by far the worst I have ever been to. No matter what vegetable is there, they are all disgusting. I want to purchase strawberries and every single box had mold on the bottom of them. The cucumbers are already soft. The green peppers or starting to rot . I'm not the only unsatisfied customer as if you look on Facebook you will see many people on the Jefferson Township site totally disgusted with your store as well. It is really unfortunate as it is the only grocery store in our area. Most customers refuse to go there now. Many are going to the local Stop & Shop or ShopRite. I hope something will be done about this in the future. this store is giving all the acnes a terrible reputation.

  • I am completely upset at the fact ACME has had one of their older buildings to still stand while falling apart every day. In the 90s, in Browns Mills, NJ, ACME built a new center down the street from the old center. Since then, the old building has continued to fall apart and the company wont do anything about it. People and the township have tried to have it turned into other things but there is a long term lease held on the old building by the company to avoid competition from other food markets. If the company is going to uphold the lease, they should be responsible for the upkeep of the old building! It is an eyesore to the town!

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