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  • Aldi Corporate Office Headquarters

Aldi Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Aldi Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address Home Office

1200 N. Kirk Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-879-8100

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-630-879-8100

Website: Aldi.com

Aldi International Corporate Head Office

Eckenbergstrasse 16
Essen, 45307 DEU

Corporate Phone Number: +49-201-8593-0

Corporate Fax Number: +49-201-8593-319

Aldi’s main competitors are Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Albertsons, H-E-B, Costco, and Meijer.

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  1. The 50cent apple and cherry pies that I've enjoyed are now 79cents each. That's higher and faster than gasoline. What's going on???

  2. TOPIC OF CONCERN – FOOD SHORTAGES & DESTRUCTION OF COMPANIES FACILITIES….I am concerned about all of the different food processing plants and distribution facilities that have been destroyed this year. So far there have been over 31 facilities in the US that are been destroyed in whole or in part. I hope Aldi has security supervision of any foul play that could occur. Many factories are computerized with some features that have backdoors that hackers can access to create mayhem and destruction. Nowdays households with wifi and smart systems are controlled by the touch of a button in another location, the same for factories. Aldi is international and we love going to the stores in the US and Germany. I want the best for Aldi and its customers, employees in stores, factories and distribution facilities. Be safe & aware of what is going on around the world.

  3. I'm disgusted I bought 6 packages of Aldis Appleton bacon and omg a lot of it has black spots through it it is a mess to try to take apart and when it is cooked it gets sooooooooo hard on the edges that I broke a tooth!!!!!!!!!!! this is despicable!!!!!!

  4. Aldi Customer Service Number: 1-630-879-8100
    Very professional customer service telephone number. A real live person answered after selecting several call options. Aldi's customer sevice representative could not have been more polite and respectful, and seemed to really be concerned about my recent Aldi experience and opinions. Thank you Aldi Corporate Offices, you run a fine ship.

  5. As a regular shopper at an Aldi's in MI I was sad to see that you are mandating that your employees be vaxed by March 22. Many if not all of these employees worked through 2020 when there was nothing available to help your customers. Question: do you plan on financially helping those employees who become sick from taking an experimental drug. Will you accept liability if anything happens to them. By doing what you are doing you are furthering socialism in this great country.

  6. You ADVERTISED ground sirloin on sale for 2 days. The product was not available either of those days nor the day after(Friday). I had planned a cookout for 8 people on Saturday and finds myself now scurrying to find enough good ground meat (at ANY price!!!) to follow through and deliver on my promise of a great meal for these people. You're no longer a trusted supplier for my household, having done nothing to resolve the situation and offering nothing in consolation. THANKS FOR NOTHING

  7. We are trying to locate the Casa Mamita Double Fire Roasted Salsa that we love but it has disappeared from our local Aldi's stores and we have looked in quite a large area. Has this product been discontinued? We would gladly buy a case or two just to be able to have it here in our home. Our number one pick for Salsa. Thank you.

  8. Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets in the red bag in the freezer section. WOW! Bake up quickly in the toaster oven. Tender and very tasty! Starting my second bag! The cuts are the perfect suggested diet size of a deck of cards. Tasty breading. At $5.99 these fit very nicely into the budget. Much better than smaller nuggets or tenderloins or other cuts geared more toward children. Worthy of serving to guests! These are a found treasure! Thank you.

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