Barclay’s Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Barclay’s Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

200 Park Avenue, 4th Floor

The MetLife Building at 45th Street

New York, New York 10166

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-526-2039

Customer Service Number: 1-800-392-5000

  • the worst customer service ever . Have spent hours and days on hold trying to straighten out fraudulent account opened up. You don't want to do business with them .

  • BARCLAY is terrible customer service.. fraudulent charges and they are charging me for them — late fee on top of late fee and I have been fighting this for over a year.

  • for the second time: I have on my card $3,070.00 and cannot access it as I am being told NO AVAILABLE CREDIT This makes no sense I have had Money such as this before and had no problem making purchases I need my money ! if you can't make this Happen I want the account closed and my money transferred To my Chase account checking I will send routing number and account number when I hear from you in a reply
    this is serious as I need my money to get out of debt, I don't believe That BARCLAYS has a right to hold my money hostage, Please see a resolution too my problem. hopefully I will get a response from you as secure messaging was never answered I sent 3 messages totally IGNORED, YES i KNOW THERE IS A VIRUS
    HAPPENING, STILL SHOULD BE ABLE TO TALK WITH SOMEONE 3 DAYS ON THE PHONE ON HOLD AND NO ANSWER? Please help ! I await your response Daniel Oshins card number 5148 8750 8075 5389 Phone number 760 832 8891 I hope this covers my concerns

  • Tired of receiving multiple credit card offers for my wife and myself. I will start shredding them since you do not read the notes I send back in the prepaid mailing envelopes.

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