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  1. I placed an order with Giorgio Armani Beauty on 3/8/21 for $512.77. My order consisted of 10 itmes. When I received my order it was only three items yet I was charged for all 10. Since that time I have called over and over. I have been given "corporate" numbers which are actually hotel chains. I have been told my missing items will ship, but they never do> I have been told a manager would follow up with me, yet that call never comes. I chose this line because of the brand and reputation even though it is pricier than others. This has been an awful experience and I still do not have the $360 worth of makeup that I purchased. I recommend that NO ONE purchase from G Armani Beauty.. stick to Walgreens, they actually respond to their customers

  2. To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for your time and consideration. I am reporting mistreatment by an Employee named Star Duarte at Armani Exchange store address 7400 Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 247C Las Vegas, NV 89123. The Employee Star Durate was rude to my sister when she entered the store to apply for a position. Star stared at my sister and did not greet her or asked if she needed help. Proceeding this my sister disregarded her attitude and proceeded to the cash register to obtain an application. Once my sister completed the application I walked in with her to turn the application in. I decided to look around with no intention of buying anything until I was greeted by a nice young lady who I do not recall her name, however, she is an Employee. She offered to help me and tell me about the promotions going on in the store. Then I found some product in the store that I liked and decided to buy several items for my Fiance, mother-in-law, and myself. Once I picked out the items with the help of Sales Associate Mike and Manager Albert I was very happy. Then things took a turn for my experience in the store. I was waiting to be rung up while the Employee Star Durate was being helped with her items. I did not know she was an employee I thought she was a customer. She turns around rapidly and almost pushed my sister and I out the way without saying excuse me. I made a comment to her as she was rushing to the back of the store – "next time say excuse". I did not receive any acknowledgment of her actions. So, I decided to continue to purchase the items, then I noticed she had come out from the back of the store. I decided to walk over to her and give the feedback of mistreating a customer. When I stated she had almost knocked my sister and me over due to rushing – she provided an insincere apology with no regard for my feelings or customer experience. I ignored her attitude and accepted the apology and proceeded back to the cash register to finish my transaction. I informed the Manager Albert of her actions and attitude and paid for my items. In addition, I decided to come back after spending $261 in the store and returned everything that I bought, which I did not want to do. I went from a happy customer to very escalated customer due to the experience provided by Star Durate. In closing, I will be posting my complaint on all the Companies Social media accounts and calling the Corporate office tomorrow morning. Please contact me on this number (313)318-7161 around 1p PST for the follow-up call that was promised. I would like this documented as mistreatment.

    Warm Regards,
    Diondrea Hysaw

  3. I purchased an Armani Exchange Chronograph three-eye chronograph complication dial watch while on a cruise recently. I was told it had a luminous dial and since it had large numbers I thought it would be easier to see without my glasses at night.

    Much to my surprise when I got home and wore it, I found that it did have a luminous dial but not hands. The numbers were indeed luminous but the hands are not, even though the hands look like they have luminous paint on them. This makes the watch useless in the dark.

    My question is, is this normal? Aren’t the hands supposed to be luminous? I mean, because the hands not being luminous renders the watch useless in the dark. I can see the numbers but not where the hands are so I can’t tell what time it is in the dark.

    I just wanted to know if all your watches are like this or did I get a bad one, since I now have to get another new watch, so I can see it in he dark.

    So far no help from anyone on this. Not a good sign or endorsement for Armani.

  4. I had my eye on a beautiful shirt at the Armani Exchange at our local mall in Palm Beach Gardens. I could not really afford it. I checked back a few times and finally..it was on sale! And affordable! But, I must say that I am completely disappointed and feel like a fraud victim because alas…it was Made In China just like the clothes at Walmart! Shame on you. I thought it was Italian made or at least… Made in the USA.

  5. To whom it may concern:

    I write this email to let you know of an ex-employee of yours, Edwin Bonilla. Edwin worked at the Armani Exchange located in Aventura Mall, inside Bloomingdales. I met Edwin at his current employment. He is working at a store in Merrick Park, Purificacion Garcia. As I was being attended by Edwin at PG, he mentioned that he was a formal employee of yours (Armani Exchange). I must express to your office, Edwin speaks highly of your brand and has so much knowledge of it. He communicated and broke down all the branches of your business with such grace that for a moment I was transformed, and felt as if I was in an actual AE department store. It was amazing and impressive to see how skilled and knowledgeable Edwin is about your brand. I would recommend employing him once again, someone that is dedicated to your brand like Edwin, is very hard to find in today's job market.


    Rosa Rivaflecha

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