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Baxter Auto Parts Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Medford store is a winner. The blower fan motor went out on my RV. Not only did they sell me the part but the manager helped me install it. Super friendly staff.

  2. on 3-5-2020 i ordered $744.98 in parts the manifold is to take 10 days to get here but the gasket kit was comming from tacoma washington as of now they are still not here all i get is a run around did they order my parts or not they will not tell me i was told i will call you back and then i do not here from them at the 167th and division store

  3. baxters on 112th sandy us to be my no.1 store for 30 plus years ….the manager changed that…im not gonna be treated bad while trying to spend my hard earned money.online shopping is cheaper and free shipping ..everybody else is nice there…a new manager would be even nicer………the store on 167th and div. is not any better …drive by and look at the empty parking lot..that should tell you something….im sure with a little time the one on sandy well look the same .any questions call bill at (503)317-9913

  4. On April 20,2016 I called the Salem location Baxter auto and asked for price and availability of a chrysler 400 oil pump. I was told by the guy who answered immediately that he was busy and didn't have time to speak to me and he would call me back. 90 minutes later he does so. Tells me the part I wanted was in stock at his portland location and was $125.00, able to be in next say as they make 2 trips daily to that location and would be no problem to get. I then asked if they could price match their competitor Oreilly parts, as they could get it for me for $86.00. He became offended, told me no, that his pump was a melling brand and better. I said, oreillys brand was also melling. He doubted me and said that he paid $85 for the part plus his mark up of 15% made it $125. I told him 15% of 85 was $12.75 not $40. He then told me that he would be losing money in fuel having to make the trip. I reminded him he told me he goes twice daily already. He said he wasn't in the business of doing stuff for customers for free and hung up on me. I have told a few friends of my experience. My son and I are building a show resto mod and will be attending car shows in our state this summer. I will be sure and share my experience with everyone I can. I had total respect and good experience up to that. Baxter auto, your guy in salem cost you a customer. And possibly many more.

    1. Sorry you had this happen. A young man named Cyrus. Out at the division store, not only paid for a brake line out of his own pocket..brought it to me across town after hours.. Baxter has me as a customer for life.

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