Aldi USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Aldi USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1200 N. Kirk Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-879-8100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-630-879-8100

  • The 50cent apple and cherry pies that I've enjoyed are now 79cents each. That's higher and faster than gasoline. What's going on???

  • TOPIC OF CONCERN – FOOD SHORTAGES & DESTRUCTION OF COMPANIES FACILITIES….I am concerned about all of the different food processing plants and distribution facilities that have been destroyed this year. So far there have been over 31 facilities in the US that are been destroyed in whole or in part. I hope Aldi has security supervision of any foul play that could occur. Many factories are computerized with some features that have backdoors that hackers can access to create mayhem and destruction. Nowdays households with wifi and smart systems are controlled by the touch of a button in another location, the same for factories. Aldi is international and we love going to the stores in the US and Germany. I want the best for Aldi and its customers, employees in stores, factories and distribution facilities. Be safe & aware of what is going on around the world.

  • I'm disgusted I bought 6 packages of Aldis Appleton bacon and omg a lot of it has black spots through it it is a mess to try to take apart and when it is cooked it gets sooooooooo hard on the edges that I broke a tooth!!!!!!!!!!! this is despicable!!!!!!

  • Aldi Customer Service Number: 1-630-879-8100
    Very professional customer service telephone number. A real live person answered after selecting several call options. Aldi's customer sevice representative could not have been more polite and respectful, and seemed to really be concerned about my recent Aldi experience and opinions. Thank you Aldi Corporate Offices, you run a fine ship.

  • As a regular shopper at an Aldi's in MI I was sad to see that you are mandating that your employees be vaxed by March 22. Many if not all of these employees worked through 2020 when there was nothing available to help your customers. Question: do you plan on financially helping those employees who become sick from taking an experimental drug. Will you accept liability if anything happens to them. By doing what you are doing you are furthering socialism in this great country.

  • You ADVERTISED ground sirloin on sale for 2 days. The product was not available either of those days nor the day after(Friday). I had planned a cookout for 8 people on Saturday and finds myself now scurrying to find enough good ground meat (at ANY price!!!) to follow through and deliver on my promise of a great meal for these people. You're no longer a trusted supplier for my household, having done nothing to resolve the situation and offering nothing in consolation. THANKS FOR NOTHING

  • We are trying to locate the Casa Mamita Double Fire Roasted Salsa that we love but it has disappeared from our local Aldi's stores and we have looked in quite a large area. Has this product been discontinued? We would gladly buy a case or two just to be able to have it here in our home. Our number one pick for Salsa. Thank you.

  • Twelve years ago, I was a zealous advocate for Aldi when not many people in Dallas had every heard of it. For years I extolled the virtues of shopping at Aldi. Over the past two years, so many changes have made me change my view in many ways. I was saddened at the way Aldi responded to the millions of us who could not get out to shop during the worst of the pandemic. All other major grocers and large "box" stores offered the option of shopping online and FREE pick up. Aldi charged $5 to pick up. For this reason, I chose to do most of my shopping during this time at stores who showed compassion for those of us who had to refrain from going out. Subsequently, I have notices that the Aldi ads I receive each week have grown smaller and smaller. The circulars used to be 4 pages. Now, the ads are just a double sided page. Perhaps customers were lost as a result of us forced to shop elsewhere for a year. Aldi, appreciate your customers. Also, not having a phone number for your stores is SO inconvenient.

  • Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets in the red bag in the freezer section. WOW! Bake up quickly in the toaster oven. Tender and very tasty! Starting my second bag! The cuts are the perfect suggested diet size of a deck of cards. Tasty breading. At $5.99 these fit very nicely into the budget. Much better than smaller nuggets or tenderloins or other cuts geared more toward children. Worthy of serving to guests! These are a found treasure! Thank you.

  • I shop at my Aldi once a week in Decatur or Tucker GA. Every time I go I look for an item they do not have. It's simply the best I can find *anywhere.* It comes in a 24oz bag off the shelf "Organic Simply Nature, non GMO, Turbinado Sugar. It's not been there in about 2 months. If it's temporarily unavailable, please let me know when you will be restocking it… or else what else is going on!

  • I am a loyal customer of Aldi I have shopped in various location in the USA as well as in Europe The New Aldi store in Pocono Summit is a DISGRACE either do overhaul or shut it done

  • November 16, 2019 at 04:24pm
    I like Aldi's and they are really popping up everywhere on the east coast, which is nice. What is very concerning is the poor/spoiled product selection, welted lettuce, rotten sweet peppers and apples. Aldi this is totally unexpectable for any grocery store. The bad product and poor customer serve is all we can expect from Aldi/Lidl German stores coming to the communities? Aldi (NEW) store #175 in Clinton, MD needs more than 2 cashiers on a Saturday afternoon!!!

  • I love Simply Nature Original Goat Cheese Macaroni & Cheese. When it was available at my local Aldi's I bought it out. It was a special item and have not seen it since. I would very much like to order more. Is it still being manufactured? I'm only interested in the original, plain goat cheese version. If you have stock left over I would like to buy some. Charlotte I. Olsen.

  • we are asking that you consider opening an Aldi's at the old Shop and Save
    location at PARKER ROAD AND HIGHWAY 367- FLORISSANT, MISSOURI .Several thousand homes are located within 5 miles of this area, with no large grocery store. We have become a food desert. We admire the way Aldi's operates their store. Thank you- Kathy Keim

  • I shop at Aldi's on a regular basis. Each week I purchase the store brand of PurAqua Belle Vie flavor sparkling water. The cost is $1.59 per case. So, please imagine my surprise when the flavors blackberry cucumber, pineapple, and cherry cost $1.40 more. Only these three flavors cost $2.99. I really would like to know the reason for the price difference.

  • I live in small town where we have an Aldi. It is very popular and I always shop at Aldi before I go to any other competing grocery. The produce is always fresh and plentiful. Lots of variety in all the other food departments. I find more whole foods are being available and I love that. My daughter who lived in this area also recently located to a suburb of Savannah, GA called Richmond Hill. I do hope you are considering opening an Aldi store in that area. There are only two large well know supermarkets in Richmond Hill whos prices are very high. I really believe if you open an Aldi in Richmond Hill you will have a very thriving business. The area has a working class and affluent population that would support one of your stores. There is also a military base in the area with many of the military buying not just on base but do live off base and shop at the two competing stores. Hoping this area will be considered. I predict it would be a success. Thank you

  • I shop at Aldi's in Scranton. They were open during some of their renovation. When I went back to shop, they were closed, which I understood. Now 4 weeks later I checked Aldi's website to make sure they were open as the store is approx. 25 miles from my home and I try to do all of my shopping in that area at once. No mention they were closed, showed hours open. Well, lo and behold, I got their with my shopping list in hand and they were closed. No sign as to approx. when they will be opening. I now am forced to shop elsewhere. Other locations are too far for me to travel just to go to Aldi's. Poor customer relations, very disappointed as I have been a loyal shopper since this store opened up.

  • Since approximately 1988-89, I have been shopping at Aldi. Most of the time, exclusively. Also, I have enjoyed seeing the growth and positive changes over the years. Having worked in the food industry, I understand the need to discontinue some items while brining on new ones. That said, this is in regards to the Aldi stores in the Columbus, Ohio market. It has come to my attention that the product "INFUSE" has been, for lack of a better word, "dropped". My family usually goes through between two and three cases of it each month. Especially since the removal of artificial dyes and such. My question is, is this a temporary or permanent discontinuation?

  • Why doesn't the Aldi store on Oakton and Lacrosse carry the unsalted dry roasted peanuts and grapefruits anymore? I asked the cashier when they would get the peanuts or grapefruit in and she said she didn't know and no one else did either. Too bad because the price was right but if I can't get what I need at Aldi I'll stop shopping there.

  • I shop frequently at the Aldi store on 92 in Woodstock, Georgia. Unfortunately, they are out of plastic bags to use for buying loose fruit. When questioning why they don't have the bags,(cashier),I was told that they ordered them but did not receive them. This is not the first time in this specific store that this is happening. Looks like they can afford to have spoiled loose fruit, since people tend to NOT buy, when there are no bags, besides putting the fruit loose in the cart is not very hygienical. This little store just doesn't seem "on the ball". Occasionally, I visit the Roswell,Georgia Aldi, a much bigger store, very well organized and I never had a bag problem. Really don't understand why the Woodstock Aldi can't have sufficient bags all the time. To me there is really no excuse. From a business point, you are loosing customers and wasting loose fruit and vegetables.

  • I found the same situation with fruit drinks being passed off as juice (not precisely but the label implies 100 percent juice when the 100 percent refers to sugar)

  • I love shopping at Aldis, and when my 17-going-on-18yr old daughter was looking for a job, she tried to submit her application at the Massena Aldi. The manager was so rude to her, that my daughter left in tears. Mind you, she does not cry easily. She felt humiliated in front of people while trying to explain that she would be 18 in a few weeks. She made her application for employment a public mockery, and dismissed her for being under 18. My daughter ultimately threw the application that she filled out in the garbage on her way out. While I hurt for her that she did not understand, there was little condolence that I could offer my daughter, as I did not understand why she was treated this way.

  • I have shopped at your San Bernardino,California store & was very impressed. you have also opened a store in Yuciapa California. please consider opening a store in Redlands, California which is located between the two named stores

  • I live in Conway,arkansas. we are a fast growing city and we would like for you to consider building a store here. we used to live in iowa and miss shopping at aldi. the food prices are to high for people on fix income thanks

  • We would like to see an Aldi's store here in Belleview, FL 34480. We are mid way between the villages and Ocala. That is about 10-11 miles either direction. Many new businesses are moving into our area because of our location.

  • Today I bought a package labeled "dried coconut". This was not dried coconut. It was some manufactured product that had been in a flat sheet then cut into pieces. It was the wrong texture for coconut and had no flavor of coconut. It barely had a coconut odor. My guess is that it is mostly corn starch and sugar. I am very upset by the bait and switch of this product. Shame on you Aldi.

  • Love Aldi. I'm a long time shopper. However I am sure I cannot be the only one with dietary requirements that include no/low sodium and sugar free/reduced sugar foods. Tough to find anything with these specifications at Aldi. Please consider.

  • Hi, my name is Ricky Arme and i applied for manager trianee in Wichita Falls ,Tx and was wondering how to get ahold of a manager to see if they have reveiwed my application and explain to him what kind of an asset i can be to the company. I cant seem to find a good number. Thank you. 940-613-4039

  • I love aldi. Thanks for your newer location in Yukon, Ok. I read the other comments and to me it's well worth shopping there. After shopping at Wal-Mart for over 30 yrs and seeing their mdse go to outrageous prices last 4 yrs.I buy as much at aldi as ok can. I still Have to go to wslmart for my meds and a few other things. I get upset every time I go. There is no reason for Wal-Mart to raise the price of wolf brand chili w/out beans from 1.59 to 1.98. It's pure greed.

  • I am /was a customer for over 30 years and I have been satisfied .I never liked the fact that you don't honor credit cards but I figured you all had a good reason.I had a separate checking account that I put money in every month just to use the debit card at your stores. Recently you have stopped selling Grits ,no longer aldi coutomer. I am black and black people eat grits not hashbrowns. Sorry

  • Please check into your freezer bags. The seals on the sides are not sealed and have caused several mishaps with liquids leaking out in my fridge. This is the 3rd box that has done this. It is mostly the Boulder twin lock quart size freezer bags.

  • Please brng back the origional sun- dried tomato dressing. The fusia teriyakia sauce needs to be added to the Elizabethtown,Ky store. You need to put a store back in Valley Station,Ky.

  • Since your from germany maybe you can help me . I brought this delicious hard candy from aldi they said it only comes ond a year. It from a company in germany I thought it began with a s . Any wayif I could out the company I thought I could get it from them myself.

  • Since I experienced ALDI stores in Germany I was quite shocked to find this tiny store with partially unpacked groceries. The stores in Germany were much bigger and better organized. The quarter to be paid for the cart does not bother me, one gets used to it and the carts get cleaned up. The prices for many items are much better than other stores, thinking of chocolate, wine, cookies, yogurt, milk, frozen veggies and some German products (not always available).

    Now my gripe: Every time I went the last few weeks, the store has no bags at the fruit and vegetable stand to buy loose fruit and veggies. Each time, I asked to have some put out, I am told that they have been ordered but not received. This has been going on for several weeks, I even had the manager called and got the same story that bags have been ordered but not received.. The cashier told me today that most people have no problems with this and bring their own bag, really? I told her that I do have a problem with this and if there are no bags at the stand, I just don't buy anything there. (not that the cashier will care). To me this is not a good business , by not providing the bags, the store is loosing business and profits, besides the fruit and veggies are getting spoiled.
    Apparently nobody cares??? (Aldi store in Woodstock,GA 301887, off 92, village sq.)

  • We buy German Coffee at Aldi ,but not much more. We would like to see more German and European food products. German style pickles ,ham etc.

  • I don't like to fish for quarters, so I don't get a cart, and only buy what I can carry in my arms and only very occasionally. Too bad.

  • I think you could do a better job training your store MANAGERs. I have shopped in your Aldi store #34 in Jeffersonville,IN for years. As of Today, 4/15/2014, I wont shop there again. The store manager was checking people out which must be why she had attidude, she charged me for 11 packs of colby cheese and 2 gallon of milk,I only bought one pack of cheese and one gallon of milk. When I went back in the store to explain to her, the manager, what she did, she acted like it was my fault and was rude about it. She did give me my money back but only cause I asked for it. Her reaction at first was and I quote "what do you want me to do about it". That seems unprofessional to me. Well me daughter posted our problem on Facebook and you wouldn't believe all the posts we received from others that have experiences and the same problems with the same store manager. I am not worried about the milk I was charged for because I did get $32.00 back for the cheese she over charged me for…however you have lost me as a customer…I am sure alot of my friends and Family will also agree not to shop there anymore…

  • Just another considerable suggestion: Aldi has a distribution center minutes away from Salisbury, NC…Mocksville, NC is about 25 miles away and the only grocery store choice they have is Food Lion (Liars) or Wal-Mart…An Aldi store located in Mocksville would offer a much welcomed and needed alternative for grocery shopping. There is at least two vacant options that could be upfitted to meet the Aldi needs, and there is plenty of land available to build…your choice. The people of Davie County, NC would welcome you! Thank you…Just a smart and logical business decision…

  • was wondering would you consider opening a store in Malden Mass,,we have two buildings available ,,One is a Stop & Shop Broadway Malden, closing Feb 8,

  • I think better training on customer courtesy is in order. I went in line to check out at Rome N.Y Aldi's and was told the line was closing that they would help me in another line. I only had a few items but went to another longer line only to have her say to the person that was behind me, with a full cart that she would cash them out. I'll pay a little more and go elsewhere from now on.

  • I urge your company to look into putting an store in Park Falls Wisconsin, the people here and the surrounding community would love to have one here. The closest one is in Rhinelander WI. You can put in the old Super One Foods store which is now r sale. Everyone I talk to would like to see some other store to shop at. Our community needs this VERY bad.

  • I have been a long time shopper at the Aldi's near me At Grant Ave. Phila. Pa. 19114 The Manager at that store was wonderful. Because of her was the reason I kept going back, The Shelves were always well stocked Items were always up to date. and the store was always spotless and smelled so clean. Recently I was told that the manager Ms Sheila was let go. Since her departure that store has gone down hill. Shelves are not well stocked, the product looks old, the new employees are laid back. I am very disappointed in the turnout of this store.,I know the store is going through a manage change but everyone's biggest complaint is not being able to find anything. I don't know why that manager was let go but I think it was a huge mistake to let someone who put their heart and soul in keeping that store in a high standard. Being a Baker I for one have cut my shopping down to maybe once a week where I use to go 3 and 4 times in one week, spending at least 100.00 a trip now on a good day spending 30.00 now.

  • We recently moved from Middleton, WI to Hot Springs, AR. We are a good Aldi customer and purchase most of our food items from Aldi. We like Aldi….but there is no Aldi store near Hot Springs, AR. The nearest store is in Ft Smith, 93 miles away. Are there any plans to build an Aldi store in Hot Springs, AR? We sure hope so.

  • Stop asking for temps using them 2 days then letting them go make the overpaid cashiers do some real work other than dirt on butt ok 1960 blond dm rude .2920 mex cashier rude 249 dm rude omg they are rude hated my visit and hated,how I saw,them treat the temps…..won't ever go back get out of texas until you can sell more items for larger family house I won't shop 2 stores. To save few dollars

  • It has been very difficult trying to reach someone at your office so now I have a laundry list of things to dicuss. I have been a long time shopper at Aldi. All the employees are wonderful. My routine would be to shop for everything on my list at Aldi first and what I could not find I would shop for elsewhere. I have come to understand and accept the "seasonal items" and the out of stock depending on when I shop. However; there are a few changes that will force me to do my shopping elsewhere first and then go to Aldi if I need to.
    Some changes that don't make sense to me….Tide? *Tide is everywhere so why not shop elsewhere and pay the price. The feminine products changing to a higher priced "Always" brand? If I wanted to pay a higher price and buy *"Always" I can do that elsewhere as well. On to bulk fruits… buying bulk is fine, but everytime I buy apples, grapes,oranges and lemons or limes, half the bag is moldy. I understand that I can take them back, but that is getting tiring. I will go elsewhere pick out individual fresh pieces. Yes, I will pay more, but I wont waste my time and gas money driving back to Aldi to exchange them. Although Aldi has done A LOT right in the past, I am starting to see some changes that are forcing me to shop elsewhere first which will lead to me eliminating Aldi altogether or less frequent visits at best. I understand the private label industry and would like, in two instances, if you just left things alone.

    Would love to hear back from someone.

  • Jewells. may 21, 2013

    I started shopping Aldi's about a year ago, the produce was the best in Durham,NC. until about two months ago.

    Now when I buy produce, half of the grapes are not edible and cost $2.99 per bag. That also applies to the apples and oranges. Just last week I purchased an avocado and it wasn't in my bag when I got home.
    Please look into this! TY…
    I have lost lots of money in this store. Something needs to be done about this.

    • any fruit in bags are to be inspected carefully, so many rotten,spoiling and loaded with fruit flies having a feast, the vegetables of the week are not as fresh as in the past and must select by turning item over to find in many cases the beginning of spoilage. general appearance of store inside & out has fallen and shelves are not carefully stocked and employees are few and don!t know answers to customers questions. this store chain needs to watch their stores,

  • My wife and i are aldi shoppers we however are disappointed that you apparently went with a different povider for your paper towels. The package we recently purchased shreds rather than seperate at the perforations and the consistency of the material is closer to toilet tissue, what a shame that you keep lowering your quality.

    Disappointed in Michigan!!!

  • Wow I have to say, who ever decided to shut down the store at War Memorial and Wisconsin Ave in Peoria Heights Illinois and open one to replace it at 34?? North University Peoria Illinois, should have there head examined! A tiny parking lot and a super busy street location. A stoplight that backs traffic up into the parking lot not allowing cars to enter the parking lot. What a fiasco.

  • ATTN: Marketing Dept. – Would you please take a look into opening a store in Hartwell, Ga. We have the perfect location here, on Athens St. Previously there was a grocery in this location. Our area needs some more competition. Love to shop at you locations in Atlanta and SC. Thanks for your time!!!

  • You don't make it easy to reach anyone.It says e-mail addresses…I can't find one.if this is the only way to be heard, then so be it.I don't belive you are looking for "TRAINIES". how can you rise to a position if your not given a chance?I've worked my way up in the grocery stores from salad bar clerk to a deli manager. Yet when I apply,it's not even possible to speak to anyone.I think 23 years of service should count for something.I know this is a waste of time, but at least I tried! Thanks Donna Parys

  • Being German living here for over 30 years, we are major disappointet in Aldi for the last year
    More and more German food iterms are not avail. anymore
    For X-Mas, no marzipan, no Black Forest cake, no other German cake No Apfel Schorle and many other items.
    Why are they no longer avail.
    When you had them in the previous years they were selling of the shelves like hot potatoes

    • Totally agree! When I shop at ALDI I'm looking for German products.
      "Deutsche Kueche",- imported from Germany !
      Not products,- "Inspired by Germany."
      Inspiration will not do,- it hurts the ALDI image ! !
      It does not mean monocultural products,- variety is of importance.
      However,- let the base be supported by Products of German origin !
      Thank you.
      With friendly greetings,-
      P. Luxenhofer