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Activision Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. LACK OF VISION should be your company name as people have paid good money for your new game, and get no support, can't talk to a real person, either Ambassador or Activision CHat, submit tickets that remain open, and Your product is unplayable… I pad $60 for a game that I can't play with friends, or access zombies, Nor the store…. WTG

  2. Hi, Your phone lines seem to be down. you guys called and left me a message on my VM. My name is Ashlee i call Friday 9-16 and spoke with a operator and she sent out a email a gentlemen called me by the name of steave from 310-255-2791. if you guys can contact me back email me at sarkles954@gmail.com i don't want to put me number on here. please and thank you. Again my names ashlee sorry i missed your call hope you get your phones fixed.

  3. Not Happy with the fact that Call of duty BLACK OP'S 3 on PS3 is only Multiplayer Game. Ever year they bring a Call of duty game out and the children buy this for their dad for his birthday this year because it only multiplayer game he told them not to waste their money on it as it is £38 something they are upset as they loved seeing their dads face when they gave him his present. I think this is disgraceful they are trying to force people in to buying the PS4. Its a Shame for the people who have been collecting all of them.

  4. Rhett Chassereau was an associate producer on COD for 9 years. He has been diagnosed with MS and is struggling to complete his video game, Ingonga, before he can no longer work. This game is his legacy! He gave so much to ActiVision and gamers the world over, now he needs your help. I'm his mom Viki Short, and I have set up a GoFundMe page but what we really need is industry talent! Please send this on to "Uncle Bobby" for me.

    1. And yes its sad he has ms. But know whats more sad? i contact customer support for ingame help they just blame microsoft and say they cant fix it and its microsofts problem but haha thats what microsoft said and guess what. Its an IN THE GAME Problem and guess who has access to advanced warfare servers?? Activision does!!!

  5. COD AW is worse. The hackers are running wild, nobody does anything about it. I'm sure that Valve is getting some sort of commission from Activision, but they just take the royalties and don't do anything with the hackers. YUKUYUKU has been hacking on Ghosts since release (he's still playing), various ones have been reported, but there are so many hackers I can't even play online anyome without running into one. Activision sure does give you the run-around,, I would love to write their over paid CEO to tell them about the games that he's getting rich off of that the CEO doesn't care either about hackers

  6. I know what you mean. They also want to keep giving everyone run arounds, best thing to do is sue. Especially with the rudeness and hang ups. My lawyer has already been contacted. Maybe you should do the same.

  7. I play call of duty on ps3. It is the only game that I play. I've got the last 5 games I believe. I realize games are not perfect, but the playability of ghosts is terrible. I had really enjoyed the previous 4 games and play often. Ghosts is so buggy that your company should be embarrassed. I will leave it at that. My name is blake and my phone is 214 577 7601

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