Bakers Square Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bakers Square Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC
400 W. 48th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-296-2121
Email:  Online Help Only

  • Yes, I always love Bakers Square but today I was abit disappointed because you changed the lemon Supreme pie. Way less whipped cream on top and the lemon was different. Kind of like pudding.

  • I thought it was important that I share the recent review I wrote for the Baker's Square restaurant near my home. We were told by our server, who did a really good job by the way, that there was nothing they could do about the recent changes made to menus, recipes… It was suggested that we contact the Corporate Office. Following is the review I wrote:
    I took my 83 year old Mom to Baker's Square this past week. My sister and I had stopped a few times this past winter and loved the chicken pot pies. I raved to my Mom about the pot pies and so she decided to order one. I ordered the Mac and Cheese with chicken. The Mac and Cheese was good but the chicken was tough and fatty. The manager told us they were looking for a new vendor because they sometimes had trouble with the quality of the chicken. The manager had the kitchen make me a new chicken breast and this time is was perfect.
    Unfortunately, the pot pie was not nearly as good as I remember. The pie had almost no vegetables at all – a pea or two with one small piece of carrot. We bought this up to the manager also. He immediately ordered a replacement. The second pie was burned on the bottom. The sauce inside the pie used to be yummie – light and creamy. It was dark in color and quite salty. Our waitress told us the Corporate Office had recently made some changes for which the individual stores did not have any control over. We were SO DISAPPOINTED! My Mom did not eat her dinner and we took the leftovers home and shared them with the neighbor's dog. On a positive note, the dessert pies were wonderful. I am not sure if I will return or not. PLEASE go back to your old way of making the pot pies – they used to be wonderful.

  • I was very disappointed in your Thanksgiving & Christmas radio ads for your pies. These ads included Grandparents telling their grandchildren that the objects the child was giving them was not as good as your pies. No loving grandparent would do that to their grandchild. Whoever created that ad must not have children.

  • The waiter was extremely rude to customers I came in to get 3 slices of pie there was a family in front plus another lady and she's like how many people? The lady with the family was being courteous by saying oh she was first and the waiter was like no she is waiting for someone and was rude in her tone like how many then she helps me as I'm looking at the pies I picked two and needed the third slice guess she didn't have the patience and said to me you don't know what u want yet ? Like I'm a child and just walks off without even telling me she had to leave that's just pure rude and bad customer service and as paying for my pies she doesn't even tell me thank you like really never encounter such a rude waiter at baker squares before she's the first to make that clear. I called to talk to a supervisor and positive she picked up and she said its lunch rush hour can you call back ? I believe her name was Amanda she was was dress in all black shirt and pants. Never met a ride waiter like her before at bakers square and no matter the situation she should be more courteous to her customers. ROCHESTER Minnesota location on the north west side!

  • I ordered Combo cheese burger fries and pie at your Bloomington MN 98th Street Bakers Square
    the food was cut back to smaller portions and the pie was very small only about 2/3 the size of a normal piece the pie I ordered was peanut butter cup but the waitress never told me I would be charged another $1,49 extra for that because it was not a fruit pie although it was on the menu fruity pie's came with it I didn't see that on the menu. The last time we were there quite a while ago we had a very bad experience so just wanted to send this just as a FYI Think we will go some place else and not a Bakers Square,
    No wonder we just heard that the one at South Dale in Edina just upped and closed it's doors.

  • Went to Bakers Square on Mothers day, so disappointed my eggs were ice cold and as hard as a rock. The hash browns were cold and I maybe had only a tablespoon (could you spare them since I paid $8.99) Just a horrible experience and totally ashamed I brought my mother there.

  • You need to include Gluten Free pies and/or desserts on menu for persons who can't eat gluten and/or persons with Celiac Disease. They too would also enjoy eating your delicious pies.

  • My daughter & I miss Baker Square Restaurants here in CA especially your French Silk Pie. How can we order one to be delivered? No one makes the French Silk pies like you do. We were very upset when all the Baker Square Restaurants closed here a few years ago.

  • I have (2) $5.00 Bonus card that expired on March 14,2013. I received the cards as Christmas gift. I did not notice that the cards had a expiration date. Is it possiable to re-issue new or update gift/Bonus cards? Thank you

  • I have (2) expired $5.00 bonus card that were valid through March 14,2013. For the total of $10.00. I received the bonus card as a Christmas gift. I did not notice that the cards had a expiration date and had expired. Can you please send me new cards to replace the expired ones?

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