Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bath and Body Works Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Seven Limited Parkway

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Customer Service Number: 1-800-395-1001


  • I see that the company released a statement regarding the loss of the Mayfield Consumer Products building in Kentucky and pledged to support the employees and families, which is great. However, I would like to see you hold your partnering companies to a higher standard and call them out on their mismanagement of this tragedy. Employees should never fear losing their job, when asking to leave during an emergency event. This is shameful. I will not use this companies products until they make it clear that employee's safety is a top priority.

  • Would you consider creating essential oil fragrances? I love the scented soaps, lotions and body wash but use an atomizer to scent my home. It would be lovely to be able to use your scents each season.

  • November 23, 2020…I recently made a purchase from Bath&Body Works, when my shipment arrived, it was totally damaged, the outside of the box was sticky from the Hand Soap leaking through the box!!! I will say it was the Carrier, which was FEDEX who delivered it, threw it on my porch instead of sitting it down!!! I called Customer Service and they told me to send it back to the company which I did and tracked it back to Lexington KY. Spoke to Customer Service who said, I will send you the 3 damaged products, gave me an order number and tracking number…it went out on November 16, 2020..I tracked the package to Carlisle PA were it stopped only to find out that FEDEX had damaged the second package and they set it back to Bath and Body Works!!! I called several times to ask where the package was and with the same answer,it is on it's way, when clearly it was not!!! I talked to a Customer Service Rep today by the name of Christine, she told me in detail what had taken place with the items they were sending me…had I not called and demanded an answer I would have never got the items that belonged to me in the first place. I really believe they need to re-train their Customer Service Department, as some of their employees are "dumb" and just give any answer they feel to get you off the phone. This is was my first time ordering online, and the impression I got, I will shop in the store from here on through, never again online!!! So SAD!!!!

  • There was an incident that occurred today at your store number 82006 (7550A FM 1960 West Space 45 Houston, TX 77070). Cashier 3291709 whose name tag read Denaetra was rude and unprofessional to me as I was attempting to understand if my coupon was applied. She responded and I quote "I ain't got time to argue about no money." After responding it's not an argument but a misunderstanding, Denaetra then invoked God's name saying sarcastically "God Bless you and Happy New Year." After mentioning the altercation to the store manager, Anetra circled the 800# on my receipt to voice concern to Corporate.

  • Visited the Delray Beach,FL on Linton Blvd. Great store. Great shopping experience. Linda and Theresa,the two young ladies working on this particular day were both very helpful and polite. Gave all the info that was needed and then let me shop. Not too pushy but helpful enough to allow me to
    make my decisions. Great assets to your company

    to your company.

  • I'm very concerned for the SAFETY of the employees working at the White Marsh Mall located in Maryland. Seems more and more sketchy people coming into the store; stealing, trying to provoke fist fights with employees, disrespectful to employees; screaming at the employees & in their faces. Security NEVER walks through the inside of the mall and should be inside the mall, stopping in at stores since the customer base has gotten more rough. Perhaps as part of your contract w/leasing should include presence of "security" at the store as a form of employee protection

  • hi I LOVVVVVVVVVVE your product it is so awesome. I absolutely love it but I cant afford to buy it so sometimes I use my friends

  • hello,my id is ****** i worked 2 days for bath and body in castleton mall,i have recieved my pay card,but still no this customary to hire ppl and not pay them?? i am supposed to receive $100,am i ever going to get paid?????? if i dont get my paycheck soon,im reporting this to the news,bbb and seeking legal counsel. the store manager is upset with me for quitting and has decided to make this personal.

  • I shopped at the Waters Creek Store in Allen Texas on last Thursday May 26th and my total purchase was $24.90 which I put on my debit card. When I checked my bank statement the next day I noticed that I had been charged twice in the amount of $24.90. I went to the store on Tuesday May 31st at about 4:30 pm and spoke to a sales associate, showed her my receipt and a copy of my bank statement. The associate ask me what I wanted them to do about it. I explained they can either remove the charge from my card or refund me with cash. She went to the back of the store and spoke with her manager. She came back and explained to me that there is nothing they can do at the store level. I would need to either dispute this at my bank or call the corporate office. I was extremely unhappy with this explanation and walked out the door. I went back into the store to get the phone number for the corporate office and to speak with the manager. The manager did come out from the back room when I demanded to speak with her. She again told me there is nothing they will do at the store level. She provided the 800 number for corporate office (It was closed when she tried to call there). She then ask me if I had gotten 2 receipts. Is she trying to say I made 2 purchases and I am trying to commit fraud? I explained to this manager that they are the ones who made this mistake and as such it is theirs to fix. I can promise you that I will NEVER shop at Bath and Body Works Again. Their Customer Service is the worst.

  • I received a coupon stating $10 off a $0 purchase in store or online. To redeem in the store, you have to copy the entire ad. I wrote to the customer service address on the ad explaining that this is not a good thing for me. With the cost of ink, to copy this entire ad in color is quite wasteful. I got a reply to help me unsubscribe from the mailings. I don't think this is very good customer service. Would it not be better to put a coupon that can be printed and taken to the store for redemption?

  • I would like to begin this with saying that my grown daughters and I all enjoy your products immensely. We are frequent shoppers here in Sacramento, California. However, I am hoping with this complaint, you can possibly change a policy that I am confident is coming from the Corporate level. Is it really necessary to have the A/C blasting while having the front doors wide open at all of your stores? This is such a waste of energy. These are stores that open up into an outdoor area. Not into a mall. The store A/C is having to work very hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. With all of us trying to do our part, i.e. not being wasteful during peak hours during the summer, in using unnecessary appliances, etc. I would think your company would like to help in conserving. I am sure we are not the only customers that have noticed this as such a waste. Please, consider re-visiting this policy and join your customers in helping in any way we can to preserve our resources. Thank you, Denise L. Sacramento, CA

  • Finished with you and your products. I don't buy products tested on animals and I'm certainly not going to give my business to people who fund the practices of Planned Parenthood.

    it's been real.

  • Hello, I went into the Columbia TN store yesterday to find not one bottle of Twilight Woods. I was told that it has been discontinued. Because of allergies, this was the only bodywash I could use without having any type reactions. This is the only bodywash I have used in the last 5 or 6 years.

  • Hi I just want to to let you know you and everybody else if you want to go to a store that has great customer service do to a sale assoc. name Brianna. She was very helpful to me and another we were very happy with her lovely smile and positive attitude just a delight to be around. But unbelievable we said her would we see her again she reply no cause she's temporary. So i wrote this in hope you think about keeping her cause me and other people would love to shop their again just cause of her GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE she is a keeper.

  • I have shopped at B&BW for years and years…but just read this on FB…is this true? If it is, I will NO LONGER BE SHOPPING THERE: PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS AT THE CHESTERFIELD MALL BATH & BODY WORK!!
    I was very disappointed today while on a field trip with my Special Education students. They were given an assignment to find stores on their own and locate a product and write down information about the product. This seems like an easy task, however this is an important skill these students are still learning. As we got ready to walk into Bath & Body Works we were met by a worker who told us we were not welcome to come in the front door. We stopped in our tracks and I told him who we were and what we were doing. He told me we were not welcome in the store. He then pointed out to the sensor at the entrance and told me that if the three students and I walked in the door of his store that I would hurt the sales for the store since we couldn't buy anything. He had no clue that I was going to buy something. He told us we could not enter so I explained to the students that we were not welcome. They did not understand why. I then found out that a few other groups tried to go into the store and were met with the same rudeness. I can't believe they would treat these disabled students like this! If you have a family member or a friend who has a disability or know someone with a disability please share this. This filed trip turned out to be more than a life skills and social skills lesson, they were exposed to discrimination!!Please share this with everyone you know!! People with disabilities do have money to spend, and they did spend money on our trip today!!

  • As a loyal customer of BBW wherever I go, I was extremely disheartened when I ready the following post on Facebook. I am not condemning all BBW stores, and I am hoping this situation isn't reflective of a bigger attitude within the BBW organization. I hope you look into this situation and employee attitude. As a grandmother of an autistic grandson I find this discrimination and humiliating attitude in your store totally unacceptable.

    Originally written by Alice Maloney on her experience and posted on Facebook.
    I was very disappointed today while on a field trip with my Special Education students. They were given an assignment to find stores on their own and locate a product and write down information about the product. This seems like an easy task, however this is an important skill these students are still learning. As we got ready to walk into Bath & Body Works we were met by a worker who told us we were not welcome to come in the front door. We stopped in our tracks and I told him who we were and what we were doing. He told me we were not welcome in the store. He then pointed out to the sensor at the entrance and told me that if the three students and I walked in the door of his store that I would hurt the sales for the store since we couldn't buy anything. He had no clue that I was going to buy something. He told us we could not enter so I explained to the students that we were not welcome. They did not understand why. I then found out that a few other groups tried to go into the store and were met with the same rudeness. I can't believe they would treat these disabled students like this! If you have a family member or a friend who has a disability or know someone with a disability please share this. This filed trip turned out to be more than a life skills and social skills lesson, they were exposed to discrimination!!Please share this with everyone you know!! People with disabilities do have money to spend, and they did spend money on our trip today!!

  • I need to where is the good customer service I submitted information trying to find why the SMARTSOAP DISPENSER REFILLS are not available
    But instead of providing me the location as to who has them in their store BATH and Body wants me to locate
    If they already know via me emailing then why should I have to research
    I feel if you already know then you should share the location to the customer
    been a faithful customer since GOD knows when

  • I sent a email in reference to the SMARTSOAP DISPENSER AND INSTEAD PROVIDING THE LOCATION THAY CARRIES THE REFILL They told me to locate
    What is wrong with this picture that was the purpose of me emailing BATH ANF BODY WORKS
    THEY are the provider and I AM THE CUSTOMER

  • please ignore both messages about Bath and Body Works at Chesterfield Mall Virginia this was the wrong place I have now been told that it took place in another state and that it has been corrected and an apology went out per the news station in that area and I am sorry…I have since found out this morning that the Chesterfield Mall Bath snd Body Works in Chesterfied, Virginia actually were extrememly kind to the special needs children…. I misunderstood what the teacher was putting out on her site I do apologize profusely.

  • I am very upset with the Bath and Body Works store at the Chesterfield Mall and Chesterfield ,Virginia USA. a special needs class took a field trip to this mall and they were given a list of items to purchase each child was to find out which store they needed to go to to purchase the product it was a learning experience for each of these special needs children.. they intended to purchase the product from each store they visited. when they attempted with the teacher to enter the Bath and Body Works store there they will net and told that they were not welcomed because of the special needs children.. the teacher attempted to reason with the manager and explain to him what the project was about and that they intended to purchase the item but before she could finish he told her again that they were not welcome and they had to leave the store.. this is discrimination on the highest level and as a grandmother of a child with special needs I am very upset and because of this many people in this area will not go into that store again.. since this company believes in child and betterment I cannot believe for a moment that this is company policy therefore someone needs to contact that store and tell them they cannot discriminate against special needs children..,I will do my research but I am fairly sure that what this person did is illegal in this country you cannot discriminate against those with special needs.. that teacher had to turn to her students her babies and explain to them they could not go in that store they were not welcomed…the teacher is upset and so if everyone else who has heard of this horrible thing that is my wish that you would contact them and fix this and offer an apology to the public because this cannot be acceptable under any circumstances….I believe this is one person's policy and not company policy but you need to get it right…

    • Some of my spelling is off due to me trying to speak the message but I am sure you understood the message. … Discrimination took place and corporate needs to correct it…thank you.

  • I had a bad experience in the Joplin store and was not able to stack my coupons. I was treated like I was doing something wrong and have been a loyal customer for over 15 years.

  • I just want to say to everyone who has left above comments that not all BBW stores are like that. THEY lead with customers in mind first everyday, and why corporate may not comment here that's ok. Everyday its about their customers and giving them the best experience possible. While yes their jobs are to provide a lasting positive experinece it also is to make sells as a company. I think with a bit of communication to the customer care line which they are pretty awesome and some patience it would be easy to make all side happy.

  • I would strongly disagree. Bbw never guarantees associates hours. What usually happens is that the more skills SA work more and the less skilled dont.

    Cosmetic & fragrance companies load their products with DANGEROUS CHEMICALS, carcinogens, and fillers that have been linked to cancer, hormonal/body disruption and allergies. READ YOUR LABELS AND FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE PUT OB YOUR SKIN. B&BW IS A TOP OFFENDER OF UNKNOWN INGREDIENTS!!!!!!

  • There is this website on Facebook called burlington buy sell or trade, I found a woman that is selling your product for profit because I know there was a sale not so long ago. Ysha Mercado Laus is her name.

  • I believe that the Bath and Body in West Burlington, Ia needs to have a DM watch more closely. I have seen employees use coupons for themselves after a customer has used them and practically rip the store off since they have not earned the coupons. One is an older lady. I have also seen items in the hallway since their hallway door is always open with items that are held for employees that I want to buy but cannot because they say it is not available for purchase. The management it rude.

  • I have been reading the comments and it sounds like all of the bath and body work stores have crappy staff. I go into my bath and body works all the time and the employees are always very good. The only complaint is that the manager always looks very grumpy and un happy to be there but other than that the store is great!

  • On black Friday, my daughter and I were shopping with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. We started at Khols where we found a shopping cart from a nearby store and as there were no carts available at khols, we put the baby in the basket on top of our coats with some toys to keep her busy while we shopped. The lines were very long, but the baby was being good. My daughter and I were having a great time. I had major back surgery this year and am finally able to get out, she had two near death issues with a major illness she suffers from, so Christmas is felling pretty special. When we left Khols, she asked me to go next door to Bath and Body works. She loves this store and has shopped at them for years. Since the baby was being good, I agreed. We pushed the cart in, where we were met by a friendly clerk who gave us a bag to put purchases in. Then three other clerks greeted us, offered to help find things. All was well and friendly until this one lady, I couldn't get her name or title as she didn't display that came out of nowhere and in a nasty tone, told us we needed to leave! Confused, I asked why. In an angry tone of voice she shouted that we cannot have a cart in the store as it's private property and repeated that we must leave. I told her I would be glad to take the next two steps to the cash register and pay for the items we had picked out and leave. At that point, I could see that my daughter was getting very upset and embarrassed as she had everyone in the store looking at us. So, I turned the cart around and headed for the door. The clerk then began to follow us, with a nasty voice saying things like " thats right go on get out" and "Don't ever bring a cart in here again." At that comment I told her I would NEVER go into a Bath and Body works agian…anytime for any reason. To this she continued following us and heckeling with snide remarks…such as "ok, umhum alright now move along, move along…" At that point I told her to stop following us we are leaving. She then tried to go all nice and with a cheeky tone said she was going to get the door for us. I told her we could find our way out and get the door for ourselves. By then my daughter was mortified and said "You are harrassing us!" The clerk remarked, "No I'm helping you OUT!" I gave the clerk at the door who gave us the bag the bag of items we were going to purchase back. She looked embarrassed, but not one of them stepped in as this woman completely made a scene. I had finally had it with her snide attitude and turn to her on our way out and told her kiss my lower parts!" I worked retail for years and now hold a possition of power in a major agency and I have NEVER had an encounter so rude and nasty happen than the one at the Owasso, OK Bath and Body works! Neither my daughter or I will ever shop at one of your stores. Ever. I went to Victoria Secret and got the lotion and to Target and got the soap I wanted. In this economy, and with items so available at other stores, Bath and Body works may as well not exist. Of course as a corporation you already know this, maybe that is why your employee is so paranoid! Oh, and yes! You may kiss my lower parts!!!! You can be rude and stupid to me all you want, but when you messed with my kids, you went toooooo far.

    • I am sorry but I actually work for the company and we allow carts. No where does it say you can't bring a cart in. I am so sorry that we lost your business do to such a small thing thay should have been nothing to worry over. I would have advised you to call customer care. Again we aren't all like this and not all rude. We always have the customer at the forefront of our minds. I am so sorry this was your experience.

  • i just had a long day and almost dont even want to post here, but i wont be able to sleep peacefully until i get this off of my chest! This complain is in regards to the bath and body works located in Canada, Ontario (at Bramalea City Centre mall) Mind you, i love the store! I love the products and most.. of the employees. The employees are nice to me because im a frequent shopper there as i work in the same mall. The manager, as it seems like, definitely needs to brush up on her customer service skills. Whenever i walk into that store she yells the days offers in my face and its pretty damn intimidating, and the other day she even FOLLOWED me around the store so that i dont steal. I have a good pay and enough
    money in the bank, i really dont need to steal 12 dollar body sprays, Thank you very much. Ive been wanting to complain to head office about her from so long, but i thought these were very tiny issues, UNTIL yesterday. I was in line buying some candles, and the girl infront of me was making her purchase and she wanted one last wift of her candle
    before paying and the manager grabbed the candle from the customers hand to scan it. WAIT WHAT? W H A T? I swear to God i felt like putting my products down and leaving right there. It was so disrespectful and rude, and the customer was definitely unpleased. It would be understandable if there was a huge lineup or something, but the line had like two people in it and there were a bunch of cashiers. Being such an authoritative figure in the store, managers are supposed to be nice and likeable with customers (to set good examples to their employees) This really upset me and i would REALLY Appreciate it if actions were taken. I would step up but im a regular customer and the employees know me because i work in the mall, thats why i stayed anonymous and came here. I didnt get her name but her race is black and she has been the manager there for around 3-4 years. Thanks.

  • I was in your store in Mcminnville the other day and I notice that the person in front of me a a large list of coupon codes and images on her cell phone and recieved a significant number of Full size Items for free with no other purchase. After she left I asked the Clerk where that person got the codes she stated that she was not sure it was from some site on the internet the clerk said she was not comfortable giving her the products and states she notifed her DM and the DM said its not your product dont worry about it I estaimate that the person in front of me got at least 100.00 dollars worth of free product. Felt sorry for the clerk that raised concern but got no where with her DM you can tell she really cared about her store.

  • Bring back Joyful Garden Calming Waters body mist just like it was in the late 1990's Loved the scent and a lot of other ladies did too. I was in the New Philadelphia, OH shop the other day and just can't find anything I like anymore. I have a very small amount of Calming Waters left and I rarely use it. Please bring it back.

  • I placed an order online on September 25. You were offering great deals. To date I have not received my order, it's October 9. After I called the customer service line they said they were moving the warehouse location and the orders were delayed. Why didn't they tell the consumers that this was going on when they ordered? This was total deception and not good customer service practice. I am very disappointed in Bath and Body. I thought they held a high customer service standard. I was wrong.

  • It's sad we won't have Dreamy Vanilla Woods this year but many of your customers including myself love it. I was wondering if you could bring it back next fall, even make a candle with that scent. I love it, I believe it would be great for all of us, just a suggestion.

  • This organization has the worse HR depatment in any corporation I have seen. I am really amazed that you have not been sued for harrasment age discrimnation race discrimnation etc.. You must understand your Regional DM's are running around wild not following the rules with no one watching them YOUR GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE!

  • Bath and Body Works is one of the absolute worst companies to work for, hands down. Crap pay, crap benefits, no ladder to work up because of politics, turnover rates that would make your head spin, and complete negligence for stores who need help and can barely get ahold of their District managers – who spend more time on vacation or company retreats than actually visiting the stores and helping. They identify theft target stores, and then cut their hours down so they usually have single coverage (maybe 2, 3 MAX employees on a normal day) and get hit over and over, aren't allowed to say or do anything about it, and get in trouble when they go over payroll or stay late because they can't devote time to run the business due to having to stalk people stealing product all the time. No commission for a ridiculous amount of extra work in sales training and customer service priority, and the WORST offense being ridiculous conversion counters at every store that are usually faulty to being with, placed right above the front tables where people gather and skew the numbers, and then use these crazy metrics and goals to tell them how much they should be selling so they are forced to practically beg customers instead of giving great service – all so they don't get in trouble or get blamed for company problems. DO NOT WORK HERE IF YOU CAN. It's a scam, from every facet on down to the horrible, minimum wage that they won't budge on for years and they should be ashamed for what they have turned into, while jacking prices up so high their workers just get to be abused and yelled at by customers all day. Don't even get me started on how much they discontinue without notice so you have to break it to shoppers and try to explain their lack of thinking or research into what actually works on the store level instead of corporate profits. There's a special place in hell for a majority of the DM/RM/leaders in this company and I bet it smells like Moonlight Path.

  • Hi yes, I worked at the BBW in Orange Park, Florida for about two months until I was terminated. I hadn't worked for about two weeks and after calling and calling with having no one picking up or if they did pick up, giving me no answers, I finally got a hold of my manager. She then told me I was terminated because I had missed several shifts. Now, that's not like me at all. I had all my shifts written down and I checked my schedule daily. I hadn't worked since July 7th, it was two weeks after that. What really angers me though is that if I had never picked up the phone to call, I would have never been told that I was fired. They would have never told me! I think that is incredibly rude and terrible and I will never go into the BBW stores ever again. I worked very hard and a lot of times I noticed that I would be the only one working the floors while the other girls were talking in the corner. It's very rude and inconsiderate on how I was treated and I hope no one has the same problem as me.

  • August 17,2013
    I have been a faithful customer for many years.Recently,I believe it was in July,I went to buy my favorite scent,
    Midnight Pomegranate(spray & lotion).I found out then,you will no longer be making that scent.I am very disappointed.This fragrance is not too sweet or too strong.I use it everyday.I can't use other scents because they give me a headache.I am only one customer,but I am not happy with Bath & Body Works right now.I also purchased some antibacterial foam soaps not too long ago:Kitchen Mandarin & some Italian scents(I can't remember the names one smelled like grapes & had the word vineyard in it).My 2yr old granddaughter even liked that one.I would love it if you would bring those back on a regular basis.I also noticed you changed the apple scent.It is not the same.Whoever is making these decisions does not have the customer in mind.I know you change scents from time to time and in doing that you usually take away the scent I happen to like.In this case it is Midnight Pomegranate.I would really like you to consider bringing this scent back.I am voi king my opinion and hoping for some positive results.

  • Hello I have been in retail for 10 years, when I went to purchase a gift I felt very unhelped. The young lady was more interested in telling her co- workers how drunk she got the night before, rather yhan helping us… very unprofessional. Me or mu family will longer be shopping at this store. Sincerly, unhappy customer

  • Your DM's have no respect for their employees, in your smaller stores one employee left working 6 hours alone and can not even get a bathroom break, is that healthy her DM told her if she comes in and see the store uncovered she would be fired. really!!!! Is that legal or even right what is worng with your DM's are they so worried about their bonuses that they can put a employees health at risk. Bath and Body is not a employee friendly, they look at their employees as a dime a dozen however they can not seem to keep them one store I know of in TN has lost several in the last 2 few months they train for a week or two and then say good by. Does your HR depatent not review stats on trun over and cost of training not to mention loss of selling power etc.

  • Why did you remove Boost Tangelo Woods .. I loved this lotion and so did many others. The ginger ones is not nice … Bring back Tangelo Woods ..!!!

  • I have a major complaint, your wallflower leaked on my brand new coffee table and stripped the finish down to the bare wood. Has this happened to anyone else, i would like to be reimbursed for the table since its only 6 months old.

    • Yes it removes paint be careful.I had a bathroom shelf get stripped too. Good luck getting reimbursed you will probably have to sue. Does the product have a warning label on it? If not it should?

  • I saw another post on here regarding getting hired but never being called to do paperwork. At the Shenandoah TX Location, I was hired, called in to do the paperwork and was told I would be called during the week to be "onboarded." This was on a Sunday, they were onboarding others on that day as I was filling out paperwork. I never recieved a call that following week. I called them on Friday and asked if I could come in during the weekend to be onboarded to which Nicole told me "we don't do onboarding during the weekend as we are too busy." First lie. They did onboarding that previous weekend. I told her that it looks like I may be working on Tuesday, as that is what the schedule said. She told me "Oh, the schedule probably won't even be ready by Monday, but we will give you a call then." I never recieved a call, waited for Tuesday, no call, Wednesday, and so forwarth. It is Friday and I recieved a call from Nicole and she told me "you missed two of your shifts already, if you don't want to work for us anymore just let us know. And when you were HERE FOR YOUR ONBOARDING, you didn't bring in your license, so in order for us to finish your paperwork, we need a copy of your license." Lie number two. I never DID onboarding because THEY NEVER CALLED ME TO DO SO. When I did my paperwork I had my license AND my social security card, which she looked at, and even typed in my DL number into her computer. Nicole, you are TERRIBLE at what you do. I will no longer work for you, nor will I recommend anyone to work there. I LOVED Bath and Body Works growing up, and was very excited to get a chance to work there. Now I don't want to go back due to their terrible management. I WILL be writing corporate with this as well.

  • Reading the comments above it looks like Bath & Body Works have terrible management in many of it's stores! Sad!

  • To whom it may concern: I'd like to bring to your attention that the manager and co-manager at your River Oaks location in Calumet City, Illinois discriminates due to their personal issues. Someone really needs to investigate. Thank you in advance. I pray my voice will be heard.

  • The manager at your River Oaks Store in Calumet City, Illinois discriminates due to personal issues. It needs to be investigated. The workplace has a hostile work environment. Thanks in advance.

  • My house has almost burnt down due to one of your 3 wick candles, not once but twice! Your candle engulfed into flames and can not be blowen out it had to be snuffed out! I have all of this on flim and I told you I have this on film but yet here I am almost 5 months later and you have still yet to resolve anything… This is HORRIBLE coustomer service!! I use to spend hundres of dollars a month in your store and now I won't spend a single cent!
    You have 5 days to make this right before I post your faulty candel video on the internet!

  • Kudos to Erica….Today I had wonderful "above & beyond" service from Erica, an assistant manager at the San Bruno, San Francisco store. She was so very helpful in helping me coordinate a Get Well gift for a friend who lives in the area. I was calling long distance from Hawaii, and she was simply the best and very helpful in assisting me with my request….KUDOS to Erica and definitely an asset to the San Bruno store in San Francisco. Customer service is certainly this gal's number one priority. I can't thank you enough Erica.

    Chris Marcus from Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • After using your plug-in Wallflowers for many years and introducing all my friends and family to them, I am soooo diaappointed. The wall units used to last for many months (I think some even lasted years). Now we are lucky for them to last a few months. If this is designed to get me to buy more wall units; it is not working. I'm instead sadly switching to the cheaper ones I can buy at the grocery store. I can't afford to buy items that don't work.

  • Extremely poor management at bath and body works in joliet, il westfield mall.the managers there give themselves all the work hours at times there are up 4 managers working at the same time and hardly give hours to the employees. Very immature as well that managers are also lying to try and fire the employees. Corporate should visit this site soon

  • Bath and body works in stonebriar centre Frisco TX. Is the most corrupt store I have ever worked for. The store manager and assistance store manager leave all the time during shifts for hours to get nails and hair done. The manager named Jamie Ortega Spends her time off hanging out with associates and I know know this against policy. I will continue my push for something to be done about this.

  • I purchased the most wonerful Bath & Body Works product from a yard sale. It was Sandalwood Rose Lotion. To my dismay I found out that it was discountinued in 2007. Now people are auctioning various forms of this product for ridiculous amounts of money. This is such a wonderful fragrance and I am confident that I am one of many customers who would be elated to have it return. Sandalwood Rose appeals not only to some of us 60's Baby Boomers but also to the now organic product consumers. It is therefore a win-win. Please consider retiring one of the other fragrances and reviving Sandalwood Rose. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Please advise why you discontinued the Aromatherapy Stress Relief scent of Tranquil Mint…The new products cannot compare in my opinion…

  • On December 31, I entered the Bath and Body Works store located in The Falls in Miami,Fla., purchased what i was looking for, while making the purchase i inadvertently laid my new IPhone down, my sister and daughter and I decided to grab a quick bite at P.F. Chang's, where I noticed my phone was missing, frantically I searched my purse and my bags, we called the phone and the Manager Kaylie answered and stated she would keep the store open for me to return to pick it, not only was I overjoyed as the phone was a gift, but the level of integrity and sincere concern shown reiterated me continuing to be a faithful loyal customer of Bath and Body Works….there are still decent people around, I thank God I was privileged to meet one on yesterday

  • In addition to this post, I will also be writing to corporate management concerning the treatment I received today as I tried to exchange a couple of items that I purchased for Christmas.
    I tried to exchange 3 items worth a total of $10 at the Bath and Body Works location inside the Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, Illinois this afternoon. I had the original sales receipt- the GIFT receipt,(because I purchased the items for a grab bag that I didn't use,) and I had my credit card that I purchased the items upon. In order to exchange the 3 small gifts for a group of other items, the cashier asked for my driver's license. I didn't mind her making sure that I was who I said I was- but then she wanted to run it through some sort of identity machine. I immediately questioned why she needed to do that. She told me it was their company policy with returns. I explained that I wasn't returning- I was exchanging, AND I had all the documentation for the original purchase. I did not want my driver's license being run through a machine – especially during this day and age with identity theft and the like. She told me< "It was company policy." There wasn't anything she could do. I asked for the manager- who told me the same thing- to which I replied- Unacceptable. She told me I could call customer service upon which I told her SHE could call and I would wait. She waited for almost 20 minutes with her back to me the entire time as I waited at the counter. Finally, she turned around to tell me that she was told,"… it was company policy. So? Sorry" I asked to speak to the person on the phone who claimed they were Customer Service upon which I asked to be connected to management. Of course, there were not any managers available- how convenient. The man on the phone continued with the company policy rant. After at least 30 minutes of waiting and after explaining numerous times to numerous employees that this was a travesty- I STILL WAS NOT ACCOMMODATED! I left the store without being able to make the exchange and or return. I am appalled at this customer service! I can completely understand that they are looking out for fraud. I understand they are trying to minimize theft. But, I as the customer- had ALL the necessary documentation and receipts that were needed to prove that this was indeed my original purchase. I wasn't even asking to return the merchandise for credit. As it was, I was planning to purchase probably $20 or so more dollars in addition to the exchange amount. Unless there is some satisfactory restitution provided to me by this company- I will no longer be a customer of Bath and Body Works. What a shame. I am quite disgruntled.

    • Go to a different store and try again. All store managers are different and you'll find not one runs things the same as the others. You have the right to NOT give your information and the associate is required to put "refused" in the return boxes on her screen. The company has a 100% return policy and should take that back. I've been with this company forever and they lied about the return policy to you, you ARE allowed to refuse, it's NOT company policy. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

    • Actually it is company policy for all returns and exchanges its says on the back of the receipt and at every cash wrap. I would suggest not shopping with BBW if you simply can not supply your ID. Almost every retailer requires an ID for returns and exchanges. Was it really that a big of an issue?

  • I was shopping in the Humble, Tx. store on Christmas eve and the nicest guy named David was helping me. He would stop to help other customers but would keep coming back to me to make sure I was still doing okay. I heard other people thank him for being so helpful as they left the store. Next thing I know a women was screaming at him and she was being totally rediculous. I felt sorry for him and decided to say something good about him. I hope he still had a good Christmas.

  • The manager at Bath & Body Works, The Shoppe, 63 RHL Blvd., Charleston, WV needs to be spoken to by corporate. My daughter was just there today December 26th to catch the after Christmas sales. Obviously the manager on duty was catching the sales as well. My daughter was able to purchase one bottle of Sleep Body Lotion Aromatherapy for $5.00 and the manager was able to take them off the shelf and keep for herself. My daughter asked if they were going off sale and being put up. She was told the manager was taking them the rest of them for herself. Now is that good service service or what?

  • I was recently hired as a seasonal sales associate. I love the customers and my co-workers. Most of my managers are really nice, that is, except for one. I'm guessing she's one of the main ones seeing as she's always there. Since my first day she has given me attitude and has talked to me as if I'm incompetent. She is always trying to catch me doing something wrong and likes to find anything to pick at me about. Today she subtly accused me of stealing coupons and using them for my own transactions. I know it's wrong the way she treats me but I don't know what to do about it. Who can I talk to about this issue?


  • These common themes may be overlooked by corporate but I wonder if they would have the same closed down attitude if we were to all form an alliance and take it to an attorney. There are many federal laws being broken by this company. I'm willing to bet state laws are being violated as well. I'm willing to do it if you are simply to send the message that this will not be tolerated. If you are interested email me at let's band together to make a powerful message that this is wrong.

    • Not shocked at all this is the most non caring enviorment I have all ready seen no bathroom breaks for 6 hours no lunch half of the time and the DM's are rude crude and abusive to staff.

  • I agree 100% my only thought would be corporate is directing that the sites run like this with no regard to their employees because let's face it when one quits or gets fired for not being "bubbly" enough there is always someone to replace them and that is the way they want to do business. FYI I looked up salary for BaBW manager ….42,000 a year …interesting.

  • My question is this – from the comments noted, there is not one response, thank you or informational directive. IS THIS SITE REVIEWED BY ANYONE AT THE CORPORATE OFFICE? There are some common themes that should at least get a "glance" and a thought!

    • Must be joking…this site has nothing to do with BBW. It's a totally unaffiliated site that provides addresses and phone numbers for the "corporate office" of various companies (though in most cases it doesn't even do that, just the same customer service info that you can get on the companies' websites). See the ads all over the page? Someone figured out that they can make money by collating info and providing it where people would have to scroll past ads to get it. People who are posting here thinking anyone at BBW will see it are pretty dense.

  • I want to say that there are many employees that agree with the comments made on 11/19 about working on holidays! Companies like this should be ashamed of taking away family traditions during this time of year. These are nationally recognized and Christian holidays. Stop taking away our culture and replacing it with more work and stress. Thanksgiving is a time to give THANKS not sell another bottle of body wash and Christmas is a time to reflect and be with your families not sell another bottle of hand soap. Schedule the employees to work during true work hours (set up things partially on Christmas Eve day when people are there and working and finish on the 26th a little earlier in the morning). Is it really necessary to work until 6pm on Christmas Eve? Is there an emergency purchase that needs to be made? The calendar states that these holidays come at the same time every year people. The requests of these young people to work in the middle of a holiday is ridiculous. Somebody need to stop this negative trend of working on the only days we get off as a nation and use some common sense.

  • The Layton hills mall location managers Nicole , April, Kylie are very rude to their employees. Threatening them to work faster, be more energetic, smile more , comparing the girls to one another to make them turn on each other. Really, your store issometimes packed with people just simply trying to get in to get what they need. What do u want these girls to do, backflips while forcing products down the customers throat. Shame on you for discriminating, and using threatening tactics for what????? A bonus, more profit??? Or does it just make you feel good? No wonder why you loose such great girls and who's the brainiac that thought of call in shifts? What an a s s nine way to run a company. I hope somebody from corporate re evaluates how this company operates. Sounds to me like there are many non professional tactics being used here, if not borderline illegal.

    • This is what BWW Human Resources Dept allows or they have their heads in the sand. It wont be long before the employees turn on them

  • SERIOUSLY? Corporate is expecting kids (employees) to give up their Christmas Eve to set up lotion, sprays, and soaps for the big after Christmas sale? How money hungry is this company to not let their employees have time with their families. Some of these employees are college students who live HOURS from work and would not be able to come home because you want them to do a floor set?!?!?! What is wrong with management that they can't schedule accordingly (schedule those who are in the town or closer by). Even doing a floor set the night of Christmas or having things ready on Christmas Eve Day would be better than doing it right in the middle of the NATIONAL holiday. I've told my kids and their friends to give their notice. The mighty buck is not worth losing precious time with your family. SHAME ON YOU.

    • I'm so glad I no longer work for this company. Over the last decade I've worked for them, their values have changed and they've become more greedy. I felt they lost focus with both the external customers (nearly harassing them while they shop) and the internal customers (employees) who they pay minimally and have outrageous expectations from. Working holidays is a requirement, but it's completely arbitrary as to why. Why? Because some financial strategist predicted that x amount more dollars could potentially be made by staying open x amount of hours later? Stop being greedy, Bath and Bodyworks. I used to love you and now it feels like you've stolen my last decade and my soul.

  • Will Bath and Body Works being paying overtime to employees working on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve? They really need to look at how they treat their employees…

  • I went to your store yesterday I had bought 3 of the wall plug in with the night light in it the oil leaked all over my paint and peeled off the paint I went too return it and the women was very RUDE to me. I explained the issue she finally Replace it. I had the one with the light but she wouldn't give me the one with the. My girlfriend couldn't believe it. She gave one without the light. Hope it is worth losing a custom. Yankee candle is right next to your store which I will shop they are always polite to there. Customer's. I have never had anyone give me the wrong item. Because they feel it was my fault. Are u kidding me

    Holly Monfils
    49 Hazael st
    Providence RI

  • I was at the Eastpoint Mall location (Maryland). My teen daughter was making a purchase and wanted to use a coupon. She was told that the sale had ro be $30 so I added my 3 items (there was a sale buy 2 get 1 free) The sales person Sabrina said angrily that I needed to get another item. I asked why, the sale exceeded $30. Sabrina instantly began to yell that I need another item, failing to explain the sale also included buy 3 get 2 free. After asking why again she continued to speak loudly stating again that I needed another item. Another employee came over and explained the other sale to me. This store needs to get rid of this awful rude person, Sabrina. It's bad enough a person can't shop in peace (followed around) then when you go to pay with hard earned money, your treated horribly. I can buy soap, lotion, and fragrances anywhere. In this economy, Bath n Body is a luzury. Money works everywhere.

  • I have been a customer of bath and body for many years i love their products ,but what i don't understand is why do they have their employees burning candles or oil all day long in the mall. I work in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and all day long i am inhaling this burning smell i go home and can still smell these fumes i don't know if this is bad for my health or not but it is very uncomfortable and why should a company be allowed to impose on the respiratory system of every one in the mall. Some older people have respiratory problems and i am a senior citizen myself i just don't think it is fair or right.

  • Tell your sales girls to back off the customers. They are way too pushy. I left the store because of them. I watched several customers become uncomfortable because of the overbearing sales girl! Your stores are pretty and people want to be inside& look around. You DO NOT need overbearing pushy sales people! Come on! I've been in at least 4 stores in 3 diff states- all pushy. Very unnecessary . Whew thanks for.. Listening!????

  • What is going on with the Bath and Body Works store in Mentor Mall, Mentor Ohio? The management is not friendly like they used to be. Since the store moved locations in the Mentor Mall, the management has been rude, and overpowering. Seems all they care about is pressuring customers into buying expensive items so they make their quota's for the day. It is quite obvious as many times we as customers overhear managers talking to employees and belittling them because they aren't making enough sales. This will backfire on them one day, as it turns us,customers away. What ever happened to kindness? Not impressed with the two new managers there, Kelley and Charr? (very annoying voice). They seem to treat the employees there in a degrading manner,whenever we are in there it is always noticeable. I and many of my friends choose to shop elsewhere. Product line has gone down hill as well.

  • In California, MD at bath and body. I was currently fired for a managers mistake. And since I found out I was pregnant they seemed to quit talk to me and acted unprofessional especially a manager named dawn. They fired me and weren't going to tell me. Until I called and asked what was going on because my friend was given all my shifts. She very rudely told me I was fired for missing 4 call ins when I only missed 3 and they weren't even my fault. Manager told me my schedule would be changed next week for my 2nd job. Turns out they never updated my availability. Seems to me they planned this out.

  • Around the years of 1999 and 2001 You had a WONDERFUL line of
    Draw-On Lip Crayon Shimmer Shades Collection. You the most PERFECT COLOR called "Prailine". Where can someone find those
    type of shades. I have not been able to find any other color like that for my lips since that color. Do you have ANY of that color left? Why did you discontinue those colors. There are Many, Many women who are looking for those colors today – even on ebay. Will you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider bringing those Crayons and those colors back to us again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What happened to the old Sweat Pea frangrance body spray? The new Sweat Pea fine mist is not formualted the same and is not as strong as the old body spray. I do not like the new fine mist spray and am very dissapointed with it. The only product that I buy from your company regarding body spray, shower gel and frangrance spray is Sweat Pea. I don't like any other fragrance sprays. I would really appreciate if you company would bring the old Sweat Pea body mist back and add it back to the collection.

    • I so agree! I used to layer the Coconut Lime Verbena bath soap and lotion, and men would compliment me DAILY on the fragrence. Then the frangence was reformulated and it lost all it's impact. If you can't smell it, why bother with infusing it with frangence. No one could smell it anymore, so no more compliments either. B&BW… when you have a great smelling frangrence, why do you consistently mess with it until no one likes it anymore???

    • Really??? Why the heck would one wear fragrances otherwise??? Of course one wears a fragrance to smell nice, hence, getting complimented. I mush say that your was dumb… Just thoughtless… Or as you would say, "So, so sad."

    • LOL, Got to love cell phone auto correct… The above on, May 30, 2014 at 11:37 AM, was to say, "I must say that your reply was dumb… Just thoughtless… Or as you would say, "So, so sad."

    • Does B&BW have a TROLL on here? WOW!!! Let people post their complaints – DONT correct their grammar or how they open a container – IF YOU DONT HAVE A COMPLAINT, GET A LIFE!!! Ive been wearing B&BW since 1991 – Juniper Breeze was my "go to" for many years. I LOVED the scent and for how wonderful it made my skin feel, I also unexpectedly got a lot of compliments because of it's fresh scent – coincidentally I fell in love with Sweet Pea as soon as we got our own local store in MN. I have never stopped using B&BW until recently when I too noticed that the quality has a SERIOUS nosedive. The lotions lost the rich creaminess, breaking apart as soon as it comes out of the tube, the fragrance is no longer that fresh, lightly lingering smell anymore. So, why should we spend the OUTRAGEOUS prices for a product.thats CLEARLY inferior when compaired to the products that caused us to fall in love with them to begin with? B&BW – what's more important – your pockets or your customers? Think about it because you can't afford to use us OLD customers – we MADE you what you are and TRUST ME… our buying power matters too!

  • I'm tired of being harrassed trying to shop in a Bath and Body shop. They think people are stealing all the time.

  • very poor management at Bath & Body Works. Interviewed at the Oceanside, NY store for a sales associate job; all went well, the manager said he'd be in touch the beginning of the following week so I could fill out some paperwork; and get the schedule for training; never heard from Leo. In today's day and age; why do this. I reflects more management, and I plan on writing to the corporate office.
    Shame on you Leo, I'm not fond of anyone making a fool of me.

  • I like to inform your company about illegal sales being used by the Store Manager in the Westland, MI Bath and Body Works Store. I only know her first name, Stephanie.
    She is constantly having unauthorized sales during her segmant to promote her numbers. Many employees have complained to the hot line. The follow up is the DM telling her to stop, than she gets back to the employee and threatens them if they call again she will have them fired.
    I am writing this to get help for the employees at this store. I cannot leave my name in fear of being further harrassed.
    Thank you.

    • I have been a loyal customer of bath & body works since 1991, I know everything about them I live by a regime they are pathetic in the Oklahoma area they do that there two but, with there promotion of shea butter has been around forever it drawls an older crowd what we love live by with bath and body works because it is like no other, know this the lotion is not thick anymore because god knows why and the smells are not strong like they used to be you could use these regimes daoily and be complimented with good skin out in the sun and if you exercise whatever. they are going cheap something has to be done, also it is I mean there going just of there name managers sales associates and not really loving the product having passion making it one of the prestiges store there are in bath & body like tiffany's I applied for there in hopes to get a manager postion they are not rude in an elegant manner they are rude like they are trying to protect there pot of gol status they could not do on there own and running this NAME into the ground, If there is people out there whom really love bath & body and the prestige ingridrients of the product that's why they are expensive but, now cheap trend to always use coupons there not making any money so I hope they caught on that's why they promoting shea give me break you would have to apply four times a day in regime to get the pure effect of Bath & Body work reall lotions and ect the only thing strong in smell is the spray and the car , and sometime OOOO I mean even there house warmer refills are not even smelling stron anymore I mean it we did a study of the change .. Good people MUST BRING BACK PRESTIGE IN BATH & BODY WORKS!! Lisa Oklahoma

    • Oh honey, please stop talking. You're making people in Oklahoma look ignorant. I'm from Oklahoma and I am so glad I understand things like grammar and spelling.

    • I worked for 3 hours at a Michigan store and I got a new job offer which was a very good thing . But unfortunately The card that that corporate sent me would not take my pin # and when I called corporate I was on hold for a while. very unprofessional to do this to a former employee. #2 Issue Michigan store managers want you to call in 1 to 2 hours before your shift to see if they need you.. Which is illegal in many states . very frustrating.

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