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  • Allstate Corporate Office Headquarters

Allstate Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Allstate Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Allstate Insurance Corporate Office Address:

2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062 USA

Allstate Insurance Contact Phone Number and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-402-5000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-847-402-2351
Corporate Email: info@allstate.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: ALL
Website: Allstate.com

Allstate is famous for its auto and home insurance products. Allstate offers personal property and casualty insurance along with life insurance and retirement products. Allstate is one of the premier insurers in the US.

Allstate Insurance corporate office Customer Care Phone Number is 1-877-306-6074. The phone number for Allstate’s corporate office is 1-847-402-5000. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

Allstate’s main competitors are State Farm, Progressive, Geico, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers Insurance, Travelers, American Family Insurance, Nationwide, Erie Insurance, Auto Club Exchange, Chubb, CSAA, Kemper, MetLife, Mercury, The Hartford, Auto Club, Amica, Country Financial, Shelter Insurance, and Brightway Insurance.

Allstate Corporate Office

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  1. I placed a claim with Allstate and due to water damage in my house .. I was paid out on 3/24/2023..My funds of 6,488.21 went to some else account .. I was told to set up a QuickPay and that what I did.. My last two claims were paided out through Quickpay . My adjuster is telling me that there is nothing else that Allstate can do for me .. I been emailing here and telling her that is not my account number .. Mangement told me that I have to recover the funds .. I have no idea who account this is that have the funds .. I never once had this to happen to me ..Allstate has my account number where my auto policy gets a withdrawal monthly. I need some one to look into this matter for me ..I don't have any funds from Allstae in my account .. I am the only person that is on my account ..

  2. Thankfully, after having read many of these comments, I am not a customer of theirs, but I would like to comment on their latest ads. They are repugnant! They traded "Mahem" for these, i.e., the moron behind the wheel and the talking/singing hood ornament?????????????" As usual, the ad agency, in addition to the individuals signing off at the Company, had to have been higher than a kite! The world's worst insurance companies: Liberty Mutual and Allstate if their ads are any indication! What's an Emu or wet teddybear got to do with insurance?????????????? How moronic and aimed at the lowest common denominator of intelligence, and that covers a wide area, obviously.

  3. Allstate Insurance does not care about the ones they insure. I asked for a roof in 2012 bad hail storm and roofers could not fix for a year. Allstate said has to be done in 6 months no extension. Had to patch. Asked again for new roof due to leaks. They refused and now I have black mold and can't live in it. Was living in garage for a little over a year now in a small camper without water. But, they still get my money every month. I hate them!!! As soon as I can afford a new roof will find insurance elsewhere!!! Because they don't care!!!!

  4. …I am preparing to write the board of directors of Allstate
    to get that get that disgusting commercial off the air, get out of my face…
    get that digital surveillance out of my automobile.

    I have done business with you in the past & I appreciate your service.

    However since then I have seen big corporations such as Allstate incorporate
    totalitarian big tech surveillance processes into their business models.

    That commercial is disgusting, perverse, not funny, counter productive and
    very offensive. It connotes violence, lack of self discipline, and ruins the
    good name of an iconic American insurance company, Allstate. That commercial represents
    the attempt by big tech & the feckless companies that adopt their doctrine to
    destroy the ethic of western civilization social behavior with incessant propaganda.

    Shame on your directors and management for paying to hammer such
    a destructive message on the public.

    That message also casts you in a bad light insofar as you represent them
    in the property & casualty business.

    Obviously it is your choice but I recommend you distance yourself from Allstate.
    Allstate should discontinue the commercial immediately. The Chairman and CEO
    should make an appearance of equal weight to the commercial and apologize the the public.

    I have had enough.

  5. This recent TV commercial with the guy saying he is a St. Bernard Puppy and licks the face of a woman…this ad is so revolting, repugnant, stupid…and only a moron could could have come up with this deranged idea

  6. Annas Khan policy # 844930216; I purchased the policy from Allstate ph # 2146436857 owner of agency Mr. HAYAT through his agent MR. Kasif Saleem and paid my premium in full upfront. every now and then I receive the letter of my automatic payment denied; what automatic payment he talks about is not understood. HE was pointed out about this on receipt of first letter. Now I am of the opinion he issued policy as Automatic of EFT payments and charging me extra. Every policy holder of Allstate, specially of this agency to check such happening in their policy.
    Allstate CEO at corporate office to please investigate and return my extra charged premium.
    I understand this agency must have put the whole premium in his account to pay monthly for me; this way he keeps the premium with them and also charge policy holder for EFT monthly charges.
    CEO to please investigate about it and furnish me details to knock FTD and commissioner of insurance.

    1. I changed to a different company for my vehicles months ago. I still have Allstate for other types of insurance. I have never received a refund of unused premium and my account was just charged over $1500, causing an overdraft. The new local agency was notified 4 times by fax of the cancellation. Do I need a lawyer?

  7. I am sending a letter to CEO Tom Wilson about this. Probably won't do much good. As customers for 3 homes over 14 years, we placed a claim for storm damage. NOT COVERED ! ! The agency back then said we ARE covered, never sent us a stipulation as to this. But they sure did come up with one so they can deny the claim. The previous agency manager said there was no problem with our having an in-ground pool. It was damaged by storm. Guess what ? Tom Wilson will hear from me.

  8. I have been a customer of Allstate for 20 years. Both auto and home and have NEVER put in a claim. They raised my rates by $100 due to turning 65. First they sent happy birthday greetings. They did not tell me why my rates were being raised, I had to spend a day trying to find out. I am now interviewing new insurance companies. Be ware and very careful when dealing with Allstate, they do not care about their customers at all.

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Corporate Office Headquarters