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  • ASDA Head Office Phone Number and Address

ASDA Head Office Phone Number and Address

How to Contact ASDA Corporate Head Office HQ

Headquarters Address:
ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson St.
Leeds, LS11 5AD GBR
Corporate Phone Number: +44-500-100-055
Fax Number: 44-1132-417-732
Customer Service: 0800 952 0101
Grocery: 0800 952 6060
Asda Direct: 0800 952 3003

ASDA Home Office
ASDA Home Office Corporate Phone Number and Address

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  1. I have a recurring deliveryslot for online groceries between 1300 and 1400 every Saturday. Today at half three I had to phone up to find out why I had not received my delivery. The peron at the call centre checked and informed e that the driver was not able to find my flat

    Thiswas a rather obvious lie becausedirections on how to find my plae appear automatically on every order. My phone number is also on each order. Now, driver's who ca't be bothered to carry stuff up the stairs usually claim I was not in .I made an official complaint to the call centre person who told me he would pass on my complaint and someone from my local store would phone or e-mail me. Unsurprisingly no one has done so. So after making tis comment I will be writing to head Office to see if anyone ele can be bothered to reply.

  2. When our home delivery did not arrive no one at ASDA could be bothered to call and explain why. Also we had to call a call centre to get refunded. The refund should have been automatic. Thanks for your POOR service.

  3. hi
    Can i find out why that your tins of mixed bean salad can vary so much i have just open 3 tins to find that 2 tins do not have sweet corn in them and one does as advertised with ingredients on side of tin ???

  4. can you tell me why when shopping in the bridgwater somerset store on sat. evening it was 6min to 8 oclock took my trolly to till to be told sorry have to self serve after this time the green light was on for service i did say no i do will not go to self serve with a full trolly the young lady said i will see if i can find some one she asked a young man who said loudly no must do it herself my repy was so i will just leave it here then i have shopped in this store every week since it opened but that will be my last time with asda being a large firm this will not be taken on board so WHY are there no signs on the tills or through the store regardind all but self serve tills are closed i am a very unhappy person

  5. so very annoyed lots times ive done click and collect and the amount off stuff that is unavailable and out of stock is unbelievable today eight items were not available so i went into the store asdale road wakefield to find plenty of everything its a joke asda iam a 68 yr old vulnrable thats supposed to be shielding

  6. Asda security detained me without telling me why assaulted me over £4 pliers i had actually paid for.the store manager decided it was so funny when i told her i had severe anxiety she had to pass the phone to someone else who then terminated the call. Head office were very nice till i wanted informing of the outcome which they denied.At which point i told them i would have to press the police and the manager laughing wouldnt be a good look in court. They got angry told me not to threaten them and hung up! Police were very sympathetic and im deciding wether or not to pursue a case against them. Even the police have to tell you why they are detaining you!

  7. My wife and I have been loyal customers of Asda Chadderton Oldham ever since the store opened. Today my wife aged 74 yrs desperatly needed the toilet only to find the public toilets closed. I approached the door staff and asked if she could use any other toilet. The answer was an abrupt no the toilets are closed. We then had to leave our shopping and make a dash home with my wife in a distressed condition. Needless to say because of the lack of compassion for an elderly lady we will NOT be shopping at asda any more. WE shall be shopping at Lidl.

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