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Ballys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Bally’s Total Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Now Part of LA Fitness

2600 Michelson Drive #300

Irvine, California, 92612-6536

Corporate Phone Number: 1-909-392-1063

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-600-2540

3 replies on “Ballys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ”

I agree also. I can't even get a rep on the phone no matter what number I call. I just want to see if and of the Ballys on Long Friggin Island will honor my Ballys membership. I keep getting these notices to join BALLYS TOTAL FITNESS! there are NO Ballys left and LA fitness will not honor the old ballys memberships so where is my money going to?

Bally's is the worst fitness club ever, the facilities are dirty, the staff are rude, and forget about getting through their corporate office in a timely fashion, u follow the prompts and get cut off, it's the most unorganized establishment ever, no wonder they've had financing issues continuously and will always be like that, they will never get out the hole they're in no matter what they try…..that's their penance for thinking they can railroad people blindly……

I gotta agree with you there! To say the least the trainer made a very "unwelcoming comment" by saying to me "do you think those she has are real"??? If he said that to me, imagine what he thought about me???? Unfrickin Believeabel!!!!!!

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