Bank of the West Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bank of the West Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


180 Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA 94104

Corporate Phone Number: 1-415-765-4800

Customer Service: 1-800-488-2265

Corporate Fax Number: 1-925-943-1224

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: Private Company

Bank of the West is a financial company the provides banking services for consumers and businesses. Bank of the West is one of the premier banking institutions in the West and Midwest USA.

Bank of the West’s customer service phone number is 1-800-488-2265. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • Bank of the West Branch – Crested Butte Colorado
    If you value customer service, do not use this bank! They delay deposits, fees are constant no matter what the circumstances. If you call they hang up on you! If you need to go into the bank, you will be there for at least thirty minutes, no matter the transaction. Rude and incompetent, like I have never seen with a bank. Unauthorized withdrawls, delayed deposits, constant mistakes! Any other bank would be a better choice.

  • Hello

    I was recently on a family vacation a few weeks ago and my bank account was closed with no warning causing my family to cut short our vacation in heart breaking fashion.

    I visited my local branch on Monday morning to ask why my account was closed and why I was given no notice and did not receive any information. I asked to withdraw the remaining funds to feed my family and was told I could not do so and the branch was going to mail my funds.

    2 weeks have since passed, i have called my local branch in Monterey CA 8 times and was either hung up on or told the branch manager would call me back which she has not. My family is in dire straits, your company has stolen my funds and without any warning.

    This requires immediate attention as my next complaint will be to the local news outlets authorities and an attorney. I just want my money back!

    Thank you

  • Our local Branch is now requiring employee's to give their Social Security Number to make a Bank Deposit into a Corporate Bank Account. I spoke with the local Asst Bank Manager and up the chain of command at the Call Center and it was confirmed that to be a new bank policy. The kicker being that if you are an Undocumented Alien and Don't have a Social Security Number, it is not required. So we are in the process now of moving all of our Corporate and Personal Accounts somewhere else. Who's boneheaded idea is this?

  • After moving here from CO 20 years or so ago I started banking at Bank of the West here in our small town. I have nothing but excellent remarks about the people who have worked there and who are now working there. They go out of their way to help me in anyway they can. I am 80 years old so appreciate very much all that they do!!!

  • Our business has over $3 million dollars in our account Iasked the branch manager to send me a copy of a deposit she became irate and told me to stop calling every two seconds and they will send it when they get to it they have other things to do, new account told me I would have to wait. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS? THIS IS THE BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA BRANCH

  • On September 9th or 10th, 2015 I wrote a check for my quarterly taxes to the IRS and made up a bank deposit of approx. $2,200 in cash because I'd been putting money aside for that purpose. It was a blazing hot day in California hot day in California and I had my dog in the car and couldn't walk into the bank. I drove through the post office drive through to mail my payment and double checked that I put the tax check envelope into the mailbox just to be sure I didn't put my deposit into the mailbox. Then I drove directly to the front of Bank of the West about four blocks away and put my deposit into the night drop in an envelope with the words, "Bank of the West Deposit" on the envelope with my name. I didn't think to make a copy of my deposit slip because I've never had a problem with Bank of the West and my deposit slips don't have carbons. Last night I went to online banking and was aghast at the revelation that the deposit had never been recorded. I called the bank this morning and a woman who was barely civil said she would have someone check the night drops on those days when they had time and someone would call me back. I asked her if there was any way to see if the bank was over on one of those two days and she said the bank doesn't do balances like that. She called me back and said she'd checked those two days night drops and there hadn't been a deposit for that amount put into the night drop. It could have been $2,100. or $2,200. or something similar because the tax bill was $2,070 and I wanted to put more than the exact amount but, since I didn't make a copy of the deposit slip, I can't be sure of the exact amount. If you look at my long business and personal relationship with Bank of the West you will see that I'm an exemplary customer. I've always done everything by the book and haven't had a problem. I know I made that deposit. Just because I can't prove it I'm out of a lot of money and that makes me mad because someone took my cash on the inside of the bank. Whomever took it knew I wouldn't be able to prove it. I would switch banks but I have grandchildren linked to my account and it would disrupt their banking if I did. I'm writing this on the outside chance that someone higher up will believe me and that, if someone else reports losing cash from the night drop box it will become apparent I'm not lying. This is very distressing and the agent I dealt with at the bank was less than helpful. Maybe she has more money and it isn't of consequence to her or maybe she knows it's my word against the banks so she just doesn't care.
    Mary Julia Klimenko, Benicia, CA

  • We just opened an account with Bank of the West and it's been a nightmare. It took over a week to post from an escrow account. We're only allowed to withdraw $2,000.00 a day. We're transferring to another bank. This is illegal.

  • At a branch of this bank, in Harlan, Iowa, the manager (Debra Brown) had one of her "girls" call my Dad to get info off of his drivers license (my elderly Dad has an account there, until this happened). After pursuing this scam, I was hit with a court order for harassment, all based on the lies of Deb Brown. She refused to give me the name and office phone number of the President of the bank, yet all other banks I called were free to do so. What's up with BotW?? Are they getting ready to steal our money??

  • First off, your customer service phone line is the slowest I have ever experienced in my life. Secondly, why does it take up to ten business days to release documents involving a car loan? The final payment was sent from my bank to yours electronically and the loan was closed out one day later. The release of lien and title should be immediately processed and sent to the customer, as soon as possible. I was originally told three to five days to send it out, which I think is absurd. You have the money, the loan is closed, what is the issue? Then I am told that it hasn't been sent out yet and may not be for another 5 days, possibly. I am in the midst of trying to sell this vehicle and the fact that these documents are not in my possession already is killing the deal. It seems banks want their payments on time but refuse to help their customers when they need documentation after a loan is closed out, as quickly as possible.If anyone asks me about Bank of the West, I will kindly tell them to look elsewhere for a loan or other banking needs they might want. I have never had any loan closed out from a financial institution that took this long to send out the title and lien release. The longest was 4 days, from closeout to my receipt of said documents. Get your act together and start being responsible towards your customers needs.

  • I have tried calling their customer service about a loan I want to payoff and have been on hold for a least 30 minutes each time before giving up. Their customer service is pathetic!

  • The first year servicing my mortgage all went well….. then all hell broke loose. After I would make a payment, the very next day BOW would debit my checking account for the full amount and assess me an overdraft fee of $36. The local BOW bank would tell me, not their problem. Call to customer service and would tell me can't help you! Scream hard enough and finally get it corrected only to have them do it a second time in the middle of the month! ! ! WTF? this went on for 3 months. finally closed the checking account. Now, the following month, they tell me I was late with my payment and hit me up again for a late fee! Payment was made well on time! I called the bank and told them this was their last chance to get it straightened out and keep it that way or I was refinancing my house elsewhere. I haven't had this much trouble on a mortgage loan since I had one with Countrywide years ago. I do not reccomment using this bank for anything!

  • We have had an account with you for 10+ years. Recently, I have had to contact your customer service for a number of reasons. I may have well just not even called. Each time, the response was, we can't help you. I have even escalated to a supervisor, again, may have well just not even escalated. It seems you pat response is: We can't help you.
    Tonight was just another one of these events. My wife deposited $1400.00 into our account so that I would be able to rent a car and stay in a hotel in Dallas. MORE than enough since I was only staying 2 nights. Well, I fly into DFW, go to rent my car, CARD DECLINED. I called your customer service # and explained my DESPERATE situation. Again, got the: We can't help you. I escalated, the supervisor also indicated: "We can't help you at this time." So, I asked, "When will my funds be available?" The response was: "They will be available at 12:00midnight Central time." He also said, "Oh, I see you are in Colorado, so they will be available at 11:00pm mountain time." So I had to sit in the airport until 12:00pm CST, waiting for the funds to be available. Come 12:00midnight, I checked. Well, as far as I am concerned, THEY BOTH LIED to get me off the phone.
    I also asked, what if they dont become available. He said to CB. Well, I called back and now your customer service is CLOSED!!!!!!! NICE TRICK!!!! NOT HAPPY at ALL!!!!!!! I am STUCK here at DFW. THANK YOU B.O.W for the memorable experience!!!!! I called my wife, discussed this with her and we WILL be closing our account with your institution and letting at LEAST 11 people know what we experienced with your banks customer service. WHY EVEN HAVE A CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT IF THEIR RESPONSE IS ALWAYS THE SAME, "WE CAN'T HELP YOU." Save your bank the costs of running a customer service center and increase your stock holders dividends and your executives bonuses!!!!!

    As I read the other blogs, I am not alone. SHAME ON YOU BANK OF THE WEST!!!!!!
    You keep losing customers, you won't have a bank any longer.

    BTW, I have sent an email to the customer help email, Still no response.
    I am sending one to the corporate office. I bet I will get the same.

    • I am replying to my own because now, when I tried to send an email to their corporate office email address of:, I got an undeliverable. WOW!!!!!!!

      Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:
      An error occurred while trying to deliver this message to the recipient's e-mail address. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

      The following organization rejected your message: ESMTP.

  • I live in a small rural community where we have had a bank since 1974. Bank of the West came to our community in 2003 and bought out the local bank. Now Bank of the West is leaving, leaving a small community of 3,200 bank less. They won't tell us why they are leaving and in their move they aren't replacing us with a bank. The nearest town is 12 miles away. Mom and pop businesses and those who don't drive will hurt the most. Michael Sandford
    of Black Canyon City AZ

  • Hello,

    I have a personal checking account, savings account, joint checking account and my husband has his personal checking account with your bank. On 10-17-2013 I deposited a money order for $300.00 from Wells Fargo. It came back on my account and I was charged an additional $12.00. I have been trying to work with the Parker Colorado branch manager and the 1-800 number folks to get it cleared up for a week now. They keep telling me the money order was canceled by the purchaser. However, when I contacted Wells fargo they informed me the money order has not been canceled, nor has it ever been presented for payment. They still have the $300.00. They were just waiting for my bank to present the money order so they can make payment on it. Bank of the west is refusing to assist me in any way. I asked them this morning to do a three way call between me and Wells Fargo to clear up the situation and they refused. I asked if I could come and pick up the money order so I could take it to Wells Fargo to cash there and I was told no. So basically you were holding $300.00 of my money hostage, in addition to the $12.00 fees you have charged me.

    Courtney at The Parker branch informed my ex-husband that once he gave me the money order it was no longer his, and once I gave it to her the money order was no longer my money order it was hers. She also told him (while he was with the banker at Wells Fargo) that you shouldn't purchase a money order if you don't have the funds!!! Does she not understand that you buy them with CASH???? Is she the one trying to steal from me??? or are your people just not trained? In the end Wells Fargo did the RIGHT thing and re-issued me a money order and CANCELED the one she has so you can let her know she is OUT OF LUCK! I was able to stop the little scheme going on and retrieved my $300.00 no thanks to my own bank. I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my husband and I are moving our accounts and I work for a national company. I will be sending out an e mail to all of my co-workers letting them know how Bank of the west treats their customers. Thanks for stealing from my children during the government shut down and government was not paying me.

    • I agree that have been holding a chase check 900 dollars now down to 869 based in fraud assumptions said rgar chase said check will be a given back si they told me I could not withdraw from this account on my out in however debit 10 doller service fee 3 months in q row they froze my account check never bounced back to chase funds still there but I cant touch them

  • The fact that they r doing things of that nature shows they hav
    e gotten away with much more its just disgusting that so many of the employees are that crooked hang them all

  • When conducting a phone interview for employment, please due so when you are not obviously in a hurry. Please show a little empathy to the person you are interviewing and remember that some items on a resume must be explained. Allow time for such explainations, and please, at least pretend that you did want to make that call. The phone call from the branch manager was the worst I have ever had. Sorry I botherd you Des Moines. A bank customer.

  • If you double schedule something by accident (like I did with my mortgage payment) there's nothing in on-line banking to alert you to the fact and they keep trying to run it through, which if it bounces, will ding you $36.00 a pop. They say there's "nothing they can do", they won't return more than one fee and on-line banking allows for these types of mistakes, whereas my old credit union out in Seattle, BECU, would alert you of the potential error. Call me paranoid but I believe it's intentional as another revenue stream.

    • I think you're right. I did have an overdraft, and got dinged for one fee over an addition error I made and I promptly went to the bank and deposited enough cash to cover the overdraft and I'll be damned if they didn't ding me for 3 MORE $36.00 NSFs! If they don't fix it, I'm closing my account and spreading the news.

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