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  • Ann Klein Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ann Klein Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. I bought wedge boots AK7DAVIDA and one has lost the AK emblem on the ankle strap. Is is possible to get another emblem that I can have sewn back on?

  2. hi brought a anne klien watch on a Thomas cook flight in oct 2018 but its to small for my wrist ive tried to see if my local jewlers could make it bigger but they said because its ceramic they cant could you please tell me whe could get it done im in the uk in berkshire

  3. I bought Anne Klein AKULEMA 60218237-2RV IVOR/BK PA, barcode is 6 5306 208336. I accidently left open a black maker and it got on my shoe, and the shoe is ruined. Do you still carry these shoes and where can I get them? Thanks

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