Aerie Corporate Office Headquarters

Aerie Corporate Office Headquarters HQ< br/>
a Division of American Eagle Outfitters< br/>
77 Hot Metal Street< br/>
Pittsburgh, PA 15203 USA< br/>
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-432-3300< br/>
Fax Number: 1-724-776-6160< br/>
Customer Service Number: 1-888-232-4535

  • This is about mine and my daughters experience at aerie in the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, N.y. Every time we go in there we are greeted or let’s just say not greeted with miserable unprofessional girls. The Manager (Heather)is horrible. She does not belong in a management position or dealing with customers. We’ve ordered so much clothes from this store online as well as bought at this store and if and when my daughter or I has to return something, she has a terrible attitude about having to go to the register. The clothes run big, so they dont have my size in the store, so I had to return clothes numerous times. This is there job and it’s not a hard job. There is no reason for her or the other girls to have an attitude about me buying clothes or returning. Yesterday I went in there to return one shirt, as soon as my daughter and I walked in the store, both Heather and Shelby looked at eachother and starting laughing at us because we we in your store twice in one week.These girls do not smile, do not greet you and never say goodbye.
    I signed up for the aerie credit card, my temporary card number that I received online I ordered some clothes on it. When I received my new card in the mail, the last 2 numbers were different, so when I had to return, a new girl wasn't sure what to do then the manager Heather said just put it back on her card it’s fine. I went back the very next day because I wanted to return one more shirt that came in the mail that day, Heather started giving me a hard time about my credit card. This was not my fault. I told her I was just here yesterday with you and she knew that and you said no problem. She rolled her eyes and wouldn’t even answer me or even try to look at me. Horrible. Every time we go in this store Heatherhas this horrible attitude. I’m am the nicest person and I raised my daughter the very same way.I told my daughter these are just miserable people and mean girls that don’t deserve to be working with the public. Im done with that store, they lost 2 very wonderful customers that spent a lot of money in this store. Until there is a new staff, we won’t be going there. So very disappointed.

  • This Comment is for anyone who can help me bring exposure to the actions of the Staff at the Times Square Store. My daughter worked there as a seasonal employee. She was so excited, she would be working in a place with clothes she loved to wear. She had to function on a job with a girl who bullied her, when she was 14 years old and the girl was 18. I told her that she should make the job aware of the history between them. She said mommy I don't want to bring negativity to my new job. I thought it was a bad idea, but it was her choice to make. The bully from school was the bully at the job. Management included. They were very unprofessional and something needs to be done about it, they let her go and she will find another job, but look into who is in charge over there. Thank You T. Whichard

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