Bahama Breeze Corporate Office Headquarters

Bahama Breeze Corporate Office Headquarters
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

  • I visited your Ft. Myers, FL location yesterday anticipating having my favorite shrimp pasta dish namely Calypso Shrimp Linguine only to find it is no longer on the menu. What Happened??? That dish was a staple. All the pasta dishes are now "Jerk" seasoned which is hot and spicy. NOT GOING BACK!!! Finally made it to Florida from Northern Virginia only to be disappointed at your restaurant. The only thing worthwhile is your Coconut Shrimp. Whoever is making the menu decisions needs to rethink what they are doing.

  • I was at the Bahama breeze in Las Vegas Britney was my waitress horrible service table 201 never came back check on us never got refills never got desert she was too busy back there talking had to get somebody get her to get the check

  • Horrible service Ate at the Bahama Breeze in Beachwood Ohio, Waited 55 minutes and was told 35 minutes with only two people ahead, when another party of two was seated that came in 20 minutes after us , I asked at the desk why, no answer just seated us. My wifes Janican Jerk pasta was sour tasting and ordered piece of pie to go when at 7:19pm when waiter asked if anything else , 7L:20 asked waiter again at 7:30 said would check with the kitchen did not bring the slice of pie out till almost 8pm ! (slice of pie was extremely small and falling apart)No mgr came by our table during the entire time and finally tracked him down , he shrugged said sorry and walked away. I left survey and requested mgr to reply NOTHING!

  • On 1/15/16 we had a gift card for our new Bahama Breeze located in Lake Grove NY.This was our first visit since it opened.The restaurant was well staffed and we were seated quickly.Our waitress named Regina N came to gives us our menu and take drink order,so far so good.The prices seemed a bit high for many items.We ordered one ceasar salad which was big enough for two and 2 shrimp creole bowls which we small portioned and not worth $13.49 and a desert for $6.79.After ordering I knew what the total bill should have been since I had a $50 gift card.When the bill arrived it was over $63 and i knew i did not have that much food so I checked the items on the check to find my waitress added bang bang shrimp and a coke to our bill which we never had.When I brought this to her attention she just took the check and no apology at all and removed the items I did not have which amounted to over $9.Its clear she is padding the check for whatever reason,either for her own pocket of for someone else.I made this know on the customer survey and since then nobody from the restaurant ever contacted me to offer an excuse for this thief.This was and will be my first and last visit as nobody gives a damn about its customers.

  • Bahama Breeze, Brandon Florida, Brandon mall….Hot Mess! Most of the servers are immature, foul mouthed and rude. It's like going to a high school cafeteria for dinner/lunch. The two (maybe three) who are very good at their job are sadly over shadowed by these vultures. I've seen new servers, on the job training, and how rude and obnoxious the more "seasoned" waiters are towards the new person. These people need real customer service training, and a lesson on how to behave when you're at work. Especially in service focused environment. Other than that, the yuca fries are Amazing!

  • Good Morning:

    I am a Veteran of Veterans of Foreign Wars here in Alpharetta, GA. Georgia on September 20th is remembering those Veterans that have been MIA. I have approach you location at the intersection of Haynes Bridge Road here in Georgia to hold a MIA event on that day.

    I have been in touch with your General Manager Marjorie Carlyle and was surprise to get "NO" for an answer. I know for a fact other group me there for lunch and meetings and board games.

    I am shout that Bahamas Breeze would not sponsor a event to Horner our lost MIA Veterans.

  • Bahama Breeze duluth ga is awesome because of the servers. The management there is rude and treats the server with no respect. I say this because I am a server at this location. They treat you and do not care what you have to say. Sometimes they would often threaten us with our job if we say anything back or refuse to be their servant. Something needs to be done

  • After all these years, expected something different. New menu? Fish tacos with avocado, dry fish on a bed of lettuce, huge soft tortilla, no avocado! Filet of beef? Not sure of the cut of beef…Send in the cook!

  • I am in Memphis Tn and was trying to schedule a group event for 20 people at 7pm. Managers at this location have been giving me excuse after excuse as to why they can't accommodate me. We finally came to an agreement and when I called back to finalize everything they are now telling me they can't accommodate me at the time we agreed upon. Apparently my business wasn't good enough. Will not go there again.

  • love Bahama Breeze, HOWEVER: on Christmas Eve. our food was cold and when we asked the waiter to bring hot food, he decided he DID NOT want to wait on us any longer. The mgr. sent a new waiter. We were not mean or complaining a lot, and after he decided not to wait on us, we were furious. Will not go back

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