Arvest Bank Corporate Office Headquarters

Arvest Bank Corporate Office Headquarters
125 W. Central, Ste. 218
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-479-750-1400
Customer Service Number: 1-888-271-1253

  • I am trying to close on a home loan – not with Arvest – but my checking account is with Arvest..I am in need of a VOD statement…our processor at the loan company has sent the request form 3+ times to the fax number provided. The 2nd time the fax was sent; the processor was told there would be a 20.00 fee…the check was sent. According to Arvest it was never received. Make another phone call; we are told our Request was never received. Faxed it again, called again…no response. Several phone calls made to local bank and to corporate; different answer each time. I am to close in two weeks…where is my VOD? Who knows…no one is taking responsibility for receiving it and not processing it. I am driving to corporate to discuss in person…this is ridiculous…not a happy Arvest customer..

  • Well, I will be changing banks soon…I think…. maybe not?? . My name was on my daughters checking account because she was under age at the time she opened it. Her account went into the negative for $336.00. Not good….so of course she attempted to get the account current. Her paycheck is automatically deposited into her account (part time work). Well Arvest decided to debit my checking account the $112.34. Sent a letter after the fact of debiting the account….No problem the money was owed,,,im good. So here's my issue. Not only did Arvest debit my account they sent it to the Credit Bureau as a "CHARGE OFF'. If you got your money how is this a charge off. I spoke the manager in "Account Recovery Department" Becky out of Fort Smith Arkansas. I explained my concern of them sending my account to Trans Union as a "CHARGE OFF" on 9-14-15 and the account was settled from my account on 9-2-15. I asked Becky to please fix this as I do not want this on my credit. Becky stated theres nothing she can do but send it in as a paid charge off. Really "Arvest". This is not good business . Yes my daughter has learned her lesson on overdrafts…….Seems like "Arvest" could take some lessons on customer retention. Not Happy……….Would not recommend banking here…..Note: I will be disputing this with the credit bureau Ms Becky.

  • I don't know of any business that allows the BM and the ABM leave the place together. This puts people in a bad situation. Are they dating? Sure looks like it. All you have to do is ask around your braces and you figure it out.

  • Arvest is owned by one of the Waltons, you know the family that owns Wal-Mart. why do you think service would be any different than what is offered in the Wal-Mart stores?

  • I know we went to them about a check and asked them if they just wanted to see if the check was good to hold it until they knew for sure. So not only did they charge us for the check but they also called someone that wasnt on my account to tell them. So went back to the bank and they said there was nothing we could do. Even though it was there fault.

  • This is the absolute worse bank ever. They Closed my account and when I tried bringing the account to a positive balance put funds in the wrong account and didn't take ownership of the problem. They also put the closed account on my credit even after taking funds out of an account that didn't have any funds in it to began with so they basically feel they have the right to take customers funds to clear up a negative balance even if the consumer has no funds so they withdrew my account in the negative over 600 dollars mind you I only had access to 400 dollars overdraft since when can they take funds that aren't even in an account??????

  • A friend of mine recommended me to arvest bank. So I went to arvest bank in hot springs to open a checking account and was denied because they said my credit wasnt good enough. I was upset by tbis due to the fact that my friends credit is way worse than mine and he even has a prior bankruptcy on his report but he was able to open an account with them this past november. I explained this to them and he also is very upset now with arvest and feels bad that he even recommended me to arvest. As of today he is closing is account with them. If they can give credit to one person with bad credit then they need to be fair and do it for everyone. I would not recommend this bank to anyone.

  • In 20 years of checking, savings and three current mortgages on three different income properties I have had a few minor problems.
    Now I am angry and am considering shutting down all accounts I have with ARVEST.
    I presented a cashier's check issued by ARVEST payable to three persons, all three of us endorsed it and I took it to the ARVEST to deposit it in my savings. THE TELLER REFUSED until I could bring in the other two people.
    ARVEST takes normal, well adjusted young men and women of average intelligence and performs
    a corporate lobotomy on them rendering them incapable of reasoning. Abstract thought is no longer
    On the up side, ARVEST bank employees and Sonic burger employees are qualified for one another's jobs.

  • I have a business account, when I opened the account they told me that I needed to open a CD for a year and once the year was over I got a letter saying that I could close the CD if I wanted to, now out of the blue they called me because they didn't even mail a letter to tell me that I need to open a CD with 40% of the money I have in my account or they are going to close my account, when I asked if I could talk to somebody else, she said I'm the manager in my department and you can do anything about it. This is an awful company, they can't care less about their costumers.

  • We closed our accounts at Bank of America because they had bad customer service and charged the average customer for everything. So we went too Arvest as I believed they were for ALL customers. However when my husband and an "assistant manager" had a personality conflict-they closed all 5 of our accounts and had my husband not gone in there we would not have known & payments and a direct deposit would have not happened. He did not threaten the person but was upset because they could not or would not help him. Although we are just a middle clas couple we have put alot of money through the bank in the past few months and no thank you or how can we help you but instead we get ACCOUNT CLOSED without real notice. Disappointed not only makes me want to never use Arvest again I don't want to shop at any affliated businesses with them either.

  • This bank believes in half truths, disclosures, misrepresentation, and basically thievery. My spouse and I were led down path of "we are here to help you make $ by financing your own loan". WE bought a car, which we could easily paid cash for and were planning to, until our local branch Loan Officer, Eva/Ava or whatever, told us we should make a loan to ourselves by putting the $ into a CD and gain interest. Nowhere in the conversation were we told that this would be considered a car loan and that they would be taking 4.something% for themselves while we would only be getting 2.15%. So although we have believed for 2 1/2 yrs that we only owed about 50% back to ourselves since we have been paying monthly payments, we found out that we have only paid 1/4 of the original since they, Arvest, has taken the other 1/4 for themselves. WTF!!!!! If we had been told that we were paying them twice the amount we were getting, I would have said "H*** no, we want to pay for the car outright". We never had a CD before, or knew that we were paying them double what we earned. I hate this bank. I spoke with head loaner officer in Tulsa and he was rude, non caring and didn't care that this situation was even thoroughly explained to people who didn't fully understand the situation. I am not done with them. Reporting to appropriate agencies is next.

  • This is the worst bank for customer service in the Kansas City, Mo Area. They have RUDE Employees, when you call corperate office they just give you a run around. Will be closing ALL Accounts with this bank. I also have several friends and family that has closed or is in the process of closing because of problems with this Bank

  • I went to the Arvest branch bank at 4th & Rangeline in Joplin,Mo The drive through to get twenties for five one hundred dollar bills and was told by the teller that she had to have my social security number to give me change. that is rediculous. since when can you not go to a bank for change. Then she didn"t want to give me my money back. i drove an extra 3 miles to a bank that cares about there customers and got my change. i have several family members that have accounts at Arvest which may change in the future, i own and operate a business in the area for 33 years and I will never do or reccomend Arvest bank for anything

    • ya mean you don't have an account there but expect them to give you change whenever you feel like it? Hee Haw! You're the donkey… spell check please!

    • To Mr Donny Story. I believe one of your employees had sticky fingers 2 to 3 years ago. My understanding is she would take from people's savings accounts. This is a girl we all trusted and knew for years. I also know family members and friends that took out loans from her She was their loan officer. My uncle would borrow 5,000 and she would take 1,000 of it. She took from another loved one. A friend. Yet arvest swept this under the rug. Some in this town was told to keep quiet. Others were given 100.00 gift cards and sent on their way. These people didn't have no clue and Arvest sure didn't volunteer this information that money was missing in their account. Another customer caught her hand in the cookie jar. I want to know how is it so easy for this to happen? Is our money safe in that bank? Should I pull my money out? I find this disturbing! I'd like answers! Several of us would. I want to know why people weren't told. I want to know how this could happen. When it comes to people's money….we have the right to know. Nothing has been done. I was told if it was less than a half of million nothing would be done. I don't want to leave my money in any bank where his could happen again. Disturbing.

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