A’gaci Corporate Office Headquarters

A’gaci Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 1000 Palisades Center Dr., Level 2, Space B213
West Nyack, New York 10994
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-845-353-3148
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-845-353-3148

  • And no Mr. John, great customer service does not prevent theft. This is Chicago you're speaking of where a lot of people are trying to survive when thieving.

  • I as a customer cannot understand how a company like AGACI does not provide security to the State Street location. It has been twice that I witness your employees and managers get hurt while protecting your merchandise. How hard is it really to bring in security or even afford censor detectors. You as a company are failing to provide these people a safe working environment, does it really have to take for someone to get fatally hurt for you to take action? This can be even a possible lawsuit for negligence security, your store has been hit numerous times and had thieves come in with tasers, what else do you need to see?

  • I do not understand how AGACI cannot afford a security or censor detectors for the store on State Street. Yes, I shop there all the time and happened to witness your poor employees recover your merchandise. These people put their lives at risk for you and you cant do the same by providing a safe work enviroment. These employees of yours are working for the wrong company, what else does it have to take for yous to realize these poor people need protection?

  • Corporate Office investigate the Agaci store on State Street in Chicago, managers are corrupt. No one there will tell you the truth about what's really going on at the store. Starts at the top beginning with Mary and Gloria they are corrupt.

  • Corporate office wake up and smell the coffee, your Agaci store on State Street in Chicago needs to be shut down. Mary the head manager who is running the place doesn't care that the store has been robbed and doors scattered and employees abused by customers. Managers in that store acting like bullies and are CORRUPT!

  • I do enjoy their clothing and prices! Super great, My only complaint would be the disorganization and the lack of communication I have received. I had returned some shoes about a month ago, still no refund. I have talked with store managers, at the Austin store in Lakeline mall, and they cant help me, I've been emailing back in forth with some people? And corporate will not answer their phone. I have my original receipt, my return receipt and yet no one is able to help? Now I have to take it up with my Bank, I will be getting my money back and some. Its a shame people have to leave bad reviews when it could all be fixed with good customer service. -Alexis alexis.lin0322@gmail.com

  • My two daughters and I visited Agaci on State Street this past Saturday; we were shoe shopping for school. As soon as we got to the shoe department a guy asked me if I had bein helped and I said no. My two daughters asked him to bring two pairs of boots and he brought one pair of each color to them. He made us feel like home, he also was very pleasant and he knew what we were looking for. I end up buying five pairs of shoes two pairs for each of them and one pair for myself. His customer service skills are over the top. He is amazing and he has a beautiful name, Ariel.

  • On Friday of last week, I went to A’gaci at State Street; I was looking to speak to Mary. As I approached to the cash register asking for her. One of the managers name shia came up to me and she told me that she was not in. She was very rude not only to me but to the cashier as well. The cashier was giving me the day when Mary was supposed to be in and Shia snatched the clipboard from the cashier and “said I am the manager and I will give the information she needs. Previous to that, one of the short girls asked Mary a question about another employee and Mary became very upset for no reason and I assume the rest of management have the same attitude. It’s very disrespectful on how managers on State Street treat their employees. I was looking for employment at that location but I had to change my mind since there is not respect towards the employees. They are being treated like trash.

    • Corporate office needs to get rid of Mary she's the one running the show. Too much favoritism Mary doesn't know how to do her job….why is the corporate office taking their time to fire her! She is so unprofessional.

  • "Ariel always goes out of his way to ensure complete satisfaction with his customers. It is enjoyable working with Ariel and his positive attitude. Furthermore; Ariel is a great asset to Agaci Company." The service I received by Ariel was 06/16/2016 in the shoe department and I was checked out by him as well.

  • As I visited A’gaci on State Street, I notice that Ariel was helping a lot of customers and I decided to ask for one pair of shoes, and he brought me six pair. I observed the way he was attending all the other customers and me. His skills are over the top. I have not seen a manager touching other people’s feet and he fixed my shoe while I was wearing it. That made me feel very special and I purchased three pair of shoes. On the other hand, the African American cashier with the burgundy hair wow, I went from heaven to hell. Her rotten attitude was not acceptable. She did not offer me the A’gaci reward points program; she was not very welcoming; her stone face and body language said it all. Her negative attitude was over board. It is really sad that we customers pay for a service and we really get crappy attitude. This a wakeup call for corporate, if they want to stay in business hire people who need a jab.

  • So what's with this employee named "Melissa" at A’gaci in Chicago?? Why is she so rude an unprofessional?? I mean I know she is just working at A’gaci retail store but Geez what happened to a little bit of common courtesy and respect to your customers? She was very rude, uninformative and just downright obnoxious at the way she treated me and my friends. No please or thank you, no eye contact, no answering questions nothing!! If this is the representation A’gaci has going for them, they need to recheck their hiring practices.

  • It's Porsche Snead again. Let me correct myself you all have till the 31st of January to give me what you owe me and "the others" (w2 forms). I am only taking this route due to other unprofessional experience I've had with this company. So figure it out and give us our w2's.

  • I am a former employee who hasn't yet received my w2 forms, I am informed that it is against the law for you all to send them out later than Jan 30th. I plan on reporting this company to the IRS and better business bureau. Hopefully you all figure it out and finally gain some professionalism.
    Porsche Snead

  • Are you aware that the Sarasota Sq. Mall is using your new store contract to shut down a loved child's train ride that has been at the Mall for years. The Mall Management claims that a common area use clause in your contract with them precludes us from operating. In fact, closing us down. There has been a community up swell of support and local TV coverage. The Mall Management is stone walling us and hoping we just go away. Do you feel that this is correct for a family friendly place to do shopping and have a meal? Please help us keep this amusement for children going while saving three jobs. thank you for anything you can do.

  • Store Manager and Co-Manages to Make out with Sales Associates or lead cashier, Or If management is allow to provide alcohol to the sales associates (most of the associates have not reach the age of 21 yet)? In the video attach Melissa (Co-manager) is making out with Jessy cash lead. After I have seen the video; as on employee of Agaci I feel very uncomfortable working around management. I really don’t want them to touch me or just jock around with me. It’s very unprofessional for management to do these bad behaviors with under age associate and video recording and post it on the media.

  • Sunday December 20, 2015 at 2:15 pm I was at Agaci on State Street trying to returned a pair of shoes. What I encounter was a manager by the name SHIA, who was very mean and had a very undermining form of communication towards me. Her communicating skills were very hurtful and disrespectful to me as a customer. Shia’s ignorant way to get attention was to lie to the security guard about me throwing a shoe at her, which I did not do. I was asked to leave the store infront of the customers and I was escorted out like I was a total criminal. I felt very offended, disrespected and embarrased about that situation. Her attitud is the reperesentation of the store manager very unprofesional and degrating to the customers. Hope something will be done to stop this behavior. I will take this issue to the media and defiantely will file a lawsute because this issues should not happen in any of the stores.

  • Agaci on State St in Chicago. Why do companies hire people with discriminatory behaviors? As I was ready to be checked out I heard Melissa and the cashier who rang me up discussing how offended they feel when a customer asks them a question in Spanish. I believe that Melissa speak Spanish and she stated, when a customer ask her a question in Spanish she will respond to the customer with I don’t speak Spanish and the customer will not received the help she is seeking for. I am a Polish lady and I don’t appreciate that this two girls talk like that in from of the customers. We, customers deserved to be treated with respect since we are contributing to paying their salaries. These two Ignorant employees at agaci store on State Street need to be fire for making this kind of comments about the customers.

    • If you are polish how do you know they were speaking spanish. I'm sorry lady but polish people have bad attitudes and can't speak english very well. Maybe you're the one with the problem.

  • A week ago, on a Friday, my sister, daughter and I visited agaci on State Street. We went to the shoe department and we asked Ariel for several shoes. He was amazing; he really made us feel like if we were at our homes. We went in for one item, and we end up buying several pair of shoes. People like him are worth to invest on. His kind of customer service, we as customers expect when we go shopping. Great Job Ariel.

  • I can't even begin to tell you how upset that I am right now… I went into Agaci today on 107 s. State to search for a dress for my brothers wedding, there was a lady who helped me in the fitting room who's name is Kim that was very nice as well as helpful… I needed a dress in a bigger size (L) to compare it with the (M) size dress that I already had in the fitting room to see which one fits better! Both dresses had the same tag that read the price 34$ or 38$ once I gather everything and went to the register, I was told that the dress had the wrong tag, and I explained to the manager Mary and Shi-A that the other dress had the same price as well… and Shi-A told me it couldn't have, and I told her once again that it did and that she is supposed to give it to me at that price because it's false advertisement… She went back in forth with me in front of customers pretty much embarrassing me, and she said if you can find the other dress with that same price then ill give it to you for that price ($38) so we went upstairs together n it was not there anymore, I explained to her that it may still be by the fitting room because I just tried it on… there was three dresses there without any tag at all of the same dress that I was purchasing n only one with a tag for ($69) so we went back downstairs to the fitting room and I told her to ask Kim because she helped me, and Kim told her yes the dress did have that $38 tag on there! So I said to Shi-A now that she has made it clear that both dresses did have the tag on there, you said that you'll give it to me at that price…. Then she said No im not going to give it to you at that price, you have to pay the 69$… After in the beginning she said that she would if there was another one at that price… I still purchased the dress at the price for $69 it wasn't the price that I was upset about, it was mainly because I picked up this dress expecting to pay the price that the tag read n I was also bought down the same Dress in another size with the same tag!! I was also upset at how both Shi-A and Mary handled the situation especially in front of the other customers in the store, I had another item at the register that I was purchasing wich was the silicone braw pads to go with the dress, and they put those back as if I couldn't purchase them!! So I asked for corporates number and Mary said she doesn't know y im asking for the number and their names …. and I told her I asked because I wanted it…. when I got all the way home to Tinley Park, IL I noticed that they didnt EVEN TAKE THE SENSOR OFF OF MY DRESS!! The customer service from the two is very disappointing, and it was such a bad experience! So I called the store at 9:26pm and told Shi-A what happened and she asked well are you gonna come back today? And I explained to her that this is a big inconvenience to me as well as the customer service that you provided I did not plan to come back at all, especially to have a sensor removed that should have been done before I left with the merchandise, I do not live around the corner or no where near downtown… So im writing you to let you know the experience that I had in your store today, and I have to go back to the store hopefully tomorrow for them to remove the sensor

  • Friday of this week, I visited the agaci on state street, my daugther , sister and I needed shoes. To our surprice Ariel Was fenomenal. He gave us on exceptional customer service and we bought more that just one pair of shoes. We had experienced the best customer service in the shoe department. Ariel made us feel like home while we were in the shoe area. We thank him for showing passion for his job.

  • On Monday 16, 2015, my daughter went to shop at Agaci store on State Street. She was not treated with respect. She has a disability problem and the cashier at that time was extremely rude to her. On Tuesday 17, 2015, she went to exchange the purse and blouse she had purchased the day before, since both items had stains on them. So the guy helped her to find the blouse and she found the same purse, and was ready to do the exchange, the cashier was brutally rude to her. My daughter was on the phone with me and described the cashier to me. The cashier had make up on and short black hair to the shoulders, then the cashier approached to the guy and said something to him which he did not look very happy about. This horrible experience my daughter had at Agaci store on State Street will not be tolerated. People with disabilities should be able to shop anywhere like the rest of the customers. Hope this will teach them a lesson and treat people with respect.

  • The manager Nikki at Yorktown mall has some adjusting to do, she is very rude and she has no professional skills, had a question and got nothing but attitude as well as she rolled her eyes when I asked for corporates number she told me very unprofessional '"you can call but corporate will not do anything your word against mine" very disrespectful I will not be shopping there any more. I see many bad reviews about her either she goes or A'Gaci looses a customer.

  • I have never work for a company that treat black work like we below them I work for this company for less then a month
    The Hr team need to be redone. I Will nerve allow my friends or family to shop with them the state street store is so bad that black customers don't like going in there….

  • By far the worst company to ever buy clothing from. I went to the agaci store located in deerbrook mall in houston texas. I bought some shoes on tax free weekend. I decided to get a bigger size. I went to the store the followingredients day the cashier said that in order to get a bigger size shoe that I would have to pay the taxes that were not charged originally when I bought the shoes. Complete ripoff and the keyholders are not worth dealing with. They seem to vanish from the area once an issue escalates.

  • I recently went to the A'Gaci in Yorktown and the staff there is horrible, the manager Niki was really rude as well as an employee there, nobody was available for help as goes for the manager she need professional help and has to wear clothes her size with her breast exposed, one last thing I don't recall managers being available to text during on the job in the register areas. A'gaci needs improvents

  • Attn Corporate Office….You've made some changes to your store HOWEVER I'm a frequent shopper in your store on State Street in Chicago. I must say you people need some training on hiring skills. Only one employee knows the retail business she helps everyone! …Your managers are LOUSY except for one his name is ARIEL he works upstairs…he should be the one running the entire store!!!!!! Great people skills and i see he likes and treats his employees with respect. Please do us a favor as customers and get rid of your MANAGER (Melissa) OMG she's rude along with her attitude and doesn't like people also she needs clothes that fit. I over heard her talking badly about the employees at this store. Take this into consideration it's either the customers or your manager Melissa someone has to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The New York Store @ Massapequa is NO BETTER!!! The Manager is rude and disgusting! I observed here yelling at her workers!!!! The workers do not look happy and the when I asked for assistance I go nothing but attitude. This store will close.

  • Attn: Corporate Office Owners……Please please please get rid of your manager at Agaci on State Street in Chicago…..rude rude rude pesonality/attitude her name is Jenny. Also one more thing one of other managers her name is Kendra she is insulting to the customers and to me. I spend alot of money at your store constantly i do not want to see her face again at your store or deal with her. She speaks down to people instead of trying to make the customers feel welcomed. Do something with her or send her away to another store. Thank You

  • I believe the store manager's name in Austin, TX at Barton Creek Square Mall is named Christy. She is a caucasian female with long, straight blonde hair. She told my daughter that My daughter needs to shop in the Plus section! Really!?! Like this manager, "Christy" (or Christine, whatever her name is; She refused to give Me her name; I had to over hear someone say Her name; She also refused to give Me the CORPORATE PHONE NUMBER!) is "all that"! Needless to say, My daughter (who is 20 years old & VERY BEAUTIFUL, NOT A PLUS SIZE AT ALL) refuses to shop there anymore because of the comment made by the store manager in Austin, TX (Barton Creek Square Mall).

    • I see you made the clarification that she was, "very beautiful, not plus size at all…" If you believe that being plus size is not beautiful as well, you are missing out on a lot of beauty in this world. If your daughter were to ever become overweight, in any form, which could happen seeing that she is only 20 and still has a lot of life a head of her, I hope your version of beautiful adjust so that she never feels bad about her looks. I mean no offense, but as mothers we need to choose our words carefully with our daughters, they look to us for support.

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