Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Allegiant Air Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
8360 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 USA
Lost Baggage: 1-866-719-3910
TTY: 1-702-430-3283
Corporate Phone Number: 1-702-851-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-702-505-8888

  • You have an employee there by the name of Belen (not sure of last name) as she would not provide it. She lives in Phoenix. Long story short, while on a very recent flight, I listened to her talk about her daughter (who is eight years old) who spends a lot of time figuring her life out while her mom "has fun" flying. Her mom apparently has an army full of people that are "responsible" for her daughter while she is away. Apparently she recently came off of workers comp., which she was more than proud about and went on to talk about (to anyone who would listen) how she was "going to put her time in" and then go on FMLA. For whatever reason, she felt the need to share some very personal details with anyone who would listen and she made me feel like she was using her job with Allegiant to eventually be off work and home again. Her intentions with your company are not good and she is using you to get access of other things she really does want. Her personal life has no business with customers and I felt disgusted by her sharing all she did.

  • REAL PROBLEM With ALLEGIANT AIRLINE……I was booked on a evening flight from Raleigh NC to Punta Groda Fl on AUG 13, 2018, I'M A SENIOR DISABLED CITIZEN IN A WHEELCHAIR that just had foot surgery and was very uncomfortable.Waited a hour in
    line to board, was boarded on the plane strapped in, about 5 minutes before take off I was asked to leave the plane, yes it was hard to get out of my seat due to my surgery, I WAS HURTING, I just wanted to get home, I was told that I needed to refresh myself and i said the plane was about to leave, so the called the police on me.I was removed from the plane, VERY MUCH IN PAIN, I was told they would get me another flight, I was left 2 HOURS BY THE GATE WHILE THEY MADE PHONES CALLS with the police, people were looking at as I was some kind of criminal. I was given a customer service phone number, with being booked on next flight was 4 Days later, I asked what im going to do for 4 DAYS, they didn't offer me any type of lodging,they took me to the lobby of the airport and left me, to fend for myself
    strange airport, strange city and VERY MUCH IN PAIN.I waited in the lobby and at 330 am I went over to AMERICAN AIRLINES, I paid 360.00 for the next flight to Ft Myers with NO PROBLEM AT ALL BOARDING THE PLANE. I tried call there Custom Service Line with no answer. I had to Email the VP of the Airline, and all that I received was a refund from the Flight I didn't take, no other lodging or my AMERICAN AIRLINES Ticket or transportation from Ft Myers to Punta Grande, which I
    Im currently talking with INSIDE EDITION to expose there BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE
    and how there treating there customers after reading the problems all the problems.If you have any problems please contact me, at DJ

  • I am extremely upset with Allegiant Air, at this time. I called to cancel an existing reservation, but a manager named Michelle cancelled the flight without telling me that the person listed as the passenger could also use that credit. She recommended that I use the credit, which was just a partial credit, to book another flight asap. She also failed to tell me that she would email me a Credit Voucher. That voucher was in the amount of $240.98, for a booking of $292.98. I tried several times to reach someone at Allegiant, before booking another flight, but could not reach anyone, so I booked the flight without knowing about the Credit Voucher. I called Allegiant to make sure that I would get credit, but was told no, because I failed to use the voucher when making payment. It's nearly impossible to reach anyone there, when you need them. She offered me a partial refund of around $109 for the return flight only. My first booking was 7HPWYS for the amount of $292.98, and the last one was 7HYMQ4 for the amount of $300.98. You can reach me at 509-578-9659. Just know that I'm not happy with you folks!

  • I have read through the comments and most are complaints. You would think that Allegiant Corporation would take a look at all the negative comments and do something about the horrible customer service. I have traveled on this airline on a few occasions and without fail EVERY experience has been terrible. The most recent event was trying to change a flight. I tried several times online with no success. When I finally did get ahold of a human to make the changes, I was told that it was within the 7 day time frame and could not be done and that I would need to purchase another ticket. The worst part about all of it was how incredibly COLD the customer service rep was. Like a robot. Too bad that some people are either trained that way or like that by nature. I feel sorry for the employees of this company. The upper management have done a horrible job training the staff and allowing them to not make any type of concession on changing the flight.
    Allegiant Corporation, I am calling you out to step up and do the right thing and offer better service across the board. Take a look at all these comments. It is not just a few people. There is overwhelming proof that you as a company need to do something.

  • Allegiant is an example of the downside of corporate greed. The cut back in services and increase in nickle and dime costs are depressing. When its all about upping your numbers customers are screwed…

  • I get emails every other day from Allegiant offering to upgrade my baggage for an "online price" of $18. When I finally clicked the link to take advantage of the offer, the only choice available is $36. Bait and Switch? I don't know so I called the Customer Service number. It seems their IVR is tuned to maximize pain for any unfortunate customer who dares speak to a human. After 3:36 of listening to a long list of prohibited items, I'm FINALLY sent into agent queue. At this time … 17:26 later, after listening to a constant commercial for upgraded services, I'm about at the end of my patience. Mind you, it's 9pm at night and every 3 minutes or so I'm being told the wait is extra long due to unusual call volume. Now I'm 18:45 into this special hell and wondering why I bothered with this 3rd rate travel company…. How long will my patience last?

    Tune in next week to see if they finally answered my call, or not!

  • I purchase a rental car through allegiance airlines. I came to new Orleans to help my mother because my father passed away a few months ago and she needed help. I got to desk and was told I needed to pay taxes for the car, I do not have a problem with that,but I forgot to add the money to card. So the next day I got some money from my mother knowing she really did not have to give. So I came with cash. Because it was a holiday I could not place the money into my account. That did not work. I put the money on a prepaid card. That did not work. An agent ask me if someone can help me, so I got my Aunt to help, she had a debit card and not a credit card. Nothing. I already prepaid for the rental through the airline. Tuesday I called allegiant to tell them what happen. They rep I spoke to indicated that they called Alamo and was told the car was rented. I did not received the car nor did anyone sign for me. I tried that on Monday with my aunt. They indicated that it was guy. I called Alamo and they indicated that my rental was not used. So I called allegiant and placed the allegiant rep and the Alamo rep on the line.Sheena the rep from Alamo indicated that the rental was not used. I only wanted a resolution to getting my rental. I wanted to help my mother for a few days because she can barely get around.Waiting on Allegiant to call me about refunding my money and they have yet to contact me. This is crazy. The BBB will be called today

  • This airline is the worst. Had two sets of folks coming to town for a wedding. One group lost all their luggage and the relative group had their flight cancelled. I went to corporate office and asked to speak to someone and had the police called on me. Regarding baggage I asked them who delivers bags to residences after they have been lost. They had no idea. I asked them to find out and after 72 hours they said they had not been able to get the answer yet but were trying real hard. It was hard to get anyone on the weekend. (Airports close on the weekend?) I told them I went to the airport and got the answer in 60 seconds on Sunday just wanted to see what effort they would make. Zero

  • Hello,
    I am writing to you today to tell you how disappointed I am with your airline, and your customer service employees. My sister and I booked a flight with your airline in March to go to Las Vegas the end of June. We were to leave Indianapolis on the 30th of June, and return on the 4th of July. We are both big women, so we even booked wide seats on the aircraft, and paid our baggage fees up front so it was all taken care of ahead of time. We live 3 hours away from Indianapolis airport, and had booked a ride down there with a local transportation company. Shortly after we were dropped off at the airport terminal on Friday morning, we were notified that our flight was cancelled. When we questioned the employee that was there, she was very rude and was not forthcoming with ANY information whatsoever. She then said there would not be a flight out again until Saturday evening at 8:30, which would have made us miss the concert we were going there for in the first place. When we tried to explain this to her, she said we would have to get a refund, and then we would have to find our own way there. She said the refund would take 7-10 business days, which is ridiculous! This trip was booked early because we didn't have a lot of money, and then we would have to wait for our refund, AND find the money to book another flight!! When we booked the flight, it only took 60 seconds for the money to be withdrawn from my bank account, so why do we have to wait?? This is VERY POOR BUSINESS!! Since we were then stuck in the terminal, with no ride home or anywhere else, we asked if Allegiant would put us up in a hotel for the night until we could make other arrangements, and we were told no. She said since we opted for a refund, we weren't going to be put up in a hotel for the night. I can't believe you don't have better customer service than this!!!! I will not, nor will any of my friends, EVER fly Allegiant in the future, and you can BET I will do a lot of negative advertising to whoever I come in contact with! I drive for a transportation company, so I can get the word out for you! If this is the way you treat people, I want nothing to do with your airline!

    Mary Warren

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  • I have been trying to contact customer service for 5 days. I want my money back. My flight that I booked to Youngstown, Ohio was suppose to depart at 8:37 AM, Flight 606. No one every notified the passengers there would be a delay and I finally received a text message that the estimated departure would now be 3:22 PM. I was going to Conneaut Lake, PA for a memorial service for my Aunt Kate who died in January. I spoke to the ticket counter at 9:45 AM to cancel my flights and was told I have to call 702-505-8888. I have never spoken to anyone and have just been on hold for hours. I tried to cancel my flights on line and was told I had to call. This has been a nightmare. I have never flown Allegiant and I now never will. I hope your company goes bankrupt.

  • Bottom line is Allegiant Airline cares only about making money & nickel & dimming their customers who they don't care about at all. It is the worst airline I have ever encountered!!!!

  • MARCH 28, 2016
    I thought airplanes are suppose to be put out of commission when they routinely have problems. My flight was delayed on four seperate occassions for a warning light. If the airlines care for people saftey, why wasn't this plane shut down for proper maintainence. Constantly, holding it for hours is not acceptable. Many people had connecting flights to get to. The lease you could do was to give vouchers with an apology. This was so not cool. If a warning light constantly concerns a pilot, the airplane does not need to be flying.

    I was starting to like allegiant air. Now, I have my doubts your standard of safety. I flew this same plane four differnt dates. Each time I was delayed for hours until maintainence fix the problem.

  • booked a ticket to pasco or explained my need, need wheelchair will be bringing airline approved portable oxygen concentrator aboard plus be traveling with EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG with me was told to get a letter from my doctor saying I was unable to travel without my dogs support I called the allegiant office to tell them that I had certified certificate and id registration from the federal government stating that it was requiring housing and airline institutions to abide by it/s law and enable persons with such documentation to allow such animals to accompany their owners on airlines without doctors this was confirmed by a customer service however when I get to check in I was told that this paperwork was not acceptable was turned down from boarding was told there would be no refund this truly is the worst airline and customer service of any company I have ever dealt with I had to miss the tree planting in memory of my recent loss of my wife shame on you so called friendly airline

  • WORST AIRLINE EVER!!! Can't get through to customer service after 3 days of trying…REALLY??? Hard to believe that Allegiant is still in business. Will contact the FAA.

  • I use allegiant air many times a year, in fact probably 6 times this last year and your Phoenix/Mesa area is the worst. I got there 70 minutes before my flight today and security was very very slow. Me and about 20 other passengers got to the gate about 6:18 after telling security multiply times they were overhead paging yes. The lady was very rude stating that it was the airline decision to pull us ahead. By the time she did we all missed the 6:15 door be closed. The plane was still there, and they would not let us on. The rude security lady with blonde hair said we had nothing to worry about, the plane didn't leave until 6:30 well at 6:18 we couldn't bored the plane and then e were made to pay 75$ to fly out the next day because that's the next flight to Cedar Rapids . I have never been so upset or disappointed with your airlines. You need to look into the Phoenix Mesa airport and train your personnel. Being rude doesn't bring back repeat business and it's us passengers that make your business a success and pays there pay checks. I am very very upset with your airline. I paid the 75$ and can't find an email now with confirmation number to check on my flight and I have been on hold waiting for a representative for over 20 minutes so far.

  • I was on hold for1hr and 19mins. When I finally got a chance to speak with a customer service representative, she was extremely rude! Due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to use my airline tickets. I paid $325 but am only receiving a $130 voucher! The rep very rudely stated I should read the fine print on the website because it clearly states there are additional fees other than the $75 charge each way. I am very upset and I feel robbed. I'm glad you all think people have money to throw away. I will blast this all over my blog and every social media site! Your practices are unfair! S989375

  • I can't even explain my frustration…..all I can say is that either a flight attendant, gate attendant or the lovely Rachel in lost and found stole my laptop. Numerous reports filed with no help. Finally, a police report has been filed with LVMPD….and they are doing what they can. Funny how with such tight security the passenger's personal items can simply disappear from within the cabin….

  • i really wished I would have seen these comments a couple of weeks ago and see what very bad service allegiant airlines does to the common people, who by the way is there bread and butter. our daughter booked a flight to be with her mom and dad (me) low and behold I had a heart problem, so we are still in Michigan waiting for the doctor to say its ok for me to go south. Our daughter called allegiants 702 number ends up with one of those people who CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH or if they can its very poor at best. no refund only $65.oo rebate which by the way is not for cash that she paid for the ticket with. but a voucher that only allegiant will honor on another flight, wow don't that beat all. SO I REALLY HOPE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CAME UP WITH THESE WONDERFULL IDEAS CRASH THE VERY EXPENSIVE CARS, HAVE A FIRE IN THE VERY EXPENSIVE HOMES THEY LIVE IN .I don' want them to get hurt or any one in the families but just maybe have some of the bad luck catch up to them. That most of the common people live with daily. Oh yes the ticket was only about $350.00 and I would bet $100.00 that seat will be sold to someone else before it takes off from Grand Rapids,MI. to Fort Myers,Fl. From C. avery (who will never fly with you)

  • How does Allegiant Air loose baggage on a direct flight?????? I have called lost luggage number and have left at least 5 messages with the lost baggage in Phoenix/Mesa, Do you think they have called me back yet, no! This has been so frustrating to my family. We had to go out and buy over $100 of cosmetic items to include a blow dryer because Allegiant is holding my baggage hostage.

  • Today, 9/22/15, I contacted your Customer Service Center and spoke with Representative Dawn, ID# 55552. My reason for the call was regarding canceling rules. I wanted verity the rules posted on your Frequent Asked Question Page of the Allegiant Website. Dawn informed me that the website was INCORRECT. If the website is incorrect, please update it with the proper information. If the representative Dawn is incorrect, please give proper training to your representative. Here are the rules from the website…Most itineraries can be cancelled online. You will receive a full refund to the original form of payment for cancellations made within 24 hours of your initial purchase (as long as your trip is at least a week away)." Finally, I not sure why the representatives are so rude and unprofessional. She acted as if I was contacting her at home during personal hours.
    Thank You S. Mobley

    • I also had a problem w/your call ctr . I needed clarification on canceling my reservation due to a family emergency . Called numerous times, put on hold .I can not understand why no allegiant air port ticket booth has a phone ? Result I lost my purchase of a round trip . Is this customer service ? Myself or my family fly you air line because it is the only air line that has a direct flight to and from m our HOR .What is the cost of a phone at the desk ?? Are you in that much of a finance dilemma ?? I lost over $ 300.00 because you do not offer

  • I booked flights for my wife and I on 12/18/15 on flight number 652 from Sanford, Florida. to Niagara Falls and return flights on Flight 653. as of this morning 8/11/15 Allegiant announced it was starting in November flights into Rochester, NY. It would be more convenient for us to fly into Rochester on flight 740 and return out of Rochester on flight 741 since this wasn't available when we first booked are flights we think Allegiant should change them at no cost to us.
    Thank You
    Richard Cirulli

  • I am a retired airline Captain with a major airline. I now work as a contractor for the FAA regarding pilot certification. I have commented in the past about the un-professional attitudes I have seen when traveling on a full fare ticket with Allegiant. Last week on July 24 on Allegiant flight 779 from Appleton Wisconsin to Sanford Florida I noticed that the female F/A on the forward jump seat did not bother to fasten her shoulder harness while seated in a flight crew position on the jump seat. The male flight attendant, next to her, did fasten his shoulder harness, but not the female F/A who was next to the forward entry door. This female F/A would have been the nearest person to the forward entry door, had an evacuation been needed. I don't have to tell you that this is a violation of an FAR. Last year, on the same trip, the F/A's sat on the floor in front of the passengers and had their dinner, and no announcements were ever made all the way from Sanford to Appleton. I have been in the airline business for 35 years (full service airline) and I am all to familiar with airline finance and just how difficult it is to cut cost, but in my opinion you can be no frills, but also have a professional operation. Passengers sitting around us were commenting to others around them that Allegiant had to be the most un-professional airline company in the skies today. Allegiant corporate, please make some meanful changes.

  • I have had to call Allegiant twice pre-travel and held for at least an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The day I was supposed to depart, I received a text stating the flight was delayed 1 hour. Later, I received another text stating it was delayed another hour. On our way to the airport, I received a text stating the flight was cancelled. I decided to continue to the airport to get more information. The guys at the ticket counter explained they were not Allegiant employees, they are contractual employees and could not assist with additional information. They handed me a sheet of paper stating the flight had been re-scheduled for departure the next day, June 27th and would return June 29th and for additional assistance call the 702-830-8599 number. I purchased theme part tickets to Disney World and Universal Studios, so one day in Orlando would not work for my family of 5. I frantically re-scheduled hoping my job would understand and let me off for the new dates. I was wrong and tried calling back to reschedule, during my 1 hour 15 minute hold, I received an email from a family member with several links with the Allegiant's labor and mechanical issues. After reading these, I don't won't to jeopardize my or my family's safety, I just want my money back. Of course, when I spoke with the Allegiant rep she un-empathetically explained I could not get a refund and would be charged a $75 per person fee to change the dates. I asked for a manager and of course there was not a manager and she would submit a form that takes 24 – 48 hours for a response. Not only, have I contacted every local news station in my city, I will be contacting the mayor, the FAA, legal representation, and anyone else who will listen regarding Allegiant. My IT# is P974328.

    • Any contact information you may have and be willing to share, that actually connects you to a person in charge) would be appreciated. I am having a similar issue – charges up the wazu for changing a date – and the "fee" for cancelling is the same as for changing the date.

  • 2 hours on hold for customer service is totally unacceptable in the real world. I hope someday the Allegiant executives & major stockholders receive the same treatment. This airline has become a joke and all it has done is drive consumers to other airlines. I've tried to get customer service 2 a.m., 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9 p.m…obviously there is no customer service.

  • Well, unfortunately the third time, nor the fourth or fifth times are the charm. I've been trying for over one week to contact Allegiant Airlines. I need to cancel my reservation and to change/cancel my flight reservation & we are being asked to call the customer service line rather than use the website option which was available one day ago. We have also left messages on the website MANAGE YOUR TRAVEL portal only to receive an email stating we would hear from Allegiant in 24-48 hours. Guess what, no message(s) to date and it's been well over 72 hours. I think Allegiant just wants us to get down to the "No Refund" wire so they don't have to refund any of our money. I must say that as convenient as Allegiant is for us to fly to our normal destination, I will never fly them again. We have used this airline for many years and I have never seen a more unprofessional display & lack of customer service. It is obvious that the airline does not care about it's customers and it's reputation. I am seriously considering contacting the FAA and an attorney that specializes in class action suits. I don't think there is an attorney in practice that would be able to handle all the business he/she would receive related to Allegiants negligence, unresponsiveness, lack of professionalism and it's seemingly "just out to get the money" business practice. At this moment, I have been on hold with customer service for 1.5 hours. I will also plan to share this information with everyone I know who travels via commercial airlines. IT#P596823

  • In light of the current safety issue with airplanes in the Allegiant fleet flying in & out of Florida, I have been trying to get information on what Allegiant is doing to assist people with tickets for travel in the near future. I think that Allegiant should understand the concern regarding said safety issues. I would just like to be able to cancel my flight & car reservation and receive a refund, voucher or some type of compensation. As others have mentioned, customer service is non-existent via telephone or email on the website. This is very unsettling and unprofessional, it's almost as though Allegiant does not want to respond until it's entirely too late to get any kind of refund. I would think that to build the trust of their passengers they would be more courteous and responsive.

  • Same problem. Seems that if everything is simple, and there are no deviations from the norm, ie. a passenger with oxygen, Allegiant can handle that. But give them anything out of the ordinary and their ticket agents 'don't know'. Heaven forbid you need to call Customer Service. There is only 1 number and they are always experience high call volume at all times of the day, even 4:00am?????? We all know that is recording that is automatically set whereby you are hoping that the customer will give up and hang up. I usually fly commercial airlines, ie. Delta, US Airways, American etc…and have never had a problem but leave it up to Allegiant. Customer Servic should be moved up on their list of priorities!!

  • Same problems. First time I have booked a flight with Allegiant and it will be my last. I have made multiple hour to hour and a half calls only to hear "we are experiencing high call volume". No customer service whatsoever. There are no other numbers. I used the "chat" option only to be told to call the same number that I have been using and not getting to speak to anyone.

  • I don't believe you have any customer representatives at the Customer Service call center. I have called multiple times stay on line once for 58 minutes (average 45 minutes per call) without ever talking to a person. I could have driven to my now.

  • Last year, I purchased a ticket and plans fell through so I called Allegiant air within 10 minutes of my booking to cancel but I could not get a refund because it was within 7 days of travel and I did not purchase TripFlex. I received a travel voucher that must be used within a year. Within days of this, I got laid off of my job and it took a several months to get another job. We all know that a new job is demanding and time off is usually not an option on in addition to not having ample amount of funds. Nothing matters to Allegiant, I could not get my ticket refunded of 414.00, money I could use during desperate times. Recently, I emailed Customer Service to request an extension for my voucher and I received and auto response that it could take up to 60 days for a resolution. My voucher expires in April! Yet, Allegiant does not want any additional emails in this regard because they can get confused. Ahhh.. I worked in the airline industry for 6 years and that airline customer service department was very accommodating. Who in the world wants to cause grief and havoc to people who are already upset, need assistance and resolution. I believe all respectable airlines and businesses in general have empathy and will work with a passenger or customer or guest to get issues resolved. I have never experienced such horrible and antiquated customer service regulations. More than likely, I will lose my 414.00. I am sure we all have an extra 414.00 to toss away instead of paying a mortgage or some sort of insurance premium. My words cannot express how appalled that I am with Allegiant. I have called the Allegiant call center and everyone I spoke with in this regard was not empathetic and threw the terms and conditions in my face.
    The other nite a representative advised me that I have one year to travel and if I don't then you will forfeit your voucher, it is not Allegiant's fault. Wow…I will now try to contact the corporate office with my complaint. Then again, my dad once said "s— rolls down hill".

  • I have been trying to call customer service for well over a week, everyday multiple times a day, I get no answer. Having a high call volume every day for such a limited travel airline is crazy. I have waited multi times for well over 45min and still no customer service member came on the line.. My husbands deployment got extended which is way out of our control. All I want to do is postpone our trip. However I feel that they do not answer so that your trip date arrives and you then are considered a (NO SHOW) and therefor forfeit any and all money paid for the trip.
    Sincerely very upset military wife!!!!!!!! Just remember my husband serves so you have the freedom to have your airline company and to protect the skies that you are flying in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I travel on Allegiant also, and I highly recommend you call when the ticket counters are closed (late at night). That is when I have received the most luck in getting through in a decent amount of time.
      I hope this helps.

  • Sorry your airline has no empathy was you are losing your dad. I book a trip because they thought my dad would pass very quickly after removing all tubes and life support. He did not all we wanted to do postpone our trip so we would not lose our money. Myself and wife are on disability can not afford another ticket if we lose the ones for this coming trip. That would mean I would not be able to go back home with mt family and say goodbye to my dad.

    my reservation is M533652

  • I have flown many times with allegiant with out problems. Lately your airlines has caused me many heartaches I am about to file a class action lawsuit with ADA because of your ticket agents negligence.
    My body parts are locked and I need to be in a bulk seat area. I have been laid up many weeks because your agent popped my hip seating me else where. I refuse to be injured because of their negligence. Your agents are in violation of code 382.81 item D. Which they are not doing. My current reservation is M392936. If I am harassed again I will file a suit. Please inform Connie at your 702 505888 number and Please inform South Bend Indiana agents. Sorry to see such a great airlines be so anti ADA. M. Reynolds

    my most recent reservation is M392936

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