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American Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact American Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AMR Corporation

American Airlines Corporate Office Address:

4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76155 USA

American Airlines Corporate Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-963-1234
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-433-7300
Website: AmericanAirlines.com

American Airlines is famous for its air travel services, they recently purchased Continental Airlines and formed a new company. American Airlines Holdings is one of the premier airlines in the world.

American Airlines’ toll-free customer service number is 1-800-433-7300. For American Airlines AA Advantage the number is 1-800-882-8880. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

American Airlines Corporate Office

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  1. I have been very remiss in not writing this letter to you, but we have been in the middle of moving houses for the past two months and just came up for air. Just a head’s up but his is NOT a good letter. In fact, it will describe one of the worst incidents I have had with American Airlines after nearly 5 million miles of flying with you and platinum for life status (#0027166). To be honest, the worst incident with any airline!

    Date: March 12
    Flight: AA 2045 SFO-Miami
    Locator: KJJEQU
    Place: San Francisco Airport
    Time: 11:45am
    Issue: Rude, judgmental, nastiest attitude check-in crew on the planet
    What Happened:

    My wife and I and our 12lb Kavapoo puppy, for which we had a purchased a ticket, went to check in.
    We were told by the woman at the desk that the puppy was ‘too big’, which is insane. The puppy flew out from Florida to California and has more than 10 flights logged with Jet Blue and fits easily in her case under the seats in front of us. We didn’t book our return with Jet Blue because I prefer American, which was my first mistake I guess.

    The person at the desk asked if we wanted to see a supervisor and we said yes. The supervisor, after the desk person explained her decision her, as surly as can be, just says she can’t fly because she is ‘too big’.

    We explained that American specs for dogs aboard are the same for Jet Blue and we flew out on Jet Blue, at which point as nasty and sarcastic as can be, this woman says to us, ‘well go fly Jet Blue then’ and walks off! Just amazing. What is happening to your Airline?

    We go down to Jet Blue and they treat us like royalty, love the dog and say she is absolutely the right size. They couldn’t book us out that day so we had the expense of staying in the airport hotel for the night plus the hassle of getting there with three pieces of luggage, two golf bags and the dog’s carrying case, plus limos to get our car because we flew into a different city and the cost of the ticket which was very high because of the late booking.

    I mean really! This is how you treat good customers?? I wouldn’t treat my worst customers with such an attitude. Clearly you have an issue, because as I went on line I saw a string of posts and reviews about AA and how they are so nasty when it comes to dogs. I don’t like it for dogs, but hate it for people like us who have been loyal forever. And as a stock holder, personnel who suggest we fly another airline should be fired!

    And now adding insult to injury, there is no way send an email complaint or at some point a letter of praise.

  2. I am currently in Colombia with my 15 year old pet 3.0 kg. We been here since July 2021. They won’t let me fly back with her. !!! I am stuck here. I WONT LEAVW HER. CDC pet travel doesn’t apply to dogs that meet all the requirements and MY BABY complies with all. I need help. We both USA citizens… I need help. I have to go back to my family but I won’t leave my baby. Help help


    I will now share an experience that my husband and I very recently had with American Airlines (AA). Stay far away from this company because you might lose your vacation, your health and your money.

    According to an AA airline ticket, the airline company is promising that you will be delivered from Point A to Point B at a particular time that is stated on your ticket. This applies to all customers and American Airlines (AA) does not consider this when problems result.

    This situation happened to us. Our being abandoned in an airport far from our home with no recourse followed this problem. We left Tampa and arrived in Miami on the 8th of May 2019, and our flight was late (American Airlines fault). We had a connection flight from Miami to JFK in the same terminal in Miami. Even though we ran through the terminal, luck was not on our site this day. AA had closed their departure gate door 20 min before flight, even though the ticket stated that it had to be closed 10min before departure. We arrived at the AA departure gate 20 minutes before the connecting flight and the door was closed. AA would not open the departure door as we all gazed at our plane on the tarmac getting ready for the flight to JFK. We were told, “Tough Luck” by the AA representative and sent on our way.

    The costumer service representative at American Airlines in Miami did listen to us, but instead of trying to reduce our stress level she actually escalated the problem by making all kind of unnecessary statements about going on a later flight (not in time to connect to our international flight that night or going to a different airport that would also not support our time requirements). I felt that this was insulting and not necessary.

    The information provided to us by the AA costumer service representative was not accurate. She stated that we would arrive in terminal 9 at JFK (no such terminal exists), our bags would be waiting for us in a AA baggage storage area (this information was also not true) and that we would still be able to make our international flight.

    After our arrival in JFK an hour before our international flight and waiting for more than 30 min for our checked bags to come down on the baggage carousel we did again run to the EVA airlines departure counter. The counter was closed and all the EVA airlines personnel had gone home. Next, we saw the EVA airline pulling out from the departures gate with us not on the flight. As result we lost our flight, our money, and all of our vacation. My husband’s blood pressure was extremely high, my blood sugar was extremely low and both of us felt absolutely terrible. Due to a complete lack of trust in American Airlines, we were forced to rent a car in New York and yesterday we drove home to Tampa Florida where we live. We were not able to go on our vacation and we lost thousands of dollars that we had paid for a Vietnam/Taiwan two-week vacation with a private tour company.

    Stephen Brandon RN MSN

  4. I had by far one the worst experiences while flying with American Airlines. So I am taking the time to write about a disturbing incident that happened before boarding the above-referenced flight. I have been a loyal American Airlines customer and frequent flyer. I have never before filed a complaint with AA or any airline. On several occasions, I have complimented the flight staff as well as valued the customers make the guests feel. Sadly, I am now constrained to file my first complaint ever against an airline company, that has caused me to miss two of my flight, without justification or cause. My flight was purchased from Rdu to Mia, when I arrived I was told over head space was full so they would have to check my bag in free of cost. After the lady placed the tag on my bag she said to me you can pick this up from Orlando. I explained to her it needed to go to MIA not Orlando, after her checking her information she explained to me that it might have been a "glitch" in the system and the only way I was getting my bag was to go to Orlando. This is absolutely asinine I had to purchase a new ticket the customer service is horrific. Clearly everyone hates their jobs and does care about the problems or issues you encounter while flying with them. Then on my flight back they could not locate my flight that my account was charger $400 for. The flight wasn't located but of course the payment was received. I had lost my phone on the trip and didn't have access to my email however, I was able to pull up the confirmation that was not found on there end with my payment attached. I spend together on one flight over $1000 for a mistake on there end claiming it was a "glitch". Honestly this made me never want to fly again the experience was horrible and customer service did nothing to facilitate the process I faced.

  5. It is time the airlines start taking accountability for their poor customer service and change. Maybe the government needs to get involved. Our flight of 188 people was cancelled after a 5 hour delay on June 24 and their only offer was to get us on another flight in 3 days. We were offered an insulting $200 voucher as that was all they were required by law. Since when does a customer service corporation do the minimum when they mess up. Own up to your mistakes American and change your culture. Your CEO is making billions and you treat your customers horribly Everyone need to pull out their phones and start videoing the horrible customer service so they can't stand behind denial anymore.

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