Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories, Inc.
4990 Highway 70 West
Kinston, NC 28504 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121
Fax Number: 1-252-527-1157
Customer Service Number: 1-800-336-8873

  • I went to Hollis Lee Jones in Gastonia, North Carolina to get a full upper denture with extractions on September 11, 2018
    When I first got there I had several assistants all comment on my cute vintage purse. One woman said wow that must have cost a pretty penny. I said no it wasn’t bad. Then Hollis came in and showed me my X-ray with 6 teeth to be extracted and then he showed me a tiny white dog towards the back of my Gina where he thought a tooth fragment may be. So I said ok 7 teeth. Next he went over the process and what to expect. He said he was going to do alveolo plasti on my gums on both sides. I thought that was part of the process. I never was told or signed anything stating that extra cost of 400$ as soon as I came out of surgery. I had already paid the $995 for the denture to leave with. The extraction bill was asked for just after I came out if surgery.
    When the lady said the total would be $1085 I thought she was mistaken. That I had already paid for the denture. She said no this is for your extraction. I only had an extra 700 I could possibly spare , and asked to pay the rest when I pick up my teeth. They said fine but you can’t get your final until they is paid. That’s when I said I had no idea that alveleo plasti was not included and the lady said to me , we’ll if you can afford Expensive vintage purses you said you don’t care what it cost.
    All of this is horse shit
    No one ever gave me any instructions on what to do with my dentures. Do I keep them wet , dry how do I clean them ? I tried to make several appointments to use my first time dental wearers package. They denied me every appointment until the other balance , having zero to do with my denture that was paid in full that day. I’ve gone up there 3 times to talk to someone and work a deal out. They ignored me in that Lobby for 2 hours. Then said honey we’ve had patients have to leave their dentures here who couldn’t pay on site.
    When I’ve called to make an appointment with Hollis to talk to him about the misunderstanding and if he could use that 300$ it cost me to be in the new Denture wearer club and settle there. No he can’t come talk to you.
    So I would like my money back. The money I Paid in full for a denture I never got.
    Oh and they also sent it to collection.
    995$ is what I am requesting to be refunded. I never got a liner or anything for the 995$
    Thank you for your time.

  • Affordable Dentures & Implants
    4821 Alexander Blvd NE.
    Albuquerque, NM 87107

    Gary R. Herron II, DDS, FICOI, FAAIP,

    I thought you’d like to know that several weeks ago your facility discriminated against a new patient whose name is not disclosed herein. One of your female representatives stated in a phone conversation, that your practice has ‘denied’ service to some patients who believed would not be able to pay for a procedure. The patient was insured for the initial stage of an implant procedure, and had agreed to pay the balance once employed again but denied service. Several phone calls were left to schedule the cone beam ‘insured’ portion of the procedure, but voice mail messages were not returned. This letter is written on behalf of the patient of who is not aware it has been written, but has expressed similar discrimination practices from businesses here in New Mexico.

    If phone calls are recorded, conversations took place week ending Feb 6, for a consultation visit Jan 26th. A discrimination claim may be filed against your practice per advice for legal counsel.

    Consumer Complaint

  • My wife went to them because she wanted to get her teeth fixed. She couldn't enjoy going out to dinner or even smiling in public. They removed all her upper teeth and gave her a partial that was way too big. She can't eat, smile or even close her mouth. We have been back 3 times to fix it and all they say is that they are only temporary. It can be 6 months before they give her the permanent ones but in the meantime she can't eat anything solid. I am extremely upset with such a large company. It cost us alomost 5 K and we are worse off than when we first started. I am contemplating legal action.

  • I live in Titusville, Florida I had to have two bridges and a lot of teeth pulled for the best dentures they offered I had dry sockets after the pulling the pain was unbelievable ice directly on my skin still didn't kill the pain and theses Tonka toy teeth they gave me to use was a joke Now I got my dentures but every time I go for a adjustment it get's worse and employs come and go like swinging doors someone new every time and the dentist has never even come in to try to fit my dentures can't eat with them and at 5,000 for all this I can't afford to go anywhere else so I keep trying anything and everything and they only give you 100 days after you get your dentures to get them right and the wait in-between adjustment is weeks I feel like this is a nightmare and I can't wake up .

  • I had been going to the Peoria, IL office for 20 years and 3 sets later I thought I would try the best quality dentures they have. 2 fittings later they still are not right and staff looks at you like you are nothing to them. The girl even went so far as to ask me, had I not been wearing my lowers, umm really? You want to turn this on the paying customer? Hell yes a wear me teeth! She sent the Dr in and even he said they are not right. He then said well we can credit the lowers and left the room to tell her credit them. She stood out there and argued with the Dr over it. Then she comes back in and says, Dr said either we remake or settle with what you have. When I told her what Dr told me she says, well then if we are going to credit them then I will need to take them. I had always recommended Affordable Dentures to people but after this last visit I will absolutely recommend that no one go there.

  • This place will not respond to several emails that I have sent to them.They charged me over $4,000 to extract teeth and dentures.the bottom dentures do no fit,and I cannot keep taking off work to go to the office on Cascade rd. in Atlanta,Ga. They do not care about anything other than taking hard earned money from Customers.

  • I was refunded service today because I'm broke and couldn't go buy a mask after spending $3,600 and yes I did explain that to the manager over at the Greenville,tx store I even asked if they can give me a mask because they are required in there and I was told no but yet I seen 3 people with no mask on and I asked the man why they don't have one on and I was told they are here for service well what am I here for????? I have had my top temporary dentures for almost a year and they are still NOT RIGHT they are WAY TO BIG for my mouth I can't even close my mouth I drool all the time now and it has the corner of my mouth cracked really bad, I can't even put a spoon in my mouth without hitting teeth because they are way to LONG my bottom temporary dentures are longer on one side then the other side and they have small teeth so here's what makes no since why give me big teeth on top and little ones on the bottom yes I have a little mouth as the works there have told me so WHY give me BIG teeth on my top? But I need my service finished so I need help getting my service done..

  • April 1st, 2021

    June 23rd 2014 I had these teeth pulled for dentures 5,6,8,9,10,11,12,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28 my dentures would not stay in. Dentist told me then that they wont stay in because I don’t have enough bone. I did not wear my bottoms till 8-19-15 that's when the dentist put in two posts in my bottom gums. He said he is afraid to put in anymore because of not having much bone in my gums. I have tried all the adhesive and powders and have used both at same time. My bottom dentures don't come out but the backs come up and down and pinches my gum and food gets stuck and hurts.
    My 15 teeth could have been fixed for $5,000.00 so I could have gotten them fixed but everyone
    I know who has dentures can eat everything.
    My top dentures comes undone all the time. I have to take both of them in and out 6-8 times a day and put more stuff on them. Dentist told me to go to OSU to see if they could put other 2 post in. Well I cant afford it. A office call is $172.00 then each post over 1,000.
    I hate eating. This has been since 2014. I have chronic pain. I have had 3 surgerys on left shoulder and 3 on right shoulder. I have chronic pain in my neck shoulders and I cant eat anything I am going crazy. I am on disability .
    I think the dentist should have seen my gums and told me that I don't have much bone and my dentures would not stay in and I would have not gotten dentures. .
    When my dentures makes sores in my mouth I go to Affordable Dentures and they file it down or whatever they do and they say we cant help you cause you have no bone in gum. They tell me each time. Now I cant hardly eat anything!!!

    My life is ruined. Dentist should have told me that I do not have much bone
    and dentures would not stay in WHY WHY WHY DIDN’T HE TELL ME I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WEAR DENTURES!!!
    I cant go out anywhere to eat. I cant go to family things and if I do I just drink pop. I hide my
    face when I am around family or anyone when I have my dentures out and eating something. Because my face is ugly enough and with my dentures out it is worse.
    I only give my husband a peck on his cheek cause I don’t want to be kissing him and my dentures come out. I have not had bread, peanut butter, hamburger, hot dog, about any kind of meat and so on and so on. Most of my days I eat ice cream and at night with my teeth out I eat twinkies.
    There have been times that I could not talk cause my top teeth would not stay in and I was at store and I didn’t want to take dentures out. I will NEVER be able to bite into any food.
    I am getting so depressed not being able to eat and I have chronic pain in shoulders
    my neck and my lower back. I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I found a dentist that checkups are free. He said he could not do anything. He said go to OSU Maybe they can raise your sinus and take bone out of hip and put in upper gum Then put in post. I would get it done but no way could afford it.
    Affordable Dentures should pay for this. I went to Affordable Dentures to get a liner in top dentures, They said they cant put in more liner cause it would not help. Well when I smile you cant hardly see my teeth. I was ugly enough but now uglier cause of you. I got the pointy chin from not wearing bottom dentures for a year. I have not eaten meat breads just about anything. I dont want to live the next 20 years or so not being able to eat
    Affordable Dentures should pay for me to have the procedure done at OSU
    You ruined my life.

  • Not happy with dentures that were made for me ,smile looks very bad told by many folk's ! DR. told me did the best he could as my bottom jaw bigger so in order the compensate made teeth on top push out upper lip to give better bite which last few times dr. never came to look at me . Was going to get inplant's but after being treated like they don't care about smile i gave up telling them i was unhappy no trying to fix problem just thank's for couple of thousand for extractions & top & bottom dentures was like take it or leave it very bad just want what they promised me hope someone can look at my case as i feel i was Robbed when i trusted your company ! thomas Flanagan

  • I was in affordable dentures feb 11 2020 in bowling green, ky to have 11 extracted and upper denture made and lower partial. I recd a call the next week that they could not make what needed bc i have a cross bite, so they were supposed to refund the amount i paid down in which was $1,083.60. I have talked to several people in the bowling green office, at the cooperate office and even called patient relations and left a msg. I can't get anyone to tell me anything about my refund or even call me back. Thats pitiful that they would do anyone like this especially a senior citizen. They didn't have a problem taking my money and it cleared my bank account immediately but they cant give me an answer on sending my money back for services i didn't receive. I suppose im gonna hire an attorney. This just is not right and they know it!

  • It been all most a year now .I been try to get the silverdale, wash. To call me back seen Aug, 2019 the well not call me back so I can get final set of teeth. It seems like they are waiting tell Feb when my Warranty runs out. It be coming to making mad. I know this well not help but it mite help some else.

  • It been all most a year now .I been try to get the silverdale, wash. To call me back seen Aug, 2019 the well not call me back so I can get final set of teeth. It seems like they are waiting tell Feb when my Warranty runs out. It be coming to making mad. I know this well not help but it mite help some else.

  • I went to the Affordable Dentures in Independence Mo. I wanted 2 teeth pulled and a partial. They pulled 6 teeth! The partial did not fit well and I cancelled the final denture. So in order to get the money, I overpaid, refunded they sent me a release to sign. The release was release was was releasing them from a law suit and so I could never sue them for anything. I only wanted my money back originally but now I want the money back for being charged for pulling the teeth I wanted to keep. I have the original carbon copy for the work they were supposed to do and no teeth are marked on it. But when the assistant showed me the copy they kept, it had 6 teeth marked on it. This company is a rip off. I had not even thought of sueing them until I received the release. Now I have to have total dentures due to gums shrinking from the pulled teeth. It cost me $11,000 to get my mouth fixed.

  • Lisa Rae Gaither, DMD. You made me a set of dentures. They did not fit properly. In your 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. It states, Our primary goal is for you to be HAPPY with your denture. And if you are not fully SATISFIED you will address concerns. You will ADJUST, RELINE or CRAFT A NEW SET. If still not SATISFIED YOU WOULD RETURN MY MONEY. YOU DID NOT. You refused to do anything. Your front desk told me to mail them back to you because I work 6 days a week and could not make the drive to your office before you closed for the day. The front desk said when you receive the dentures you would return my money. First you LIED and said you never received them, I have tracking number showing you did. If you do not return my teeth or my money I will take you and Affordable dentures to court and sue you for damages. I will also go to the NC. Law Board and file a formal complaint against your legal department for threating me. I will file formal complaints with the States Attorney Generals Office Consumer complaints Dept. The B.B.B. and anyone else I can find to listen. I will also be all over Face Book, Twitter and all other social media outlets. And finally I WILL contact WSOCTV channel 9 Eyewitness News. I am going to forward this to Affordable Dentures Cooperate Offices. Patient # 1346

  • Need new crowns and screws because of the Rochester,NY office.Dr. Edward Huddleston. Surgery gave me neck and head pain. Was sick all weekend after surgery then one time on way home screw fell out. So unprofessional. Employees talk about personal nasty stuff when working on my teeth. Their all very young and act like they don't know much. They had hard time putting my crowns in. Couldn't figure out which way to put them in. Don't go there!!!!!

  • Affordable dentures in fairview heights IL is awful. I had to get a 3 set of dentures made before I could even eat anything. The dentist told me this was the last set he was making me and if they didn't work he couldn't do anything else . He tried to blame everything on me said I just wanted to change things. I never once asked for a new set to be made. I just asked for them to be fixed where they fit comfortably and I could eat. It was his idea to remake every time. I had to make a 3 hour round trip to go there and miss work and he had the nerve to tell me I was wasting his lab time. He was a total jerk and I'm not sure anybody there knows what they are doing. If the wax teeth worked good they were totally different when I got final product. If I said they didn't feel good or something was wrong the girl would tell me it would fit different when made. But it was my fault nothing fit right. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

  • I went to the Jackson, Tennessee office the wax fitting was comfortable and the teeth were properly sized. When I received the final product the teeth are extremely long the gum part of the denture is so overly sized I have to stretch my mouth to the point the corners are ripped. The top plate is so thick and pushed my lip out so far it makes me look like a monkey. The bottomed plate shifts almost 1/4 inch and will not stay in place. This is not my first set of dentures in fact it is my third set and I can literally put my old teeth inside the new teeth. The only reason I got new teeth was my old were damaged in an accident. I have spent $1,410.00 for a chunk of plastic that is good for nothing. I told the person putting the teeth in my mouth they were too large and hurt my mouth she refused to fix them saying just try them for 100 days … I cant try them for 100 days my mouth is so full of plastic there is no room for food and the plates do not fit well enough to eat with them. I have sores from where they have rubbed spots in my mouth and I can not even put them in. I am very dissatisfied and extremely sorry I chose this facility. I would have gone back to my original dentist but I would not have had the teeth by Christmas like I needed. Goes to show quality work takes time. It may take longer and cost more but at least you get something usuable. Pretty faces of staff and attitudes that drip honey they are so sweet does not mask the fact the quality of product is beyond reproach

  • Went to the Evansville Affordable Dentures office April 2nd. I have been given the runaround since,no one will call me back I've been waiting since for a rebate check. After researching there are hundreds of claims and law suits out there. I'm not going to wait anymore more.

  • My husband had a new set of dentures done 7 MOS ago.. his front tooth fell out!!!!of course it was on a sarSatur. Called Corp office Very very unfortunate helpful…..m

  • Worst experience. 3 months, 3 denture remakes and the partial never fit, add insult to injury a tooth just fell off the partial. I'll be in touch with Corp. headquaters as soon as office hours open. I went to the Philadelphia office on Cottman Ave. Do Not Go There!!!!!!!!

  • Yuba City, CA office is bad news. Never in my 63 years have I received such rough treatment, painful dentistry. The dentures are so bulky there is no room in my mouth for food. Went to a local dentist to have the relined done and was told they were made all wrong, could not be relined. Now, I will need new dentures because this dentist does such poor work. Avoid this dentist at all cost, you have been warned.

  • I went to Pooler, Ga. office ! Are you kidding me, This place is allowed to operate on people. Loud music and Dr. Selders and staff arguing before coming in room. Dr. was rude inhuman and Aggressive when i got up and left. He did not want to do his job before coming in my room. Place needs to be shut down.


  • Just left the Sun City, AZ office without the upper dentures. After 2 weeks of appointments and waiting up to 45 minutes past the appointment time. The final product was the most horrid thing I have ever put in my mouth. They were so thick that I could hardly get them in & they made my upper facial skin stick out like I had gauze rolls up there. I tried to explain the problem and was told like everyone else I see here that, "You just have to get used to them". I tried to explain that they just didn't feel right and I couldn't get more than 2 words out before they would just fall out. They were to thick on the roof of my mouth and it made the area under my nose stick out too far. I tried to tell them that they were made of the wrong material(the gums & pallet) for the plastic teeth that was being used. That I had some dental lab schooling and know that the acrylic that was being used was for ceramic teeth and implants. Not the type of teeth that I was getting. After 5 try's to make the fit and look correctly, I just gave up because the staff was not making any difference in the look or fit. I just was not happy with the dentures because they just were not wright. They said that they could give me a refund in full and I jumped at the chance. I was told that it would have to come from the Corp. Office. I complained that I needed that money to go somewhere else to get my dentures. The staff told me that there was nothing that they could do about it. So, I went home. When I got in I immediately went online and looked for the Corp. phone #. The one listed on this page is not the Corp Office phone #. The only good phone # is the one for "Customer Service". I explained the issue with the dentures and what the office had told me. The CS rep told me that the refund had to come from the dental office because they were independently owned & operated. I was told a lie at the dental office. That there was no Corp Office per say, just the Customer Service office that could take the complaint and assist in getting a refund. But, the person that would have to help me with that would call me back in 24-48hrs. I hope that this doesn't turn in to a big ordeal that takes weeks to resolve. I have been without upper dentures for 3 weeks already, I don't want to be without them for another 3-4 weeks. I probably should have just gone to Aspen Dental and just paid the $350 more. One gets what you pay for. If you want the dentures for a cheap price then you should put up with the bad fitting dentures.


  • Well let's begin, 2014 I went to Gainesville,FLA office had the fittings made which the tec was rude an just would not he'll with any questions, then I go in for removalof 23 teeth, an set push in my bleeding mouth, I was then taken out to waiting room. As I was waiting on my husband to pick me up I started bleeding a lot from my mouth dropping all over my clothes I typed on my phone (CAN U PLEASE HELP ME I'M BLEEDING TO MUCH.The receptionist
    Told me to sit down an wait for my ride that it's going to bleed, I then asked her to please give me more gauze to replace the blood filled ones. At that point she told me wsit fir nurse, the nurse came out told me to ho to the customer waiting room bathroom an spit an put toilet paper in that she was pregnant an didn't want my damn blood sliver her an to leave after using bathroom.. At this time my husband arrives to get me an sees me outside with blood every where, he goes in to get me some help an to speak to office manager an the same nurse cones out an tells him that she will jump over this counter an whip his ass.. to f$%#^ing leave an that we were not going to get anything else from them .. NOW MIND YOU WE JUST PAID 4000.00 FOR TEETH OULLING AN FIRST AN SECOND SETS OF TEETH. so I refused to return back there we tried to call Corp but no number to get thru only jobs offers.. so I called Tallahassee, FL branch they had to talk to dentist in Gainesville to transfer funds to get second set.. NOW Tallahassee dentist was polite, but front office rep N manager were just hateful an treated me like I was making up story in Gainesville, fl.. NOW I get 2nd set am it's terrible vampireteeth on top an bottoms rub so deep in to my tongue that I can where them but tec says you have to get yes to them well 8 months later in back in Tallahassee cause I live 125 miles away for correction on 2nd set cause I'm wearing the 1st set still MIND u using lots of glue to keep them attached.. the grind the 2nd set down in a slant I complain they tell me well I have to wait an leave both sets to be fixed it will take 3cweeksvto get them back, leaving me with no teeth I'm 48 an a girl scout teacher an need my teeth. So waiting was not a option so I just left.. NOW I called back to get a fitting today an the rudeness coming from. This office in Tallahassee is just unreal. I recorded the call, but no app was made but I was attacked by both women in front office on speaker phone. Long story i going to have to us a different dentist to get correction not AFFORDABLE EVER EVER AGAIN I CANT TAKE THE HEART ACHE OR RUDENESS IN MY TIME OF NEED. I'M NOT ASHAMED MY NAME IS


  • The Waco,Tx Affordable denture did my partial. The Dr and nurse said if I have any problems call and come back. I live a hour away. Seems the little Spanish receptionist wants to play Dr and will not relay my message to Dr. I cannot eat or talk without them pooping out. She told me just glue them in. Unexceptable!! She is rude and demeaning! So, I have no way of getting my message to Dr without driving a hour and then will probably be told I can't see him by her!! Didn't know what else to do but contact you. Maybe a simple phone call to them by you would help solve this problem.

  • We have been told by the Gainesville, Fla. office that corporate controls the temperature of the office, if this is true you need to come and sit in this office for a minimum of 3 hours like your clients have to. 66 is way to cold when you have people sitting there with blankets (yes I said blankets)on. I have to go back today and plan on taking a winter coat even though it will be in the 80's here today.

  • The Lagrange, Ga office is a joke. Been calling for three days, no answer. Today they finally answered and when I told them I needed to make an appointment, they hung up. Getting my permanent dentures and better be good or court. Customer service is a joke. Wait times are equally frustrating. I would never recommend this company to anyone, ever!!!!!

  • I went to the Asheville office waited in line seemed like forever while the person at the desk with her long dirty hair was talking on the phone about something personal when she ended the call she said may I help you as if she did not want to help us. If her personal appearance and where she works is that dusty and dirty I was wondering what the office looked like in the back. I almost left. Should have things went bad after that won't go back

  • I went to the Rock Hill, SC office where Dr. Longstreet and his receptionist was so beyond rude and unprofessional. I have been given the run around for the last two weeks and after my fourth visit on 3/8/17 under the instructions of one of the nurses I gave a list of what I expected from my partials…for the partials to meet while I chew and smile and not have a huge gap, the teeth not to be to small (they looked like baby teeth), and that the partials shouldn’t move nor should I be able to put my tongue under the upper partial and the roof of my mouth. Dr. Longstreet said he would not be able to make me happy and offered a refund. After and argument ensued (since the receptionist tried to give a partial refund and keep the money for the x-ray) they relented and gave me a full refund, well sort of! My first transaction came out with in minutes but the refund is not in my account or is it pending. Well after reviewing my receipt I see that she (the receptionist) deliberately did the refund OFFLINE however, the first transaction was done ONLINE surprise surprise!!! So, know I am going to just go strait to corporate in the morning about this situation and sure hope they can do something about it?! I have never been so frustrated with a company as I have been with Dr. Longstreet’s Affordable Dentures! I have been given nothing but grief for the last two weeks and still don’t have my partials!! On my second visit Dr. Longstreet wasted a whole day of mine (3 visits) and he just kept given me the same partials…pretending that he did something! He was so unprofessional that he wouldn’t even come into the room to explain to me that he had done nothing other than tighten the little brackets. I would save your self the stress and pay a little more somewhere else!!

  • Lawrence..
    Feb 22, 2017
    I went to Affordable Dental in Ococee, FL today and the staff was so rude and nasty, disrespectful and unprofessional. The teeth that they tried to give me did not fit and rocked in my mouth. When I addressed this with them the staff became very hostile and began yelling at me and threatening me. I was final refitted and told to come back the next day, when I did the immediately began treating me like trash and tried to give me a set of teeth that were totally discolored from my original set, in which they had made years ago and never fit right either. The office manager became very belligerent and tried to say it was me and that I was being aggressive towards women and they stated that they were calling the police on me. I told go ahead because my wife had witnessed this event and remained quite at the time and when she did speak they changed their tune and finally refunded my money. I would not recommend this company to anyone or thing given the type of service.
    I will be contacting the BBB and filing a consumers complaint and posting my complaint in the news and on social media.

  • Closed for two weeks for the holidays, my dentures do not fit right but you guys are all enjoying eating YOUR holiday meals. I sure can not. Affordable dentures has done nothing worthwhile for my money ($1500 for top denture only), my teeth STILL do not fit. I am contacting the BBB and will be hovering around the office outside to be sure that all the new folks going in know all about the "service" they will receive from this outfit – a lot of deceit, misrepresentation, and tons of excruciating pain! I expect a return reply, or you can stop by their office, I'll be on public property in front…………….

  • My husband had a very similar experience with the Madison, WI location. I have left a post here about that and of course I have not seen or heard anything from the corporate office. I'm working on file a claim with the BBB as they do not offer what they advertise, the service is horrible….nothing but a factory. My husband bleed so much he went into shock and we had to go to the ER. When I called the dental office the assistant yelled at me that it was our fault as we didn't follow instructions. This place should be closed down.

  • December 13, 2016
    This is reference to the Akron, Ohio location on Arlington Road. The dentist and his assistance have very bad patient skills. I was told everything was my fault because the dentures did not fit right. The receptionist and the guy who made the dentures both agreed they were not fitted correctly and the dentist and his assistance would not listen. The dentist finally said to give me back my money but when I went to the receptionist the assistance wanted to give me back 1/2 my money and it had only been 4 days and I didn't even have correct teeth made. The receptionist said it had to be mail to me by check even though I paid cash. Horrible place. Only want your money and they don't care about service.

  • This in reference to the Madison, WI location. On 11/07/16 my husband had several extracted. We were given a piece of paper with poorly written instructions and shoved out the door. A patient in the waiting room helped me get my husband in the car. That afternoon my husbands gums continued to bleed until around 7pm (the appt. was 11am that morning). He was bleeding large clots and was going into shock, we had to go the an ER to get assistance. Prior to going the ER I did call the 24 help line phone number, never recieved a call back until 24 hours later by the dentist, he was just checking on how things were. Prior to the dentist calling, the next morning I called the Madison, WI location (on Odana Rd) and had the most unpleasant experience with one of the "assistants" she proceeded to talk over me in a very nasty tone and tell me that my husband and I did not follow instructions and that there was no way my husband bleed like he did. I don't have girls name, but I know that the other assistant who seems to handle check ins is named Diane. We were never offered or told about easy payments, no one went over the different packages offered, no one went over what to expect afterwards. The dentist did see my husband a few days later and said he should have added a few more stitches as there were two very large holes side by side which caused the extraordinary amount of bleeding. Some one at the Corporate Office needs to look into the Madison, WI office before someone really suffers something catastrophic. Horrible place. I had the opportunity to watch them with other patients the day my husband had his extractions and they are awful to everyone.

  • I have read over and over and over the complaints against Affordable Dentures and never thought I would have a bad experience But I did. This company should be sued for elder abuse….I am 68.
    I went to the Affordable Dentures Port St Lucie FL starting in March of 2016. I have a Care Credit debt in the amount of close to $5000 and have had nothing but heartache.
    First I would like to state that the staff is pleasant. However, these are my issues. I had 19 teeth pulled and immediate dentures placed on March 11 2016. I was in pain, eventually mouth healed and immediate dentures became looser and looser. Affordable will give you ONE reline on temp dentures. One. And the company wants one to wait a year for permanent dentures. Meanwhile, one is charged up front for the entire package.
    After time passed, my temp dentures became looser an looser. At 3 or 4 months I had temp reline. The girls fuss if your dentures are still loose after temp reline.
    So, I wait till November 2016 to get permanent dentures.
    I had to wait till I received my permanent dentures. I ended up with mouth sores and dentures that fell out of my mouth. I went to dentist last week to vent my concerns. FINALLY. Finally dentist told me that I have not a lot of bone to work with. Why wasn't I told this right up front? Why? This is what is so upsetting. No one ever addressed this with me. Not once.
    Dentist told me FINALLY that I did not have a lot of bone in jaw. He then asked if I wanted to run my credit for implants. I am a senior on a fixed income. I owe them $5000. Does this dentist think I am a walking cash register? Doesn't he think that if I could afford implants I would do so?
    Today I called again because I was upset with the way the dentist addressed me. I was told by the office manager that there isn't a thing I can do about the mouth ulcers or trying to get my dentures to fit better. NOT A THING. I am beyond disgusted. If only they had been honest up front with me before I had them do the work, I would have spent a little more money and gone elsewhere.
    The fact that they say there is nothing they can do now and I am stuck with ill fitting dentures an mouth ulcers is beyond my comprehension. NEVER EVER GO HERE. Spend a little more. Stay far far far away.

  • I went yesterday and had the rest of my bottom teeth pulled and got a full bottom denture. Well they prescribed me my pain medication and two Valium. The dental assistant told me to go get them and bring them back with me when I come back in that afternoon when I got my teeth pulled. Well I came back in that afternoon and got my teeth pulled but while I was getting my mouth numb and waiting for the dentist to come back in Tammy the dental assistant asked me if I had my prescriptions on me and I said yes. I didn't ever tell her they was in my purse and my purse was zipped up and the buckle was snapped on it and it was hanging up behind me in the room I was in. Well once she had asked me if I had them on me I heard her say she was going to move my purse on the floor to get it out of her way and then she changed her mind and said no I will just hang it back up but at the same time she was saying that I heard my pills move as if they had been being dumped out. Well I didn't know she had even gotten into them until I went to grab my purse and seen it was unzipped. So I decided to count them and come to find out there was 8 missing out of 30. Well I confronted the dentist about it and they said they could investigate but couldn't until today because a lot of their staff had left. Even though the one that I knew had did it was still there and he didn't even bother to believe me!! They said they would contact me after they investigated today and they never did. I went back out there today to get a letter from the dentist stating what I was prescribed and they said it would have to wait until the dentist could get to it!! I haven't heard anything back!! I want proof showing what I was prescribed so I can turn it into the police station so they can do their own investigation!! I have been violated and I am very upset of being taken advantage of!! This happened in Independence, Missouri!! This girl stole narcotics and she should be fired and punished for committing a federal crime!!!

  • The office is the worst.I had upper dentures made in November 2015.I paid $940.00 for the premium denture.My old denture was used as the mold, the fit was perfect.In August,on vacation,after biting into a piece of celery,my denture split right down the center in between my two front teeth.On august 15th I called the office to make an appointment to get it repaired.The office was closed that week,I had to wait until the 22nd to get an appointment.I did not know since my dentures were made ,the dental practice changed hands. Dr Martin was rude,even confrontational .She repaired my denture begrudgingly ,jammed the denture into my mouth and walked away,saying if I come back it's going to cost me money.[Mind you they are still under the 1 year guarantee]No mirror was provided,I couldn't see the repair work ,there is a seam down my front teeth.To add insult to injury the repair broke by August 25th The repair didn't last a week. I want a refund. I've been dealing with Miss Howard from customer service .Phone calls are never returned,from Miss Howard or Dr Martin.In my opinion ,there guarantee is worthless and misleading

    • Get a lawyer or take them to small claims court, 99% will win. Record all your calls and who you spoke too, date….good luck!
      PS-I just got uppers/lowers, so far OK, lowers are very loose. I did notice they don't give out copies of the 100 day guarantee.

  • October 2016 Bluff City, TN
    Purchased a complete new set of dentures. Staff very professional. Clean facility. Prompt.
    First lowers would not let me close my mouth. Dr. said the machine shifted. Made another lower. That one did not fit with the upper. Could not chew. When I returned to show them, the woman dr. was hateful and blamed my mouth for their failure to make them properly. Dr. very rude. Did make another lower that now seem to work.

  • if you have gone to Affordable dentures and feel you have been ripped off or scammed or made to feel like you didn t matter ? have you been told repeatedly " it is not an issue , they are temporary " any time you bring up an issue , do your dentures not fit right , do they hurt because they shouldn t , have you been told you will receive one treatment and then get a different one? If this applies to you I would like to know about it , especially if you went to the Towson Md location . please reply with a brief description and if I find it pertinent to my objective I will give you contact info

  • I had my dentures made at the Weeki Wachee ,Florida location in 2014. The first set they made me,the teeth were crooked ie:one front tooth was lined up with my nose!. They agreed they needed to make it right by making me another pair,which I was very satisfied with. But after less than a week of wearing them,I had cracks at the back gumline on each side of the upper.I brought them back to the Dr. ,who told me to bring them to him when they actually broke,and he would repair them free of charge,no questions asked.I know it's been a while,but one side finally broke off recently,just a small chip behind where the teeth end .So I brought them to the office today (8-22-2016) and booked an appt to return at 9:30 am,I was seen right away ,given an xray at no charge ,and told to sit in a room and a dr would be in soon. I told him my whole story ,free of charge,etc. He told his nurse something about adding a mesh which would strenthen the denture,and left the room. The nurse told me there would be a 50 dollar charge ,to which I disagreed ,as they were supposed to be repaired free of charge.I asked if they could still repair them without the mesh and she said i would still be charged.I told the nurse,and the front desk ladies that I would find another place to have my dentures repaired,and I will not be returning to your location. I planned on getting new dentures made this year ,when I have some money saved,and just needed this office to honor their word,but they told me the warranty had expired.Very disappointing experience,very unprofessional

  • Is Affordable Dentures going to refund patients that have IMTEC 3m mini
    implants; since these implants are going to be discontinued?
    Roy Deskins

  • I thing that Dr. Larson at the Peoria Affordable Dentures is great. He was very nice, asked me several times during my extractions if I was in any pain, was thorough, efficient, and very professional. The assistant helping during the procedure was also great. She was patient in answering all of my many questions, and she made me feel like I was an important patient there. Now, the office manager and some other lady who I don't know what her position is? Two absolute jokes. Rude, completely unprofessional, uncaring, just no personality whatsoever. I have no complaints about the dentist at all. But the staff? Good Lord, they're pretty awful.

  • WEll I can add to the Affordable Denture offices that treat you like crap also. It is in Peoria, IL. I spent 3k in there and still don't have dentures and they turned me over to corporate so I have a few words for corporate believe me. I'm a senior citizen and I was treated like I was a child. They don't know what they are doing and they herd people thru there like animals. It's pretty bad when you spend all that money and don't get anything.

  • affordable dentures in weekkee wachee fl was really bad, spent many thousands of dollars to have 5 implants and 2 bridges put in.upr bridge teeth # 2,3,4,and 5 were supposed to mate with the ones below. lower bridge was put in first. on the upr bridge it did not fit on the first 2 tries. the dentist admided the implants were put in at an angle instead of 90degrees. the third bridge does not fit but the dentist was so frustrated that they were good enough for him and hustled me out of the office. the 2 bridges do not mate,all they do is fill up space. do not go to theis office

  • Thank God for the office in Yuba City California! I had the worst experience at the office in Sacramento on Florin Road. The Dentist and his staff were extremely rude, dismissed every concern and question I had, and cared only about getting the $1,295 in cash from me. If you are Caucasion, DO NOT GO TO THE FLORIN ROAD LOCATION! The Dentist and his staff are African American and for the very first time in the 50 years I've been alive, I felt discriminated against, was treated like trash, and was made to feel stupid. SHAME ON THE FLORIN ROAD OFFICE AND DR. STUBBS! Do not waste your time or money. Go to see Dr. Bezad in Yuba City. She and her staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to explain things without being condescending or rude.

  • I recently had 8 teeth pulled in the Beaumont, Texas office and Dr. Quigley was very professional. There was one dental assistant who really didn't care, but there was one dental assistant who stood out and that was Dena Roane. She took the time to listen to my complaint about my upper partial and about me talking funny. Well, come to find out, the dental assistant that made the first impression totally screwed up on it and one tooth was crooked. All she did was tighten the metal clasp on it and said she was done. I went back the first part of this month and I explained to Dena what was wrong and she took a new impression and started all over with my partial. My new partial now fits wonderful and I don't talk funny or look like a chipmunk. Thank you Dr. Quigley and Dena Roane for being so professional and for really caring!!!

  • Affordable dentures in Harrisburg, PA is just as bad. The dentist does not handle herself like a professional. My poor dad has been back numerous times since his first appointment in September. He had two different sets made and neither one fit properly. His mouth was so sore he couldn't eat. He hasn't been able to eat properly since Sept. He has gone back every 2 weeks for his implants. The implants have come out twice. I don't understand how that is possible if screwed into the jawbone correctly. The dentist wanted to put my dad through the pain a third time. She screamed at him and told him to leave the office or she would have him arrested. They ruined his bottom set he had by putting a soft liner in that turned out to not be soft, it is now as hard as a rock. At this time he doesn't have a bottom set of teeth and he is out $900. This company should be shut down!