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  • Allsup’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Allsup’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Allsup’s Corporate Office Headquarters

2112 Thornton St.
Clovis, NM 88101 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-575-769-2311
Fax Number: 1-575-769-2564
Email: allsupscorp@allsups.com


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  1. Ive lived in Albuquerque for 10+ years and worked for the company for about 3-4 years, I agree to some of the comments about wage raises,cleanliness,
    CUSTOMER SERVICE,Inventory awareness and etc..
    Well, with all the implementation of rules and regulations to be used at all
    times……ITS NOT HAPPENING….
    Made numerous visits to the same store (Zuni Rd & Indiana ST), whats happening to the implementation of rules and regulations, especially customer service….every employee at that location does not CARE to work
    there nor be there…always faces of destruction to all customers…no acknowledgements AT ALL….
    I do remember as an employee an acknowledgement of "Hello, Welcome to Allsups"…does this matter anymore?
    If employees know the location area of badness, why apply or agree to work for the company with any circumstances.
    Its so upsetting to see and know the past employment has worsened with unappreciated present employees…
    It sure would be nice to be acknowledged and know your welcome to the store again.
    Its appreciated to have this comment e-mail be considered and addressed….

    Thank you

    Concerned Customer

  2. Manager for store in Grape Creek is stealing time. She is never there. Two of her employees clock her in and out. I've contacted HR three times and they have not done anything. Guess I'll go on social media and let the public know mushroomed Allsup's is. Maybe that will get the attention of Barbara Allsup's. I don't think she knows what's going on in her stores.

  3. I am writing to ask why can't the price of gas in De Leon Texas be lowered this week I have been several miles and through many towns and the highest gas I saw was still 20 cents a gallon cheaper than the $2.14 here in De Leon. The employs said that that Corporate would not let them lower the price, because the Shell station is at $2.14 also those being the only two stations in town. Why can't Allsups set the price and lower the per gallon price no one that works out of town gets gas in De Leon and I either get gas in Comanche are Stephenville

  4. I'm having problems at the store here in olney texas yes very rude and disrespectful and the manger has put her hands on my son and now when we go into the store she's rude and she yells and has no right to hit on kids and as well as the food I got spoiled food and nothing was done about it tried to call corporate and no one wants to do anything think it's time to get a lawyer and fix this crap up tired of been treated like a dog from this store there no better then the next person

  5. Allsup on nimitz in grants ,nm has very poor management they are always out of foutain drink cuo and lids, cigs are usually always out. I am a regular and go in for smokes and fountain drinks i have to go to allsup on Roosevelt just to get what i need. This has been a continuous problem since the new manager came. She does not help in the store. When i go into the store she is either on her phone or just sitting in the back. There are several times i have gone in and sge is talking about going home to tend to her child. I do not see her clock out. How is that fair to all of us hard workers for her to cheat company time. This store needs an investigation on their management.

  6. Last Vegas nm Store 21 potheads who work there don't tend to customers they are in a black car at night getting high I. Front of ur store.. Called police 11 times.. Does no one care here… Or the boss selling out of that store..

  7. Your driveway to the gas pumps at your Pampa Tx store on first st.needs to be repaired before someone tears there car up !!!!!!!

  8. ent up there around 830pm to get a couple of cones, brought them back and took a bite and they were spoilt, wife called up there to ask for a refund and the rude old lady working the night got mouthy and hung up on her, believe me i will be calling the corporate office to complain

  9. The store at 14th and norris in clovis nm has piss poor service on cell phone while helping customers and very rude would expect more than that until fixed ill never used allsups again

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