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American Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact American Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AMR Corporation

American Airlines Corporate Office Address:

4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76155 USA

American Airlines Corporate Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-963-1234
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-433-7300
Website: AmericanAirlines.com

American Airlines is famous for its air travel services, they recently purchased Continental Airlines and formed a new company. American Airlines Holdings is one of the premier airlines in the world.

American Airlines’ toll-free customer service number is 1-800-433-7300. For American Airlines AA Advantage the number is 1-800-882-8880. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

American Airlines Corporate Office

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  1. Someone need to take control of the horrible customer service at airlines and the laws which they hide behind to have no accountability. Unfortunately, this probably means we are going to have to have more government regulations. I was in a party of 5 on June 24 when they cancelled our flight after 5 hour delay and only offered us a rebooking in 3 days. They now only offer $200 and hide behind what the law says they have to do. What customer service agency does the minimum when they make a mistake and then offers a pittance as all they are required to do. Own up to your mistakes American and change your culture. This has to start with the CEO who is making millions. They stood up and took notice when the videos of the guy dragged off the plane went viral. Lets all start taking videos of the horrible customer service and see how it looks when its out there. Maybe then they will start acting like decent human beings.

  2. Just thought I'd tell you that I closed both my wife and mine personal AA Advantage credit cards and our Business AA advantage because we have a small buisness and buy all our inventory with our Citi cards.Their new policy wont allow us to do that any longer because they decline all transactions out of state now thru their fraud dept.I'll use Southwest card now from Chase!!!

  3. American is the worst. Their employees could care less about customers
    for almost 3 weeks I have been trying to get something resolved.Given wrong information by supervisors, just disconnected from a supervisor after being on the phone with them for a 1/2 an hour. Promised that someone would call and no one does. Best yet I was told if their employee makes a mistake and over charges me they do not stand behind it. can you imagine? we all would be out of business if we had that attitude.My next step is trying to get someone to talk to me in corporate.not sure how that will go.

  4. I flew AA on vacation for my daughters wedding back end of August until first week of September. I returned home to find my camera bag was stolen right from my bag with all the photos. I immediately contacted them and I was told to fill out the necessary paperwork and I did. I sent in my flight receipts and camera details with price and everything. This was September 5th. I wrote nasty letters to AA because never heard anything from them in six months. I finally got a call and an email today February9. 2017 with them threatening to close my case if I don't submit all the necessary documents again. I refuse to do this again. The lady I spoke to today told me she would call me back within an hour and this was 30am and it is now 536pm and nothing. This is some service I tell you. I will never fly AA again.

  5. My Family was scheduled on a Int'l Flight to Cancun for Christmas, something that has become a tradition for us. When we fly Int'l, we always choose 1st class or Business Class. In this case, it was business class since that's was what was available. The flight was AA515 out of Phoenix. We arrived about 3 hours early (AA requests at least 2 hours) and had our "priority check in" for our luggage. Upon arriving in Cancun, our "Priority luggage" was not there. In fact several priority passengers were missing their luggage too. There was no obvious signage or help in Cancun for missing luggage, but fortunately I speak enough Spanish to gain the insight of a couple of baggage handlers (not necessarily AA employees) who laughed and said, "AA does this all the time". Well, so much for "Business – 1st Class" on AA!!! When I finally located the "lost baggage" desk, I was told, "your luggage went to Charlotte, and it'll be here in the morning". Later that night when I called I was told, "Your luggage never left Phoenix". The next day the new line of wisdom was, "It'll be here by 4:30PM". Our luggage did arrive to our Hotel at 10:00PM the next day, although it was in Cancun at 4:45PM. Two days in a foreign country without your luggage is brutal, especially if you have children.

    On the way back to Phoenix, they tried to remove my properly stowed legal carry-on bag with my Laptop to the back of the plane to, "make room for more carry-on luggage for the coach seats". I replied, "Look, Pal, I paid for Business Class seating to keep my carry-on with me, not to have it stowed somewhere aft; besides, AA already lost my luggage once this trip". The male attendant tried to move my carry-on anyway, but I grabbed it from him and said, "Alto, buddy; if you need to check that other Pax's bag do that, but leave mine and me alone". The prick just turned and walked away…good choice for both of us to keep out of a Mexican jail.

    This Airline is deplorable. I'll never fly with them again unless that is my only option on a "have to be there basis". I most certainly will not waste the money on a seat upgrade to 1st class or business class.

    Simple a terrible, non-caring, take it or leave it attitude.

    More Airline mergers…I think NOT; it just decreases the competition.

  6. My name is Warren D Serkin and you can contact me at (510846-0975 but it had better be within the next 24 hours.

  7. @HillaryClinton You should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution… then hung on the Mall in Washington, DC
    — Michael Folk (@MichaelFolk34) July 16, 2016

    This irresponsible jackass is a pilot for United Airlines. Please feel free to let United know via Twitter what you think about his call for a public hanging.

  8. my return flight to Portland ME was cancelled for whatever reason. CS didn't truly seem to care. the cancelled flight was not reported on the overhead intercom. We overheard other passengers that they got a "text" on their phone. Horrible CS, Communication to passengers!!!!!! And a cancelled flight to Portland Me when my husband had just spoken to the person that was to pick us up in Portland that planes were flying in & out of that airport!!! I WILL be sending a Letter (multiple times if needed) to Corp office of AA. We ended up renting a car and diving home to Maine (8HOURS)after being up since 5:30 am and driving from Philly leaving at 10pm. We were Exhausted. I truly believe that this whole experience was BS. Never to use AA or US Air again. Remember that a Good word doesn't go far, But a Bad word Does!

  9. Disappointed, aggravated, upset and beyond angry. My daughter left on a trip of a lifetime from Orlando on 12/23 because of weather she wound up sleeping on the floor in Reagon. She asked for her luggage back and they told her it would be on the plane with her in the morning to LGA. IT WAS NOT! They said it would on the next plane in IT WAS NOT! They wrote up reports and said it would be in Israel by the time she got there…IT WAS NOT! AND STILL IS NOT! The last time it was scanned was LGA on the 24th. I have called every single day 3 & 4 times a day since then and keep getting a run around and lied to…'Ma'am the bag is not lost!' Well then where is it. Fine they say she can buy what she needs 'witin reason' and they will repay. Within reason….she is there for 10 days. That doesn't replace the items of value that she has had that obviously there are no receipts for, the items she borrowed. I want an answer and I want the luggage with all of her belongings in it. I don't want to talk to a call center that gives me the run around I WANT THE LUGGAGE! The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing…this has fallen through the virtual cracks at American. They say wait till after 5 days it is way past five days, they say fill out paperwork. That has been done already. I want answers! This is extremely poor service!

  10. To anyone in corporate who cares:
    Coming home on June 23, 2015 on AA flight 1688, 4:15 departure, from Los Angeles to Atlanta: Traveling with 2 young people, after visiting my grandson, a decorated Marine Sergeant at Camp Pendleton, we first learned there was no food available for purchase, it was all gone, only chips available, no apologies for inconvenience. After a nap, I felt very ill, with pain under my rib cage, etc. I am generally healthy, although 70 years of age. I went to the back of the plane and told the attendant that I wanted to stand for a bit because I was feeling quite ill. She stated, "I have no medicine." I said I wasn't looking for medicine, but that I wanted someone to be aware of my condition, since I felt light-headed. She said she had club soda. A fellow passenger heard the interaction and asked if I needed a doctor, and should he check if there was one on board. I said that I would wait and see. The flight attendant then walked away. Soon the second attendant came to the bulkhead. He asked me to move. I told him, as well, that I was was standing there because I was feeling ill. I moved away. He then lowered a seat that the attendants use. I thought that he was going to allow me to sit. To my surprise, he sat down, got a newspaper, and proceeded to read it, without another word to me!! After another 5 minutes or so, I felt a little better, and after thanking the other passenger for his concern, I returned to my seat. Shortly before landing (~a half hour and more than 2 hours into the flight), the attendants came through to offer drinks. She asked how I was at that time. I asked for coffee. This was the final bit of my nightmare flight. I am a very unfancy coffee drinker and have been for 50 years. The coffee I got was undrinkable. I have never not consumed a cup of coffee anywhere anytime. This cup I could not drink. It was unrecognizable as coffee. The two attendants were more than middle-aged, which, as a senior I normally salute, but this poor service and lack of concern was so outrageous that I needed to mention the age factor. I am appalled by the lack of care and concern that they demonstrated. Besides the ordinary discomfort of airplane travel, these two ignored the obvious distress of a passenger. More than ignore, they were rude, disrespectful, and thoughtless to a passenger.
    I cannot understand how this level of poor service is allowed.

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