Babies R Us Corporate Office Headquarters

Babies R Us Corporate Office Headquarters

Toys R Us, Inc.

1 Geoffrey Way

Wayne, NJ 07470-2030 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-617-3500

Fax: 973-617-4006
Customer Service Number: 1-888-222-9787
Email: Online Only

  • After shopping in the Oklahoma City Belle Isle store and spending $200.00 I walked out of the store and took my business elsewhere. The manager was rude and said fine leave!!! WOW!! Now we know why they are going bankrupt. I will never shop there again and will be glad to tell everyone I know the same.

  • Dear Corporate office…..your customer service department is the absolute WORST EVER. I place an online order last week and today I get an email it was cancelled. Why?? I have no clue! Today, I went back online to place the same order for 2 separate baby registries. I chose to pick one up at local store because they only had one it stock. I chose to have the 2nd item shipped to my address. I edited the address to be shipped to me, placed order and confirmation has the registries shipping address still on the order. I called and held on the phone for 15 minutes, still no representative. Now you have 45 minutes to change the order status…thank you babies r us! I left a message to have someone call me and of course it is way beyond 45 minutes and the order cannot be changed. Now my friend will receive a gift in the mail from me, but will have no clue who it is from as I didn't write a message, IT WAS GOING TO BE SHIPPED TO ME!! This is not the first I have had issue with babies r us and I promised myself to never deal with you again! I will go hell or high water elsewhere before I ever enter this place again.

    On Sept. 2nd in the Waldorf,Md, I (customer) witnessed an employee assault another employee while processing a transaction. The assaulted employee was calm and respectful. I assume this was either her first job or maybe new at the job. She was very upset because her eyes were filled with water. She did an excellent job remaining professional. Her name began with a "T", young African-American young lady. The assaulting employee was RAVEN, Caucasion female…very RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL! The way the situation was handled was UNPROFESSIONAL! I shop in this store all the time and Raven always demonstrates anger issues. I hope the young lady returns to work. She was assaulted and belittled in front of several customers. This bothered me so much.

  • Never have i experienced such horrible customer service before as i did with will never shop there again and i will warn everyone i know that this was worse then dealing with walmart which is sad for u all

  • I am a very unhappy customer with on line baby registry they messed up my order my cousin did not receive her gift and I called three diferent times still not resolved don't order on line.

  • Hi my name is Nicole. When i state that I am very stressed out with your company that is a fact. I am a mother to a 3 month old Brachial Plexal (Erb Palsy) baby. I recently purchased your GB LYFE TRAVEL SYSTEM STROLLER on September 25th, it is October 4th and i had to reject your 3rd stroller. I am very disturbed and disgusted with your services. It is going on 12 days and my daughter is without stroller. I have to wait a couple of more days to receive my money. Then i would have to spend more money on a cab going and coming back home with a big box. What would corporate like me to do, piggy back a big box on a crowded NYC bus. I have also made many calls and spoken to many representatives and supervisor and no one has been able to help me out. They just follow standard rules and no one has attempted to compensate me or even suggest to take it to upper management. Every one of your employees are apologetic and understand my frustrations but in reality they do not. If i was understood and they cared i would be receiving a brand new stroller in a brand new unopened box. It only takes one try from a million dollar company. My Ref#160927-003078 to toysrus. I have been stressed out because of this whole situation and nothing has been resolved. I'm upset, my daughter has no stroller and i have to wait some more because of your inconvenience. I would love to hear back from you soon. Ref# again 160927*003078. You can definitely look up how many calls i have can also listen in to my calls because i know they are recorded.

  • our BabiesRUs has one entrance and one exit. If we had to park near the exit we had to push the baby coach or cart along the road to reach the entrance. very scary and dangerous to walk a baby and toddlers in the road. when we arrived this weekend we found a large passageway from the exit to the entrance has been created for us. what a wonderful surprise. I told the manager it was the best thing that could be done. He said it was very important to do it to ensure the safety of the customers and staff. Fantastic! the store is in Deptford, New Jersey. they really care about the people who work and shop in their store.

  • i wanna know why cant i have the corporate email to make a complaint about all the bs i have been with the crib we received as a gift?! it looked like crap slapped together, not the quality of an expensive crib!we have not only called once or twice we have been in contact with customer service 4 times already. we send the crappy one back and u guys couldn't even get it straight after talking to you on sending out our replacement. the best you do is sending it in 2-3 days! we talked to you last week, and still nothing. not even a email confirming it has been shipped or anything!

  • I would like to start by saying I am VERY VERY disappointed with Babies RUS !!!!! I recently (July 2015) started shopping with Babies RUS because I was pregnant with my first child. Since then I have spent over $3000.00 + on baby items and needs for my family. It is now a few months past my baby being born and they are only giving me $149.00 back for all of my purchases!!!!! This is a scam!!! they tell you to do your baby registry here so you can earn money back to help after the baby is born and yet they do not count any of your purchases and you call customer support or online ordering support and they don't speak English and they tell you to wait until they mail you the incorrect gift card! I have kept all my receipts to prove my purchases and they can even look them up online but they still don't give you the 10% back like you are promised ! I am horrified at how much money I have spent here in the last 9 months for nothing!!! I could have bought things else where to save money! Never again will I shop at this store!

  • I am in the reborn doll community on youtube. I am a reborn doll artist. This is a huge, world-wide market. Most of us are middle-to late age women. These dolls are a reborn artist's interpretation of a real baby and are one-of-a-kind and quite pricey. We in the youtube community often like to share our dolls by taking them on "outings" and getting reactions to our reborn dolls because they look "frighteningly" real. I wanted to say that your Mt. Olive, NJ store seems like it is run like a concentration camp. Your employees were completely weird about my doll to the point where they were hiding their name tags and giving each other eye signals. I have it all on youtube, and I am getting a lot of comments about how weird these women were. Also, I went back again today to do a return, and these same women completely ignored me for at least a minute when I was at the counter – finally someone helped me. One of the women who was in my video couldn't even make eye contact with me. One of your employees is so unfriendly that she makes me uncomfortable. She is an older women that is overweight and wears glasses. She is fair complexion with brownish hair. I felt abused because your employees are so uptight that "God forbid, they should have a little fun once in awhile". Sad but true. Life is too short. And they were THAT AFRAID in a RETAIL JOB? Come on!! Sharon

  • Your baby registry is a scam! We signed up for the registry rewards program and did everything that we were supposed to do. We never received the rebate for the items on the registry that were purchased. What's worse, when I contacted the help desk (because calling was just a pointless waste of time) I was told that my help ticket was escalated to a manager who could help me and that I would receive a response in 7-10 business days. Guess what? NO ONE CONTACTED ME BACK!! When I tried again to contact them, I was told that my ticket had already been routed and that I had to wait. Needless to say I never received the rewards that were promised. I have advised all of my pregnant friends not to use the babies r us registry. What a joke!


  • As of 5/19/15 still no help!!!!! I am left with this route as I have not received ANY help with your customer service, even the supervisors. I purchased a $100.00 E- gift certificate, 4/9/2015, for my daughter in law in VA, my son is stationed there. I am retired Navy in FL. First time to purchase this specific item on line. NEVER AGAIN! nightmare from the beginning. they forgot to send the email to her. then the certificate does not work. numerous calls, promise to resend. the last phone call 5/14/15, I asked for refund as I was absolutely tired of the whole thing! I was told no refund and I should receive another certificate within 5-7 days!! how many promises will t take to either get my money back, as I paid for SERVICES I never rec'd!!! or just get an Ecertificate that works!!!! I have five children that I have raised and have always shopped Babies R us!! how awful this whole experience has been!!!

  • They don't even answer their phones why would they even send an email, these companies are big they don't even read the bad reviews about them and as far as I can see I have tried to contact them at their corporate offices no one answers. These companies are secrectly moving their headquarters over to euorope so they don't have to pay taxes here in the US shame on them.

  • The manager at the babies r us located on Veterans Blvd in Metairie LA was very rude to me when I was sent to pick up a baby stroller from their store. A clerk from the Marrero Toys R Us store called the baby r us to see if they had it in stock and a clerk name John said they had it. We drove over there and looked on the shelf none there asked the manager he said they pulled them off the shelf and put them on the truck for on-line orders right after the phone conversation with the clerk in Marrero. Than we tried to order it on line with a mastercard guess what! A security screen comes up that doesnot scroll down so you can complete the order. Called the 800 number and the clerk insisted that our bank must have added the screen and we would have to get in touch with the bank. I cannot believe the incompetance of the people on the call line. No bank can add something like that onto another company sight. I is a programers fault who works for toys r us. I am done with toys r us I am tired of talking to people who do not know what they are talking about and do not admit to being wrong! GOOD BY TOYS R US!

  • Nov. 10, 2014…I agree with Very very beyond Annoyed….I wanted to get a gift for my nephew and since babies r us in Newport News VA does not deliver they suggested that I purchase a gift card for the amount of the gift and they would order it online to the store in another state where my sister could pick it up! The clerk and her Manager supposedly put in the order in but said they couldn't print out the confirmation sheet but it would show up in my email and my sister could go to the store in Illinois anytime to pick it up! The store in Illinois had no order and I had no email so nothing to track the order with & everyone I have spoken to (5) people say that the order didn't go through but the money is no longer on the card!! Said it would take 3 to 5 days to get money back on the card (it didn't take 3 to 5 days to take the money off the card) and I would have to reorder when the money was back on the card. Are you kidding me?????? What a way to do business!! If I was that incompetent I would no longer have a job!!! To tell me the order went through yet they had no confirmation sheet to provide to me should have told them something was wrong! No email was sent either & my sister spent 21/2 hrs. @ the Lombard, Ill store for nothing. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Tedra the Manager on Duty @ the Newport News Store & Christine (Supervisor) at the Babies R Us store for nothing. This is one of the worst Businesses I have every dealt with and don't intend to ever deal with again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Discussed,
    In Newport News, VA

    • Im having the same problem In California used my gift card online and it never gave me a confirmation code but took the money off my account I called and talked to several people also who said the money would be back on the card within 5 days well it wasn't so I finally got contacted by Margary who refunded my money back on the gift card then stupid me thinking the card was ok went online ordered a swing used the card again and guess what another ghost payment no confirmation number and payment was taken off the card Om My Gosh I will NEVER use another Babies R Us gift card online AGAIN

  • I want to know who the hell do you go to if the store WON'T HELP!!!!!!!!! and they took money from you for nothing!!!!!!!!!

  • I have had a very difficult time with online purchases. First, no store stocks the Diono car seat and that could only be ordered via ship to your store. Secondly, both times that I ordered the seat the wrong color was shipped to me. This is very frustrating when you wait so long to get it and then have to hassle with exchanging it. Not easy to do when the item is not in the store.

    Garden Grove, Ca.

  • Dear Sirs or Madam: Today I returned two very large carts full of baby items to the above store. They were gifts from my daughter's various baby showers that were either duplicates or not needed items. As I brought in my returns, a lovely young girl named Allison was working the register. She was a true professional. Allison was kind, friendly, and definitely knew her product. She quickly and efficiently returned all that pertained to your store and stacked those that did not for me. I was finished with this transaction in less than ten minutes, sent on my way with a smile and kind words. I have worked retail and managed a bridal shop for many years in this area and I realize the value of a good employee. Please see that Allison gets the appropriate pat on the back. I can assure you that every nickel of this merchandise credit will be spent twice over in your store in the very near future. People are easy to complain. But we forget to applaud those that do a great job. Good job Babies R Us. Your return policy was simple and easy. My visit was painless. And I was not made to feel like a foolish old woman for returning so much stuff :)!!!!!


    Debbie Roberts

  • On Dec. 22, 2013 I was in the BabiesRUs store in Monroeville, PA, making a large Christmas purchase. I had had the items held for me until Dec. 14, when I could take advantage of the discount offered by opening a charge that day. Weather prevented me from getting there that day, and I called to have the items held until Dec. 21. I was unable to get there that day, either, and I showed up the next day, expecting to lose the discount with my purchase. I had wonderful people help me—Linda, Kathryn, and Sammy—-and they got me the discount and were so courteous and attentive to my needs. Just want to tell you that you've got a great crew who really cares about your clients!!!

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