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BB&T Corporate Office Headquarters

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BB&T Bank’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


200 West Second Street

Winston Salem, NC 27101

Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-733-2000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-336-721-3499

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: BBT

BB&T is a banking company with branches in mostly south-eastern states. BB&T offers both residential and commercial banking services.

BB&T’s Customer Service Number is 1-800-226-5228. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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"B – ilking B – urgalizing T" – hieves; describes them to a tee! I just received a statement in the mail ( FIRST AND LAST ONE ) notifying me that my account is no more! They ran it dry! I tried going to local bank but was met by snooty representative that tried to say that momnthly statements have been mailed out to me but I had told her to no avail that this is the first one that I have ever received!I had kebt a small amount to keep the account open but they took care of that! I advise the wise not to do business with these shysters! I now can't even reach corporate office to complain as the local banker had suggested! DON'T BANK WITH THESE CROOKS!

Went to my BBBT bank and asked for phone # for legal. Called and it is all ROBO! No way to get a human!

I have had a Home Mortgage with BB&T for going on 13+ years. I have o NO PROBLEMS with it until they started SELLING THEIR MORTAGES to other companies!!!!
Then, out of the BLUE I was a payment behind and late charges! This was due the the SHELLPOINT sale of mortgages,
BB&T said it was Shellpoints problem and Shellpoint said it was BB&T's problem. Either way I lost an extra $505 because of it that they would NEVER Credit me paying!!
Then when it came back to BB&T from Shellpoint because they couldn't meet our insurance contract, they said I was again a PMT behind which I wasn't! I PROVED IT but their fast talking exec's would agree so I was stuck with yet another $505 extra!!!
Got everything square and then they sell out to TRIST… Guess what, yep I am a payment behind!!!!! LIKE HELL!!!!!!
BB&T is doing short of nothing but FRAUD!!!!! Defrauding customers for their own gain!!!!!!!
This has happened to others as well, especially as they get close to paying off their loans!!!!!!!


went to my safe box today as I had an impending sale of some artifacts and I wanted to retrieve same. . THE PLACE WAS CLOSED!! Note on the door said reopen FEB 6.Called the number on the door, waited 45 minutes for a live person. They had no clue as to what I was talking about. I have just lost a sale and the better part of $2000. They have not heard the beginning or the end of this yet. I am livid, furious.

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There has been a breach of confidential information by your BB&T banking system to my accounts and nothing is being done or has been done about it! I have written several letters to your office to no avail and keep getting the same response, thank you for your comments!

April 28 we discussed a VA refinance with a local branch supposed mortgage specialist – and we are STILL trying to close – there are so many copies of documents floating around at this point that I dont trust any of them! We have been told, just sign page 2 and the page 3 of the second email – really! we have been given different rates, told we had to pay PMI (which VA does not – and that was an argument! – some mortgage specialist!) We have excellent credit – the only reason we went to BB&T is because getting our original mortgage was so easy – applied and closed within 30 days. This has been so stressful!!! and I cannot get communication from anyone! I tried to contact the regional manager – he was "out" and has been "out" every time I've called. I got someone covering for him and she's promised several times to "look into it" and "call me back later today" – NEVER has since our first conversation. We had paid for the appraisal so we are out $500 – but at this point I think we'd be better to let it go and deal with a bank that knows what they are doing. This is insane!

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