Ann Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ann Taylor Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ann Inc.


7 Times Square 15th Floor

New York, NY 10036

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-541-3300

Fax Number: 1-212-541-3299

Email: n/a

Corporate Stock Symbol: ANN

Ann Taylor is a famous for their retail stores for women. Ann Taylor offers women’s apparel, shoes and accessories under the Ann Taylor Brand and Loft. Ann Taylor is one of the premier women’s retailers in the US.

Ann Taylor’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-342-5266. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

ann taylor corporate office headquarters hq

  • When I ordered from, it stated my order was placed correctly. Shipping and tracking information was provided. Sounds good, so far, right? Well, after 10 business days, the tracking information says the package is located in Seacaucus, NJ. It has not updated since the initial tracking information was posted. When I called Loft customer service, they told me that they would ship me out new items, but needed to charge my credit card again until they found the package that already shipped. Imagine how incensed I was! Charging a customer for the products again and won't refund the charge until the other package is "located". How outrageous. When I told the customer service rep I would not allow another charge on my credit card, he told me the order is cancelled, and hung up on me! I will definitely be NOT be shopping at LOFT anymore until their customer service improves.

  • I am very disappointed in the level of service I received from I attempted to purchase two sale items with an extra 50% off. The discount was applied during the checkout process, but when I received my email confirmation the discount was not there. I called customer service and was told that I could not cancel my order and there was nothing they could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I seemed as if he did not want to deal with it because it took him forever to get on the line. I had to ask three times. I felt like I was treated in a condescending manner and I will never order from Ann Taylor online again; and I will tell all of my family and friends about my experience. I will not pay to be mistreated.

  • I was at Oakbrook, IL location this past weekend. I was getting helped by this Asian lady in mid 50's may be she had amazing customer service skills. Another employee who introduced herself as 'Tu' came up to us and ask the lady to go in the back while she was helping me with an outfit. This 'Tu' women had a very bad attitude towards other co-worker. I would never work with somebody like that she is rude, and mean to fellow coworkers and customers. I was very disappointed with this kind of service at Ann Taylor store.

  • So sad to see both Loft and Ann Taylor not offering capri length pants anymore. Cropped length is so similar to regular pants and too hot for summer. You used to have beautiful sweaters and tops. Merchandise options have changed quite a bit. You use to be my favorite stores. Not anymore.

  • My complaint has to do with what appears to be an unfair and deceptive business practice within the Ann Taylor store. A sign was placed on a table with six separate piles of sweaters offering sweaters for $35. In mouse print (not clear and conspicuous font) underneath the $35 price it says select sweaters only. Not seeing the mouse print, I brought the sweater I chose from one of the six separate piles, to the register for purchase only to be told that my sweater was $69. I pointed to the sign that was touching the sweaters on the table and was informed that only select sweaters were being sold for $35. When I inquired which sweater in the six piles were being offered at that price I was told NONE OF THEM! So where are the $35 sweaters I asked? "Oh they are across the store on a rack towards the back" was the answer. This smacks of false advertising. The store manager then says she was told BY CORPORATE to put the sign there. REALLY?? Ann Taylor Corporate specifically instructs the stores to engage in "bait and switch" false advertising tactics?? I think this practice should not only be investigated by the State Attorneys General Bureau of Consumer Protection but the Federal Trade Commission.

  • I have never in my 55 years of life been treated so poorly by anyone as the customer service team at I have been put on hold for unending amounts of time, hung up on, been called a liar, been refused contact information to corporate numbers, been refused to speak to a supervisor, when finally reaching a supervisor I have been treated like a two year old with being talked down to by someone I can tell is half my age. I called this morning to request a price adjustment (we are talking a $7 transaction here) only to be told that that is NEVER done. Now keep in mind I have done this on many occasions with no issue whatsoever, in fact the supervisor said she could see I had done it recently, but she knows it had to have been a "one time exception" even though that was never said to me or even discussed. I find it interesting that this supervisor is psychic and knows what my conversation was that day. I spend literally thousands of dollars with this company and over and over in the past few months they have proved they don't want my business. There are lots of companies that will be happy to take my money, who have better customer service (because let's be real, the IRS has better customer service)and who actually care about their customers. I even specifically asked the agent not to email me the policy she was shoving down my throat as she interrupted me repeatedly, and she emailed it to me anyway. No better way to win customers than by harassment, right? This is shameful. Customer beware, and take my advice, shop somewhere else.

  • I tried placing an order online at The Loft. It rejected my card 10 times yet put 10 holds on my money placing my account in overdraft. I called about the charges and was told they'd fall off in 3 days, and they'd put my order through. Two weeks later I still hadn't received it. I called and a man puts it through again and says I'll get an email confirmation with the order number. I got 2 confirmations because he duplicated the order sending one to my old address in another city. In the meantime, my account is overdrawn again because he out the order through 5 times, instead of once!! I called and spoke to "floor supervisor Michelle La" who said she can't cancel the duplicate order, reverse the holds on my account, or reimburse me for my bank fees incurred due to their error!! She said I have to return the duplicate order when I receive it. When I notified her that I no longer live at that address, and won't receive the second order, she told me I have to track it and return it. When I told her how horrible the customer service was she kept saying "that's company policy." When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said there was no one above her. I called the corporate office for assistance, and they attempted to transfer me right back to the same customer service department that incorrectly processed my order twice!!!! After asking to speak to someone else I was transferred to a voice mail. The Loft could have easily removed the charges to my debit according not but don't care enough about the customer to take the time. Their lack of concern for customer care is further evident in their poorly trained representatives and very rude and unhelpful supervisor. I do 90% of my shopping online and have NEVER experienced such poor customer service. I will never shop there again and advise anyone considering their store to BEWARE!!


  • I'm having a problem with your online fulfillment center. It's obvious your company is having some problems even going back quite a few years ago. hopefully, you have restructured and have gotten some competent managers. Why don't you send some over to the online distribution center. This isn't the 19th century. A very small percentage of people would even try to research your corporate headquarters or even bother to comment. Most people would just move on and not give you a second thought because they can. Fix your problems! To order online from you is horrendous. You need better graphic designers and computer engineer people. Take a look at Anthropologie. I received a catalog from them today and it is just beautiful. I wish your company well. I hope you can patch the hull.

  • I just returned a shirt to the Loft at Derby Street in Hingham, Ma and was asked for my drivers license to make the return. I questioned as to why and the girl told me theft protection. I had the receipt and the tags were still attached to the item. I then asked what if I didn't have a license and was told then I would not be able to return the item even though I had the receipt , credit card it was purchased with and tags attached. Loft is the only store that does this .
    I won't be shopping there . Nordstrom has always been my go to store and with there return policy , free shipping and great customer service.

  • Very disappointed with the Ann Taylor Corporate Customer Service. After having a return issue on a new skirt with tags, I contacted Corporate. An item was purchased and sent to me. They begin their return days from the date ordered not received. When I tired to return the merchandise, with tags and receipt I was given a 40% reduced price. I tried for store credit instead of a credit card refund. No can do! This is outrageous. I will NEVER shop at Ann Taylor again. STAY AWAY!

  • Very disappointed with the Ann Taylor Corporate Customer Service. After having a return issue on a new skirt with tags, I contacted Corporate. An item was purchased and sent to me. They begin their return days from the date ordered not received. When I tired to return the merchandise, with tags and receipt I was given a 40% reduced price. I tried for store credit instead of a credit card refund. No can do! This is outrageous. I will NEVER shop at Ann Taylor again. STAY AWAY!

  • I have just returned from your store at Millenia Mall in Orlando without making a purchase, despite the fact that there were a number of pretty dresses that I liked. The problem came from the lack of privacy in the dressing rooms. The manner in which the curtain was installed prevented it from completely closing on either side, leaving a gap through which anyone could see. There was a male employee in the dressing area which made for an uncomfortable situation. A pleasant sales lady told me that there had been other complaints, but they were unable to make any change because it was a corporate decision. Repositioning the curtains would be easy and would provide a private and pleasant shopping experience for your customers. 😌

    • Same thing happened to me the last two times I shopped at Ann Taylor. I opened the curtain (partially dressed), to ask for help with another size, only to find a male employee standing there. I don't appreciate the lack of privacy either. I thought if I complained that something might be done but apparently not. I am no longer comfortable trying on clothes there. I'm all for equality but this is getting ridiculous. Males have no business in a women's dressing room!!

  • I have been an Ann Taylor shopper from the beginning of my humble career to the height of my career, exclusively wearing all suits, evening wear to casual work attire. Serving as your biggest referral and making certain to purchase gift cards for my female staffers. I have traveled and shopped at many locations resulting in wonderful experiences. However, I can honestly state, I never experienced such uncomfortable, disrespectful and unprofessional customer service as I have in the 600 13th Avenue Washington, DC store. I purchased a belt today and was asked did I want a bag as the salesperson inferred I should tuck the unwrapped belt in my purse. I further had to request my receipt.
    What has Ann Taylor transformed to becoming. Are you hiring sales associates from Cell Block H penitentiary? This is the second time I visited this store and received the most unprofessional customer service. I will never return to the downtown DC store and furthermore, I may discontinue spending thousands of dollars each year on Ann Taylor fashion. Needless to say, my referral for Ann Taylor is going to suspend as well. You can thank Salesperson 00000321549 for my new stance!

  • I have had my worst shopping experience ever at Loft in Canton Ct. The sales associate was terribly rude while I was purchasing merchandise , so much so that I called the store manager to come over. The store manager was smug and rude as well… Both sales associate and manager rolled eyes ,Smirking and almost enjoying the conflict. The
    District Manager Liza Celetti was no better. On top of that my account was debited for 50.73 after I had left the store without purchasing the merchandise I originally was going to purchase.
    It's been over 2 weeks of straightening out my account. The district manager originally took my name and address to send me a " welcome back " gift card
    Well I never received that either …. And I contacted her after my initial complaint several times for the unauthorized debit.
    I complained to cooperate and so far nothing on their end.
    All I can do is spread the word to NEVER set foot in a Loft store. I tell everyone I know. And will continue to do so. There are many other retail establishments out there who are professional , put together , and truly care about the customer.
    This store should be shut down…
    As far as shopping online , I agree with the above posters, I have never once been and to complete a transaction online.
    A horrible , poorly run cooperation.

  • This was the worst, online shopping experience I have ever encountered. I was unable to finalize a purchase, and had to call their customer service number for assistance. Not only did they not give me the online sale price, and free shipping that was due to me, but my credit card was charged three times! Obviously, I will contest these charges with my credit card company, but why should a customer have to go through this hassle? Terrible website and customer service representatives. I have gathered from reading previous comments, that this is an on going problem. I would really like to contact the CEO and Board of Directors of The Loft, regarding these issues. Shame on them.

  • After reading all of these post. I hope their corporate office reads these and trys to fix these issues. All I can say is wow, Very Poor way to run your business. Just from the comments above I will not shop here

  • I wear Marisa petite and I have been waiting for a pair of denim trousers for more than 3 years. These are the only pant that fit me perfectly. I would prefer to get regular denims in Marisa but I know they don't make them and the similiar style doesn't fit as well as Marisa

  • I was in the store on Times Square and Broadway (store number 1614) and one of the associates- Nyjha realized I was carrying a few things so she asked if she should start a dressing room for me, and she did. Then throughout the time that I was shopping she continued to put things i had picked up in a room for me. I would have been grateful enough if that were all she had done but she was so nice and kind that she also helped me in the dressing room if I needed a different color or size and gave me her honest opinion. I felt so touched that she remembered my name and used it instead of just calling me "miss". The whole time that I was there she helped me with a smile and really showed interest. My friend that was with me had never been to Loft and said this was the first time she was ever treated so nicely by one of the associates in a store, that she is definitely coming back. I got 4 skirts and a top. I usually enjoy shopping in Loft but I would come back to this location just to shop with her again! Thank you Nyjha!!

  • Poor Management, understaffed to say the least. On several occasions, I have been ignored as only two people were on staff. Apparently an overweight woman of spanish decent was the acting manager. She proceeded to engage and laugh with a friend of hers and ignored me completely. I have spent tons of money in the Parkway Mall Ann Taylor store in Huntsville Al., BUT to be ignored? I could see if there were overwelming customers. I did however manage to proceed to checkout as the store was about to close only to be told the items I were purchasing were no longer considered sale items. I will NEVER set foot in that store again.

  • Today I went to Ann Taylor at the Mall of Georgia in Buford. I was shopping with my daughter, at approximately 3:00 pm. My daughter dresses very nice and I had on skinny jeans with a white top. The sales lady (blonde hair with glasses); asked my daughter if she would like a dressing room, came over to help her for advice in how to coordinate her outfits, however never once did she acknowledge that I was even in the store. We were the only two customers there at that time. I stood beside my daughter the whole time with blouses in my hand to try on, but I never was approached by her. In fact I was totally ignored. I felt slighted in a major way. The lady behind the counter, never left the counter either to come and help me. It would have been different if other customers were in the store at that time and they were waiting on them, but noone was there. I have bought spent alot of money on numerous clothes in the past from Ann Taylor, but I will think twice before ever buying at Ann Taylor again. Needless to say, even my daughter said after we left the store that she was very snobby. I should have gotten her name, but failed to do so.

  • What happened to Ann Taylor? Granted, I undertand the need to change with the times and move a little bit away from the standard corporate image, but what a change. Hideous colors, cheap and totally classless.

  • I was shopping at the University District Store in Seattle after Christmas and was appalled at the low level of professionalism I witnessed from the store manager. As a sales executive manager in an upscale clothing store I would not tolerate my staff to yell amongst the associates. This made for a very uncomfortable shopping experience for me and the other shoppers. I would expect more from a high end retail store. Ann Taylor is considered a prestigious women's clothing store and I would expect more from management. I was so disappointed, I don't believe I would ever go back there.

  • The Ann Taylor store in the University District in Seattle is very poorly staffed. I was there during the Christmas holidays and the lines were long and there was only one salesperson in front. I had an armful of clothing that I was going to purchase and finally got disgusted waiting that I left. I am also a frequent shopper at the store. I asked to speak to the manager and she never came out of her office to talk to me. This was the same dirty blond manager that I saw in November reprimanding a salesperson in front of other employees and customers! She was yelling at this poor girl. What kind of manager does this in front of others? I felt so bad for this sales girl. She's the only one who helps me and is always friendly to other customers. This manager definitely needs some people skills! She never smiles and is unfriendly! This was not good to watch. I think Corporate should look into this matter and fire this person. In the meantime, I am going to tell all my friends to not set foot in your store at the University District in Seattle!

  • I will never, ever step foot in a Loft store again. the sales
    help there is beligerent, beligerent, beligerent. It is obvious no one has taught them the courtesies of customer service. And this was in the Galleria in Houston. I don't think the manager cares about the rudenes on the sales floor because the salespeople are rude without fear of any repercussions. The Loft store in the Galleria needs to shut it's doors.

  • I will not shop Ann Taylor again and have cancelled my card today. I made a payment online over 30 days ago and was assured by the website that my payment had been received and "thank you!" Today I got my statement and it said the payment was returned 4 days later and, hello, $25 returned payment fee. WTF? Called and rep said there must have been an error in the digits I typed for my bank numbers. And, no matter that I talked to 3 people in two separate phone calls, no one would waive the g.d. fee. So, bye bye ann. All other credit cards and online payment systems I know of will not even accept a payment unless the digits sync with an account. This has never happened before and inexcusable for 21st century business. Unless of course your goal is to hood-wink your customers out of a few dollars. Oh, and when I called to close the account, told the rep why, and she refused to waive fee, she said do you want to pay by phone? I said sure and she said there's a "convenience" fee for that. Are you kidding me? A convenience fee to to pay you money? No thank you. Not convenient for me. Not to mention the fact that the quality has gone down hill. How 'bout made in U.S.A. again, Ann? Maybe then the quality would improve.

  • After a very tumultuous interview process with Ann Taylor, once being tentatively offered a position – a salary was agreed upon- and followed up by a interview with the Manager who oversees two stores – we spoke of salary and arranging a work schedule – it is the belief of the assistant manager of the store that I was not offered a position. After almost two weeks, the assistant manager of the store had not spoken with the manager to confirm whether or not I have a position with the store, and relayed to me today, "I have not spoken with the manager about your interview, and would think after this span of time, that the position has been filled."

    Having worked for Ann Taylor previously, it is apparent that the company is a bit unstable on the storefront level.

  • Wow. I love your products, they fit wonderfully. What is up with the customer service and website? The website took so long I gave up ordering. I feel sorry for you all you have such a wonderful product. What is the problem??

  • Loft customer service is so sick. not willing to help customers. Quality is poor. After so many washing , it looks like trash. That's why I switch to Better service and better quality clothing.

  • since I have so many choices I will no longer be shopping at Ann Taylor. They are able to provide quality clothing.

  • Ann Taylor and Loft have both gone downhill. Their clothes are trash and their service is despicable. I will never shop there again.

  • I'M DONE… I have been a very loyal Customer of AT for over 18 years, but I have been extremely disappointed with the designer for quite sometime. The new line just came out this weekend. All 00P's and 0P's are almos all gone with many items including the very beautiful yellow dress. I have been complaining about this for years. Petites are always left behind, many pieces are only done in missy's. I have been on hold with the online store for over 20 minutes, not sure why I am on hold because they will be stand offish and tell me they do not have any more of the size that I need left. Those that are experiencing the same frustration, revert to Banana Republic. They have a great selection of Petites, their regulars do not run as big as the missy's at AT do and they carry 00P's in their store. I have begun my collection with BR, as AT is not fulfilling clients needs or wants!

  • I am frustrated beyond belief with Ann Taylor and the LOFT. I placed two orders, proceeded through the checkout and used Reward Cards for both orders. One was cancelled due to insufficent stock, the other all but one item cancelled for the same reason! My LOFT card was charged. My Reward lost. I emailed customer service 4 times and for some reason do not get a response. I called and was told I would get credit for the full amount so the Reward Cards wouldn't be lost. That didn't happen. Called back again when my there were no credits on my LOFT card and was told since the orders were cancelled they would have to put in a request for the refund! Seriously? I can't believe how poor the customer service is from a higher end retailer such as Ann Taylor and the LOFT. Not to mention the web site. It's a nightmare to navigate and shop on line, especially the LOFT. It's been like this for some time. I'm at the point of finding a new retailer to shop for my clothing.

  • I have enjoyed shopping at the Ann Taylor stores in UT. However, since an Ann Taylor employee refused to let a visually impaired woman in the store with her service dog, I will take my business elsewhere. The manager of the store even tried to justify the illegal actions of the employee. Shame on Ann Taylor for not educating their sales staff about how to treat customers with disabilities. I'm hoping the publicity, investigation, & imposed fines, will help this company understand how important this issue is.

  • Executives at Ann Taylor–not Loft where I do not shop. They need to try looking at their own website, and shop for clothing. Attempt to look at the different dresses etc., then try going back to the main page. The screen goes black, then moves again. It is excrutiating to shop on line. Ironically, your website has helped me to shop at Talbot's!! It's a great way to look for another place to shop other than Ann Taylor. If Ann Taylor executives spenmd some time on the website, they may understand what it is like for customers who try to shop on line. Fire the web designer. Ask Talbots and Neiman Marcus who designed their websites. Do something. You are seriously harming a perfectly fine line of products.

  • Customer Service at is horrible. I swore that the person at the other end was going to reach into the phone and grab me at the throat. They have nice things, but it's not worth the pain.

  • I will never place an on-line order with the Loft again! The customer service department told me something different every time I called. If you don't send an item & then keep the money that's not only really bad business, it's stealing.

  • After reading the posted comments, I see I am not alone in my frustration of trying to purchase something from the Loft. After trying for hours over the past three days, your system has not even allowed me to finalize my order, and your phone lines are busy, busy, busy. All of this gives me a clue as to why your three stores in this area have been closed.

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