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Baymont Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Baymont Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4090,
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Online Website: Baymont Inn
Reservations: 1-866-999-1111
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-866-464-2321


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  1. last year we stayed at baymont suites CAMBRIDGE OHIO. They never told us there was no elevator. my wife can not do steps. we stayed one night .next day moved to first floor 2 days then they we had to move back up to second floor because first floor booked.bad experience. we are trying again may 21-25 to stay in Gatlinburg tenn. hope better?

  2. Stayed at the Baymont in Macon, Georgia on December 26, 2017. What a nightmare! Woke up to cockroaches crawling all over the place, the shower was so nasty we couldn't/wouldn't take a shower, the garbage can had not been emptied from the previous occupant. I was shocked! Although from reading the above comments, I shouldn't be. Never ever will I stay in one of your inns again! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  3. As an.ex employee of Battleboro,nc hotel that place is ridiculous.The maids are required to.pick.up trash out parking lot and dump trash around premises.They have no maintainance man to do.any handy work around there.My pay was7.25an hour.Mind you I came from a five star hotel with experience.They never had enough towels for maids to put in.rooms during cleaning you have to.wait until laundry person washes the ones from previous checkout rooms.This hotel should be removed from wyndham I.felt embarrassed to.tell.anyone I.work there.I.would not recommended anyone I know to stay there.They also.have bed bugs.

  4. I was a guest at the Baymont inn in Lexington Kentucky this past Friday. I paid too much for the room as it was. Imagine my surprise when I checked my credit card and discovered they had billed me for SMOKING IN THE ROOM. I do not smoke. The desk was rude; told me the housekeeper claimed to have discovered smoking in the room and I would be billed accordingly. I cannot seem to dispute this charge. I was unimpressed with the facility; I am INCENSED now. I will never stay at a Baymont ever again, and neither will my family. You people need to get your act together. My name is Martha Burchett.

  5. Baymont Inn, Murfreesboro, Tn: We checked in and entered our room. It stunk like mildew. Thought maybe it would. Lear up by leaving door open for w while. In the meantime, husband sat on edge of bed and mattress and foundation both slid sideways on frame. He stood and started to walk around bed to straighten it out only to get his leg sliced open by the bed frame sharp edges. Went to office and desk clerk was apologetic and gave us another room. This room also stunk but not as bad, the cabinet that holds the microwave and fridge is so unstable that it wabbles, can't touch it or it may collapse. Housekeeping were just coming to our room when we returned from breakfast so we walked down by the pool. Housekeeping spent a total of 7 minutes in room. When we re-entered it smelled like a human had been in there who had no taken a bath or shower ever—-fortunately we have room freshener and sprayed them left for a while. I too think Wyndham should remove Baymont from their corporate offering of lodgings. I will not stay at another Baymont ever. Especially after reading all these comments

  6. Let me tell you about Baymont Inn and Suites in Amarillo, Texas. If you think the Baymont Inn and Suites treat their guests horrible – I can assure you the treatment given to their employees is worse. The maids get paid half of federal minimum wage and only by the room, which might explain the filthy and unsanitary rooms. Payroll is NOT done on weekly basis rather a pay period – 2x a month. Employees are required to work 88 hours in a pay period before OT is calculated. LUCKILY, FOR a X-disgruntled employee, Dept.of Labor has finally stepped in to make sure employees get paid properly. OSHA also has had to invesigate due to no Air Conditioning IN the lobby or hallways. Front Desk personal still required to work in extreme hot, muggy, and humid conditions with no breaks during a 8 hour shift and required to be in full uniform. A.C. has not worked for over 2 years in the lobby or hallways; however when the A.C. unit went out in management's office it was immediately (same day) fixed!! Management is NOT the same with its employees across the board and does not apply the rules (or lack of) to every employee. It's different rules for different people in any situation.
    Management is notrious for "Being on the property but unavailable," due to not wanting to handle any irate customer care concerns or following up with them. It's embarassing knowing this is going on and not having any where to turn for guidance or help. Baymont Inn will continue to go down hill for not holding privately owned or independent companies to the Baymont Inn / Wyndham standards. Since they are not being held accountable they will continue to cut every possible corner and continue to be a disappoint to their guests and employees. EXPECT – THE WORSE because that's exactly what you will get.

  7. The Baymont Inn & Suites Chicago, in Calumet City, IL. July 14th 2017, My Husband & I were there over night for a funeral on July 15th. The room was not very clean smelled of room spray to cover up another odor, the refrigerator freezer had ice in it about 3inches thick couldn't use the freezer if we wanted to. Furniture was covered in dust, Bathroom tub dirty, shower curtain had mold on bottom No bath soap, handle on toilet came off when Husband flushed it, no covers on bed just a sheet & a blanket on the luggage rack which was stained, T.V. was bolted down with drywall screws(tacky, tacky, tacky). I scratched all night felt as if I was being bitten by something, but thanks to GOD I didn't find any bites. Lots of other people were complaining also…One lady taped BED BUGS in their room & has posted it on Facebook, I also have pictures of the bathroom in our room. I didn't complain to the manager because all they would say is I'm sorry that's why I'm writing to Headquarter's. Also your Baymont Inn in Springfield, IL. is no better, the hall's smelled & so did the room, we just went back to the desk & asked to cancel our reservations & was told we couldn't, but after saying we were only in the room for 2min.& that it wasn't up to par no charges were render. This is very sad, for I nor any of my family will stay at another Baymont, I will also inform all our friends & whom ever not to stay at one.
    The address is 510 East End Avenue, Calumet City, IL. 60409…Phone 1-708-891-2900. You at CORPORATE need to investigate these properties with surprise visits as customers & that way you will see for yourselves.
    I hope this get to who it's suppose to, but I doubt it, maybe you don't care about your name (WYNDHAM) but this reflex you.
    Thank you,
    Mr & Mrs Macon

  8. The baymont inn and suites are the worst, most filthy, with very run down with beat up and broken furnishings and room interiors, bug filled.. I have ever seen in 35 years of travel… I have stayed in many budget hotels and high end hotels…
    And by far.. this chain tops the charts in bad.. hotel hell all the way. I've had better stays at motel six and little mom and pop owned places. This is sad a company like this allows it's hotels to have such low standards.
    I feel I may need to call the corporate office to voice my concerns.
    Cheap/budget hotel or not.. it should be ran better and kept up better..

  9. I live in Cincinnati Ohio and I have a big event coming up next week 7/21-7/23/2017 and I went to the Baymont Inn & Suites at 10900 Crowne Point Drive back in April or May and spoke with what is alleged to be the GM…told him I needed many rooms…could have possibly booked the entire 127 rms that he said his location has….so I held 25 rooms as maybe an Overflow Location since I blocked rooms at surrounding hotels so our guests could choose according to their budgets. My guests that chose to book at Baymont called to reserve their rooms and was told a MUCH higher price than what I was quoted…I have been callings for 2 whole days now(today is 7/13/17)and I have been stumped by the "Gatekeeper"that wont allow me to speak to the "GM"…this person continues to get very rude and very nasty with me…and I have tried very hard to keep my composure. I AM CONFUSED AS TO HOW A ONCE REPUTABLE HOTEL CHAIN START LETTING PEOPLE USE THE BAYMONT INN & SUITES NAME AND THEY TREAT US LIKE WE ARE TRASH…I WAS BORN AN AMERICAN AND MY MONEY IS GREEN LIKE ANYONE ELSES AND I REFUSE TO BE SO DISREPECTED.I DONT THINK I WILL EVER USE BAYMONT AGAIN SINCE ALL LOCATIONS ARE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED…I KNOW WHO THEY SOLD ALL THEIR LOCATIONS TO…SO NOW I HAVE TO START A QUEST AND TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER STAY WHERE THERE IS A BAYMONT INN & SUITES SIGN HANGING

  10. I rented a room in the La Crosse WI location. They charged my card even though it was paid in cash before check out. I called to see why the money was taken and the front desk was rude and disrespectful! The room was for my brother and the front desk agent told me that he had women coming in and out the room all night. Which was a total lie! Then proceeded to tell me she was going to call the police on me and that I'm never allowed on the premises again. Also that she had video of this. I proceeded to ask about the charges and she had told me that she issued a refund and that's all I need to know. Wouldn't tell me her name and also it was none of my business. She even hung up on me and when I called back to say she hung up on me she could care less that she did even; acknowledge she hung up on me too! My brother went to the hotel to get things straighten out and she wouldn't even show him the video claiming that he did have women going in and out of the room. But told him he wasn't allowed to stay there or be on the property. If this was a problem it should've been address at check out of even during the stay. This is not the way you treat your customers! I will NEVER stay here again and will also tell all of my family and friends about my HORRIBLE experience!

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