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100 North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28255

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-386-5681

Corporate Fax Number: 1-704-386-6699

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Corporate Stock Symbol: BAC

Bank of America is a banking company with branches throughout the United States. Bank of America offers both residential and commercial banking services.

Bank of America’s Customer Service Number is 1-877-231-9372. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Bank of America Corporate Office

  • Bank of America is horrible. I live in Las Vegas Nevada. There is a branch located on Martin Luther King and Washington. The manager there is giving out information to my step children without my permission. I have called customer service left messages. Sent emails and nothing has been done. He is still going into

  • I have been a customer of Bank of Am. for 20-25 yrs. I cannot believe the treatment I have received over the past week. As a customer who monthly pays the bill balance IN FULL, I am astonished at the rudeness and lack of professionalism I have encountered.

  • I received an email my ATM card was maybe breached. Bank of America put a temp. hold on it till I called them (which was great). My card was indeed breached. BOA cancelled my card and would send me a new one. Great…All done.
    NOT From here on it screwed up.
    Two hours later BOA called me and I answered the phone. After "robot" stated the reason for the call they started with automated questions.
    The first question was: Did you have a purchased declined? Well, on my account, it showed a purchase declined. So I said "yes". It then asked if a charge of $>> was mine and I said yes. It asked about another charge and if it was mine. Again I said yes.
    Then the "robot" said : the hold on my account would be lifted and I could use my card again. NOOOOOOO. They released the hold.
    No button to push to get a live person or a question asking me if I really wanted the hold lifted. POOF, it was over.
    I had to call BOA all over again to have the account put back on hold or closed or whatever.
    If BOA had first said: We are calling about account ending in ####. If you have already spoken to BOA and resolved it, just hand up.
    If the first question was: Was a charge that you yourself made declined. Asking the question that way, the answer would have been NO which would have not started the whole mess over again.
    People at BOA that make up the automatic calls know the answers they are looking for therefore they do not realize how it comes across to the Consumers.
    Another thing that would have prevented the mess up would be at the end of the call to ask: Did you want the hold on your ATM card lifted as stated. Knowing I did not want it lifted, that question would have given me a chance to say NO I do not want the hold lifted. It could also have asked if I took care of this already and was a replacement card being sent. I could have said YES to that question and still it would have stopped a mix up.
    BOA needs to rethink their wording and as the customer in 3 different ways are they happy with lifting the hold. If any of the 3 ways is NO then BOA should not do anything and state the ATM card will remain cancelled or say to push number (whatever) for a representative which would have then given the chance to have it taken care of correctly.
    BOA, please think about how the questions come across to people.

  • I find it absolutely ridiculous that mt credit card information can be stolen and used and that the bank cannot give me the transaction numbers so I can find out who did this.Yes it is great that am not responsible for the charges and you replace the card, however this will continue to occur because the people stealing the information know they will suffer no consequences.Thanks for nothing.

  • The money has been stolen from my Small Business Checking Account with BOFA. I faxed the form to Claim Department 5 days ago and still have no provisional credit, nor Claim number, neither Case number. Besides, nobody can find my fax.

  • Having to deal with a compromised bank card, I cancelled it over the weekend. I was told a new card will be sent in 4-6 business days. I was then advised to pick up a new temporary card at any local branch. I did so the following Monday and made it to the bank where I was told I wouldn't be helped because they were closing soon??? As in "we are still open though…" How do you run a business without knowing what exactly the person is there for? That was very frustrating especially if the place is still open. If you close at 3:50pm don't tell the public you close at 4:00pm. That's unacceptable!

  • I have maintained a Bank of America Master Card in good standing for over 20 years with very few issues or complaints within those years. That all changed for the worse on September 12, 2016 when I was kept on hold for an accumulative time period of two and one half hours plus two additional hours caught up in speaking to several inept and frustrating agents in Virginia, Maryland, and Texas. Bank of America purposely makes it impossible to circumvent their maddening bridge to nowhere telephone system by arbitrarily throwing a caller into that bizarre computerized system then expecting a ‘customer’ to sit on hold for excessive time periods. However, when an agent does answer the line, the ‘customer’ is misled, disregarded and often lied to, as was the case with my issue. Here is what I gleaned from my exasperating experience with Bank of America:
    Bank of America has such a low opinion of all customers, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or economic status that there is little reason for Bank of America to bother to hire and pay agents who possess any caliber of competence, efficiency, or basic intellect. The fact that Bank of America consciously employees inferior agents to handle ‘customers’ issues is glaring proof that Bank of America regards its’ customers with nothing more than common contempt. CEO Brian Moynihan recently stated to CNBC that “our company is stronger, simpler, and better positioned to deliver long-term value to our shareholders, thanks to the straightforward way in which we serve our customers and clients.” Well Bank of America served this customer badly. And make no mistake, Brian Moynihan is completely inaccessible to any customer and unfortunately is only concerned with his multimillion-dollar yearly salary. CUSTOMERS BE DAMNED. I am ending my business relationship with Bank of America, much as I would end any abusive relationship, as I have more respect for myself than to allow myself to remain in a wholly abusive relationship with a classic predator corporation. BANK OF AMERICA BE DAMNED.
    Linda J.

    • Much to my delight and surprise, recently Bank of America offered apologies and a satisfactory resolution to my grievance. Thank You B of A, I'm content. Linda J.

  • As a customer of Bank of America for over 15 years it disheartens me that I have to write this bad review. As a mom and a hardworking federal government employee I have been the victim of fraud and my claim has been denied twice for reasons that are unsubstantiated!

    In this day in time no one has room to throw money away big nor small! I have communicated to Bank of America on several occasions that this charge was not made by me with valid justifications. With identity theft being so prevalent in this day in time you would think that Bank of America would look into this matter further but instead gives weak reasons as to why my claim was denied. As a victim of the OPM breach I expect better services from a financial institution that I have been a member of for over a decade.

    My fraud claim has been denied twice and I was given the following reasons

    1. There was a large sum of money deposited before the purchase of 353.78 from Verizon was made. My response: That was a direct deposit from my job that is deposited every two weeks.- This reason is dumbfounding as to why this fraudulent purchase was valid!

    2. No one tried to use the card again after it was cut off. My response: Does this make this purchase valid just because a thief did not try to use the card again.

    3. There were other Verizon purchases made with the card. My response: I have Verizon Fios for tv, internet, and home phone! I DO NOT HAVE A WIRELESS ACCOUNT!!!!!

    I have never called to complain about Bank of America or make claims of fraudulent purchases before in the many years I have been a member! I would think that the first time I have made a fraudulent claim that it would be looked at more closely and with more empathy.

    I do not have money to throw away! I have son with a medical condition and my money has to go towards medical bills!!!! I hope that Bank of America ends this matter by returning my money to me that I WORK very hard to earn in order to take care of my children! Especially a child with a medical illness!

    • Monica, I would do my own investigation. Call Verizon and find out what the purchase was for. It had to be for a phone or equipment. Explain your problem & find out if they can give you an address as to where it was sent. Verizon is at lot more accommodating than BofA. Also see if you can get it in writing. Then go to you nearest Police Dept and make a report. Send copies to BofA. If they don't comply within 10 days, haunt them every day.. (an old saying: A squeaky wheel gets oiled) Once settled, close your acct and go to another bank. Unfortunately, not all banks are accommodating, but Wells Fargo is very big on customer service. On the other hand not banks are perfect. Good Luck. Any questions contact me at alwayzwatchin1@gmail.comamd put your name in the subject line.

    • Monica, I would do my own investigation. Call Verizon and find out what the purchase was for. It had to be for a phone or equipment. Explain your problem & find out if they can give you an address as to where it was sent. Verizon is at lot more accommodating than BofA. Also see if you can get it in writing. Then go to you nearest Police Dept and make a report. Send copies to BofA. If they don't comply within 10 days, haunt them every day.. (an old saying: A squeaky wheel gets oiled) Once settled, close your acct and go to another bank. Unfortunately, not all banks are accommodating, but Wells Fargo is very big on customer service. On the other hand not banks are perfect. Good Luck. Any questions contact me at alwayzwatchin1@gmail.comamd put your name in the subject line.

  • I am very upset as I thought I had over draft protection as was told that when I got my account several years ago. I went to the Leesburg Florida bank on 5/31/16 to talk to a banker to make sure the checks that I wrote were going to clear the bank. I never would have thought about writing the checks but thought I had over draft protection. I was told by the banker that the checks would clear. I then checked my account on 6/1/16 to find out that the checks had been returned to the store. This means I have store return fees to now. I went to the bank on 6/2/16 and the banker I talked to was not there. I then went home and called the bank in Leesburg Florida. I was told that I had taken off the over draft protection years ago which I did not. They did it without my knowledge or consent. I asked to talk to the bank manager. He was not there was told that the assistant manager was with a customer and would return my call by the close of business. She never called me. I then called customer service to have the overdraft protection put back on my account and to complain about that banker who lied to me. I was told that it was taken care of. I then called a hour later to customer service to check on everything. I talked to a blind guy who told me the over draft protection was not put on my account so I wanted to file another complaint about being lied to. He said he took care of everything even gave me a confirmation number. I then called back a hour later to check
    on things. This time I talked to a supervisor in Phoenix. He told me there were no notes on my account or complaints. He also said that the overdraft protection still had not been put on my account. Again lies. He also said that he was crediting my account back the over draft fees. He gave me a confirmation number that everything was taken care of. I then checked my account a hour later the fees had not been credited back on my account. So I called customer service again. As was lied to again. I then was told there was no notes on my account or complaints about anything. I asked to talk to her supervisor as the over draft protection still was not put on my account either. Again lies. I told her I have confirmation numbers that it had been taken care of plus the fees were to be credited to my account. I was told that they could not look it up by the confirmation numbers. What good are the numbers then. I asked to talk to her supervisor as she told me there was nothing she could do. She then told me she did not have a supervisor. I guess she thinks she is the CEO of the bank lol. Am tired of their lies and run around. I am not happy at all.

  • I check my bank account every day, first thing in the morning. When I went to bed, I had a balance of 11,000 plus. I wake up to find I am overdrawn by over 2,000 plus dollars, and all my savings have been wiped out to help bring down the overdrawn amount. I deposited one of the checks I received in the mail on May 18, made out to me, into my checking account. It processed through, showed up in my account as a deposit, and I assumed all was okay. Today they tell me I wrote the check from the wrong B of A credit card. Yes, I did, by mistake. My question is, and I very much would like an answer…why did the deposit go through without that being caught when I deposited it? I am 81, made a mistake, and now had to have an emergency deposit put into my account from another B of A credit card. A pending transaction was to pay off my car loan. Fortunately, I caught this overdrawn in time so that the pay off had not been completed, as that would have drastically affected my credit…which is excellent. I think you should implement a courtesy call plan when something like this overdrawn happens. If B of A had called me and said that my deposit was from the wrong card, and had to be charged back…then I would have had time to rectify the payment of the pending transactions. I would have known about it enough in advance. BUT, there is no notification in place for this type of transaction, except to say by email, "Your account is below $25.00." This just appeared later today after I had found it when I checked my balance. I have been with you for many long years, have enjoyed the banking experience, and would like to remain a customer, but after today…with no notice of you doing a charge back and making me overdrawn, then as soon as I pay off a credit card, I will no longer bank with you. I will go with my local credit union where they are more concerned with me than your bank will ever be. the young lady who worked with me this morning (in Nevada…I am in Florida) was most pleasant, very patient with me, and worked something out to get some cash back in my account. She was very apologetic …but, damn, it was not her fault. A phone call or email BEFORE YOU DO A CHARGEBACK would make me very happy, and I am sure other people who may have had this happen. You cannot give people the false impression that the money in your bank can be spent after making a credit card deposit. I seriously doubt anyone reads these complaints, suggestions, or ideas, but it would be so meaningful to me if I knew someone cared enough to implement phone calls prior to doing charge backc of deposits. Even an email would suffice other than what the remaining balance is….CONTACT THE PERSON BEFORE YOU DEPLETE THEIR CHECKING ACCOUNT SO OTHER ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE.

  • Location: 1255 Sartori in Torrance, CA

    My main issue is with the manager, ARIANA ARROYO, if in fact, that is her real name.

    WOW…she is extremely rude, apparently miserable, and has the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced in my entire adult life. So much that, this is my very first time rating 1 star on a business, and about a bank, for that matter. I love all the tellers here, so I kept coming back, and as stated before, they're close to my job. Well…the very last straw was my third and soon to be LAST interaction with her.

    ALL of the tellers here have been pleasant, graceful, quick & responsive. As far as their mgr, it's wise that she IMMEDIATELY handle her bad days productively and professionally and not project that onto customers, or other employees for that matter. Otherwise, I'm very tempted to do what Yelper Matt G. did, and get the number of their corporate office to complain, because 3 horrible interactions with her is my limit until something needs to be done. These experiences with her were within about a 2 yr span. So…maybe I've had extremely bad luck and just so happened to catch her on her bad days?

  • Lost house long years ago , police remove me from my house saying he is going to shoot me if I do not leave in next 10 minutes in order the lady from fist floor to collect rent, she is collecting today to . I ask for help from Bank of America in down town city of Bridgeport CT . Manager in Bank of America says Bank of America care about money not about me , Haw i am going to pay Mortgage to the Bank of America if people dos not pay me rent. I go to court and I lost trial against people who dos not pay rent. I wrote letter to General Attorney He says he can not to help me .
    It is long time go house is on foreclosure 55 – 57 Polar Street Bridgeport CT 06605 Lady from first floor is still collecting rent from second and third floor , plus additional side entry room with kitchen and bathroom . I do not have money to fight alone and house is good for rent it is full of tenants . first floor can pay mortgage . Bank of America pot me on collection to select portfolio services . Even the house is on my name and water bills just pile up no one really likes to help .

  • I have had the worst banking experience at the Hudson Bridge branch, located in Stockbridge GA. They do not show any compassion for their customers; for this very reason I am going to close my account with BOA and switch to 5th Third. I will make sure I report my encounter to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Tried to dispute a credit charge of $120.47. You would think I was the criminal they way the Fraud dept treated me. Unprofessional, nasty individuals.. BOA, you suck.

  • The bank of America location on harbor view suffolk, VA 23435. This location has customer tellers who are unprofessional and provide individuals with inaccurate information. The customer teller was on duty at 1:15 4 September 2015. She appeared to be a young, overweight Caucasian female. Her mannerisms were inappropriate and demeaning in behavior. She was very sarcastic and untrained. I asked to have some documents notarized. She gave me false and inaccurate information. Her manager at the time was also on duty at 1:15 4 September 2015 appeared to be a black african american woman that was slim also provided false information. ( "In order to have a power of attorney notarized I had to go to a lawyer"). I am a active duty military Soldier for over 13years and have never seen such a disgrace in professionalism. It brought discredit to Bank of America's all over the nation. I was able to receive all documents notarized a few minutes later a navy federal credit union. They provided great customer service with a smile. I have closed all bank of america account and plan to advise all military personnel Soldiers to never visit this location. Please retrain all bank tellers on customer service and hire a new staff.

  • When BAC NA changed their automatic payment system they completely messed up my mtg. account. We are not behind, we are ahead! The automatic posting system is not able to correctly read the return coupons supplied with their statement. Enter the monthly amount + additional principle on the coupon and most often the total amount is posted to principle only. This is then reflected on the next due statement as the incorrect month due. No one seems to be able to correct this issue or much care. Supervisors do not reply to employee questions and the issue marches on and on. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem?

    We have a letter stating that we may continue to pay our mtg. ahead with no limit on the number of months we can be ahead. Enter the problem of no corrected statements being issued when miss applied payments are recorded, nor is a statement issued monthly for the next due payment. Six weeks into the next billing cycle one calls and asks where is the next statement? No one seems to know and no employee seems to be able to generate a statement on demand. "The system is entirely automatic" is the standard answer when questioned. A mortgage is supposed to consist of simple payment rules and applications. Where are they with BAC NA? Why can't the new system automatically generate a statement when a payment is received and mail it out as used to be the case? Seems as if that would be more cost effective then having the call center answer to the same problem month after month with no end in site.

  • Bank of America helps vendors obtain money fraudulently. Customer service is a joke—if you ever get to the right person, they spout the company line and don't look at or listen to facts. They don't care. Getting merchant fees is more important. Won't get any more from me.

  • Declined by BOA for mortgage refi. But get this…I currently have my mortgage with BOA and monthly was going to be the same after refi. Excellent credit rating, good income, never missed a payment. Reason given was a income decrease from 2013 to 2014. They obviously never read the tax returns because income actually increased slightly. What made it look way off was gambling winnings in 2013 and a one time Ira disbursement in 2013. When declined immediately went to local branch and the mortgage person there couldn't understand why declined and said she would have someone contact me about this… of course no one ever did. I went to another bank and they were amazed BOA declined it and they saw tax return and knew exactly how to read it. Getting my refi with this bank when thru will be no ties with BOA except a credit card that will soon be cancelled. Bye bye BOA

  • Hello,
    My name is Tommy and my father Anh Van Huynh has a checking and saving account with BofA. He pass away a year ago and I went to the branch where he has his account to close it out, but I was send to 3 different branches and no one can help me.
    He does not have a will, I was the one who took care of the funeral arrangement, I have two younger sister but they told me to try to take care of this.
    I was fed up that no one care about my father death and try to help me so I decided to go back home, I did receive a letter that told me I need to see a lawyer, the funeral was expensive already and I don't have any money to get a lawyer because a year later I'm still paying for the funeral on my credit card.
    All I ask is to have someone contact me and give me a direction to go with this, he has about $2500.00 or so in the accounts, it's not much but for me it would help me with my bills, PLEASE help me to get closer and it is still my father money that been in your bank. I use to work for BofA and if this was my customer I would do my best to help! my contact info is 808 387-4677 or reply to this email.
    I have the statements with account informations so what ever you need please direct me to close out my decease father accounts.


  • My friend bought a vacant lot and lived there in an old trailer. He worked full time and built a large home there. He had a severe back injury and retired on disabilty so tthe bank modified his loan.
    In an unbelievable streak of bad luck his wife injured her back at work and they missed a few payments. Tthe bank was notified but responded that they were goinng to foreclose because withou his wife working tthey didnt make enough money.
    His wife had back surgery and fully rehabed! She also took the few classes she needed to get her Masters degree so she could get another job! She is now making a good salary. Unbelievably now B of A says they make too much money and tthey will foreclose!!???
    What is going on?

  • I left BOA years ago swearing never to return. I though I would try again now that there is a CEO backed by Buffet. I gave them my refinance. I honestly have never seen such and inept operation. It is beyond belief and description. I would echo what a person wrote above. MAY THE GROUND OPEN UP AND SWALLOW THIS BANK BANK BACKTO HELL WHERE IT BELONGS.

  • The B of A using the term ''Hail Mary'' in there advertising and it has got to stop. What a insult to
    Catholics everywhere. The B of A 's image is bad enough already.Don't make it any worse
    you inconsiderate morons. What corporate genius came up with this stupid idea ?Square it away soon morons or you'll be losing a lot of customers.


  • I am appalled and very very upset on how your customer service has handled my situation this morning. Your customer service agent literally had me in tears this morning. The person I spoke with was very cold, uncaring and truly rude. I had opened an account for my teen age son while back. Unfortunately like a teenage kids do, he overdrew his account. Final total came to $204 in the negative. When I found out I immediately called the bank's customer service and told them of the situation and asked if I was responsible for that amount because I would have to work something out as for I do not have the funds to cover it at the moment. Your agent assured me that I was not my responsible to cover it, it was my son's. So I proceeded to try to make my son responsibility and clear up the account. (FYI My son lives in Vegas with his father and I live in California) Too my surprise when I checked my account yesterday morning $204 was taken out of my account. Due to the process of this after all my auto debit bills due to come out I would have no funds or might become overdrawn in my account. I called customer service to discuss the situation. They told me I was responsible since I helped open the account as co-signer. I told them I was told that I wasn't responsible. That's fine if I have to take responsibility I will but now I was left with no funds in my account to get gas for work or anything else. In total panick I pleaded with your agent to see if there is way they can credit me $100.00 back into my account and they can take the balance of $104 out of my account next month when I get paid. She told me there was absolutely nothing they can do. I told her that I do not have gas to get home from work which is 40min drive and my 10 year daughter will be home alone after school waiting for me and I need to get home and I don't have enough gas to get home. I was in dire straits and I was so upset. I wasn't trying to get out of paying the $204 I took responsibility but I am stranded at work with no way to get home to my daughter. I don't even have bus money. I do not have a babysitter to watch over. When I continued to plead with her, she started to lecture me with a very rude tone of voice on how I should of taken precausions and I should tell my son to be more responsible and I should of done this and that. I was shocked at how she was so cold and rude she was and how she was treating me. If it was her she would of had a different attitude but it wasn't her so she simply didn't care. If somehow I find my way back home. I will be closing my account with you and I will be posting and telling people about my horrible experience with your bank. Not caring if you customer is in trouble and you could of helped but refused to is totally appalling and unacceptable. Obviously your company is all about the money not the customer

  • I just visited one of your bank branches. My single transaction took almost ten minutes to complete. Why you ask ? Your system of having a concierge on duty does nothing to help your customers when there is a line.This morning 10: 04 A.M. there were eight people in line with me and only one teller to help your inside regular customers, one teller on drive thru and a teller that's main concern appeared to be commercial customers, While your concierge stands by socializing instead of moving behind the counter to facilitate quicker processing of the hapless loyal customers waiting in line. The person in your executive offices who came up with this plan should be on unemployment.

  • As of now I am very disgusted with Bank Of America. I've been trying to dispute transactions that were made on my account and there trying to say that I gave someone my card to make the transactions and denied my claim. Why would I be calling to dispute transactions that I made and the company took money out of my account after placing the money it back.

  • I am an advocate for a member of our church who is losing her home to foreclosure. She has to beout by Sept 10, 2013. She is on disability income and has been having a most difficult time getting her issue resolved. She has been in touch with so many different people who have claimed they don't have a record of her calls and/or paperwork. She has tried to pay what she owes but the bank has refused to accept it for reasons she doesn't understand and neither have I. Currently our church members have been sent a letter asking for funds. We are a small church in a small community, Paradise, CA and most of our congregation are having financial issues as well. My friend has been an advocate for many of our members by taking them to doctor appointments, bringing them meals and many more acts of love and support.

    I want to know why she's not having any success at holding on to her home. She has an 18year old daughter who wants to further her education and is trying to get government support for that.

    Her house is in total disrepair and the bank would not get anything for it. She has a friend who is willing to help her with the house repairs.

  • My family was a loyal customer to Bank of America; they left due to poor service and lack of locations through out the nation. I went to Hawaii and was then mailed a Hawaiian Airlines credit card offer. I took it due to the points that I could receive and be able to eventually use them to go on another trip. I have had it since 2008 and maxed it out knowing that I would pay it off and receive the points. This has been the first month since then, July 19 2013, that I have been late… since then they quickly canceled my account and said that I lost all my points (enough for two people to travel 2 trips plus hotel. i.e.quite a bunch of points/money) They then proceeded to tell me they would not reinstate my account unless I paid 6 months then they would "re-evaluate" my situation with them.
    People don't work hard and get a card that is meant to pay off to have the bank rob them/me blind of what points are earned for Bank of America by intrest.
    With all I've spent on your(ie. Bank of America) card simply for points when I could go through my credit union, I will spred the word that this financial company is not a good choice at all!!!!


  • I understand your upset, but I think it is a way to get wiped out from the market, intentionally and with some direction.
    That one is to become part (as a bargain purchase) of the CHASE group, very soon.
    If we allow that to happen, then CHASE will treat us worse than this bank.
    Please, think about.
    I'm telling it because I have despiteful experiences with CHASE. As many others too.
    The proposal is to leave the big guy alone and enroll and support the credit unions in your area, where you are part of the investors and the interest loans are very, very acceptable as well as affordable.
    Every thing comes down by its own weight!
    Now what is the trick on all this if allow it to happen?
    CHASE will get all properties from BOA and the bank will increase the property value on any single real state piece (as it is now), bringing back the conditions that created the financial crisis on the past decade.
    The banks just deny the low interest programs to set you up on the high ones.
    Means, big crisis is on the way again and economy will just favor those with high income and the most will be slide to the poverty level.

  • I am a military member transferring and have had my home financed with BOA since I bought it. Unfortunately with the market today I am 40,000 upside down on it and am forced to short sale. Fortunately it was passed that I do not have to be deliquent on my payments as my PCS orders count as my hardship. BOA also has a special team just for the military in this situation. IT'S A JOKE. They have done nothing but toss me around. First they tell me "We didn't know you were military, this has to go to someone else". Didn't know I was military, they asked for my PCS orders, Leave and Earnings statements, Tax Forms and every cover sheet faxed to them came was a military cover letter. Sent a complaint email to the CEO and was sent a response telling me this would be resolved by the 24th of MAY. Well it is now the 11th of JUNE. They counter offered my buyer 3 weeks ago and the buyer accepted the counter offer. Now I find out today BOA counter offered again. How do you counter offer on an offer you submit and was accepted???? I have to report to my next unit by the 1st of JULY and BOA has now made it where I am forced to be deliquent of not pay as I can not afford to place my family in a home in my new duty location and pay the mortgage on the home in the previous. Now my job in the military could be at risk as I am required to stay current on all debt or my clearances could be revoked. I have already contact numerous military members who are with BOA and they are in the process of nolonger doing bussiness with them and are contacting people who they know to do the same. I guess the next step is to contact every local and national media contact I have aquired throughout the coutry from the west, east and gulf coasts and see if they can shed some light.

  • I have never worked with such a non-compliant arrogant customer service department like the one that exists within Bank of America. I have been diligently trying to save my house from foreclosure due to the fact that I am on disability due to heart disease but my wife works as hard as she can at the only place she can in our area which is a casino that pays minimal wages and unfortunately we fell behind. I recently was under the impression that we were accepted for a loan modification only to be blindsided when returning from the hospital after triple bypass surgery this week to a foreclosure letter inside our door. I live in a rural area in upper Wisconsin and have been trying everything I can to cut corners in order to save our home but no one at Bank of America will give us the time of day. I have had people laugh, hang up on me, transfer my call and never come back to the phone, or take a message and never pass the importance of my future on to anyone that cares. I am desperate and have no where to go any more to get any resolution to this problem. I am hoping that going public about Bank of America's poor customer service and lack of compassion to help their customers prevent this from happening to someone else.

  • I don't why but I am going to give this one last shot, I KNOW ONLY TO BE IGNORED ONCE AGAIN.I have left you urgent message after urgent messgae, HOW HARD IS IT TO READ THESE COMMENTS, GET MY INFORMATION AND CALL A PERSON!I have called 3 different times and still no response.I AM DUE TO BE TOSSED OUT OF MY HOUSE Wednesday,BECAUSE Bank of America TOOK THEIR SWEET @#$ED TIME IN DEALING WITH OUR SITUATION.And I have come to the conclusion that were never intending to give us any help.And so now they have turned attorneys loose to do THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM, these SLIMEBALLS TO BE EXACT,Reimer,Arnovitz,Chernek&Jeffrey CO., L.P.A., Attorneys At Law, P.O. Box 968,2450 Edison Blvd.. Twinsburg,Ohio, 44087. 740 861-3379 *$#@*ing call me!

  • I AM TIRED I HAVE TRIED TO SEND YOU PEOPLE EMAIL AFTER EMAIL AND WHEN I DO IT COMES BACK TO ME! I want an end to all the BS AND RUNAROUND Bank of America is giving me. You have drug out the Loan Modification process as you did on your end as long as you did for a reason,YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT TO NOT REALIZE THAT! THIS IS Bank of America and the WAY THEY CONDUCT BUSINESS!I WOULD LIKE A RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL ASAP, BECAUSE WE ARE DUE TO BE THROWN OUT OF OUR HOME February 6th.

  • I am sick and tired of the way Bank of America has treated me. From the very beginning, they set the amount we were to pay every month, never once asking us for any input on what we could ACTUALLY pay. ALL WE HAVE EVER GOTTEN FROM THEM IS LIES AND THE COLD SHOULDER!! So when we fell behind and asked for a loan modification, DID THEY HELP, NOPE!! The only thing they did was send paperwork to us that in route MYSTERIOUSLY GOT LOST!! Once maybe, but 5 different times, COME ON NOW!! And they have never spoken to us. THEIR RESPONSE IS TO THREATEN US AND SICK THEIR CORPORATE ATTORNEYS ON US!! AND YES RUDE THEY ARE!!! Please anyone in the Ohio area, PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM!! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS!! THEY HAVE NEVER ONCE OFFERED ANY HELP TO US!! JUST LIES AND THREATS. WELL LITTLE DO THEY KNOW THAT DOES NOT WORK ON ME, I AM GOING TO THE PRESS AND MY LOCAL TELEVISION STATIONS AND EXPOSE THEM. LETS SEE HOW THEY LIKE THAT!!!!

  • This bank is terrible. The main office in Lebanon TN, they are rude, lazy, and have no idea what they are doing. Me and my entire family are switching banks. YOU SUCK!!!!!!

  • When my husband died; someone marked my father-in-law dead; instead and my husband; they have the same name, Theodore Andrew Carr Jr, I had to call the VA to get that straighten out, for my dad: he's a retired Federal Marine, his sister's put my father in-law in a nursing home, against his will, stealing all his money. Bonita Brown of Aurora Colorado made herself the power of attorney over his accounts, without my father- in-law consent; Ileana Brothers in Los Angeles Ca, Alice Lawson in Santa Monica Ca, plus Andrea Sutton in Des Moines Ia. Compton Courts plus Ron Edison owner of Tower Realty Investment broker put me and my oldest son out of our home. I have letters stating that Ron Edison owned our home, (he stated he worked for Chase Bank) Yes I have the original trust deed plus the check stub stating our home is paid for. Ron Edison owner of Tower Realty Management; Westcoast realty; Reo management Inc, sold our home, I have all the documents, I had to go to the Federal Building in Long Beach to prove who I was. Handra Davis & Russell Henderson (we bought our home from them) My family has been homeless for 4 months, also I was informed that(I'm suppose to have a mortgage in my name since 1986,(not me)also someone in Manhattan Beach is using my name. I need to tell my story, today
    Please help bring legal justice please!!! Compton Courts plus Ron Edison owner of Tower Realty Investment put me and my oldest son out of our home. Yes I have the original trust deed plus the check stub stating our home is paid for. Ron Edison, Westcoast realty, Reo management Inc, sold our home, I have all the documents I had to go to the Federal Building in Long Beach to prove who I was. Handra Davis & Russell Henderson (we bought our home from them) My family has been homeless for 4months, all so I was informed that(I suppose to have a mortgage in my name since 1986,(not me)also someone in Manhattan Beach is using my name. I need to tell my story today. We paid our home off through Bank Of America, I closed my husbands account in Feb. 2011. Bank of America kept one of my husbands accounts open without my knowledge, and closed it in June 2011
    Truly tired of sleeping in my car and not eating properly. I haven't even received my grant funds, the congressman Mr. A. Fraizer (from Compton) (Laura Richardson) office claims he will get back to me this week with the results. Spoke to Ms Laverne, I was informed on November 14 2012; that Mr. Fraizer did nothing, never contacted Department of Education, now, Ms laverne from Laura Richardson office) she telling me I have to wait two more weeks for their response. Mr Fraiser made copies of my social security card plus copy of my Driver's license. I am starving and have a very bad cold. I have had enough of these fraudulent people and the unGodly behavior.
    Thank you
    Kimberly Carr
    562-204-5141 (601 w Cypress St. Compton Ca 90220

  • James D. Merchant

    Bank of America branch on Main Street, Fort Lee, NJ is
    the dirtiest bank I have ever been in and the service is
    by far the worst.
    Their 16th Street bank is the complete opposite, but it has been damaged by "Sandy".

    • I absolutley agree!!! BOA has made my life miserable with their version of "Making Homes Affordable" better to be called "making your life hell and treating the customer like just another number, just another house that doesnt mean anything to this Banking giant. If I had a choice I would take my mortgage business and run, unfortunaltely I don't have a choice.

  • I have been a customer of Bank of America for 3 years and it has been terrible. When we purchased the home we were told that the loan pmt would begin on 10/01 and the loan pmt was 09/01. i have worked on this issue for 10 months and was told that they would defer 3 months and I was to call back in April to get back on track. Well, it is October and I am still waiting. I have now called the corportate office to see if I can get help and she is nice and trying to help me. We never had a problem making the payment we made it every month but accrued late fee's and now I am in a mess and nobody to help me. Well I am hold waiting for someone at the corp office as I have waited for since 10/02 for my person to call me back and she has not talked to her since 07/2012.Well I now have been on the phone over 20 minutes, wish me luck for some help.

    • What is going on with this company??? How are they able to get their employees to all act the same way to customers? What is in the coffee there? This is an outrage! I have been in the process of a simple refi for 4 months now. They refuse to return a call or email. Don't I have a right to know when they will act? I am ready to go postal!!

    • Not only is this bank inept in re-financing, try cashing a check from their bank??? What a fiasco and unfortunately couldn't get the check cashed. There are so many other customer friendly banks out there, try one of them and stop wasting your time.

  • if you r located in n c why when you call the number on the back of your card it is 2 hours behind new york time as of right now it says as of sept 24 your amount in your account is so not the correct date of the 25th

  • I have a complaint against the BOA too. I tried to refinance and could never get anyone to answer my emails or phone calls. My home was in process of foreclosure. I had to hire an attorney to get the bank to go forward on my loan modification. The bank sent me the modification papers without ever answering my calls about concerns. I received the paperwork and it stated either sign the papers or your home will go back into foreclosure status. I was forced to sign paperwork and now am trying to contact the bank again. I have contact the Attorney General and they will see what type of answers they can get but I am not holding my breath. Now i can't refinance and am stuck with these large payments and the BOA is going to be making an additional $40,000 on my loan.

  • I am an employee of a community bank in Illinois trying to assist a customer with a fraudulent check cashed by B of A – it has been since April and numerous calls and faxes – today alone I have called 10 times. This is elder abuse and no one can help. It is no wonder banks get a bad reputation – our bank would never treat their customers like this. B of A customers find a small community bank to use and tell B of A to go to hell.

    • if this was never resolved you didn't to the right department they are just hard to find. Ttust me i know first hand.

  • This is better this bank's R.E.O. director is getting kickbacks for sending properties only to certin Real Estate Companies in my area and intern the real estate company submits one bid [ there own] they flip the property and send a check to Bof A director, So it doesn't make any difference here in my State the consumer looses all the way around, trying to get through to BoA's CEO, its impossiable for that matter NO one can get through to anyone automated recordings prevail push 1 enter this push 2 go to hell push 3 and get disconnected. I want to hear from one of bank of americas exc. staff immed

  • Anyone interested in a short sale with this bank should know that term is completely ironic, it should be called a Long sales because I have been trying to buy a house for more than a year. The deal was negotiated and approved and then they decide sorry, new file…let's renegotiate. Isn't this illegal or is this how Bank of America now operates. The new deal is now completely changed. Anyone know who I can report this to?

    • in my state all short sales go to one reality and the company doesn't let anyone bid but there friends and when i found out my bid was higher and they gave it to the real estates friend for 100,000 less than my high bid i was pissed they clearly are being fraudlegent i filled out a complaint for with our attorney General office

  • Am very devasted on how poor staff they have at bank of America in Brownsville TX on paredes ln knowing they have thieves working in that bank stealing from honest costumer that trust the bank.a man by the name of Carlos Alberto Martinez which is a teller stealing money when he is over at the bank and would get money from his box.

  • I hope this note finds you well; however, I am writing to you because I am very upset and concerned about your business ties to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Due to Komen’s recent announcement that they will cut their funding to Planned Parenthood, the biggest provider of low- and no-cost breast cancer screenings in the nation, I have decided to stop donating to Komen. Planned Parenthood is, in many cases, the only resource for providing this care to so many un- and under-insured women.

    It is clear that Komen has abandoned its commitment to women and their healthcare providers for political gain. I truly hope this incites you to disentangle your company from this nightmare.

    Although Komen has lost my support, women affected by breast cancer and their families have not; and in order to show my support in this regard, I commit to not letting my politics nor my personal ideology ever prevent low-income women from accessing the proper medical care they are entitled to.

    I will also be forwarding all further donations to another, more worthwhile charity. I urge you to do the same. I am no longer able to remain a customer of any company who continues a partnership with Susan G. Komen For the Cure. This, unfortunately, includes [COMPANY]. I will be proudly joining the corporate sponsor boycott unless and until you stop funding them.

    I wish you the best in your company’s future endeavors.

    Kindest regards,
    Gary Flinn
    Flint, MI

    PS: If you’d like some recommendations for worthy breast cancer charities, feel free to contact the Rethink The Pink Foundation at

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