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Armed Forces Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. There is a serious problem with checking account #8074607. Ident. theft and fraud has been committed and has caused serious damage to the credit rating of the account holder, The problem occurred during the summer of 2016 when the account was drained. Bank personnel involved at demand of criminals in Lawrence, KS. Bank refused to provide account statements. Card holder still is in possession of card. Statement that the card was stolen is a lie. Global issues are involved.

  2. I think the chip cards, emv cards are worthless. I like my debit card and I don't want the new card. Is there a law from the federal government saying that we have to have these cards or is it just the bank trying to keep up with the times. I like my debit card and I have heard that many people are having trouble with these new cards. I am not having trouble with my card now and I don't want to start with a new chip card or emv card. Why would I want to just leave my card in the chip holder.

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