American Family Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters

American Family Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
6000 American Pkwy.
Madison, WI 53783-0001 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-608-249-2111
Fax Number: 1-608-243-4921
Customer Service Number: 1-800-692-6326

  • I recieved a bill for my car,which I paid.about 2wks later,my agent called to tell me it hadn't been recieved.I gave her the check no.,the amount,and day it was sent.She would look into it and let me know.Not hearing anything,I assumed it was okay.Two weeks later they told my wife she was driving without insurance,which upset her.I went to my bank,stopped payment on that check and paid bill over the phone via Becki Moore.I am now looking for a new agent.After 50+yrs with Amfam and multiple policies,I take exception to the way we were treated,and am now looking for a new agent.

  • In my opinion, American Family Insurance scams its own insurance agents. They profit from terminating their agents who are local small business owners trying to build a business to achieve their dreams. American Family Insurance is all about protecting the dreams of their clients, but at the same time they are crushing the dreams of their agents.

    Here are some facts:

    •American Family Insurance agents are in a contract that can be terminated at any time for any reason.

    •American Family Insurance agents DO NOT own their “book” (the policies) and have no rights to it if American Family chooses to terminate them.

    •When an American Family Insurance agent gets terminated (no matter the reason, if any), all of their policies get “bulk transferred” to another agent(s). American Family doesn’t pay commissions on these bulk transfers for 12 to 23 months.

    •In addition to corporate American Family pocketing the commission for 12 to 23 months, the agent who receives these bulk transferred policies only gets paid 57% of the normal commission rate after that 12 to 23 month period.

    American Family Insurance is literally profiting from terminating agents. Now, you would think that a growing insurance company would be increasing its agency force, but the amount of American Family Insurance agents has actually decreased by close to 25% over the last several years.

    Why would American Family Insurance terminate good agents? They create a reason to terminate once you have build an established book of business. I have heard ridiculous reasons(a claim would not have had to be paid if you did this, your employee called us complaining about you, you were rude on a phone call, you looked at someone wrong, you didn’t come to a meeting, you were late completing a learning module, you have brown hair, you have blue eyes, you have big feet, etc.)

    It doesn’t matter if you are a good agent or a bad agent, the company will profit more and help its bottom line by firing you. Even if you are a great agent, the company is paying you 100% of the commission rate on your policies. They can terminate you, transfer those policies to other agents, not pay any commissions at all for 12 to 23 months (the new agent is forced to service the policies for free) and then only pay 57% of the commission rate after that.

    American Family Insurance pockets 100% of the commission for those 12 to 23 months, then pockets 43% of what should be paid out to its agents.

  • We have had AmFam Insurance for over 30 years. Not once did they ever come to our home or call to discuss our policy. Just a lot of junk mail that we never understood. We recently traded cars and when we went in to give information on the new car we found Our sons who were long married and out of the house were still on our policy, and yes they were notified of these changes. Our daughter who is still living with us was standing alone and was to be under our policy but was not. Paying more then she should as it turned out. We are a retired couple but I have never see such a unorganized agent and very out of touch with his clients. Every time I ask our agent to assets us with our Ins we got the run around. In 30 years we rarely had turned in a claim. I was rear ended by a woman, her fault but AmFam basically accused me of being the liar. Only after I insisted they investigate did they and found out I was in the right. When we searched other Insurance company's we discovered how we had been paying more and getting less. We Canceled AmFam and now received a bill for 77 dollars for what? They bleed every penny out of you they can. AmFam truly is not an Insurance company I want. With AmFam your on your own. Again paying them to do nothing.

  • I am in for a class action suit as well. I was told emergency services would be covered for a pipe burst and now they are retracting that and I'm now facing a lien on my house. All this after they approved work and purchases without my consent (essentially spent my money) and with them denying the claim, the restoration company is now going to come after me. I have witnesses that heard AmFam state these particular emergency services are covered regardless. I read the above complaints and I feel like I'm reading into the situation I am in right now. It sounds like AmFam scams all people. It bad enough the situations that occur when you need insurance are the worst of times and AmFam is there to kick you when you're down. Not to mention I had to keep contacting my agent and handle the mitigation. I literally pay them to do nothing.

  • 30 years and not 1 claim, had some roof damage in the spring with the storms, claim denied and in same conversation was told policy being cancelled. somebody mention class action suit…I am in. Have already began personal pursuit with attorney, THEFT, PROFIT BY DECEIT either of which. this is the exact cause of problems in America. for the 60 grand they stole I could have reroofed several times. So much for a friend of the family. Don't Deal with the Fera Agency

  • American Family Insurance claim adjusters are very unprofessional and passive aggressive even when their client is sighted and totaled my car.
    They wanted to bypass HIPPA laws and have casual pictures sent to them, they sent personal emails having nothing to due with the claim, I could go on. There are so many other much better insurance co. if you are the client or the victim in an accident. DO NOT GET AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE !!!!!!

    • Our policy continued to go up year after year I called Richard Wright in Conyers Ga to see why… he said he would get back with me and he never did.We switched to Allstate and now its been 2 months and they still haven't returned my premium owed,I called and the lady said she would check bt hasn't called back.This ins associates are horrible

  • It must be nice for a american family agent to be a insurance agent and a realtor out of the same american family insurance office to me this is a conflict of intrust since I had my home, auto and YES my Construction business policy witch was paid in full all with the same agent . The same agent also repesentd us when we sold our home thinking that all of our coverage would be transfered over to the my new address. The agent never gave American Family my new address witch she had here in Illinois and come the first of the year I found out the business and auto was being cancelled do to LACK OF A PERMEANT ADDRESS . This agent should of never been able to do both in the State of Illinois and we hope she loses both her insurance and realtors rights to sell both in Illinois .

  • An AMFAM covered driver ran into the back of my truck while I was waiting at a red light. He admitted he was looking at his cell phone and that the accident was his fault. Minor damage to truck (not so good for his Audi!) And guess what….AMFAM driver said, "I backed up into his car" and they denied any claim, saying they "must believe their insured's version of the accident." I called my insurance co. 5 minutes after the accident, and he never called his….Duh! And they have to believe their clients!!!??? Give me a break!

  • I filed a claim in april for someone broke into my garage andstold all my sons and my fishing stuff we had at least 15000.00 worth of stuff.i got the police report and they made a hole in my garage. I had to give them my bank check and then when I got of the hospital I had to make a statement under oath with my son they ask me if I was a felon oranody else in my family after 3 houri could hardly stand I had hernia surgery then I had to go get things notarized .after all this they will not pay my claim

  • I recently purchased American Family home and auto insurance. The premium was increased by $69.53 due to my not paying with a 4 day time frame, which was never told to me. This is tantamount to deceptive practices and unethical business acumen. 1 year and GONE

  • I'm going through a battle with my agent, been with American Family for approx. 7 years and now all of a sudden my home insurance increased $400.00, which has brought up my mortgage. Now I'm on the verge of losing my home!!!!!!!!!! I can't get a answer or a call back from my agent (Northwest Indiana area) to explain how this increase happened. Never have had a claim, no new structures added, no home improvements have been made. So How can my rate go up???? my property taxes increase approx. 8 to 10 bucks a year, I live out in the country in a uncorprated area. I've ask neighbors if their insurance has increased and they haven't. It's very sad when a so called AMERICAN corporation gets away with this type of theft and greed. I believe my agent is scared to talk with me cause she's afraid or dosen't know how to explain this matter and she knows she got caught…..It's time to call the Corprate office and hopefully something can be done. If not then its time for the law to get involved…..This AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I am very interested in a class action suit. I have hundreds of pages of documentation and I am ready to send everything to the media to find an attorney for a class action suit.

    • I have been a customer 20 yrs as well, last June our town suffered severe flooding. The red cross was called in. My claim was denied. 2nd Claim in 20 yrs (both storm related). My agent has been telling me for months its still being worked on. I checked on the claims site and it say closed. I am a serious co-plaintiff!

  • Agents are very arrogant in my area Colorado Springs,CO as well. I quit them cause I couldn't find anything family-like with AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE but unfrienlyness and junk in my mailbox. Rate increases, lame excuses, servise sucks big time…GOOD RIDDENS for good. There are much better companies to choose from.

  • I have been with you all for over 20 years in now i call the 1800 number to find out that my insurance is getting cancelled so I am not please with you all so I will be telling everyone how bad you all are so that they don't get American Family for there car or house cause you all or not a good insurance agent so I will make sure that none of my friends choose American Family Insurance for their car or house because you all will cancelled them out when they try to use there claim after being with you for over 20 years so please inform the company that you have taken my money for over years in now I'm got to look for some more car insurance for my vehicles

  • It has been 3 years since i filed my claim and still they have not paid….They do not honor their " So called"
    " Good Faith" Agreement

  • If you want to have a peace of mind DO NOT SIGN UP WITH AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE!!!
    Agents DO NOT WORK FOR AMERICAN FAMILY!!! This is not the company you want to represent!!!!
    After almost 20 years been a loyal customer, when I need them most I found a true face of this insurance company!!!! We recently found out that the sewer pipe under our slab foundation in the family room where our family spends most of its time collapsed. After the plumbers inserted the camera they have discovered that there is water underneath the slab and the pipe collapse in the two different places. According our homeowner’s insurance policy this should be covered under insurance. The situation pretty devastating, since the floor is sinking the space between the floor and the floor moldings about 2”; crack in the powder room walls; in the middle of the room the floor is sinking and while walking throughout the floor you can feel the difference in the height of the floor. We were told by the plumber company that it is not a safe situation to be in the house in this condition. The adjuster completed the report and provided this report to his Property Unit manager. We were waiting on the verdict for a week keeping on following on with the adjuster. It felt as he was washing his hands off the problem covering by “the manager is not getting back to him”. Finally, their decision was not to pay the claim. Trying to figure out and get to the point why the payment on the claim was rejected I called few times 800# trying to speak with the Property Unit Manager . He never picked up the phone, my husband called and our agent called; no one could get hold of him as well. He never returned a phone call back to our agent. After the adjuster provided me Property manager’s cell phone number I finally reached out to him. However, he was completely non- sensible, careless to the entire situation and rude. Completely lacking knowledge of any kind of customer service. While I am trying to describe that I have two small children in the house that is no longer safe to leave in. All of you who are as UNHAPPY with the way American Family treat their loyal customers; please contact your State Department of Insurance or local news channels.

    • I am just finding out that after 26+ plus years that they cancelled my Homeowner's Insurance because I had 3 claims in the past 5 years. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS???????? Certainly will lose my business now. This corporate structure has become ever increasingly greedy and to our expense, as the customer. I have rental properties, 2 personal homes, numerous cars, life insurance, rental property insurance, etc. etc. etc. – their loss because they're going to LOSE A LOT OF MONEY FROM THIS FAMILY. AMERICAN – THEY ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY FED UP!!!!

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