Ashley Stewart Corporate Office Headquarters

Ashley Stewart Corporate Office Headquarters
Ashley Stewart Ltd.
4 Margaret St.
London, W1W 8RF UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44-20-7580-9103
Fax Number: +44-20-7580-9104
Customer Service Number: +44-20-7580-9103

  • I bought 8 dress from clearance online and I received the merchandise in less than a week in mail. I was happy to see the items that I purchased arrived so fast. It was until I start opening up the packages that the dresses came in is when I got upset. One of the dresses that I received had blood spots on the front and bottom of the dress. How nasty, disgusting, and just out right wrong for a company to ship merchandise to their customer with blood stains on it!! I reported the situation to the store and asked for a full refund of the purchase price. The company denied me my request for a full refund of the purchased items. I won't ever do business with this company againt because they don't value their customers and that was entirely disrespectful to send merchadise out with blood stains on them.

  • I've been a customer for years and I have 2 bras that I got from you all and they're falling apart I have never had that problem from your undergarments

  • Trying to get reimbursement from a over charge at Albany,NY 12203 Stewarts Shop #152. Just after noon time a week ago Tuesday after I left
    Dialysis at the VA, stopped to get a dozen brown eggs, at the bottom shelf $1.58, two Tornados $3.00, 4 Meat balls $0.75 each. I paid with a Stewarts Card had $12.00 on it, I asked the counter lady how much she said $17.00 so I paid the difference, she did not offer a receipt and took my 20 and gave me change. I did not think about it until later when I got home and though about the cost. That came to a little less than $8.00 not $17.00 I called that evening to the store and spoke to the lady manager and she emailed the Headquarters, I have no call back or response, are you able to get this complaint to the right location? –Michael Ramirez, 1518-764-6841, 400 Hudson Ave,, Parkview Elderly Apartments, 12203 Thank You in Advance for your help. I suffer from Diabetes, Kidney-liver, Heart, Hernia, Barrett's Disease

  • I am BEYOND dissatisfied with Ashley Stewart return policy of "web exclusive" items, particularly shoes and boots. The ONLY option to return web exclusive items are to ship back to Ashley Stewart Returns, which is VERY EXPENSIVE and not affordable particularly since Ashley Stewart restrictions states "Footwear must be returned boxed, including the actual footwear box inside". Customers are PENALIZED by expensive shipping cost of web exclusive returned items. The upfront shipping cost in comparison to the return shipping cost are inconceivable considering the consumer endures both expenses. Customers are not afforded the ability to purchase let alone try one shoes/boots at Ashley Stewart branch locations. The ONLY shoe/boot purchase can be made online and it is DEPLORABLE that a return to store is not available or "web exclusive" purchases are not given FREE return labels. I was reminded today after speaking with Ashley Stewart Customer Service Agent Doris of return policies, but given NO RELIEF. Doris further reminded me in January 2015, well over a year ago, I received a "one-time" courtesy return label and no other return label was available. Doris stated "it would be my expense whether affordable or not to pay for the boots to be returned and shipped back to Ashley Stewart within 30 days. A supervisor was not available to speak with me; it could take 12-48 hours for a return call, nor was the corporate address known by Customer Service Agent Doris. I was sent on my way with a suggestion to use the US Post Office instead of UPS as they may be less expensive in shipping costs. The entire experience has left me FRUSTRATED and DISSATIFIED. The reminder of my January 2015 experience fast forward today is the reason I no longer am a regular customer to shop on line or in store due to the return policies of Ashley Stewart. Customer service is EVERYTHING in a competitive market of retail and when a return label cannot be extended to a customer for no other reason than one was already given well over a year ago speaks volume to the company consumer concerns. The web exclusive return policy needs to change and by doing so would grant satisfaction to regular and new customers.

  • I'm a very dissatisfied customer, I've been shopping in your store's for years. I've brought numerous clothing and jackets, here lately my jackets have been coming apart at the seams. I've contacted your online cust svc dept and explained to them how I wore the jacket twice and it's falling apart. I was told since I had the jacket more than 30 days there's nothing they could do, I brought a different jacket in December and had the same problem. I love your products but if you guys don't start doing better by your customers, I'm going to take my business somewhere else.

  • The customer service at Ashley Stewart is horrible. I placed an order for $141 and I was sent the incorrect item. I sent an email and was advised to send an email with pictures showing what I was sent before they would do anything. For any reason you need to return your order the consumer is required for the shipping both way. I am a VIP member and deserve to be treated with more respect. The email responses are lousy as well, I sent an email it took 2-3 days before I received a response. The representative Kendra has to be illiterate she spelled my name wrong when it's on the email. She really needs to know that reading is fundamental. I responded to that email and was informed that a supervisor would get in touch with me that was Monday and tomorrow is Thursday. No one seems to do what they say they will do. The items I ordered are Christmas gift and it's the week before Christmas and I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved. I ordered well in enough time to receive my order. If this is the type of service I will receive then I will no longer do business with this company. I have placed several online orders and have never experienced any of these issues. I don't see why it's so hard to fix your mistake. This is going to ruin my Christmas!!! The CEO of Ashley Stewart really needs to know the type of customer service that his company "calls themselves" providing.

  • I work a one the Ashley Stewart's in Indiana and have been a committed employee for a few years and have yet to get a raise, would like to know my options, how do I go about getting a raise?

  • Love shopping at Ashley Stewart. I do have a few gripes to share. (1) I actually live in DC not the DC area and Ashley Stewart has closed all the stores in DC. I have to travel to MD or VA to do my shopping
    (2) Women who are VOLUPTUOUSLY Proportioned take pride in how our clothes fit and this includes shoes. Ashley Stewart offers the most GOD awful shoes I have seen in any plus size store for women. They are made of cheap material and offer absolutely no support. please, please, please consider offering shoes of better quality and style. Thank you Kindly

  • I am never shopping at Ashley Stewart at 7th ave 119 st. As I approached the cash register with three items in my hand to buy. She registrar took a phone call and left me there for 15 mins. I placed the items back and walked out of the store…UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! how rude. They don't train these girls in how to assist the public embarrassing,

  • I went to the Ashley stewart in Milwaukee wis 4051 n 56 street that was a bad this was a African American manager she was very rude I don't complain much put this is most of the time people is not please to go in the store I had reported this same manager be for I guess you don't listen to your customer. Put I close my account and will never shop there any more aim a actives in my city . I will get thing going if you all don't address this problem with this manager buy the way I am African American some action have to be done

  • order shoes from Ashley stewart. both shoes were different sizes had to return them at my own expense and they wouldn't credit my account for return shippin wont order from them again.

  • I'm very upset!!! I placed a order the day after Thanksgiving November 28,2014. I still have not received my package. What I'm I going to do for Christmas Gifts? I will NEVER order from Ashley Stewart again…

  • I went into the Ashley Stewart store on Broad and Glewwood Ave this weekend to return items and purchase new items. The manager of that store is African American. She is the rudest manager I have encounter in quite a while. She had the nastiest attitude and said a few smart comments to me. I left there and went to another store close to my house. I will never again EVER go to that store and that manager needs to be fired, you could tell she didn't want to be at work, but no need to take it out on the rest of us who come to Ashley Stewart looking for quality customer service.

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