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Allsup’s Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Hello all, I am keeping my name anonymous until I decide if I will take legal action against Allsups. I have never worked in any type of convenience store in my life and wanted a change from working in office settings. I enjoyed the job but was being harassed by co-workers and management. I decided to end my employment without a fuss and not to involve my layer or the EEOC because I was humiliated and appalled by the way I was treated by management and just wanted to leave it in the past and move on. Well when I called the Corporate office to ask simple questions on how to obtain some simple documentation, to my great surprise the woman or girl who answered the phone at the corporate office didn't state her name and was not very friendly at all. She rudley stated that they do not have access to any email and that I would have to fax them as to what exactly I was needing. When I asked who's name should be on the fax she replied with "I don't know". I would expect an answer like that from an employee in one of the stores who is not properly trained, never did I expect to hear such professionalism from the cooperate office. It's no wonder they let their store managers harass their employees and treat them like dirt. I don't understand how a billion dollar corporation doesn't have access to email! That just blows my mind. After being treated rudely by someone who represents ALLSUPS Corporate office's. I think I will go ahead and contact the EEOC on very horrible things that happened to me as an employee of Allsups. I think that customer service is very important in any job, but at a cooperate level it's crucial to the company and makes the company look bad if they have people with no customer service skills whatsoever answering phones. Now I'm wondering why I didn't just contact my lawyer at once? Horrible company that only cares about the BIG DOGS that are raking in the big bucks. In all reality they wouldn't be raking in anything without the poor underpaid employees that work for minimum wage and get a 20 dollar Christmas bonus, well 18 when they deduct taxes. I think it's about time someone actually goes through and tells their story. Good luck to all you hard working employees. Without you they would be nothing!

  2. This place is very unfair… I worked my butt off for this job and next thing you know you get let go due to stupid issues. Now this company is very uptight with there money when you try to file with unemployment. If you have issues with this company we should take actions. I have a few witnesses such as customers.

  3. I have been to the Allsups 317 in Taos on a number of occasions and am always seeing a graveyard clerk sleeping. I know for a fact another employee has told the manager number of times, shown him photos and because of it was threatened physical violence on two separate occasions by the sleeping employee whose name is Jimmy Archuleta. I would think that this would be violating some kind of state law or some Osha regulation.

  4. I have been shopping at Allsups # 3 in Hobbs NM for several years. Over the past 6 months I have noticed a change in apperance, the store is much cleaner but the store still stinks and has no air conditioning. Regarless of the surrounding the employee are nice and welcoming. My problem with the store is Management involvement. I visit this location 3 time a day, never have I seen a manager work the floor. There have been several times I have witnessed management sit in the back, play video games, talk on the phone or sit outside and smoke. It really looks bad when the leader of the business is collecting a unearned check.

  5. This has got to be the worse company in the world to work for. They care nothing about their employees, they all work in hot stores(No air conditioner). it nasty, stinky and nothing ever works. God forbide you want a raise, I worked there and never got apprecitaed by anyone. instead of trying to clean them up they need to burn them all down and sell the lots to someone else.

  6. I am an employee of allsups , the branch I worked for is in serious need of an investigation. I no longer will allow my name to be synonymous with this company I have witnessed theft by other employees,as well as being yelled at for stopping a shoplifter. I was told by a manager that its okay to steal from allsups because everyone does it.I said not me and refused to go along with it. After I had informed the general manager about the thefts,I was cussed out by the employees who were stealing in front of customers. Nothing was done to any of them and I was cut in hours . So I have left this job in search of a better one.I pray that something is done about this corruption,I will be in contact with the police as well as corporate.

  7. What is going on at the Allsup's in Dublin Texas? Can they keep anyone there to serve the people in that location? Someone and i do mean someone from the Corporate Office needs to do an all out investigation in that peticular place of business, like ASAP!!!!!> Serious people in that community, wake up and smell the real Coffee brewing in that Store..!!!!

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