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Aeropostale Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Aeropostale Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Aeropostale, Inc.
112 West 34th Street 22nd Floor,
New York, NY 10120 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-646-485-5410
Fax Number: 1-302-636-5454
Customer Service Number: 1-877-289-2376

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On 2/16/19 my daughter and I went to the Aeropostale store in Menlo Park mall in Edison, N.J. While there, I was followed around the store and watched by a female worker. I went to the fitting room to try on a few items, and the same female worker told me my daughter was not allowed in the fitting room with me. I said this is my daughter and she said she has to wait outside it’s our policy. I proceeded to go into the fitting room and the same female worker let 2 women together into the fitting room right next to mine. I asked her about the policy and she said she wasn’t paying attention. The. I watched her let 2 other women into the fitting room on the opposite side and when I exited mine, she let 2 women in there. I immediately told the woman that she was mistreating me because I’m African American. In all of the fitting rooms, she allowed 2 women and they were whit but my daughter and I were told no. She walked off. I immediately asked for a manager a a woman name Lisette said she’s the asst mngr. I explained to her what happened. Lisette said that is not company policy and she apologized for
The treatment. She informed me the mngr Reham would be in on Monday and to contact her. The name female worker that discriminated against me is Sana. When I walked towards the exit of the door, Sana looked at me and began laughing. I told her she should be ashamed of herself. She continues to laugh. I am completely disgusted and hurt from this behavior. I am livid! Both my husband and I are professionals and my daughter who is a college student on the dean’s list. This is appalling and there aren’t enough words to begin to describe the anger and hurt this worker Sana has caused.

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