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Asurion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Asurion Corporation

648 Grassmere Park Dr., Ste. 300
Nashville, TN 37211 USA
Asurion Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: +1-615-837-3000
Fax Number: 1-615-837-3001

  • February 10, 2016 at 1:55 AM
    I have a 1 AND 1/2 year old 4s that does not work the on off button is jammed in and the picture button is also. I have filed a claim 2 times both times. Why won't they replace it. They took my insurance money all this time. This is the reply The Total Equipment Coverage program provides coverage for enrolled devices that are lost, stolen, damaged including liquid damage, and malfunction after one year from the date of purchase. What you have described is a malfunction within one year of the date of purchase which would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact Verizon Wireless Technical Support at 1-888- 881-2622 and explain that you have an in-warranty issue. claim 422445478 and 422445391 ASURIAN ARE YOU JUST A SCAM OR DO YOU NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR INSUREES??? WHAT IS A PHONE NO YOU CAN TALK TO A PERSON?????

    Customer rep hung up on me while I was discussing how to replace a device. They sent me an entirely incorrect device and told me that they had to send me the next comparable device if what I had was not in stock.
    I asked what can be done or what can I do to get the device I had? At that point, she hung up on me. I called AT&T and as usual, their reps were more than helpful. The rep took the time to search devices to determine that my old device was no longer available. He then gave me the model of the next comparable device. Then he contacted Asurion and gave them the info for the replacement device. AGAIN the Asurion rep Antoinette, gave me the wrong device info as my replacement and still had my contact information wrong even though I had given it twice and said they are updating it in their system.
    I understand that their jobs can be stressful and their patience can be tried to the limits. However, please read these post corporate offices!
    I am assuming that this is available so that you can improve your services. I am reading other post where your reps have hung up on customers. Some I'm sure are deserving. But as a cust rep they are expected to be more professional and to get the information correct and the correct devices ordered for the customer. After-all, we are paying insurance premiums and I expect them to ensure all information is correct and that I am receiving the correct items and to be treated with courtesy. Maybe your reps should go through AT&T's rep training?

  • i seem to be having problems with the communication aspect, told a label was sent no label, then i was to be contacted by a service within 3 days ,,, didn't happen , i am now awaiting a box and label to send in for repairs, 2nd time . meantime i am ub able to print from my computer ,thus the problem, i also had an issue with a customer rep , who hung up on me while discussing an address, never have been treated so rude in all of my 78 years.

  • Asurion has internal customer service issues. Long time customers who have never had issues and are honest about phone problems get treated so poorly. I prefer to disconnect service with ATT even after 12 years. It's horrible how Asurion treats it's customers and ATT does nothing about it. Asurion has erroneous info on accts and even after having been shown proof of their error. The customer has already been tried and judged. They want Affidavit/Sworn Statement? Honesty I guess is not the best policy on a phone that won't work after 4 years … just a stolen or damage phone is a quicker way of getting servcie. Disappointed in ATT and Asurion should be ashamed of themselves.

  • This Company is a Fraud Ive never signed up for insurance on any phone and yet today this company tried to get $169.00 dollars out of my bank account. I called the number 8666672535 when I finally got to talk to some guy named William there was a child yelling and screaming in the background then I was hung up on. I never authorized for this company to take money for me. I don't understand how this company can try to scam money from people. I have a cell phone but it was never broken or needed replacement. This company needs to be a little more careful of who they try to scam money from.

  • We've been without one of phones for over a month. We bought the insurance in good faith in case of an accident which happened. the phone fell and wont work, we called for a replacement. They have sent, at this point, two duplicates of our phone only problem with them is they couldn't be programed. They then charged us for them even though we sent them back. Still don't have a working phone. They keep wanting us to "upgrade" to a smart phone but we've already bought all the accessories for this phone not to mention that we bought twin phoines to share the accessories. They're hold time and "service" is harendous. This "insurance" is definitely NOT worth it.

  • I have experienced very poor and very slow customer service with Asurion through Verizon. I love Verizon and they give excellent customer service. I will be writing a letter to both corporate offices. There has to be a better option for Verizon to work with!
    Asurion has made mistakes and their mistakes cost me a lot of time on their automated system to get to a resolution. Then I get a letter with the same mistake that they or their system did not catch. They are not organized and they are not efficient. Who has time for that?

  • First of all, don't yell at customer service reps. They don't make their company's policies and whatever they could do to help you navigate the red tape is not likely to spring to mind while you're ranting like a lunatic at them.

    Secondly, just because you haven't been able to get what you want does not make it a scam.

    Third, you "bought minutes" from a wireless insurance company? Why didn't you call your wireless provider for that?

  • Asurion wireless is a scam. I paid for extra minutes. They never put them on my phone for the month and i've spent 5 days this week on the phone with their Philippine reps, that were no help at all. Hours I've spent and even emails. They do nothing but give you the run around. Not only are they not giving me my minutes I paid for, they are taking from my extra money I had put in there for a later time. They only say they are experiencing tech problems this month. I got a supervisor who put me on permanent hold and I waited a half hour, who never got back to me. I've screamed and yelled, and they still refuse to help me and give me the minutes I paid for. This morning I called again, they gave me a supervisor again, who never answered and I was left hanging. I have never seen a company like this. I basically have a phone with no minutes now, even though I paid for the minutes. I will report them to whoever I can. This is awful

    • yall going down, destroying people phones and computers,You have the worst cumstomer service i have ever experience!fraud company

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