Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
Americas Best Value Inn
2393 Townsgate Road Suite 100
Westlake Village, California 91361 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-805-557-7300
Fax Number: 1-805-557-7303
Customer Service Number: 1-888-315-2378

  • i stayed four nights side doors do not have lock that is open with room key night shift does not make rounds from what i could see…..staff at front desk was always on cell phones for personal…i seen 1 or 2 people would rent and their friends would come in side door by the stairs and would go to thier frinds room for a party at night. the phone i had telephone did not work and bathroom sink leaked.I stay at 1960 and 45 houston texas

  • Booked a room at your Kimball, Tn location on 11/27/2020, upon entering the room, it had a musty smell and within 2 minutes, saw 4 cockroaches. Took pictures of the bug problem and returned to the lobby. The worker was not surprised to heard of the bugs. I asked for a refund and because the room was booked online she said she could not provide me a refund. After calling the online service I was informed that they could refund me, but needed hotel approval. I went back into the hotel to discuss this and was told that the manager would not approve the refund so basically, I am SOL. I was offered a different roach infested room to which I declined. the room was $68 total and it is extremely concerning and disheartening to me that your hotel chain would allow a hotel to operate under such poor conditions and poor customer service standards. This is a very ugly look for your company. I am filing a BBB complaint as well as will continue to leave negative reviews on the the websites until I feel my concerns are properly addressed. If I was able to privately email your business, I would have done so, but this seems to be the only option. Y'all should be ashamed!

  • 1:45am Aug. 24: We had a booking through Hotel Tonight. Front desk at this Dalton, GA, property would not allow my son to use as he did not have original card used to book. They also would not accept a new card to get a room. This front desk person would only accept cash and said hotel would approve a cancellation of original booking if we reach out to company. In this case it was Hotel Tonight.
    Please be aware of who the employee was at that date and time working the front desk. He is taking people for cash.

  • 05/21/20


    To: America’s Best Value Inn Management:

    I am presently staying in my personal favorite room in your Novato, California location, where I have stayed many times over the past few years. I specify this as my favorite room because there have been a number of visits during which, in other rooms, the TV didn’t work properly, or the fridge, or the microwave, etc. In this particular room, over the last several visits, everything has worked as expected. Further, the room is well-located in the hotel for me, in that I am somewhat physically challenged and am entitled to park in one of the two handicapped spaces which are located proximate to the stairway at the end of the building where the preferred low-numbered room is.

    However, I am writing in order to express my extreme disappointment with a detail I encountered yesterday, upon my arrival this visit. Previously, there have always been two chairs at the table in this room. This time there was only one. When I mentioned this to the hotel staff, they got back to me shortly, saying they had brought this to their superiors’ attention and they were told that someone at the lower management level had decided that, in the future, single rooms would contain only one chair at the table, not two. While this may be a matter of little consequence to the people who made the decision, it creates a stressful inconvenience for me. During my stays, I like to alternate between working on my computer at the table inside the room and relaxing on the very pleasant little balcony outside. Ideally, this process requires two chairs. The new configuration requires me to drag the single chair from the room to the balcony and back several times. Bad for me, bad for the chair, the floor, etc. Kudos, by the way, to the designers of the hotel for isolating each balcony so effectively. I appreciate the absolute privacy and social distancing this affords me in these troublesome, pandemic-afflicted times.

    My hope is that this complaint will reach someone in a position of authority sufficient to correct this recent, totally unnecessary change to a long-established practice. Beyond my own personal indisposition, please consider that this single room would be perfectly comfortable for a couple, who might very well wish to enjoy a take-out meal together at the table during their stay. Do they share the single chair?

    My suggestion:
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter,

  • CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED, IN MY OPINION YOU WOULD BE A FOOL TO BOOK A ROOM HERE. Three weeks ago booked a room at the Value Lodge, Value Lodge
    2000 US-90, Alpine, TX 79830•(432) 837-1200 ON HIGHWAY 90 in
    Alpine, Tx. The morning of the day I was suppose to check in a male called from
    the above number x1204 and claimed partners credit card was declined and asked for another credit card or to confirm the number. Since we had used the credit card
    numerous times since making this reservation we got suspicious – we asked him what name he had and he gave us a womans name – later he denied that he gave a womans name. Then he told us he was cancelling our reservation since we were so uncooperative. He was rude and insulting and sounded like he was under the influence. We had stayed there before, some years ago. And we planned to stay there for 5 days as we were attending a wedding in Ft. Stockton. Very upsetting thinking your reservation for this important occasion was now gone – and it was over 8 hours to drive there. I would appreciate being contacted by the company management here – not the questionable manager of the hotel – the big cheese. This is wrong, very very wrong and I am very very angry.

  • I just want to say that the Americans best value inn in jasper tx is NO place to go I got hired on last week and last night our lights went out and my boss, Mr. Patel tried to kiss me. I freaked out and left will not ever be going back!!!!

  • Got room at your hotel in Helena, Montana, went in and it smelled of smoke. Almost like someone was smoking dope. Bed was a mess and there were matches and paper on the floor of the bathroom. We always stayed here when it was Motel 6 on our trips back to Canada from vacationing in Arizona. Rooms were always clean and taken care of. Will be the last time we set foot in this place again. Very disappointed. Desk clerk offered refund immediately, and did not offered to look at room to see was it was like. Poor room cleaning.

  • We stayed at your hotel in Houston, Texas. I made reservations because of the proximate to location where we were going. And choice. Roaches everywhere. No safety lock on door. Lights were not on. No bulbs on some. If you turned the light, it would click and click but not turn on. Fire hazard. Hallways were hot. Very disappointed. Not worth the money. Two towels. No bath mat. Mirror was dirty. The roaches were disgusting. Never again.

  • Dear Sirs, I am writing regarding the Globe/Miami Arizona location. As someone who worked in Hospitality for Sheraton Corporation and taught HRH VoTec programs in Massachusetts High Schools and Post Graduate programs, I think I am a pretty good judge of what is to be expected from a hotel property. My experience with this particular location was atrocious. A HUGE FAIL! Starting with the fact the phone was not answered after calling several times over the last few days. Finally got a voice recording saying mailbox is full call back. Got a prompt finally and dialed ext. 00 trying to get the front desk for reservations couldn't even leave a message there either. Finally after several more attempts the next day the phone was answered and some man said to give him the info and he will write it down that he doesn't make the reservations. NO WAY am I going to give my info to this guy so I asked him to get the person who does. "She's cleaning rooms" he said, so I asked him to page her considering the difficulty I have had getting through. She comes and I hear her say to the man "How do you get this phone off speaker ?", to which I said something about how could she not know how to do that. Something pretty weird going on there. Her tone was rather rude and she said we are busy…and my hands were full. She hung up on me! Real professional. My thought..So which is it she didn't know how or her hands were busy. Sounds like backpedaling to me. I called back, the man answered. I asked to be put on with the reservation girl and he said to me I'd have to book elsewhere they are not going to allow me to stay there.
    So I did.
    According to the locals there is never anyone staying there barely a single car in the lot any given time. If this hotel property isn't making much in the way of profits for you, this is why. Maybe they need a refresher course in Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality Management. Maybe the brand "America's Best" needs to train and hire better help and raise the bar on its expectations because Globe/Miami barely cares about its potential guests. Their bar is pretty low.
    VMcH Retired Professional

  • James Johnson

    on Jan 13 we stayed at one of your facilities in Seymour, Mo. checked in late after driving 13 hrs. room was chilly due to weather being 12 degrees out, and the manager turning down the heat in an unoccupied room. we turned the heat up in the room and got in bed, within 15 minutes the heater started blowing cold air. after shutting it off readjusting the temp and turning it back on it began heating again only lasting a short time. at this time it was 4:00 am so we bundled up shut the heater off and tried to sleep for the couple hours we had left.
    The next morning I tried to bringing the situation to the manager/owner where he immediately got defensive telling me I should have woke him and he would've moved our room. he was rude, unprofessional, and very condescending. his customer service attitude was the worst I have ever seen in years. I personally have been in the customer service industry for over 15 years. if this man worked for me or represented my company he would be let go immediately.

  • Celina, Ohio. I called to book a 2 night stay. After being told my reservation was in, they stated they don't have a room for the second night. This was for a Friday & Saturday night stay.

    Ashley has been of no help. I've been told several times that she will call me back with information she finds. She has yet to call back and it's been a month since the first call to them.

    When a customer states on the phone while attempting to make a reservation and the site can not fulfill the request, THEY need to cancel the reservation put into the system. I told them then and there it will not work for me as I need both nights. They still charge me for a non-show.

  • I recently stayed at ABVH in Birch Run. I was travelling with 5 other ladies. On Saturday,Aug 5th we were awaken to the fire alarm going off. After standing outside for awhile myself and another patron went to the front desk to see what was going on. We found no one there except a sign stating no rooms available and they would be back soon. There were people coming in trying to find out what was going on as well as lots if phone calls. Just to go back, we were in a different building than the front desk. After awhile I finally called 911. They said someone would come out and check out the situation. As we were leaving to go back to the building we met an employee who said everything was fine. She met us with a beer in her hand. Note this was at 3 oclock in the morning. In the morning we stopped at the front desk to see what was protocol for this situation and she said the fire dept wants them to feel all the doors and inform them if they need to come out!!! She also said that a person was smoking at the exit door which made the alarm go off. We checked for an alarm by the exit door and there was no alarms. Ive tried calling the corporate office numerous times to get no ringtone! Its safe to say we will no longer be staying there.

  • Not very happy on my 2nd nights stay at about 2:11 a.m. our room door opened and it was a drunk man who was staying in the room next door,no harm no foul as they say as he did apologize when he realized it wasnt his room, but had i been awake and armed as i usually am it wouldve been a different story…. the next morning i went to the office and asked how on earth had this happened and the lady admitted she had given the gentleman a master key by accident i just wish they had not made that mistake. Also when we checked in on friday the lady ended up charging my card 4 times. Most of my experiences had been positive in the past, but i do have to say after the incident with the drunk guy i can say i have no plans of using your chain any further. The particular location is in Biddeford,Maine. 2 pomerlau lane.

  • Our stay at ABVH was horrific as well. Not only did the owner have everything controlled electronically via computer, but this meant no access to AC. I sweat like crazy for three nights. Then when we tried to use the whirlpool, it was not only on a timer but also a motion detector. The spa would turn on for a luxurious 37 seconds. After asking for it to be programmed to give us what we paid for, it lasted a whole two minutes. I have never been so frustrated and disgusted in my life. Also the first room they tried to put us in was supposed to be no smoking but it clearly had been smoked in and the smell was masked with a heavy deodorizer. The bed in that room was so worn out I could feel the springs through the mattress. I was ready to leave and demand a refund, but the clerk moved us to what he called one of the "good" rooms. Not only were they penny pinching past a reasonable point, they were not friendly either.

  • We recently stayed in a Americas Best Value Inn in Kimball Tn. It was horrible. Our sheets were stained and every blanket we had had cigarette holes in them. We moved the night stand to plug in a breathing machine for my husband and you wouldn't believe what a mess that was. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years and there was a pair of glasses on the floor. Our phone did not work and we used the bathroom only to find out the stool was clogged. We got coupons from the lady at the rest stop not to far from Kimball and they wouldn't let us use them due to it being spring break. We were not on spring break and no one else staying at the motel was. Cost us $91.80 to stay in a dump. Very dissatisfied with our stay.

  • OMFG!! I was going to post about the "MONSTER" manager from ABVI in Eugene, OR; but hell why bother it appears as thought ABVI is merely a vast CRIMINAL enterprise for the EXTREMELY evil, depraved and corrupt!! I am, though, still going to file my formal complaint with ABVI head-quarters and I am still going to SUE the "MONSTER" manager, Raj Patel, in small claims court….but you all, if you've got any sense at all; stay away from Americas Best Value Inn in Eugene, OR, as they have the reserved "HOOKER SUITE" in room 127 and the druggie suites are on either side of 127 & it's all thoroughly sanctioned by Eugene Police Departments finest….I would love to have IA investigate this sit-hole!!!

  • OMFG!! I was going to post about the "MONSTER" manager from ABVI in Eugene, OR; but hell why bother it appears as thought ABVI is merely a vast CRIMINAL enterprise for the EXTREMELY evil, depraved and corrupt!! I am, though, still going to file my formal complaint with ABVI head-quarters and I am still going to SUE the "MONSTER" manager, Raj Patel, in small claims court….but you all, if you've got any sense at all; stay away from Americas Best Value Inn in Eugene, OR, as they have the reserved "HOOKER SUITE" in room 127 and the druggie suites are on either side of 127 & it's all thoroughly sanctioned by Eugene Police Departments finest….I would love to have IA investigate this sit-hole!!!

  • Worst hotel ever in Fort St Pierce, Florida. We got into our room and theirs burn holes on our blankets and cum stains.. Ew.. My boyfriend went to the bathroom and their was cockroaches, the heater smelled like it was gonna blow up, their was blood on the furniture and it looks like nothings been wiped down at all.. The lady couldn't refund us so she switched us to different rooms but this one doesn't have a smoke detector, missing a lightbulb, no fridge and is dirty as hell. I want a refund on this. I didn't sleep the whole time I was here which was the whole reason I got the room. Please contact me at 763-412-9430. I have pictures and videos of everything.

  • I went to the America Best Value Inn in Pheonix AZ. They reserved a room for me that was under construction and being sprayed for bugs. I tripped over chair and sprayer. Next room the chairs were so dirty and stained i was afraid to sit on them. The TV was fuzzy with static every 3 minutes. We left with flea bites all over us. The next room was cleaner smelled better but the mattresses were old and dirty. I am still itching. Also, they ran out of breakfast both days. Dont go to this locations. Drug addicts hang out all night.

  • America Best Value Inn in Mackinaw,Michigan Has a very dangerous situation in their bathroom being so small. If sitting on the toilet you have to move your feet to close the door. If someone fell in the bathroom, the emergency crews would have to remove the entire door frame in order to get to the person.Paperthin walls, entire motel very dirty and showing complete lack of maintenance. Does not meet any standards required . In order to even get into the motel lobby a person has to climb about 9 steps. Dirtiest Motel I have ever been in.

  • I stayed at the Americas best Value Inn in springfield, MO on the corner of kearney and glenstone. I will never stay there again. They were all nice to me when I checked in and all through til I was supposed to get my 50 dollar deposit back and they only gave me 30 dollars back because the room smelled and the door know on the bathroom door was broken. I told them that the handle was broken when we got there and the smell was of diapers. I had 4 kids with me while staying in the room n they knew that. They told me to take the trash out when that's their job not mine. Then they said that they aren't giving me my 20 dollars back because they have to clean the carpet. I just want my money back cause they were awful!! Do not stay at these hotels they are rude and steal your money!!!

  • I stayed at America's Best Value Inn in Rapid City, SD. It was the worst experience ever. They indicate that they are "pet friendly," but I had to sign a checklist of 20 items for pet owners. Not exactly "pet friendly"! I had my dog with me, and the first day, someone complained that my dog was barking excessively, but she was calm and quiet the entire weekend. The room card did not work on the outside door, and it was deactivated the second night so I could not get into my room. The front desk clerk had to reactivate it, and I had to swipe it three times before my room door unlocked. The next morning, it was deactivated again. I got really sick while staying at this hotel. When I checked out, I asked for an invoice so I could see what they charged me. I was told that their printer was slow, so I waited. I was overcharged for my room. I was quoted $89.54 when the reservation was made, but they charged me $125.55 per night for two nights stay. I talked to the front desk clerk, and she said it was because I was put in a room that I was not originally assigned to. I did not know this ahead of time. She checked the computer, and told me that they had to go by what was input in their system: $98.54 per night. I tried to reason with her to get my full credit back, but she insisted that they had to go by what they had in their system. I am still waiting for my refund, and I am at my wit's end. I talked to three people at this hotel, and none of them will cooperate in giving me my money back. Never stay at this hotel!

  • I received a $59.93 on:
    AUG 16 DEBIT CARD DEBIT AMERICAS BEST VALUE I 517-789-7186 MI $59.93 -$32.63

    There was some error with this reservation. I have disputed this with the hotel in Jackson, MI (I was told the case is closed), I have talked to a representative with Vantage, and my credit union. Everyone says there is nothing I can do.

    This is unacceptable. I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income. I do not know how this reservation was mistaken for Aug. 14, 2016 when I made the reservation for Aug. 1, 2016.

    I will continue to dispute this charge by any avenue available. I ask that you reverse this charge and be reasonable.

    If not, I will continue to dispute this charge.

  • Reserved 2 rooms may 25th for Friday Sat June 24th 25th hotel called and said our Handicap room will not be available today VERY POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS when they tell you so sorry nothing we can do being a vet who lost his legs in NAM and was counting on this room.

  • My husband and I checked in on a Tues evening, we were going to stay for the week. The room was just filthy. I took my shoes off and walked around the room and my socks got all dirty and sticky on bottom. I put a new pair on and they got a stick again. There were sticky spots all over the carpet.I opened the drawers and they had dirt in them. There was garbage behind the microwave. The next morning my husband had a heart attack there and I couldn't even call 911 from room phone. I checked out and forgot my phone charger there, when I went back, they say they never found it. I used it in the room before I checked out. I know it was still there.

  • My sister Whitney Jackson was just fired for not being able to come in on her day off. The manager at 4585 Harding Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46217 just cut my sister hours & hired her daughter full-time. Her daughter wasn't there so she demanded my sister to come in & told her if she wasn't there by 4:00pm she's just going to assume she quit. Whitney told her she would be to get her check but when Whitney arrived the manager smiled at her & told her she mailed it…. Some people are just dirty & nasty for no reason

  • This is about the Americas best value inn in marion nc, the owner Mike and his wife are the rudest ppl I have ever met, they have been very rude to ppl that work for them, and to the customers, he had cussed and yelled at several ppl, calling them liars when they say other hotel has cheaper price, their rooms truly are awful, lights don't work half the time, sheets have holes in them, walls coming apart, ceiling coming down, the breakfast is awful, it is ciminimom swirls and tiny muffins or cornflakes, really, this is awful. they have no ppl skills, they should not be aloud to do this type of work. when you asked owner a question he gets a smartass attitude. he gives no discounts, for military,i wintnessed him treated a lady that works for him like a dog, and she was still sweet as she could be, but you could she the embarrassement he caused and she looked as if she was about to cry. no none on this earth should be treated like that, I was with a lot of ppl. he was so rude to us we left and our friend got his money back but he still picked an argument with his wife, said customer not alwas right,all my friend did was ask if they were cups in the room an h went crazy,screaming and cussing. never stay here, they need to go back home .



  • American's Best Value In at St. Joseph, MO. was the worst place we have ever been in! We were told it was smoke free. Ha, the whole place wreaked! In fact the manager and to two others were out front smoking pot. Both rooms we were put in smelled of smoke, but one was just awful. They put us in another room, but when my husband pulled back the bed covering, he had a bedbug on his pillow. We absolutely could not stay in that place. My husband is a retired pest control technician and knew that when you saw one bedbug, you could be sure there were many more just waiting for our blood. We immediately told the man at the desk (who could hardly speak English) that we were leaving and demanded a refund, he said he couldn't do that. We called the manager who told us that she couldn't either. Our credit company did work with us and the motel and did get a partial refund. This was a DUMP. I would never consider booking with America's Best Value Inn anywhere. They seem to be dishonest in their practices.

  • I see a lot of complaints on this site. However, I am not writing to complain. As a matter of fact; this is to let your office know how well we enjoyed our stay at Americas in Marietta Ga. We are from Fl. I booked ahead with a charming gentleman named Nick. Upon arrival the 8th. of Feb. we were greeted with a kind man named Pat. Everything was already taken care of, the room was very nice and clean and comfortable. We were there to see my brother At Kennestone Hospital with cancer, congestive heart and kidney failure. He is 80 years. The two men Pat and Nick ask every day about his condition, welcomed our litlte 12 pound Mini Dappple Doxie dog that always travels with us. We never left him in the room during our stay. My husband kept him in the car with him while I was at the hospital. There was morning coffee in the lobby every day, fresh towels and friendly house keepers. We were there for four days and would book our reservations there any time we were in Marietta. Pat and Nick answered all of our questions about Marietta, restaurants, gave us directions to the Dobbins A.F.B. where our son was and places to see while there. They made our trip far more enjoyable than we expected from hotel Management. One of the men even called our home the next day to see that we made it back O.K. We are both in our 70's. We are so glad we chose Americas Best Value Inn on Leland St. in Marietta. Ga. I cannot understand anyone complaining, we were very satisfied and have recommended Americas to all of friends and family. It was the best value, clean, friendly and accepted our little pet.

  • Richmond Virginia…. Stayed at the Willis road location and the older gentleman working the front desk harassed my 9yr old daughter. Do not stay in 2126 Willis Road location!!! I reported this the the authorities!! I will call headquarters and file a formal complaint! That man is a pervert! Do not bring your children to this location!

    • Hello……I too had a terrible experience in Richmond, VA area. I plan on following up with the police department. I have been in contact with America's Best Value Inn……I have been unable to speak to management…I believe they are giving me a customer relations clerk…..I am wondering were you able to find a Management Person and, if so, would you post it. Thank you.

  • Checked into Americas BV Inn – Half Moon Bay, CA on Dec. 9, 2014. We were in CA (from AR) on a job of unknown duration. The facilities were clean & the front desk staff VERY courteous & helpful. Housekeeping was also great, and trustworthy. We kept the Do Not Disturb sign on our door except when we wanted clean linens & towels, and for our room to be cleaned. None of our personal items was ever tampered with or stolen. OUR ONLY COMPLAINT: After being in the same room for THIRTY FIVE DAYS, we were forced to move to a different room….something about tax laws in CA that prohibited anyone from staying in the same room for more than 30 days. (??…We had already been in the same room longer than 30 days!!) The front desk clerks could NOT tell us the particulars, but insisted we HAD to move. They graciously sd we could move in the evening after we got off work…otherwise, we would have to wait till the noon checkout time & housekeeping to clean the vacant rooms. So, biting the bullet, when we came in that evening, we were told we would not have to move seeing as how they had no vacancies. (Great!) The next night, we were told 'no move' because they had 'screwed up' & rented the room they had reserved for us to someone else. (Whew! Another bullet dodged!). The 3rd evening, we stopped in at the office after work & were told "we're just gonna let you stay where you are". (FANTASTIC!) We could finally relax again! The next evening, we got to our room & had just sat down to eat our meal when the phone rang. It was the front desk, informing us that we DID have to move, afterall. We were NOT happy about this! Any idea how 'at home' we were in our room after more than a month?? We had tons of things to move! They told us we only had to move 'right next door'….well WHOOPIE!! It's still a pain in the butt to have to MOVE at 8pm at night after working a 10 hr day!!
    Soooo…… third night in the 'new' room…..get in at 9:30pm and NO HOT WATER!!!!!!! Office is closed & no one answering the phone! I was FURIOUS! Next morning, still no hot water….now hubby is furious! Office opened at 7am. We were told the hot water heater for our side of the hotel 'went out last night' (yeah, we know this!!) The first week we stayed here, I couldn't take a tub bath due to the ORANGE hot water! I assumed this was rust. Even had the desk clerk come to our room to see how nasty it was. We told them THEN that the hot water heater must be going south. Guess they don't fix things here until they have enough complaints.
    The front desk told us if we wanted to come by the office, they'd give us a key to use another room for showering. WHAT??! Well, just how many other people on 'our side' of the hotel are using that room, too?

    We finally completed our job here in CA and checked out of the motel on 01-21-15. Needless to say, our exit from this establishment was not nearly as pleasant as our arrival!

    • In some states, if you stay in one room for longer than 30 days you are then considered a resident and no longer a guest and are allowed to invoke residential rights such as living conditions. I don't know why the manager could not explain this, but it just shows how incapable the management system in place for this chain actually is or they simply don't care. I would go with the latter

  • We have been staying at the hotel in South Sioux City Nebraska – Americas Best Vaue Inn. After a week of staying here and telling them at checkin we would be staying for two weeks…we are being kicked out tomorrow!!!! They booked over our room and now we have to leave!!! Tell me this is fair!!! I will never stay here again! Darlene Usry (956)867-2541

  • Guess there is just not one respectable or habitable Americas Best Value in the country. I have photographs and plan to insist there is an investigation by the health department, Holes in the wall with rat poison exposed is just too much to be over looked. Do these guys know what a broom is? they piled up the wet towels in the bathroom and left without providing an clean ones! And that was probably the nicest thing I can say besides telling everyone I know to STAY CLEAR OF THESE DUMPS.

  • Caseyville Illinois, was the most dirtiest, filthiest, rottenest place I have ever been to in my life! I have traveled up and down the East coast and mid America and have never seen suck a disgusting place before! Me and my family went to St. Louis for a weekend trip and all was great, until we stopped at this craphole! My wife went in to get the room and once I started looking at the building I noticed more and more signs of a craphole! We walk into a broken door, smelly carpet, filthy walls and just terrible. We get to the room and the microwave was dated 1980 something, fridge had stuff growing in it! I got a refund, I was not letting my family stay in filth! I stopped a guy looking for a room before he got in there, told him itwas a trash hole. I did see some nasty little (kids) getting a room to have sex in, guess it maybe good for that kinda stuff but not for anyone that has respect for themselves! That place needs to be tore down! Other hotels in that town was nice.

  • I stayed there with my daughter and 3 yr old grandson and boyfriend for 3 nights the day before check out my 3 yr old grandson was sitting in the chair in our room where he pulled out a needle with something in it and what looked to be some kinda pipe and hands it to me it did not look legal and all they did a front desk was say I am sorry and they came up moved the chair a little and lefted up corner of beds and I mean only the corner and said room was cleared. And never even put us in a new room or even called cops. Messed up cause the hole next day on my way home all my grandson did was through up and was sick.

  • Dec 16 landed in Seattle got to hotel via shulttle old gmc van mini van, office stunk cockroaches on ground, tried to cancel reservation not happening saw room it smeeled worse than office did spent 5 mins there with daughter the carpets felt icky the ac unit was gross the bed we never even say on them this place creeped us out I smelled like somebody just cooked up some crack there, one of my jobs in the past has been doing rental unit recoverys, so went to office checked out recipt had no time out on it I asked said computer won't do that. I said I want the cc paper showing cancelled transaction. Clerk said can't do its broken, and can't rent room had others turning away at that time. The bottom line here is if this is Americans Best hotel chain were screwed, I called corp office was told to contest it on my cc he then hung up the phone. This chain should have there permits pulled to operate, as well have name pulled from airport shuttle boards.i see I'm not the only one here who's had a bad time at Americas worst hotel chain

  • Value Inn is the worst room I have stayed in ever. I would not let my dog stay there much less sleep there. Its so filthy not to mention Black Mold run away from this craphole

  • I stay at the Americas best value inn on beckley rd in battle creek mi the management likes to blame things the residence that they didn't even do this is the worst 2 month I have stayed here and still nothing is done about it what can I do

  • I'm staying at the Americas Best Value Inn here at 4775 beckley rd in battle creek mi. there's a guy named here's the sunny he's been having an attitude with me for the past 2 months and have not done nothing to him if something gets billed on the towels he'll tell you you don't get no more towels I did lock on my door has not been fixed properly so somebody can just walk in without the key and he just been having an attitude for the past couple months and I'm just getting tired of it and something needs to be done

  • On August 23rd, 2013 I made a reservation at Americas Best Value Inn
    610 Highway 155 S, Mcdonough, GA, 30253
    for September 6th, thru September 8th, 2013.
    I then received my confirmed Confirmation # ——— and everything seemed alright.
    We arrived at the Inn at 3:pm, and checked in. We went up to the room, and it felt like 100* degrees in there, but then so did the hallway to the rooms. 3 adults and a 1yr.old and 1 two yr. old
    What we found was broken cabinet doors, dirty sink, dirty fridge, dirty floors, and the bathroom was terribly filthy.
    I went down to ask about another room and they said they were filled up. I asked about having the room cleaned, and was told no maids. By this time, I am stuck, because we were having a wedding, and there was no motel or hotel within 50 miles with an available room.
    We left, went to the rehershal supper friday night, and took photos for the what went on friday night.
    The bride is my neice, so we were doing our family photos for her friday night and the grrom had his aunt do his family friday night also.
    Strange setup I know, but we got all family members out of the way, so on Saturday, only the Bride and Groom and wedding party would get theirs taken.
    Got back to the Inn about 10pm, and it was still hot. Went down to ask again about another room, and was told again, no maids, no other rooms available. I asked about a fan, and reluctantly, got one.
    Left Saturday morning to go to the wedding, and was 2 miles down the road when I realized my gas tank was empty. Stopped and filled back up, but had done so when I got there to the Inn friday night.
    When we got back to the Inn, it was still hot, and asked for another room , and there again was told NO ROOM…. I told his wife it was very hot in the hallway, and in the room, and she said she was in the room earlier and it was not hot, nor in the hallway. I asked why she was in the room, and she said she was checking it out being I complained so much. I told her about the gas being stolen, and she told me who would want my gas.. that I drove a old truck… you drive old truck…. go…. I also told her I had to buy new sheets and blankets because the bedding were nasty, which could be used at home…. but still why should I have to do this, I rented a room…. NO MAIDS…
    and she just said go, go… waving her hand at me…
    Anyway, we got up Sunday morning to leave, stopped to tell them again about the gas being stolen, and this lady told me to go, and do not come back….
    The cops were already there about other customers vehicles being broken into, and other complaints. They could not do nothing about my gas being I had no locked gas cap.
    When I got home, and unpacked, I realized my flip and Nikon camers were missing from the camera bag…. I called the Inn back, and the lady would not talk to me. WHY… I did not accuse her, I never even had a chance, she just said go…. and hung up….
    Now I am mad as Hel….loooooo, first for being treated so bad, and secound, I can never replace those pictures…. gone forever, but also my cameras are gone. The cameras cost me plenty, but it does not matter if they were dollar cameras. they were mine….. but the pictures…. now I have a very sad bride and groom… not to mention, 2 sick babies form the heat and a sick elderly mother.
    I want my money back on the room, and both of … MY… cameras…. and I am praying they did not delete my pictures…..
    What they did is not cool, and just because the are not english, and pretend not to understand me is another excuse….. they know what I was saying….. bad, bad, bad….
    Please help me get my cameras back…. I need those pictures….. PLEASE….
    Debi Woods
    Please contact me at 423-762-3869

  • We secured a reservation for your Motel in Seguin Texas and on Aug 22 2013 we checked into the room, Shocked does not fit the description of the condition of the room, There was some trash in the sink of the kitchen area, an open bag of half filled potato chips in the kitchen cabinet a nice roach feast for sure, no towels in the bathroom and the worst bathroom I've ever seen their in the shower on the walls and ceiling was MOLD lots of Mold. the drain didnt drain worth a hoot,there were no cups and only a quater filled roll or toilet paper in the holder. I complained to the front office the women was very nice and bought the missing items and I showed her all the trash and mold to which she said we could change rooms which I was thinking about but while in the office signing in, another customer who just checked into his room was complaining about all the roaches running around the walls and the bathroom of his room. We decided to stick it out in the room we had. The motels and hotels in the town were booked and no other places available because of a American Legion Legacy run which was happening in town at the time. I have pictures of the room if you're interested in seeing all this plus the top of the refridgerator with half inch of dirt and old magazines. Needless to say I passed by many Americas best value inns on the way back to Florid And after this $80 experience I will continue to pass Americas best value inns.
    Fred Bernquist

  • We got their name from the Six Flags Great America website-looked like a preferred listing because it advertised hotel + ticket package. Advertised "newly renovated rooms." Saw online Wed price $56, Thurs $79-so went online to book, couldn't find the package price so called, $280 for Thurs/included 5 tickets then asked about adding Wed. night-lady said $79-told her the wed. online price $56, she didn't understand us & it was hard to understand her (foreign accent)she wouldn't give us that price.Called back later & booked anyway, couldn't get the other hotels that had a package deal-We checked in room 120 late-it smelled like our basement–moldy & very starving, so went to eat. came back to sleep. tried plugging in some lights-THICK dust & webs behind end table, 2 boxes of someone else's food in our fridge, air conditioner had thick crap stuck all over the vent. dumpy looking all over,wallpaper falling off, water marks on ceiling. Wanted to leave but we had our Great America tickets & it was late & hubby said, stick it out–just wanted to sleep. went to breakfast to find only Special K & something else kids didn't like-the 2 "good" cereals gone. Milk in pitcher in small bowl of ice water–later saw manager fill that same pitcher that had ¼ left with more milk—Sanitary?? Ant crawling on juice machine & stuff floating in my juice. Suppose to be leaving for Great America, but went to desk to see if there was a better room or we were leaving. She showed us room 123—fainter smelling, still smelled, but nothing like the other room..this was obviously a “newly renovated” room the web advertised—nicer looking furniture, even had a fold down chair to bed for our other child. Surprised this room was available—why would they give us the dumpy room when we were staying 2 nights & had 5 people & were paying the higher price for both days?? Showed the manager our complaints of the other room—blamed cleaning staff, offered $25 off. Tried to explain to him the Wed price online was $56, so should be $25 off of that—he said he didn’t know what the internet price was about, but the price was the price we got. After he credited our credit card the $25, we asked for a receipt of everything—he brought out a handwritten index card & explained from there. I got very worried about our credit card information, asked for a printed receipt with the hotel name, etc. on. He finally printed that out—but it didn’t have the address on it & it didn’t say we got the $25 off…he said we had the credit card credit slip with that on it. I got his card, but have misplaced it since we got home. It just all sounded very shady—VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! I’ve been watching my credit card since then, making sure we don’t get our credit card number/identity stolen. They had a shuttle take us to Great America, & that we were to be by the van by 10:10pm or would have to take cab…the final night show/fireworks didn’t start until 10—kids were disappointed about that. All in all, the beds were comfortable, but that was about it—VERY UNHAPPY WITH THIS HOTEL!!! We used our computer in our room searching for other places to go..after all this I got worried about someone hacking our computer—yesterday we did get 243 “Mailer Dameon(spelling?)” in our email. Today, when I went on the corporate page to submit this complaint, my computer said this was a "Reported Attack Page–harmful software, viruses,etc." REALLY??? This was our first family vacation in 4 years. We didn’t need a fancy hotel with a pool or anything, we were going to Great America for that. Just wanted a comfortable bed & was hoping for a continental breakfast –thought that this was a preferred/reputable hotel being on the Great America website—we were shocked & VERY DISAPPOINTED!! JUST HORRIBLE!!

  • To whom it may concern:

    Please find below the email below that was sent to cancel reservation which the manager, "Mac" (had a very heavy accent and spoke very fast) we spoke with on July 5 insist he did not receive, thus we were charged a NO SHOW/NO CANCELLATION FEE. Out of courtesy, and as one who was in authority, and as the manager (which he said he was the only one of authority we could speak with), he should of at least offered to look, but all he could really say is no, and would have to take care of it.

    So…we spoke with and they could not assist us as we did not originally cancel through them. On July 5th I spoke with "Shannon" and she was very gracious and did try to speak with the "manager" whom myself and my husband spoke to as well. She said that he told her he would not refund our money and said there was not one at his hotel by the name I had given. I spoke with a lady(with a Latin/Hispanic accent and thought her name started with an A. Unfortunately, I did not write her name down.) I called letting her know that I wanted to confirm that the reservation had been cancelled per my email sent June 17th. She looked and said that their was no booking of the number I gave her, nor was there a reservation in my name, my husbands name or the both of our names. Thus, no reservation.

    We question, is this because we choice to stay at another hotel? Is this a form of retaliation? The manager obviously overlooked the email and was not willing to own up to it. I question his integrity.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: teresaskipwith
    To: teresa.skipwith
    Sent: Sun, Jun 30, 2013 8:29 pm
    Subject: Fwd: Please cancel reservation – Original Confirmation Attached.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: teresaskipwith
    To: abvicolumbus
    Cc: teresaskipwith ; rskipwith
    Sent: Mon, Jun 17, 2013 2:03 am
    Subject: Please cancel reservation – Original Confirmation Attached.

    Dear America's Best Value Inn,

    Please cancel reservations made for our stay. We have attached a copy of the original confirmation sent which contains the booking number and pin.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please send confirmation of the cancellation today 6/17/2013.

    We appreciate your prompt attention to our request.

    Thank you,

    Rodney and Teresa Skipwith

    (803) 324-8963

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