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  • Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Avenue Stores Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

365 W. Passaic St.
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 USA
Website: Avenue.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-845-0880
Fax Number: 1-201-909-2162
Avenue Credit Card: 1-800-967-1398
Credit TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788
Customer Service Number: 1-888-843-2836

  • Same here. I ordered 4 items from the online store on November 30th as Christmas gifts that they claimed shipped but never shipped. The credit card was also charged. No one to date can tell me the status of the shipment. This company has turned out to be a huge disappointment and will NEVER order from them again.

  • I placed an order December 2, by december 9th is did not show that it had shipped I called twice december 9th and again december 11th. Both times the customer service rep could give me no answer but be patient. The second rep told me just to contact fed ex whenever it did ship and see what they could do about getting it to me. This rep would not let me cancel the order and went so far to tell me that there were over 30,000 orders and that I just had to wait my turn. I am leaving for the holidays today and will be gone for 2 weeks. The new estimated ship date is Dec. 26th!!! When I am not home and after I needed these outfits. If this is the level of service they are offering, I am never shopping with them again1

  • I have the same complaint as other Avenue customers the customer service sucks. The manager in the store in Duluth, Georgia is very rude and has NO customer service skills. Because of her, I am forced to keep a sweater that was damaged before I purchased it. I am currently in the process of speaking to someone in the corporate office and if they cannot resolve the issue I will never shop there again.

  • I agree with everyone's comment. I called avenue customer service dept on 12/12/14 regarding an item missing from my order that I received that day. The representative said that it appears the order will be mailed separately. I didn't quite understand that because the invoice indicated that the item was included in the shippment and I had been charged for it. The representative told me to wait a few days to see if it would arrive in the mail and if not to call back to speak to a supervisor.
    On 12/18/14 I contacted customer service and was on hold for at least 30 minutes before a customer service representative answered and her name was Shannon, she was so rude and unprofessional. Her explanation was not clear, she was over talking me, abruptly put me on hold as I was talking. Next thing I know she had transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor continued to apologize, but that's not good enough especially when I have been a loyal customer. I will never shop at avenue again and I will tell everyone I know to never shop there. Horrible customer service. Shannon need to be fired, I would never have a worker like her working for my company.

  • I placed an order on December 8, 2014. As of December 14 it had not shipped. When I called to cancel the order, as it had been a gift, I was told that I could not. And that it was Avenue's policy that it could take 5-7 days to ship something. That is not mentioned when purchasing. I was told that if it was not shipped on the 15th, to call and it would be cancelled. On December 15, I called and received horrible service. The gentleman was rude. He said I was given wrong information and that warehouse delays weren't Avenue problems. When I asked to speak to a supervisor,he said I could but it wouldn't matter because she would say the same thing. And he was correct. Samantha Jones would not cancel the order. When I mentioned that it was unfair that I had to burden the cost of shipping and the stress of returning an item I did not want, she did not care. She told me to stop payment at the bank. When I told her the bank charges, she said oh well.She told me to refuse the package. She said she could refund the shipping but not the order charge.
    I will be returning the merchandise and most likely will not doing business with Avenue anymore. I have also posted my experience on social media.
    I've shopped at Avenue for over twenty years. I've never been so disgusted. I will be contacting the corporate offices to let them know how their customers are being treated.

  • Dysfunctional Avenue shipping and customer service. On Dec. 1, 2014 I ordered three sweaters online. On 12/11, only one sweater was delivered despite the enclosed Avenue packing invoice showing that all three sweaters had been shipped. (The online USPS tracking slip showed a shipping weight more indicative of 1 sweater, not 3). To date (Dec. 15) I have phoned their customer service dept. at least three times. The first time I was told the customer rep would have to send an email to her support and that I should call back the following day. When I called the next day, I was then told by another customer rep it will take 3 days to get a reply to their email. But when I called back 3 days later, I was then told it really takes 5 days. Adding to the annoyance is that each call involved an almost 15 minute wait while on hold.

    No one has a clue at Avenue. First, they short my order by 2 items (but charge for all) and then it takes them an absurd amount of time to correct their mistake. Although I placed my initial order on December 1, it looks like it will take a near miracle for the omitted items to arrive by December 25.

  • Just purchased a very nice blouse from your Avenue store located in Santa Rosa, CA and I was stunned when your clerk asked if I wished to purchase a bag for $.80!! The going rate for bags in the state of California is $.10, based on a LAW that was passed (and even that is ridiculous). When I questioned why your bags were so much more expensive than EVERY other store including all of your competitors I was told that it was a "nice, heavy-duty" bag. Needless to say, I declined the opportunity to contribute to your corporate greed. I would strongly suggest that if you are going to keep my business (and I am a regular shopper) and that of your loyal customers you either give customers a choice between your $.80 bags and a regular $.10 bag or just absorb the $.10 cost as many of your competitors have chosen to do in our area (Kohls, Macy's) etc. Thank you, Donnell Carson

    • Charging for a bag in a clothing store??! So this person is just supposed to walk around the mall carrying an armful of clothes? How unprofessional is that! Just write off the price of the bag as customer service. Also u can not just make up ur own price for the bags-someone is making a little extra money on the side here. Or how about this-I purchased a lace dress and it was just thrown in a bag. How about on a hanger enclosed in plastic-WOW what a concept.

  • I know one thing for sure I will never shop there again. The store Manager is rude as hell. They do not honor price adjustments. I was recently there and bought some thing and it went on sale the next day. THe manager would honor the price adjustment. Had it been any other store they would have. I called customer service and they are not any help either. I will make sure on every social media of the experience of shopping there never again. And the people the hire there look like bums. they should be dressing to par, most of them look like they rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing they could grab.

  • You're wasting your time contacting the BBB. The BBB doesn't have any authority or legal capability to investigate these companies. And these companies pay a membership fee to the BBB. Several individuals have filed complaints with the BBB against companies like these and the BBB's response is always the same. Synchrony Bank is the problem/culprit. Synchrony bank controls several of my revolving credit cards. However, I am contacting all of them and notifying them that unless they cease doing business thru Synchrony Bank, I will close all the account.

  • This is the most unprofessional and unorganized company I have ever seen. I have spoken to individuals from both call centers in Ohio and Dallas and have been disrespected and lied to as a consumer. All calls are recorded so I asked for supervisors to pull the recorded calls, etc. A complaint to the BBB as well as other complaint boards will be made!

    • I agree with you. had a rep. named Elena put me on hold & told her coworkers "I f…ing cant get rid of her" I had my phone on speaker phone & others her. Avenues supposedly records all calls. The Elena needs to be fired, had a supervisor name Margerette? lie to me saying they don't charge you till the merchandise leaves warehouse. My account has the pending amount against my credit card for the full amount. a pending Very poor service. Don't know what happened to this company but my last 2 online orders have been messed up. I am done w/this company.. Very Sad… I will spread the word…go look at trip advisor…

    • and here I was just about to call Headquaters and complain about not receiving a return call from one of the store employees and all the manager said to me was she was sorry….she didn't attempt to find out what time this took place so she could "speak" with the employee….but it seems as though I got off good….sad…the way people need jobs these days….one would think customer service would be top on one's training list….

    • BEWARE when ordering from this place! I received a jacket that was DAMAGED. I asked Customer Service if I would receive a full refund including shipping & handling if I returned it. They said NO, they don't refund shipping & handling. Twice I asked, twice I was told NO. They said to return it. Instead of spending an additional $7.95 to return it in the mail, I drove 20 miles to the nearest store to return it. I didn't get a refund which included my tax. Both the clerk and store manager said the jacket was damaged and I should certainly get my shipping & handling refunded. I emailed them about it and was told they're so sorry it's so frustrating but because I returned it to the store I could not receive a refund for the original shipping & handling. What a bunch of liars and theives. I'd NEVER buy from this place again. I'll spread the word, too.

    • I work for this company and I understand why your upset and frustrated. Iam just a sales associate but I will tell you we are treated like crap and it's very unprofessional all the way around. Iam sorry that you have had a bad experience with our company. For the price of our clothed you should receive good customer service when something goes wrong.

    • I totally agree with you, this is the worst, most incompetent customer service ever! I have been trying to resolve a shipment discrepancy for a week only to receive an email with the Fed Ex tracking # and was basically told to work it out with Fed Ex. Customer Service was notified the day after the order was placed before the order shipped of the issue and was I assured it would be taken care of. What a joke. Also, this Corporate contact info is bogus. I tried calling and emailing. The email is returned for an invalid email address and the phone # has a recording that states calls are not being accepted.

      I too will complain to the BBB and to Consumer Reports. We should all spread the word this company does not care about it's customers.

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