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Advantage Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Advantage Rent A Car Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Advantage Opco LLC
101 NE 3rd Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA
Hours of Operation: 24 Hrs, 7 Days
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-522-6307
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-777-5500
TDD: 1-800-654-2280
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-1111
Customer Relations: 1-800-777-5500
Extending a Reservation: 1-877-287-8257
Internet Help: 1-888-999-6600
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-1111

Advantage Car Rental’s competition includes Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Fox Rent-a-Car, Alamo, Ace Rent-a-Car, Enterprise, and Payless.

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  1. Always rented from here VIA Vacations Hawaii, while in Las Vegas. Had to cxl a prepay; wasn't clear on the cxl policy; helped the specialist show me the cxl policy in a way that I could accept as having agreed to, rather than her "assuring" me that I had agreed to it. After MY hard work to console and explain to myself, I said "no problem." If I agreed, I agreed. But the agent was so stubborn, she couldn't even bring herself to acknowledge that it was necessary for this customer's comfort, to understand why I had to hand $50 over for a cxl charge. I was rude and crude in the end. $12 more dollars to say "f" it. Why not?

  2. Well, lawsuit one down, big one ahead. Customer service? Yeah…in hell. Not a snowballs chance in hell anyone that works for this "rob, cheat, steal, fraudulent charges and information given out, lie to your face AND UNDER OATH service, drop out of a "career" incompetent dumbfounded dip-sh/t future non-operational co. will not be openly charged and viewed on national television. That means your employees will be hiding and hanging their heads down. I for one will never put up with such tasteless and retarded people, and I can't believe they are still in business. But, again, bring it to the masses, heads will roll JUST LIKE ENRON and you can bet after they do, a LOT of angry customers will sleep very well knowing that. How do you f— up three scams on one person and target yourself!?? How stupid are you people at sleazy "rent" a car? New website and changing letters around isn't going to end well. Still people undercover ya know. Have fun…

  3. I am a Las Vegas resident and what's required to provide the declaration page of my personal insurance Company. I was not even asked if I wanted to purchase insurance coverage she just automatically assumed. When I told her that I've never been asked for that information when renting a car she suggested I go to another rental car company. So within 3 to 5 minutes the rental agent got upset with my annoyed reaction and either went on break or lunch and never came back. The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half to finally get my car. Even once I provide it but they needed the other rep are you it didn't have exact verbage of being full coverage. I was never met with the smile, ever apologize to period to make it worse the manager calls me up later and continue the abuse. This is the worst car rental agency that I have ever experienced. I would never use them again. Don't settle for this company. By reading the other comments on their corporate page it is apparent that this company could care less.

  4. When will these company's get it that you are nothing without the consumer. I rented a car and declined extra driver and insurance. Showed the agent my insurance card and everything. Return the car and there is a charge for insurance for $90 for 2 days. Went back to Advantage to get this taken care of and the car was already rented back out, couldn't get my insurance card that I left or the contract, both was in car. Spoke with office and was told to come back next morning to speak with manager, Rockell, she did nothing. Called customer service and they did nothing. Left message at corporate office, waiting on a call back. If I had insurance and declined it, why am I being charged for it. I will never go back to Advantage and if you value your money, stay away from sharks like Advantage.

  5. Over 80 minutes to get to counter in Denver, CO. Another 80 minutes to get a car while standing outside. Excuses were being washed, recall, bad tires, etc. Waiting another 80 minutes fighting with reps. Our contract had wrong name, wrong address, and found ours in the trash can. A nightmare. Would never rent from them. Trying to contact Hqs with no luck. Want to make a complaint but cannot. Do not rent from Advantage. Then got sick from the rain and had to cancel a birthday party that I was to attend. All because of Advantage. The young employees have no customer service skills and could care less. They way they talked backed was unbelievable. Terrible service in Denver.

  6. Horrible experience at the Dallas Love Airport. There are shuttles with their name on it. We saw all other rental car shuttles pass by. After 20 minutes, we found out that the shuttle that takes you to a parking lot away from the airport is the one that picks up Advantage customers. Their office is in an old dirty trailer. The employees are very rude. You can tell they hate their job. When you return the car, you better have specific directions, because you will NEVER find the damn place. The employees have begged the corporate office to put signs out, to have their own shuttle, to improve the office, to do all the basics that a rental car company is supposed to. They've been there for years and have not seen any changes. They say that EVERY customer complains but it goes into deaf ears.

  7. So I had a three-day rental from Advantage Rental Car, for $83.31 ($27.77 per day). It was a great price. I took the car and returned it in less than 72 hours. However, Advantage arbitrarily assigned a "Due Date & Time" to my contract that was LESS than 72 hours. As you might imagine, I missed that time by about an hour – for which Advantage charged me $69.41 for "Extra Days." I am disputing this criminal behavior with the credit card company. Further I will tell everyone I know (including thousands on social media). Advantage Rental Car, you are in for a fight. Prepare to spend way more than $69.41 defending this charge.

  8. Previous bad experience in Ft. Myers location with Advantage…so booked with EZ rent a car…but upon arriving found it's same company! They (Advantage) tried to give me car with a very damaged hub cap, ready to fall off…and most likely would have charged me for the loss. Not worth any cost savings. Other customers at this location shared their frustrations with car physical conditions.

  9. I waited 65 minutes for your van at the airport. I called both the local and national phone numbers 11 times – only got a human being twice. They were of no help. When I finally got to the rental place, there was a line of 15 people, only 2 agents working, one of whom took a break while all those people stood in line! The wait was over an hour. No one ever came out to explain the problem. I spoke to the manager, who was useless, said they don't have as many vans as other companies (really? then get more!) and said California law requires employee breaks periodically – amazing. When people did get to the counter, agents chatted with them about their travels, etc – apparently oblivious to the fact that people were waiting an hour in line behind them.

    The worst car rental experience I ever had, and I've rented cars well over 100 times. Your company should be put out of business.

  10. I made a reservation a month in advance. The price was good. 2 weeks before my trip I found out I had to go 1 day later. I went to the Advantage web site to modify my reservation and it would take it. I called customer service and they were closed. I tried the live chat and they told me that no one was there but I could try again another day. Finally, on a Sunday, today, I got a hold of an agent who told me that if I changed my reservation the price would change. It actually went UP $83 to lose a day. I argued that I'm not making a new reservation, and that I had tried on line, and they could look online to see that I've tired. No. The agent insisted that I would have to pay the new price. So I asked her to check with a supervisor. She almost cared. Almost. I think she just put me on hold and came back and said that the price would be the new price. So I asked to speak to the supervisor, and she confirmed that I would have to pay and extra $83 to lose a day.
    This is the worst customer service that I've ever experienced with a car rental company. Their advertised price was good, but I went back to Budget, where I got a larger car for less money in the end. I would never try Advantage again, would never recommend it, and unfortunately, I don't expect to hear from them either. Buyer beware.

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