Alamo Corporate Office Headquarters

Alamo Corporate Office Headquarters
600 Corporate Park Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-512-5000
Fax Number: 1-314-512-4706
Customer Service Number: 1-800-462-5266

  • Worst customer service experience, called on oct 23 never received a reservation number so called today to confirm they can't find my booking and now they are sold out it can't do anything for me.

  • I reserved a car with Alamo several weeks ago. When I arrived and made it to the airport they didn’t even have someone at their own counter. This is when a guy from a different rental car company says he can help me. Then I was denied my rental because they were not clear in telling me that you can’t use a money network debit card. Called customer service who eventually transferred me to a manager that just robotically and stoically said I am sorry. So there I sat for four days in the airport waiting on my flight back! Thank you Alamo for ruining my vacation because of your non transparency!

  • Tracey at the Chicago O Hare rental garage was great to work with and a real asset to Alamo! He was very helpful and friendly.

  • In July of last year, I rented an Alamo car thru Costco and at the time it was a compact car, but after we disembarked from our cruise of three weeks in Nov. and went to the Port Everglades-Fort Lauderdale, Fla. office to pick it up, we needed to upgrade which they kindly accommodated. Not looking closely at my receipt for a couple of days until we were in Fort Myers, I realized that I was charged for the compact car for the 6 days and also the upgraded car for the six days, so I proceeded to call there office and they told me when I turned it to the Fort Myers Airport that they would take care of it. The agent there told me he agreed I was double charged but that he was not authorized to correct it, to call Alamo when I arrived home which I did. There rep. named William also agreed with the double charge and send he would send the report on so that I could be credited. A few weeks later I called again to find out that William had never referenced a number so Bonnie immediately took care of it and sent it on. My total was $1230.00 for the 6 days. Thru various correspondence they essentially told be they did not understand the problem and reimbursed me $11.00. I have since looked at their car rentals and no where are there upgrades over $200.00 per day. I am still pursuing this issue but never again will I use Alamo. I even went on their Customer Service website to enter my complaint and their response back was that they would forward it to the location and they would respond to me directly. That was on Jan. 23rd. Fed up!

  • Recently rented a car from Alamo on my honeymoon. I Had an economy car reserved. When we got to the Alamo lot the attendant seemed less than interested and said to take one of the cars in the first row. We picked the first car we came across which was a Ford Focus parked under an economy sign. We drove to the exit where we picked up our sat nav, signed the paperwork, was told there was no fee as it had been pre-paid and left. When we got home you can imagine my surprise to have been charged an extra $514 for an upgrade to an intermediate car.
    Neither of the members of staff I spoke to had said the car was an upgrade and as it was parked under an economy sign it was fair to assume the car was the one I'd initially paid for. Imagine my surprise again when I check the website to find out that the car is taken, a Ford Focus, is actually listed as a compact car not an intermediate one. So not only have I been charged for an upgrade I didn't ask for, I've actually been charged for the wrong upgrade. Currently trying to get my money back but it's safe to say I'll never be using this car firm again. Absolute shambles

  • Dear Sirs, I wanted to say how great your employee Ikaika Wood is at the Kahului Airport in Maui. He resolved an issue with humor and competence. I will definitely rent from Alamo again. Great People. Thanks Ikaika Wood !

  • I was dropped off at Alamo Hobby location and waited in a long line where the sales associates were snail slow only to hear I couldn't pick up the car beacause I had to have a credit card. I was livid having not learned of this when I initially made the reservation. This is pertinent information that deserves to be highlighted upon resevation completion. This experience made me super late an ineffective for a major confernce in which I play a heavy role in. I will never rent here again. The poor customer service took me to the third heaven.

  • Rented Alamo vehicle through Costco and it has been a nightmare. The check-in person charged us for the insurance when we declined it so I had to call to get that adjusted during my vacation. My husband is disabled and there was no handicap tag offered by the check in clerk so we could not use handicap parking the entire time. Then during check out the tech never asked me for the key fob and I accidently left with it in my purse. I was at the Alamo front desk for another 20min to resolve my billing issue. No one asked for the key fob so it went back (unknown to me) to phoenix. When I realized I had it I called customer service. Reached India twice and was told to call Nashville. No answer twice. I used the website to write a message about the situation and just received a generic message back. When I tried to call the person who signed the message I could not reach that person. I finally left a voice message for his "assistant" and never received a call back. I did my due diligence to rectify the situation with NO response from Alamo! Called during the week and spoke to Michelle who didn't know what to do and said her manager Monica would call back…no call back! Called again and spoke to Shirley (very rude) who told me to overnight it to them. When I asked that it be put in writing that no charges would be assessed she became belligerent and told me "people walk off with keys all the time, send it back and nothing will happen". Today received a call from Monica S. E365JR stating I will be assessed the key charge since they did not receive their key. It has been sent back, it hasn't arrived yet. I will dispute this charge. Extremely poor customer service. I will never use Alamo again. I intend to send this review to Costco also.

  • What a disaster. I cannot get any help for a front windshield of my Alamo rental car that is cracked from one side to the other.

    I picked up the Alamo car at Phoenix International Airport. Car was not clean (e.g., potato chips in cup holder), no one checked the car over with us, and it was not well lit in the parking garage. We took the car 5.4 miles to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens, parked nose in at the parking lot, and saw no damage to the car. When we came back to the car two hours later the front windshield was cracked from passenger side to driver side. Upon very close inspection, I spotted what might have been a minute ding in the window (not sure), but we did not encounter any errant hits driving from the airport to the gardens. A local passerby told us that the heat causes cracking if there is even a little ding in the window. If you think we could get it solved — guess again. We are still driving around with a cracked front windshield and have been given the run-around.

    There is no local telephone number on our paperwork from the Phoenix Alamo rental office. The 800 numbers I called that were listed on the brochure were a joke. I called at 2:15 and again at 2:35 p.m. Every time I pressed "4" as instructed, the cell phone connection was lost. We were wasting our vacation. We decided to drive on to our destination in Sedona, Arizona.

    At 3:59 I pulled over and tried calling again, but my cell phone power was diminishing. I reached an Alamo staff member on the phone finally and told her my situation and that my cell battery was dying and asked her to please have someone call me back in 2 hours after my battery was recharged. I gave her my telephone number. No one called me back. I tried calling Alamo at 7:51 p.m., but I was not within cell phone range and could not make a connection.

    The next morning I reached a very seemingly helpful Alamo employee named Lisa. Lisa said to take the car to the Enterprise rental office in Sedona because there is no Alamo rental facility in Sedona. She told me she called that agency and was told that a vehicle would be available for me. She gave me the address of the Enterprise office, the only one in Sedona. I made a special trip to that Enterprise facility, but I was told they never received a call from Alamo and that they did not have a car for me. They said they would have today after noon, they would call me, and they would bring me a car. They never called and they did not bring me a car.

    I again spent my time driving to the Enterprise office to get the car promised to me, but I was again told that they did not have a car for me.

    Okay, so the entire time I have been on vacation so far, I'm driving a dirty car with a cracked windshield, with no resolution in sight. I leave in the morning for Jerome, Arizona and Prescott, Arizona. There is no one to speak with at the Phoenix airport rental facility to help me, no one at Alamo 800 can help me, and Enterprise is as bad as Alamo. I don't want to waste any more time of my vacation on this mess.

    I might feel somewhat responsible had I caused the damage, but I did not. What a nightmare.

  • I rented a car from Alamo at Orlando airport. While parked in the parking lot at the hotel I received a tag for fictitious tags! Someone had put the wrong plates on the wrong car. We had to return the car because it was not legal to drive (wanted to charge me a switch out fee). When we got back to Orlando counter they acted like it was no big deal. Is this truly how you treat your customers. Oh yeah we were visiting my mother in law who is in hospice and we lost precious time with her going to the police station and dealing with Alamo. Not pleased!

  • I left my brand new GoPro Camera containing all of our Vacation photos and videos. We were devastated. We called Alamo right away to make a lost and found claim with no hope of actually ever getting our item back. With lightening speed I received a call from Christopher Moye from Alamo. He hunted down our rental and FOUND our GoPro which was then shipped to us at no charge. Good people are what make a good business and Alamo has amazing people. From the first operator who took my call to Chris Moye who personally found and returned our item. I am impressed and amazed with the customer service team over at Alamo. I even have new found hope for humanity lol. Aside from all this the Mustang Convertible was super fun and surprisingly affordable.

  • I left my brand new GoPro Camera containing all of our Vacation photos and videos. We were devastated. We called Alamo right away to make a lost and found claim with no hope of actually ever getting our item back. With lightening speed I received a call from Christopher Moye from Alamo. He hunted down our rental and FOUND our GoPro which was then shipped to us at no charge. Good people are what make a good business and Alamo has amazing people. From the first operator who took my call to Chris Moye who personally found and returned our item. I am impressed and amazed with the customer service team over at Alamo. I even have new found hope for humanity lol. Aside from all this the Mustang Convertible was super fun and surprisingly affordable.

  • My agent in Sun City, AZ reserved me a suv with gps for my trip to Okc, OK through Alamo. When I arrived Jan 15, 2016, the Alamo agent told me the suv, a jeep Cherokee had no gps. I informed him I had reserved the gps and had to have a vehicle with one. He seemed to be in a hurry to get rid of me and someone near by witnessed the way I was treated. The agent made a phone call and said they found one. The gps was portable, not wired into the dash as I expected. Arriving to pick up my vehicle, the second agent didn't give me any instructions or ask if I had any questions. He seemed to be in a hurry just like the original agent. There was no car manual in the glove box to help me either. The gps NEVER did work my entire visit, filling the vehicle with gas was a nightmare. I grew up in okc, Oklahoma, but everything had changed since leaving in 1974 and I rented a suv due to possible rain and snow in January and the gps to help me navigate. I also am in sales, and would never have treated a customer the way I was treated. Originally, my travel agent told me, he had been advised I would have a Toyota Rav 4 or a Ford suv. The Jeep ride was uncomfortable, but maybe that's normal with Jeeps. Bringing my vehicle back early Jan 20 instead of Jan 21, agents Caleb and Diego were nice enough to help me carry my luggage to the waiting van to take me to my motel. I mentioned, I had a magnifying glass that had falling on the floor somewhere in the van. I did call re: my lost item, but only now had time to compose this e-mail. My experience with Alamo was very depressing, as I have rented vehicles from other companies.

  • I guess I am lucky. I have great service at Fort Myers (Southwest international). I have always had great service from the staff there. Davie and Sam do a phenomenal job of keeping customers happy. They should be promoted. The last experience: I rented a car from 12/25 to 1/3. We decided to arrive on the 22nd instead. I went online to add the 3 days but the system wanted to charge me $750 for the three days when the entire 10 day rental was $750. A phone call to Dave at RSW was all that was needed. He adjusted my reservation and charged me the same daily rate for the additional three days as the 10 days. Customer service is great. I guess it all depends on the supervision of each branch. RSW has a great staff.

  • Horrible customer service in Reno, NV. When I showed up after making a reservation just 5 hours earlier I was told there were no cars left but that I would get $100 voucher and would be reimbursed for any extra expense I incurred while renting from another company. When I contacted Alamo about being reimbursed they told the information I received was wrong and I could get a "coupon" to use in future rentals. Total Bull. Watch out for the deceptive practices of this company

  • I reserved a standard SUV from Atlanta Airport and put on there that I would be getting in around midnight. After a long travel day I go to get the car I reserved. The guy at the counter looks somewhat panicked when he pulled up my reservation. He call back to the lot and tells them what car. The person says there is only 1 left but it hasn't been cleaned. He makes no effort to say anything to me about this. I go to the lot and the first thing I see is this filthy car. There is dirt all on the outside, the windshield has bug splatter all over it. Then I open the door….OMG….the smell was horrendous. It smelt like the entire high school football team left their stinky socks in it, not to mention the gas tank wasn't even full. I said something to the person when we pulled up to check out put I was informed that it was the only SUV available. The next day when I got to Columbus, GA where I returned the car I informed them of all that happened and they said someone would get in contact with me. I did receive a call that I missed. I tried calling the Atlanta office (the number the person left) back. I have called so many time but no one has ever answered nor has anyone ever called me back even though I have left multiple voice messages. This is the worse customer service ever. Hopefully b leaving this message the word will get out.

  • Over a week ago our car was T-boned by an Alamo rental car, and completely destroyed. The Alamo car had blasted through a stop sign at a freeway exit and was totally at fault. We were told the other driver had full coverage through Alamo, which gave us hope of replacing our car which we could not afford to lose. The Alamo "insurance" claim has now been forwarded to a third company. The latest company told us that an adjuster had not yet gone to the impound lot to see and assess our car, which was not drivable and is likely totalled. I have goteen nothing but a run around from Alamo. I am beginning to question whether their insurance is real or a sham. If it is real, I would expect better service. I am concluding that I have a responsiblity to report Alamo to the Minnesota Attorney General's office Consumer protection division and to the department of public safety for possible insurance fraud and violation of Minnesota law requiring that vehicles be insured. I rent cars frequently for work. I can assure you I will walk before I rent or even ride in one of their cars again. It is very clear that Alamo has no desire to responsibily settle this matter. A small token of some sincerity (there is none) on their part would be to provide us with a rental car until they settle this claim. They have thousands of them. I have never in my life received this extensive elaborate of a run around from anyone. Do not rent from Alamo under any circumstances. They are not to be trusted and don't give a rat's ass about people or fulfilling their responsiblities. Rent for Hertz or Avis even at a much higher price, which they are not. I see from other comments that fraud and disrespect are part of their ethos and business plan. May the market punish them accordingly.

  • Ft Lauderdale Location Fraud. My elderly father rented a car at this location, and had already prepaid the reservation in advance through When he arrived at the Alamo counter, the agent charged him for an upgrade, by tricking him into thinking it was already PART OF HIS PREPAID reservation! So, he paid up front $435. and she charged him another $454. additional on top of that which he was not aware of until he received his credit card statement. This was back in APRIL and to date, the Ft Lauderdale office, the 800 customer service line, and CORPORATE office (Enterprise) have NOT SOLVED THIS OR REFUNDED!!! This is the absolute worst customer service (HA) department I have dealt with. When I say fraud I am referring to the agent taking advantage of an elderly customer. Let's see if I get a call back today, as its been 3 weeks of calls that I HAVE MADE to them, without them having the decency to call back. I will never rent from this agency again and strongly recommend that everyone take notice of every word when you get to the Ft Lauderdale rental counter!

  • Absolutely terrible customer service! I made an online reservation today and paid online. After I clicked the button, realized they didn't ask for any driver information as my daughter would be driving. I phoned the customer service number listed just to verify my reservation and ask about the driver. I was told that I, and only I could be the driver since I made the reservation. There was no mention of adding a driver, the gentleman just kept repeating I had to be the driver. I was so frustrated, I told him to cancel my reservation, only to be told I would be charged $5 cancellation fee and it would be 10 business days before I would get my almost $600 refunded! I then called back and asked for a supervisor and was told that I could have added my daughter upon arrival. However, nothing could be done at this point since the reservation had been canceled. The lady said she would file a "complaint" but I know where that was going…right into the round file! Thanks Alamo for a GREAT experience! I will NEVER use your car rental, nor will I recommend it to anyone else! Absolutely disgusting customer service!

  • Unexpected nightmare in Savannah…. It was early April and all began well enough. The rental auto performed well and the check-in at 9:39 AM at the Savannah Airport was easy. However, that was the end of the romance.
    I left a leather notebook of little monetary value that was quite important to me in the car. My fault. In a timely manner, at 10 AM, while at the gate awaiting departure, I telephoned Alamo asking them to recover the item located in their auto just 100 yards from their airport reservation desk. (I had first tried Alamo's airport number, but no one answered). Their call to the Savannah Airport went unanswered, also, but the Alamo employee assured me that the item would be recovered and sent to my home.
    Easy? No. Now the nightmare began. After four days and 30-40 telephone calls, most of which went unanswered, an emissary for Enterprise walked the 100 yards to Lost and Found.
    Four different supervisors had previously sent 3-mails marked "urgent" and telephoned the reservation desk and Lost and Found. No one responded to them. Unbelievable!
    All of the personnel that I spoke to were pleasant, making it even more infuriating. Nonetheless, the notebook is lost and no one can explain why.
    Alamo should be ashamed of its Savannah operation.

  • Alamo believes that they can hold you to the reservation quote even if you sign a contract for a lower price. Of course, they only do this if the price on the written contract is lower than the reservation price since they try to sell upgrades at the counter. Customer service has no authority to resolve a problem. You have to wait for a call from them. I can't wait to see my problem discussed in the NYT Haggler's column. They setting themselves up – all on account of a policy that is unenforceable under the law!

  • I will never deal with these people again, your customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. They are so lazy none caring, or they were not trained correctly.It took almost 2 hours to correct 4 pendings on a charge card with a pre paid car. Their web site was down yet it accepted the charge card and code with out giving a conformation #. When I called to find out what was happening the lady was rude and seemed like I was bothering her. She wouldn't check to see if anything went through because of their mistake. She booked a car for us but told me I can't promise you get this and then could read me the numbers,. they were changed 3 different times and when I would ask is this the correct number she would say yea. We booked on line 4-5 hours later with a pre paid car, but when I checked the card I have 4 pendings on it. Not one person at Alamo could help with getting them off 4 days later they still couldn't really. They are very good with transferring to a different dept and hanging up on you and saying we can't help, you put the charges on not me!!! My last call the man said look I can't do anything just tell your bank to take it off, NEVER WILL I DEAL WITH THIS AGAIN, 2 hours of my time wasted with un trained people who don't give a crap about what is charged.

  • I had an experience with Alamo and thought to share it with everyone. My friend rented a car through from Alamo for 3 weeks for $705. His journey was done after 8 days and needed to drop the car back at ORD location since he did not need it. After drop off, the automatic printout came out to be $705. I, who happened to be giving him a ride to the airport, questioned the charges and the gentleman who printed the receipt asked if we could go to the office to explain the error and should be able to fix it. 45 minutes went by trying to solve the mystery by the attendant and his manager and the answer came out to be that the whole amount is the right charge because the computer said so. 3 weeks were being charged instead of 8 days!!!!. We were told that since the rent went through a third party my friend was requested to contact the third party to get his money back even though he signed the same Alamo contract as anyone would when renting directly from them. I asked the manager to charge him $47,which was more than the daily rate when booking for 8 weeks as it stated in the contract he signed. The answer was no. Please be aware that when conducting trips to Miami, my friend used to be charged only the amount of days he kept the car for under the same circumstances. I then told the manager to add me as a driver and I will keep the car until the 3 weeks over. He said he couldn't do it because he closed the contract. We went home and contacted the 3rd party and the continuous saga surfaced out again. If Alamo cares about customer satisfaction it needs to provide managers the right to override any situation and charge rates that would be a win win situation. To pull his contact information, My friend res under Alamo # is: 392 435 253. Please be aware that his language is Spanish since he is from Paraguay and he comes to the US very often on business.

  • To the president of Alamo, I am writing after I came across a job opening for an Agent Return for Alamo. Reading through all the qualifications and requirements such as "you must be flexible , work weekends , nights , holidays and toward the end of the paragraph I read $8.85 per hour , I was disgusted , what kind of pay is that? This is SLAVERY , could you live off tha? I'm sure you can't even imagine it, because you are sitting at your desk earning 3 figures. I am very disappointed, I thought Alamo was a decent company , I will not be renting any cars from you company again . And by the way I think $10 an hour for that job opening would have been ok, still not enough , but $8.85 I was shocked . I don't usually speak out very often , but this really compelled me to speak out.

  • Try making a claim for an accident against Alamo. for a starters there is no link on their site to call or contact, and after spending hours trying to find a phone # you are then shunted off to some where in India. Pakistan or sri lanka. Even though I was the driver of the other car that was hit by the rental. [the driver of the rental admitted he was at fault both to me and Alamo.] I kept being called the renter by the reps. finally I decided to call the Alamo rental company where the car was rented from. I was given a phone # to call, so I called it they said we don't deal with claims and gave me another phone #. So I called that one they didn't deal with claims either so they gave me yet another # I called that and finally got to speak with a claims adjustor. who has since tried to low ball me and lied to me with my claim. then he up and quit being an adjuster last Friday without saying any thing to me when I spoke to him on Thursday. the accident was over a month ago and I still haven't got any results. So my only option is to Sue Alamo directly. not only for my damages but also for lawyers fees. I will never rent any thing from Alamo not even a Burro Funny they taught them selves as being self insured but use an insurance agency for their claims!

    • Their service is so bad, I will never rent a car from them again. Un trained people answering the phones,rude and they love to hung up or switch to a different dept, after 4-5 times you just get sick of them DO NOT USE THEM

  • I have used Alamo car rental over other companies because I like the service and the cars are usually well maintained. However, the one major flaw I find is their BLACK HOLE called Lost and Found, L&F. Over the many years of using Alamo, I've left items on a few occasions. A CD in the radio – I can see not finding it, a couple of cigarette phone chargers, well it would be kind of hard to find when I've seen in one location the massive box where chargers end up, but a pair of $300.00 prescription glasses? I told them the exact location in the car and one renter had the car after I returned it and while I reported it. I called, left messages(s) since L&F closes at 3pm in MCO? I Used ALAMO.COM website and still no answer after two tries. I don't think L&F of customers belongings is taken very serious and what a Black Eye to an otherwise fine rental car company.

  • Dear President of Alamo
    I fly to the St Pete airport often from Tri-Cities. I want to say I receive the best service from not only your customer service reps but from a young man named Diego who works out in the lot making sure all your customers receive excellent service. They welcome you to the Sun Shine state with a smile and always helpful.
    I wanted to make sure that you receive this compliment that Alamo is one of the best rental car agency's with excellent service.
    SO thank you Customer service Reps and Diego.


    • I had a reservation for a Standard 4 rd Manual Transmission for London Heathrow. I arrived at 10:15 PM and called for the shuttle. I was told by the Manager Peter that it comes to all 5 terminals every 15 minutes. I called 5 times until midnight and every time the Manager told me the van was on the way. It eventually showed up at 12;05 AM with a very angry driver who just woke up. The woman at the rental desk would not honor my reservation since it was after midnight and quoted a walk up rate. No Standard cars were on the lot, just a ton of Fiat 500s, so she wanted me to rent a BMW, Mercedes or Audi for 80 British Pounds per day. She then reduced it to 40 GBP as a "special". After a big argument she rented us a Peugeot 508 SW for $100 more than the original reservation for 4 days. Yes, a total rip off. When I returned the vehicle the guy who checked it in for a full tank and no damage was unable to print me a receipt. There were more than 15 people in line so we jumped on the shuttle van. They promised a email the same day with all the rental charges. 5 days have gone by and no one at Alamo is prepared to help me. I contacted Customer Service several time and got the run around. Their response to my several emails will take anywhere fro 3 to 10 working days. Their International Reservations Team ( fancy name!!) only works Mon. to Fri. so if you have a problem of any sort at the weekend you are dead in the water. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I rent from Alamo ( or their partners National and Europcar) abroad. I rented from SIXT car rental in London earlier this month. The Customer Service and their vehicles are the best, so I recommend every one dumps Alamo because they suck at what they do!!!!! I am also seriously considering ripping my Alamo Insiders and National Emerald Club cards as I will not be renting from these 3 partners again in the United States. They obviously do not care about their customers.

  • We are a journalist/film crew who frequently visit Canada and the US (at least once per year for 3 weeks)in the wintertime. We always need a 4-WD vehicle and usually ask for a 'Jeep Grand Cherokee', because we have lots of ski and camera gear to cart around. This February 22 to March 10 we booked again with Alamo (Seattle). To ensure we would receive the requested car I sent 2 emails to the Alamo people at the Seattle Hilton, but received no response. One week before the the pick up (by now I changed to an airport pick up I called a lady at the Alamo airport and was assured to receive the vehicle we asked for. She confirmed.
    At our pick up we found that the vehicle was a 2-wheel drive Jeep Compass, which was totally unacceptable, because our next 3 weeks suppose to be spend in real mountain back-country of Fernie, Lake Louise, Revelstoke and Apex (BC). We encountered massive snowfalls and you can imagine how the car with below standard tyres feared. We battled daily thru the snow, sliding uncontrollable on most roads we drove on.
    In the end we said we will never use Alamo again. We received a down-grade, not an up-grade.
    Seeing we write for publications in Europe with a circulation of over 20 Million I would have thought that Alamo would try to supply the right and requested vehicle.

  • Our daughter ordered a Midsize for February 22, 2013 at Miami Airport with Lufthansa discount. On February 19, 2013 I received the confirmation no.137270141 issued in my name. The confirmed rate was $ 144,00.
    When arriving at the Alamo counter, a guy named Andy wanted to see the Lufthansa ID. This happend first time ever I booked a rental car through my daughter. As our daughter was at work, I had no ID available. Andy said, that he can`t give me the discount, although I had the proved Alamo confirmation made out in my name.
    Since I was in a hurry I asked Andy to give me a midsize, however, based on the AAA discount. Surprisingly he said, that he could give me a AAA discount, only the normal Miami discount. So I was forced to agree to a rate of 450,00 $!!!!!!.
    Considering the result of this unsatisfactory situation I am wondering, if

    • If anyone at the counters is authorized to ignore a written agreement or if it is a new Alamo policy to obtain higher rates?

    • If the staff at the counters are vested with the legal authority to make their own decisions about granting AAA rates at random (on previous trips we never were confronted with such a problem) or about revocation of written confirmations given by your company.

    I hope that it is not an integral part of your policy to upset or loose customers. Additionally, I would like to add that Andy’s attitude was not very customer friendly from the very beginning having a bad day should not be taken out on the customers.
    Looking forward to your relevant comment and solution of the case.

    Best regards
    Dr. Volker Hoppen

  • I Rented a car from Alamo last month for 5 weeks
    Went into the rental place every week and paid with my debit card. Today I went in to rent another card and I they would not let me rent it because I had a debit card and they said I needed a credit card. They said that this was thier policyif so why did they rent one to me last month with my debit card? I have a credit card but it doesn't have any credit on it because I only pay my min. If I would have known that this was a policy I could have put money on my CC a couple of days ago. When I asked to speak to a manager they said he was busy and to tell me that it's their policy. I am so upset that they did this to us. We are leaving on our trip in the morning and don't have our rental car. I will never rent from them agian and I will make sure anyone I know never rents from them agian. They are terrible

  • Got talked into an upgrade for Escalade at Orlando Airport cos its got all the Bells & Whistles – NoO Handbook and being English cannot fathom it out. been trying 4 days to speak to someone nobody gives a dam – also car is flexifuel so what do you use when E85 is not available? ALAMO = TOTAL DISRESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To whom it may concern,

    It has been two weeks without any activity on your part. This was a simple request for the return of my prescriptions glasses made within 12 hours of leaving them in your vehicle. These glasses are of no use to you unless you wear my prescription and have my head size.

    It is obvious Alamo has done nothing to assist with my request. Nor do you care enough to respond to me. I will no longer be a customer of any services Alamo attempts to provide as it appears from my experience Alamo does not care about customer service.

    Thank you for nothing,

    Robert W. Bell

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    Customer By Email 12/06/2012 10:12 AM
    Where do you live: US
    Where are you renting: US
    City/State: New Orleans/LA
    Estimated Date of Rental: 11/28/12
    Have you picked up your rental: Yes
    Name: Robert Bell
    Email : [link removed]
    Alamo Insiders:
    Res No:
    RA No :
    Message: Could you check on the below listed lost and found. The longer this takes the less likely I will get my prescription glasses back. Thank you.

    Alamo Rent A Car <[link removed]>
    Dec 3 (3 days ago)

    to me

    Your question has been received. Your feedback, questions and concerns are important to us. You can anticipate a reply within 1 – 2 business days.

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    Customer By Email 12/03/2012 10:43 AM
    Where do you live: US
    Where are you renting: US
    City/State: Lakeside,CA.92040
    Estimated Date of Rental: 11/28/12 12/2/12
    Have you picked up your rental: Yes
    Name: Robert Bell
    Email : [link removed]
    Alamo Insiders:
    Res No:
    RA No :
    Message: I left precription Qakley sunglasses in the Hyundai Elantra I returned on 12/2//12 in New Orleans. The glasses are black and in a soft black cloth that is in a hard black case with a zipper to close the case. I need these ASAP please. Car confirmation # 578129668count
    Address on profile:
    Phone/fax: 6198901399 /

    Address on profile:
    Phone/fax: 6198901399 /


  • I rented a car from Alamo last month in the Chicago area. I did not know about Chicago's unmanned exact change tollbooths until I came upon one. I had cleaned out my purse of change so I could not possibly pay the toll at the time. As soon as I reached my destination, I went online to Illinois Tollway and paid the toll. This was Sept 1st. Today (October 23rd) I received a bill from Alamo for the toll AND a $15 "processing fee". I called Illinois Tollway to make sure they received my payment and they confirmed that I had indeed paid the same day. I have tried calling the number (630-693-2930) and all I get is an answering machine. I have been given a 15 day grace period before my credit card will be charged (for something I DO NOT OWE!), the letter was sent the 15th and it is now the 23rd. How am I suppose to get this resolved if I can not talk to a human being?! Totally not impressed Alamo!

  • I just watched a Manager at Alamo in Kaanapali in Hawaii give a National customer a dirty shuttle van because , A) he was to lazy to clean the car because it was closing time. I saw this, turned around and saw a service agent who was embarrassed. Customer service there? And with a Manager?, appalling!

  • I was quoted two different prices to drop off my rental at a different airport location. One price $100 and $76.10. I used to work for Enterprise which owns Alamo and there is no set fee. It's what the agent makes up. Additional driver fees are also ancillary charges. It's just a way to make extra money on the rental.

  • The Alamo staff at the Detroit airport location has great customer service. Although they try to sell you everything in the book, I like the fact that they serve popcorn and water in the lobby. This really takes the stress out of waiting in line. Bravo to Alamo in Detroit for getting the customer service down to a science!

    Ms. Morris

  • 3/20/12 I scheduled a 4-day rental with Alamo through Southwest Airlines on line. Then before picking up the car, I decided to keep it 1 day longer. Roger @Alamo Customer Service was very helpful. He told me there was a 5-day special. Because of that special the extra day rental made it 5 days & cost me less than the 4-day would have. That is good customer service when they informed me of that special which saved me $. I will contact Southwest though, since the 800# that printed on my confirmation must not be correct, it ALWAYS rings busy. 1-800-462-5266 from this sight was answered right away. Janet

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