BB&T Corporate Office Headquarters

BB&T Bank’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


200 West Second Street

Winston Salem, NC 27101

Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-733-2000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-336-721-3499

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: BBT

BB&T is a banking company with branches in mostly south-eastern states. BB&T offers both residential and commercial banking services.

BB&T’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-226-5228. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

bb&t corporate office headquarters

  • "B – ilking B – urgalizing T" – hieves; describes them to a tee! I just received a statement in the mail ( FIRST AND LAST ONE ) notifying me that my account is no more! They ran it dry! I tried going to local bank but was met by snooty representative that tried to say that momnthly statements have been mailed out to me but I had told her to no avail that this is the first one that I have ever received!I had kebt a small amount to keep the account open but they took care of that! I advise the wise not to do business with these shysters! I now can't even reach corporate office to complain as the local banker had suggested! DON'T BANK WITH THESE CROOKS!

  • I have had a Home Mortgage with BB&T for going on 13+ years. I have o NO PROBLEMS with it until they started SELLING THEIR MORTAGES to other companies!!!!
    Then, out of the BLUE I was a payment behind and late charges! This was due the the SHELLPOINT sale of mortgages,
    BB&T said it was Shellpoints problem and Shellpoint said it was BB&T's problem. Either way I lost an extra $505 because of it that they would NEVER Credit me paying!!
    Then when it came back to BB&T from Shellpoint because they couldn't meet our insurance contract, they said I was again a PMT behind which I wasn't! I PROVED IT but their fast talking exec's would agree so I was stuck with yet another $505 extra!!!
    Got everything square and then they sell out to TRIST… Guess what, yep I am a payment behind!!!!! LIKE HELL!!!!!!
    BB&T is doing short of nothing but FRAUD!!!!! Defrauding customers for their own gain!!!!!!!
    This has happened to others as well, especially as they get close to paying off their loans!!!!!!!


  • went to my safe box today as I had an impending sale of some artifacts and I wanted to retrieve same. . THE PLACE WAS CLOSED!! Note on the door said reopen FEB 6.Called the number on the door, waited 45 minutes for a live person. They had no clue as to what I was talking about. I have just lost a sale and the better part of $2000. They have not heard the beginning or the end of this yet. I am livid, furious.

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  • There has been a breach of confidential information by your BB&T banking system to my accounts and nothing is being done or has been done about it! I have written several letters to your office to no avail and keep getting the same response, thank you for your comments!

  • April 28 we discussed a VA refinance with a local branch supposed mortgage specialist – and we are STILL trying to close – there are so many copies of documents floating around at this point that I dont trust any of them! We have been told, just sign page 2 and the page 3 of the second email – really! we have been given different rates, told we had to pay PMI (which VA does not – and that was an argument! – some mortgage specialist!) We have excellent credit – the only reason we went to BB&T is because getting our original mortgage was so easy – applied and closed within 30 days. This has been so stressful!!! and I cannot get communication from anyone! I tried to contact the regional manager – he was "out" and has been "out" every time I've called. I got someone covering for him and she's promised several times to "look into it" and "call me back later today" – NEVER has since our first conversation. We had paid for the appraisal so we are out $500 – but at this point I think we'd be better to let it go and deal with a bank that knows what they are doing. This is insane!

  • I logged on to this site thinking I would tell BB&T what I think of their bank but obviously no one there even reads these comments so it's a waste of time.I will however write a letter to the corporate office just in case someone there can read.Beware readers -these comments are a good warning about banking at this bank.

  • In April 2016, my roommate lost his debit/credit card. He called immediately to speak to the bank attendant to stop any transactions on this card and order a new card. After following the phone prompts three times he finally got in touch with a person. She told him everything would be taken care of and he should have his card in about 7-10 days. In the meantime, I had to loan him money, and that was not a problem, but after 12 business days no card and no pin notification sent (which is sent separate). He called again, they told him he could go to a branch and get this taken care of faster. The problem with that is BB & T took over Citibank here in Texas and there are no branches in Texas. The woman was very rude and condescending when taking his info. He asked them if they sent it to the new address he gave the first woman and she told him they had no new address therefore, it went to his old address, which he had moved from there more than six months earlier. She took the new address and told him same as before 7-10 days before it will arrive. After 16 business days he called since he had not received any paperwork from the bank. The woman he spoke to was the same one that he spoke to before, but she denied such. She was extremely rude when he was trying to ask questions, by cutting him off, or telling him to give it a few more days. He waited 3 more days and called, this time he had her name and she was rudely trying to tell him he would have to give her a PIN before she could speak to him. He told her, he was never given a PIN to speak to someone. He asked for a supervisor and was given attitude and telling him even a supervisor would not speak to him. He finally got a supervisor on the phone who stated the card had been sent, just to be patient it will arrive. We are into May by this time and suddenly, two PIN envelopes came and so did 2 envelopes with cards in them. That told us both, the new card was not ordered the second time, since the first one came back to them as they stated on one conversation. Then speaking to the supervisor showed they expediated 2 at once.
    Now my roommate called a place to order over the phone and they asked for the address, which he gave, but they wanted the address card had as well. It was not the new address, and it was not the prior address. It was the address where the card was set up originally with Citibank over 8 years ago. He called and the prompts kept asking for information which was irrelevant to the reaching of a customer service rep. and once he was in contact with a person they stated all the information had been corrected. It would take a couple of business days to get into system. He waited one full week to call and order the item he wanted, gave them his info on the card, and again it did not match the address to the card. He could not order the part at $36.00, and it cost him $106.00 to purchase it through the dealer. All this due to the bank, as I see it.
    Upon calling the bank, he was told this could only be done if he went in person to a branch and showed proof of his identification and the card he had. Once again, there are no branches of this bank in Texas. They seem no better than the IRS, call 5 times and ask the same question and 5 times you will get a different answer. This bank has poor banking procedures and should recognize that they do not provide branches in some states they acquired from Citibank, therefore the policy and procedures for this bank need to change. My roommate is moving to yet another state, which does not have any such branch either and he is going to change his bank. It would be best for all consumers with the old Citibank accounts to change banks or end up getting money taken or worse from some of the other readings on this site.

  • On Monday September 12th 2016 I was instructed by Amazon to contact my bank regarding a question I had about a refund.I contacted the University Parkway Sarasota, FL location and did immediately try to get off the phone with Camille.Fairly immediately, she was condescending and unhelpful.Camille pushed on with the conversation and at one time even exclaimed to me "can I finish my sentence" although my question has still gone unanswered. She kept wanting to talk about Amazon ways of doing stuff when I had a question about my statement.When our conversation finally ended, despite me even suggesting I speak with someone else because of our lack to communicate with each other, Camille thought she had hung up her phone. She didnt. I heard her speak negatively of me. I called back, Camille answered, and I of course told her what had happened. A John Hernandez Branch Banker was already set up to speak with me regarding my account, and when he did phone me, I had no desire to talk about furthering my business with the bank. I told him I heard Camille speaking bad about me. He said that she had admitted what had happened and management was "dealing" with it. He asked if he could email me his info for a more personal effect-I agreed. But his message was unbelievable. The subject line was "Thanks", the first paragraph said thank you for "our chat" and talked of 'business' we never spoke of. At the end are 2 sentences regarding the "incident " and could Camille call to apologize to me. What? Because that's not totally awkward. I wrote John back curious as to why a member of management hasn't contacted me. I mean, I just overheard a teller talking about me poorly, and management has not yet called? John's email to me was so unprofessional with a subject line of "thanks" it's offensive and a complete blow off.This branch has a history of being unhelpful. I literally got a dirty look for filling out a deposit slip wrong. The list is long. I'm reminded of an old saying attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching.

  • Does BB&T ever monitor this site? I was shocked that a scam involving hundreds of thousands of dollars was perpetrated on a corporate customer in South Carolina and reported to BB&T Lexington office on July 29th and BB&T doing NOTHING about it!

  • BB&T, Parham road branch in Henrico, Virginia are completely lacking in any skill area. We recently lost our mother and after spending multiple hours in the bank to take care of her affairs only to find out that they completed absolutely none of the requests that we discussed in that bank. They are inept on mortgage affairs and laws. They have made the passing of our mother that much more difficult due to their complete inadequacy and Amber the branch manager is lacking in all areas of professionalism and never returns phone calls after multiple messages have been left. I would not utilize this bank under any circumstances. My mother used this bank for multiple years even before they were known as BB&T and they have shown no respect to her or her children for those dedicated years of banking. Very sad bank.

  • BEWARE!!!!! When you filled for a dispute, make sure you follow through. I filed a dispute on my branch, and the branch manager Erica Thompson is no help. You leave her numerous messages and does not return calls. Meantime you go to their branch and you see her sitting looking at her nails while two other tellers busting their chops to tend to multiple customers. Also Erica Thompson wants you to call the fraud department instead of them calling. She likes to pass the buck. Who is a manager talking over the phone about their shindig when their is a client in front of you. Unethical and unprofessional.

  • This bank is crazy I took about 1100.00 the teller had no clue of what she was doing I was there for 35 to 49 minutes with her … I guess she took the money out and then she posted some of the money back to my acct which I though I have got a deposit in my acct funds was available for me to use . But I guess it wasn't they took the money back and I have been charged all these fees which is crazy !! It not my fault that is the tellers error … I am so pissed off right now !!!!

  • BB&T Fraud unit is a "FRAUD" particularly a fraud investigator (Debbie Martin) she by far is the worst investigator BB&T could have employed. She does not take the interest of the client/consumer to heart. I have been a long time customer of BB&T and never had a problem until recently. My account was compromised by way of an online hack/card reader that hijacked my information or however these petty thieves do it, and hundreds of dollars was taken from my account. BB&T even allowed fraudulent checks deposited by way of ATM to have funds readily available as cash for the thief. I have had my funds/account frozen and no use of my account for weeks and the only answer I can get is we have thousands of claims we are handling, (first come first serve). If you have that many claims to process, should we take a look at the security of your banking system and guidelines. No proof positive but I firmly believe your customers personal information was hacked and BB&T did not give proper notification to their customers or other consumers who utilize their banking services. Now instead of owning it, your response is to blame long time loyal customers by refusing to give them the customer service deserved. Debbie Martin needs to be fired and investigated, with the way she jumps into a tyrant when you call to inquire about your claim, she has no compassion or tact when it comes to the client. Police reports have been filed the businesses where purchases were made have video footage of these thieves but yet I still suffer because the police department and BB&T fraud unit are not taking the initiative to push harder for the client. I have ran out of patience. I have contacted the corporate headquarters and still no response from the higher ups, typical. I guess I will have to find another solution, (NEWS MEDIA).

    • asked for branch manager@collinsville,va. to call me about a problem concerning teller machine that took 500.00 cash from my mastercard gift card.drawer closed before I could get my money.
      no phone call from Vicky craig. went to bank. no help, told me to deal with my card co. must pay 20.00@ wait up to 45 days to get my money. told they could do nothing to help.will file small clain case in court.

  • I am having an extremely hard time finding someone to talk with that can help me access my account.
    There is some security question that is not familiar to me and I certainly don't know the answer. I have been asked to be patient since 8:00 am this morning and now that I have been put on hold again, time 2:25 pm, I have no more patience, is there a person that can help me.
    In my years of banking with BB&T I have never had such problems.

  • My name is Teresa Carver I have had an account with bbt for years don't ever do a stop payment on your account because they will let the check go thru and take your 34.00 also and lawyer needs to go thru this and find out why they don't stop the payment and takes your money also and I know I am not the only one that this has happened to, if this has happened to anyone else lets join together to get our hard earned money back.

  • April 22, my husband went to the BB&T Branch in Stockbridge GA 30281. He went to his " Safe" Deposit Box only to find it had been robbed. That's right, you read correctly, his "SAFE" DEPOSIT BOX HAS BEEN ROBBED AND WAS COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! The police were called and a report has been made. You banks tell us, Joe Public how "safe" these little boxes are, even utilizing the word "safe" in their names, even urging us to put our most valuables in them all the while enjoying the luxury of not insuring these "safe" boxes. I guess we were the butt of that joke.
    We are not rich. I have been unable to work due to injuries from being hit by a car and my husband is in school and working full time. He was using his "safe" deposit box to save a little cash here and there for a rainy day. He had saved approximately $250 and went in today to take it all out. He was taking it out to surprise me with it so I would get to visit my 91year old Grandma and my Mom for Mother's Day in another state. Now, because of a filthy thief (who has to be is an employee at BB&T as the bank is the only other with a key) I don't get to see my Grandma nor my Mom, and my husband was crushed as he was so excited he could do that for me. You will understand my sincere anger and desire to have the thief at your bank brought to swift justice. The last time my husband was at your bank putting cash into his "safe" deposit box was 3 weeks ago so I expect those video tapes reviewed immediately, I expect BB&T to work closely with the police (the "safe" box should certainly be finger printed since at this BB&T branch whenever my husband accessed his "safe" box he was alone, no double key turn), and microscopic attention/interviews with ALL employees (lie detector would be ideal unless you want repeat occurrences). I WANT THE CRIMINAL AT THIS BB&T BRANCH WHO STOLE OUR MONEY FROM MY HUSBAND'S "SAFE" DEPOSIT BOX AND THEREBY ALSO STEALING POSSIBLY MY LAST VISIT WITH MY 91 YEAR OLD GRANDMA AND GETTING TO VISIT MY MOM (WHO LIVES OUT WEST SO I BARELY SEE AT ALL) AWAY FROM ME CAUGHT AND PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.

    • Im another customer!!! There are 2 keys for a safe box and you should have been given BOTH keys! The bank should have NONE to that box. If i was told that the bank held one key there is NO WAY i would open a box there.

  • Feb 18, 2015 My Daughter cashed a $300.00 Canadian check on Dec 19, 2014. With the exchange rate then 1.15 vs USD. Her account received $57.00 USD. Never a problem before. Last week they advise my Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC the 5th largest bank in Canada) charged $101.00 to process. I contacted CIBC on Feb 15, 2015 and they charged no process fee. All a lie.

  • under federal law is very sirious offense to open an account to any indivudual o corporation that presents false documentation, this is beyond my comprehension that your bank would be involved in something like that; I am requesting full refund of my wire transfer ASAP or you would leave me no choice but to proceede with a law suit just like my attorneys are advising me.
    1100008457792 your bank confirmed that belongs to Factory Closeouts Inc; tha’s why I went ahead with the transaction therefore it is your full responsability and I expect You to Act properly in this matter.

    • he same website as mentioned and the person contact for all department their have is Heather
      International marketing manager
      GP Liquidations / World Service
      WAREHOUSE: 11373 E State Fair, Detroit, MI 48205 USA
      ( (313) 483-7431 | Call Us: 800.691.6825
      Jan 10 from California, Kentucky
      the police most put this gang in preson
      Jan 05
      Hi donik,

      lucky that i was failed to contact amanda to confirm what we wish to have. we have difficulty to have a good communication with the sale person called amanda.

      now, we still on progress to find a warehouse who can supply us toys in good condition. May be you or anyone here can introduce to us.

      Thank you
      Kuala Lumpur
      Dec 22, 2013 from Porto, Porto
      Hello all people this Company GT Liquidators INC our Closeouts Liquidators Inc is the same and a FRAUD i deposited 1700 usd in their account at the bank of America and the next day i tried to contact this person to by phone and do not answered me,and i was leery to get information and net against a complaint from someone saying that i cheated, in call immediately to my Bank in Portugal and Bank of America and FBI and asked to cancelt and transfer and realized the fraud and all i did after a week again the money in my accout and get these people were arrest so far away but tou close they were to jail true and this Amanda one and many like her stay there long time, by this risk i learned that i will continue buy in Europe,Thanks. P.V – Portugal

  • I opened a bank account with BB&T one month ago a savings to be direct. Unfortunately I set up bill pay not knowing this would only work for a checking and cancelled all payments leaving the information of payee. One week later I open a checking with overdraft protection and transferred a few dollars from my savings. NOW all the payees that I cancelled from the old saving account got attached to the checking with overdrafts fees that should have never occurred but now they seized my pay check. And I also emailed them before this happen about bill pay an all the information is gone….If anyone out there is interested in a class action suite contact me for bad practices and fraud

    • I am more than open to a class action suite on BB&T scheming and conniving so called bank. I wrote a check to business, then requested that the company not run the check again , after it caused an 36.00 overdraft fee, PLUS a return fee, and if the account if those charges are not paid in a certain amount of time, the consumer is charged another 36.00 fee. Simply put one return check cost me 108.00, according to BB&T. When I contacted the company that I wrote the check to they stated that they only sent the check the one time, but BB&T stated that the check was presented 4 times. The company denied BB&T accusation that they submitted the check 4 times total, and now I am searching for the check to get the facts. I am alleging that the bank charged me for that check, even when the company no longer presented the check. I will contact BB& T corporate to see if they can get to the bottom of this. because I have paid approximately 400.00 for this check, that no one is claiming to be responsible for, or can now locate.

  • For 16 years I had an account with BB&T. I have since closed the account about 6 years ago due to a loan given to me that was then deducted out of my checking account; putting me in the negative. The loan was immediately satisfied thereafter to protect my credit score. I am now in the process of trying to buy a car as well as get a loan through my current bank; both of which is stating that BB&T is re-reporting a 2 year history and damaging my credit…so much so that I am not approved for anything due to my credit score. This is ridiculous to me to think that I have satisfied a debt with BB&T back in 2007 and it is now 2012. How long do I have to pay the price for a mistake that was made through your organization?!?! I have been on the phone today for close to 2 hours and have been directed to numerous phone numbers of which no one answers, number has been disconnected, I have to enter an account number or PIN number which I do not have, and so on.

  • Thank goodness I do not bank at BB&T; they STINK!!!! Everytime I call and request a manager they are either on vacation, busy with a client or out of the office for a short time. I am try to conduct a business transaction and so far I have not been able to. SHAME ON YOU BB&T!!!!!!

  • They told me I could save the $8.00 check cashing fee by opening an account but I'd have to maintain a $1,500 monthly balance. Seriously? I'm a school teacher and military spouse. I just needed ONE check cashed drawn on their bank. If I had that kind of money, it wouldn't be in their bank!!! Selfish schmucks!!!

  • $8 to cash a check is financial rape, pure and simple I told the "clerk" at a local BB&T. They said "well if you open an account you won't be charged that fee" to which I responded "I would NEVER deal with a bank that charges someone an $8 fee to cash a check."

  • DO NOT BANK WITH THEM: I have be dealing with B B & T for over a month now, trying to get my payment back. Also, my other loan company over paid them, they claim it was mail back in Feb 2012, never received the check. from this point i believe they are stealing money, why is it taking so long to received the money this is owe to me, and the money that was paid in error….

  • $8 fee to cash check drawn on BB&T account. corporate greed killing America. Spoke to regional V.P. Chip Fouts who made it clear this policy is here to stay. If you are thinking about banking here do not, if you already bank here and care about the direction of our country then please change you accounts to small local bank or a credit union. cashed a check yesterday and was not charged went back today they said $8 please. Thanks for cashing my check Mr. Neil sorry you had to break corporate policy to do it, hope you do not get reprimanded to bad. To bIg to fail LOL, YOU WILL FAIL AND I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO INSURE IT

    • I just got out of major surgery. My Aunt was kind enough to write me a check to help with bills while I recover. She wrote the check from her own BB&T account on a BB&T check. The bank still insisted they had to charge me an $8 fee.

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