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  • Asplundh Tree Expert Corporate Office Headquarters

Asplundh Tree Expert Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Yes my names leslie oquin i worked for ur company for 11 years work ones before i was fired i feel was wroung i worket out clintwood wood va region 442 i did more bad tree on my crew thin any crew u probly aver had dbx tree we had crew out town on storm and came back home had over time i was told at home eany over time come me william hill was job planer storm damage come up and he sint same crew on storm home i ask him y i was over looket he got smart me told me bring on in parking lot i told him wood not fight on job but did tell him off job i was fired now im about loose all i got..i have sugar makws my anger go up but did not touch him i think i let go because getting old didn't try work with me eany thing this man was hollering bring on he steal working im not thank i was done wroung ..

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Corporate Office Headquarters