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  • Apple Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Apple Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Apple Computer Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-996-1010

Corporate Fax Number: 1-408-996-0275

Corporate Email: info@apple.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: AAPL

Apple New Campus Headquarters

19111 Pruneridge Avenue

Cupertino, CA 95014

Apple is famous for the Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Apple TV,Mac Computers and Itunes. Apple’s products include computer and music hardware and software. Apple is one of the premier computer hardware, software and music and entertainent companies in the US.

Apple’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-275-2273. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


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  1. I have been a loyal apple customer until today, I took my iPhone 7 to an apple store in Chattanooga Tn. My wife and I have had 5 apple Iphones between us but that will change when I need a new phone. I made a big mistake in trying to change the battery myself, bought online for around 40 bucks, as you probably know by now it was a huge mistake. I took my iPhone 7 to the only apple store close to me and it was in Chattanooga Tn. I was told by the front desk that they had a policy of not working on anything that someone has opened the case (me) they would not help me a bit, I wanted to get a battery put in so that I could get my contact list for my new iPhone 8, my pleas went on deft ears, no help at all, I asked them to sell me a screwdriver that would take out the 4 screws that held the small plate which has the battery connection under it and I was given the brush off with a stern NO. End of story. No more apple products for me

  2. I have been receiving multiple phone calls from Apple Inc 5167398540 with a disjointed recorded phone message regarding a breach in my apple device if I want technical support press one if I want to hang up press 2. The call comes in sometimes 4 or 5 times a day some an hour apart or less. I have no apple products. You might want to check into this scam operation using your name.

  3. My name Amanuel Temesgen I am an Ethiopian boy I am interesting to use apple but i have no buy this phone.your product is no excess in Ethiopia b/c is very high cost

  4. Since Apple has moved mfr to China – Steve Job in probably doing 1000 rpm in his grave. I have bought Macs for at least 15 years. The computer part of Apple is circling the toilet -headed down the drain. I no longer can load pictures to FB. My iPhone friends can. My content in Photos is being censored so I can't even see my own property. I am 72 years old am extremely angry about this. Once again you have upgraded photos and totally screwed it up. Then we have Numbers. The worse spreadsheet program i've had the displeasure of using. Spreadsheets can't even add a column of 1s. I just bought my 1st Microsoft computer in years because of this little problem. iTunes only wants to sell things and, in fact Apple has tried to eliminate just about all jacks and input devices to insure that. Next, support. The system is set up to actually avoid supporting Macs. 1st you goes through a useless thousand FAQs, Then, if you get tired of that game, you can try chat – (I just did and couldn't even get to it. It you can finally find to find the number to the support line . After you finally find it, you have to wait a year and listened to some noise that sounds like some one strangling a chicken. And of course there is no one at HQ to answer today because it is MLK day. Funny I don't get any holidays while trying to use your crappy software.

  5. 845-215-6980 comes up as nanuet NY store on search…scammers robo callers with automatic message keeps calling….and calling at different times of the day…have been told to remove number and yet keep calling…. something about they are your service even if you don't have any Apple product…. scammers…spammers…845-215-6980 being used in phishing scam …don't have don't want apple products …

  6. my name is harvey mcgee at 708 west durant,wilburton,okla74578-2242 i am using my brother's internet info.sir/mam where is your head quarters located? i have some ways to stop computer hacking to save companies around the world alot of money!! aslo to capture those hackers!! if you are interested and can pay me $10 billion tax free u.s ollars.please send me an email with your reply.

  7. hi, guess you get a lot of people asking for freebies and maybe some really do need help. But if you start you'll have more and more asking. So that being said, I too am asking for help. For my great grand daughter, who I'm raising on 775.00 a month. I'm on ss and 68yrs. old. So Needless to say I can't afford your prices. Her mother was murdered and I am raising her, she is 10. She wants to have her own Apple I pod ,5th gen. So she can be like the other girls who's parents can afford it. If you feel like you just can't help , then tell me where I can buy one at little cost. I'm sure you have some that were sent back for repair , that are in good use now. Look, I'm not good at this begging stuff. so please let me know one way or the other–thanks for listening.

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