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Baymont Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Baymont Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4090,
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Online Website: Baymont Inn
Reservations: 1-866-999-1111
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-866-464-2321


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  1. Stayed at Baymont Inn in Kalamazoo, MI on 11th Street. Paid for 2 nights. The first night was ok, even though no hot water, the next morning went out and got breakfast. We ate and the husband gets in the shower cause water was finally hot, I got in the shower after him. While in the shower it is beating on the door, husband answers the door. Asked him who it was when got out and he says the front desk talking about smoking which we were not. As I am trying to get dressed there was a beating on the door again this time security asked me to step into the room even though my husband was in underwear and I am also. We let security come in anyway. Less than 10 minutes later another knock on the door and we let them in front desk lady come back saying we have 20 minutes to vacate the premises or they will call the police. I asked for a refund since we only stayed 1 night and she said it was not happening, and repeated will call the police. Have stayed at this location multiple times, but will not be returning.

  2. I stayed at the Baymont in Lawrence KS on 3/26/22 in a hotel that was $119 per night and not worth $19. I have stayed at Baymont hotels numerous times for work and totally satisfied but this stay was AWEFUL to put it mildly. From 6PM until 3AM there were college age individual obviously drunk yelling and screaming constantly in the halls like it was a frat house at one point went outside to the parking lot and where on vehicle roofs jumping and screaming; it was a complete unacceptable scene that took place right in front of the mail entrance so hotel staff would have to have seen it and obviously did nothing. once is quieted down after 3AM it started up again at about 5AM when I am guessing they left the hotel.
    I complained to the staff at check out and the only comment I received was " I am sorry about that." This was the type of incident a person would expect at a $30-$60 per night run down hotel but not at a $119 hotel room. Even with the miserable sleeping situation the room was dirty with coffee stains on the wall, windows that most likely hadn't been cleaned on the inside in decades and towels with pieced of dead weeds and fresh red makeup stains, it looks at thought the towels hadn't been laundered just folded again.
    I spoke to another person a couple of doors down from the room I was in and he commented as well how unacceptable the activity in the halls where so I am not the only one inconvenienced by the young adults.
    No offer of any type of compensation was offered for a night of no sleep, only the "I am sorry!" At this point I am not sure I will ever stay in a Baymont again.

  3. My friend & I stayed at Baymont inn& suites in Georgetown, Ky on outlet center drive. The rooms clean the pool awesome the staff excellent! I give this staff a 5 star for all their hard work they assisted my friend in wheelchair they were kind courteous and very friendly in the daily passings in the lobby and breakfast areas. Your cleaning staff excellent! I will always stay here when in the lexington/ Paris Ky area please show this place some recognition they definitely deserve it!!

  4. August 2nd -4th. My family and I stayed at the Baymount inn in Johnson City NY for a Basketball tournament. The Location was ok, many places around the hotel were out of business, the hotel shares the pool with a fitness club and is not on the property. The elevator had issues with the door closing on people and the rooms had a funky smell. Upon our departure we were picking up and my 15 year old daughter informed me that she had a needle in her bed.. Actually my daughter had slept with a hypodermic needle sticking out of the side of her bed. Shocked but relieved to see it had a cap on it but none the less scared for her safety. We also found other drug paraphernalia under the same bed she was sleeping in. The thing that makes me think is was it an employee that left it there or was it the prior occupant that left it and if so why didn't the cleaning staff notice it and remove it. I am furious about the whole situation, yes the hotel comped me the room but that only to say they did something. Don't go to this Baymount unless you like sleeping with needles, good luck to all who stays!

  5. Florence SC

    Nasty rude staff. Manager was nasty and disrespectful. I will never pay my money to get treated this way. I will go on every website who will listen until you get better staff!!

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