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ArtVan Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact ArtVan Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

ArtVan Furniture
Official Address:
6500 14 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48092 USA
Website: ArtVan.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-888-427-8826
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-888-427-8826
Delivery: 1-800-662-0038
Warranty: 1-800-662-0038
Credit and Billing: 1-800-396-8254


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  1. This is the worst furniture store ever ! Nothing but problems, one right after another ! Will not ever shop there again, and will tell everyone else not to also !!

  2. This is the worst company to do business with ever, will never buy from them again, nothing but problems, and we are still waiting for answers !

  3. One of the worst experience I've had in my life, just to start off with. I went into the store and purchased two sofas, one love seat, one reclining chair and the lamp. They told me they don't have all the pieces available at that moment, so I told them I will wait until they will have the complete set available to deliver to the house. On January 29th I received a phone call saying that my order was ready and it is going to be delivered on January 31st. When I received the delivery, it was only the reclining chair and the lamp. I was extremely upset because the day before delivery, I sold family room furniture, since I was expecting delivery the next day. I had the Super Bowl Party with no furniture, because I depended on them to deliver full family room set. After I called them, I found out that one of the sales manager Carlos, only put one sofa instead of two sofas on the delivery sheets. Also to mention I was still charged for the two sofas. I went back to the store an had to argued with them for over an hour. Then when I told them to cancel the whole order, they cancelled it. But at the same time they were trying to convince me to pay $300 more so they can add the missing sofa which I was apparently already charged for. It seems like this whole place is a scam. And for them to try to scan someone who is officially handicap, is pathetic. Not to mention that I waited a month and a half to receive my order and all I got was a reclining chair

  4. I have made several purchases at Art Van in Jackson. I even brought a special 10' couch, wing back chair two Ottomans. Never had a problem with them since now. I have had my eye on the Beast recliner chair for my husband, since Christmas. Every promotion they have sent me either in the mail or email has been false advertisement, it a bait and switch operation. I have been there five times, every time their ads are something different and nothing ever changes on the price. I saw it online for $934.99 and nothing else will work. Either the 15% or 24 month interest free. What a cheap outfit and I will buy somewhere else and hope with the little traffic that they pull in, the store will close. You dug your own hole with this customer.

  5. If I could show a negative star review, I would. I went to purchase 2 recliners and an umbrella for my deck at the Port Huron, MI location just to get the run around not once, but two days in a row – two trips in 3 days. I drive over an hour each way to the store to have the computers go down while I'm there so I couldn't run a credit app for the merchandise. Then, I return today just to have the finance department and IT people take my credit app and bypass protocol and override my application to avoid running through tidewater, which I've dealt with several times. I was at the store, and called tidewater multiple times – they never received the online app. So, the IT department says there's nothing they can do because supposedly, there was a fluke error in the program to bypass the typical protocol as to how they get approvals through Syncrony first, and then tidewater before they finally try to get an approval through Progressive. I gave lost $450 from over 5 hours of time wasted at the store both times, and 4 hours on the road, along with the $100 in gas to get absolutely nowhere. I am contacting an attorney for starting a lawsuit for obvious discrimination with my finance application! All over a $3500 sale? Really?

  6. Danna, our salesperson at the St. Peters store, was absolutely FABULOUS in every way. However, this was our first and last time shopping at Art Van. We had our couch delivered and noticed the board across the front was uneven. They sent a "repair" man out who screwed a plate under the sofa but it made no difference, and we told him that we wanted a new couch. He fabricated a story on his report that my son and his girlfriend sat on it and broke it! He LIED! We NEVER said that! The repair company is a bunch of crooks. Then we started getting all these calls, one saying they'd be there Wednesday, and the next Thursday… the head doesn't know what the tail is doing! Don't even let them in your house. Inspect your furniture carefully before the movers leave, and refuse to accept it if it's damaged. Thankfully Danna intervened and got us another sofa. They won't get a second chance purchase from us.

  7. Well, Art Van has done it again. After spending several thousand dollars in the Fort Wayne, IN store we were misinformed and lied to about a promotion that was going on over July 4th weekend.
    First, I had to call and get the proper pricing on an expensive base for our new Stearns and Foster mattress.
    Second, We were told that we would receive an e-mail from Elite Rewards so we could get out free TV.
    Well no free TV. We were told that was only on a different bed brand.
    The promo was a free TV when purchasing over $1900. Well we spent over twice that and today we are told that there is no TV.
    So I would not recommend shopping at this Art Van. The salespeople lie and misrepresent the sales and promos.
    I will never set foot in this store again!!!!
    And I will let everyone I know not to shop here.

  8. Help I've tried several way to contact Corporate Office to no avail Deborah Walter 313854-4178 concerning how unhappy I'm with Quality of Furniture. Here's is the service #1617173 after the delivery of an exchanged box spring the bottom covering is unattached. Delivery man wrote on the invoice the damages of the box spring in which I took a picture He said someone with come out and service me. Again more time off more missing money more waiting to be whole since June 2017. This has been the worst experience ever in my 58years on the earth. I feel used to make such a large purchase of poor quality bedding. I'm still owe $600.00 on account. I'm feel foolish no one reach out to offer me a credit or gift cares. I think what will be fair $100.00 credit to my account or $150.00 gift card. Also have someone come and attach the bottom covering. My information is Deborah Walter 2450 W. Grand Blvd apt#807 313854-4178 here's the service call reference #1617173 waiting patiently for a Response

  9. I purchased a recliner from Art Van Furniture on March 27, 2017. On February 9, 2018 I called the local Art Van Store in Mishawaka, In to tell them I had a broken spring in the chair. The seat leaned to the left and a spring was about to burst thru the back of the chair. After talking to Calvin he made it very clear that they would do nothin to fix the chair because I had not bought a warranty. They did send a repairman out to access the problem, that is all. The repairman then told me it was a defective chair. I relayed that to Calvin but to no avail. He sounded like a parrot harping on the "no warranty purchased." He didn't care that it came from the factory defective. I called a repairman who came out and fixed the spring and he as well told me the springs were not installed properly. I paid him $88.00 to fix it. After the repair I received a call from the store that a new control mechanism had been ordered and they wanted to come out and install it. So that will take place on April 5th, this week. I had not had the chair for even a year and the springs had to be fixed. Art Van does not care about customer service or this chair would have been serviced and they could have collected from the manufacture. Absolutely unbelievable that Calvin was so cold in his attitude regarding this problem. It certainly has left a bad impression to me. I paid $599.00 plus tax for this chair and another $88.00 before I even had it for one year. And the chair still leans to the left when sitting in it. It is not comfortable at all. I've sold retail; furniture, carpet and custom decorating and while I was interested in making money for myself and the company I was also concerned that I had a happy customer. Not so with the Mishawaka Art Van Store. I'm disappointed.

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