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Apple Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Apple Computer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-996-1010

Corporate Fax Number: 1-408-996-0275

Corporate Email: info@apple.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: AAPL

Apple New Campus Headquarters

19111 Pruneridge Avenue

Cupertino, CA 95014

Apple is famous for the Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Apple TV,Mac Computers and Itunes. Apple’s products include computer and music hardware and software. Apple is one of the premier computer hardware, software and music and entertainent companies in the US.

Apple’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-275-2273. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.



  • my macbook was in trouble… it seems like its battery was lack or broke so i couldn't turn in on.. i went to the apple store to repair it. I bought it with the 3 years warranty.. but that warranty is fake and just a trick… they want to charge me $450 to repair… as they said the warranty didn't cover it… so??? what's the warranty covers for???? not the top case?? not the battery to any internal component??? if it's so… that means it's not a warranty but instead… FAKE trick to robe customers money…. Apple needs to look after their warranty stuff not only the computers and other else.. I am so disappoint with their trick at store… it happened in Edison New Jersey Store anyway…

  • why is it that you can not use a bluetooth headset on the all mighty iphone 4s but you can on a piece of junk like a samsung focus?
    Can someone answer that for me?

  • So upset with the Apple co. treatment of its customers.Following directions, I made an appointment for help with my Ipod Nano. At my assigned time I am introduced to a "group setting" for help with my issue. So unfair to all of us. One couple had an Ipad, another an Iphone and I the Nano. All with different devices and issues. The assistant was totally overwhelmed as the Manager tried to add two more customers to our group! The assistant finally said he could not help me and I needed to see a Tech. One hour and fortyfive minutes later I left the store! I was told I had a defective ipod, they gave me a new one and said go home and try it again. Really? The very least Apple can do is give one on one customer service! Very misleading when you take the time to make an appointment.Imagine group appointments in a Doctor,s office-I think not!

  • Why did I wait so long to get a smart phone. I now have the iPhone 4S and as my friends ask " what is the meaning of life? " Well, I have found that life is a lot easier with the iPhone 4S. It tells me where I am, where to go, and how to get there, just like my wife. Love the phone and kids are jealous of mom and I , we both have iPhones 4S. An old mind is a terrible thing to waste–get an IPhone 4S, lol.

    • Great that you just bought into another Apple product. They are according to Der Speigel right this moment working with the NSA to create new back doors to your phone.

  • Apple 100% does NOT care about anything but making money. We contacted them several times for a white Macbook cracking all over and it is only months old. Has never been dropped or even taken out of the house. They do not care. They ignore you. They got there $1000 and they are done with you! Dont buy from them.

    • I was disappointed with my visit and how my situation was handled. Apple is well aware of the issues surrounding bad graphics cards in Mac Book Pro. Albeit that my laptop is 7 years old; I've purchased several other items for me and my family from Apple to include, 2 laptops, Apple TV, 1 desktop, 2 tablets, several iphones and numerous accessories, which amounts to thousands of dollars. I've been very satisfied with pass visits to the Apple store and using technical assistance. However, on my recent visit to repair the dreaded black screen. I was told that my computer is "vintage" and not serviceable by Apple. I was told that Apple no-longer works on computers with my issue or offer replacement parts to fix my laptop. The only other alternative I was offered was to purchase a new product. I was made to wait in the store for nearly an hour, when this information could have been told to me prior to coming to the store. Before my visit to the Apple store August 15th, I felt that Apple was the best company on the planet. However, I have since changed my opinion about Apple's products and service. This experience has left a bad taste in my mouth and severely wounded my confidence in Apple's ability to retain my interest.


    Hackers beware, now Apple will introduce a piece of hardware specifically designed to keep hackers out. This hardware will only allow an approved company/person to enter the company’s computer access to their company files.

    How it would work:
    The hardware will not allow entrance unless the party on the other end has a similar piece of hardware with a designated encrypted code that is inscribed into the hardware by the party allowing access and vice verse.

    The first line of defense would be the electric grid, water supply and other vulnerable structures.

  • Apple Corporate Office Headquarters Tim Cook 12/13/2011

    A few days ago I wrote you a letter concerning the vibration that occurs on my Mac mini computer when loading the CD drive with the hope that you would respond. I am trying to help you.

    Today I learned why some CDs create vibrations. An explanation is found on page 27 in my Mac OS X Snow Leopard manual. It states, “An uneven CD or DVD may have trouble loading.” If your CD or DVD drive seems to make vibrating noises, the disc’s weight might be uneven. Sometimes with older drives, the CD or DVD won’t load. If it does load, you’re fine.

    This is a discovery and not a solution. The solution is for Apple to at least replace the Inferior drives with a newer and better model. Apparently Apple does not have its own quality control. We all know that China certainly have no quality control.

    I have the tool to inspect these bad CDs for balance and concentricity. I have also found these so-called bad CDs work just fine on other devises.

    Your comment will be greatly appreciated.


    • my iphe 6 plus was messed up by verizon when i told they not to update it from 10.3.3 that worked great but they updated it to iso 11 crap the 12 crap with 10.3.3 i could hit the button on my car radio and say a name and it would call the number now it does not so apple owns me a round 900 dollars for 3 new car radios

  • I understand that in the new Icloud you will not be able to see your gallery like in moble me. Please keep the gallery. Thank you a loyal Apple user. Bneta Davido

    • my iphone 6 plus no reason for Icloud reset on 12/16/2014 and until now 12/30/2014 still not able to solve the problem.still on the air.
      it seems apple have good product but not good service at all.

    • Hey there Apple, what's happening more importantly what has happened to your IPHONE. For whatever the reason my IPhone locked up on me, made an error twice entering passcode. After 1 hour wait I thought I was ready to roll – WRONG, I entered the correct password but then got a message that I had to log in through ITunes – really. Then shortly after the message on the screen is IPhone is Disabled. I NEED my phone for work and clients, Verizon had no success in trying to restore my IPhone let alone doing a Factory Reset – neither could be done. Told only an Apple Store could fix this problem – Really. I had to purchase a NEW Iphone yesterday which I was not happy about. I want my other phone as it has all my data, pictures on it – yet it is Disabiled. How does a phone get disabled. I am really frustrated because it is over an hour's drive to the closest apple store. Never encountered this problem with my other Iphones. This has wasted my time and energy dealing with this most annoying problem, a seemingly good running IPhone just goes on a blink, the phone is only 11 months old – REALLY. There are some SERIOUS Problems with the Apple Product, not what it use to be and support is less than desirable, waste of time to call

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